Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 16

I have not written in a long time. Somehow I forgot to write on Friday, which makes this even longer. Oops.

Last Thursday I ended up going with Mike to mile square park. I ran a mile in 10:30. WOWO! And then sprinted off an on for another mile.

On Friday I went to the regular park with Mike. We walked the park this time, and did pull ups and the monkey bars. I had some people cheering me on there, it was funny. haha.

On Saturday Mike, Teddy and I hung around the pool most of the day. Later that night we STILL went on our run at the mile sqaure park as planned. I ran a mile with Teddy at 10 minutes. I improved by 30 seconds in a few days. Woo hoo!

On Sunday, we had plans to go to yoga, but those fell through because I was up late the night before. That whole day we basically lounged around, did a bunch of laundry and cleaned. I ate pretty bad on Sunday. Oh well.

On Monday, Mike's parents came into town. We cleaned up the house even more in the morning. Then when they got to our place we immediately went to lunch. We went to a BBQ place that is delish. I ate too much there, but ended up eating a lot less the rest of the day because of it. We also went on a long walk at dog beach. We had a lot of fun and got to meet a lot of westies (I have two, and we never see any normally). That was a good workout. my calves hurt because of it, so it must have been a work out then, right? haha. Later that night I ate half of a quesadilla with some avocado. YUM!

Today I have been extremely stressed out. Work is tough, my computer might be delayed AGAIN, and blah. I wasn't hungry for lunch until 1230pm (I normally am around 1030am). Maybe it was the granola style breakfast for the fact that I was too stressed to think about it.I don't know. I ate lunch but skipped my long lunch walk because I have too much to do today at work. I plan on going to the gym tonight, doing 30 mins of cardio and then 20 mins of weights. Hopefully it all works out :-)

Have a great day!

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