Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fast Food Fast Day 11

I am still not in the best of moods. All money issues. Everything should be temporarily solved by this evening. But... I am still going nuts about money. I need to find a way to permanently fix this problem.

I always thought that once I graduated from college that having enough money to sustain my living style (the poor living style that it is, or as much as it can be in Orange County) would be easy. No one ever said it would be easy. I just had unrealistic expectations. I didn't realize that I would have so many additional bills, and that my credit card debt was going to stack up really high and kill me slowly. haha.

The only reason I mention these issues in this blog because they do affect my weight loss. I have felt pretty depressed the last 2 days because of it (which happens once a month or once every few months) and it makes me lose motivation to work out, and really just move.

I fought these feelings though, and am still fighting them. Yesterday I went to dog park with the pups. Although I did not work out (it IS my designated day off) I did get out. I ate pretty good last night, and really most of yesterday. For being so stressed out, I only ate a little worse than usual. Also, yesterday I was starving in the evening. STARVING. But when I increased some of the intake, I made sure it was healthy(ish).

I plan on going for my lunch walk today. and then going to the gym. I want to try to run a mile again on the treadmill. I also want to do an upper body work out with the weight machines.

My weekend plans so far, involve only fitness, and hanging out with Mike's parents on Monday. haha.

On Friday, I am going to the park with the pups and Mike and doing our obstacle course of sorts.

On Saturday I am going to the mile square park and see if I can run a mile straight AND at least walk quickly around the rest of the park.

On Sunday, I plan on going to this yoga class with Teddy and Mike. This will be my first time doing a yoga anything, and even a class at a gym, so I am nervous, but I NEED to stretch.

On Monday, Mike's parents will be in town, and we are supposed to go to dog beach with the pups! Woo hoo!

I am soo excited it is a three day weekend. I need it!

I am sad that it marks the end of summer, but oh well. I am looking forward to rain.

By the way, we had a crazy thunderstorm last night. So crazy that it woke me, my pups and Mike up. geesh.

Wish me luck in getting out of this funk. I hope the work outs help!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fast Food Fast Day 10

I am dealing with a lot of stress right now. All money issues.

I didn't work out last night. Mainly because I got out of work late, was STARVING by the time I got to area my gym is in, and going there would have screwed up plans.

I did go on a walk last night though. Just a stroll around the neighborhood with the dogs though. Better than nothing I suppose.

I was planning on going on my lunch walk today. Turns out that I am negative in the bank account though, by .29 cents (after depositing $51 in my bank account, which caused me to be late to work this morning) so I have to go deposit $2 at lunch instead. I have money in other accounts, but it takes 2-3 days to transfer the money so by the time Friday, pay day, rolls around, I will have it anyway.

The reason I ended up going over on the account is because my student loan payment went through twice. I have it on automatic payment and forgot, and paid it manually. LAME. Also I had to make a double car payment because Toyota is lame and didn't take the payment I sent them TWICE last month. LAME. I am beyond frustrated right now and want to go do anything but try to act normal at work.

Also, I can't work out today, at the gym at least. Today is dog park day. I might try to go for a run after the park with Mike though. That is the goal at least.

Mike is the sweetest boy in the world. I am glad I can count on him to always come through when I need him most.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fast Food Fast Day 9

Okay this has nothing to do with weight loss, but money is bringing me down and stressing me out. I have about $40 left until Friday. I can buy things with credit cards, but I can't see a sandwich being worth three times the amount it really costs because of interest rates, etc.

I wanted to take a break from my lunch walk today and get a sandwich from the local cafe. I have no money so I can't. Now I have to do my lunch walk today because I am sure on Friday I will go out to lunch instead. Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I am already having really high anxiety today (and yesterday) over what I thought was nothing. Maybe it is just high because I am BROKE.

I have one person who owes me money but I wanted to bill them at the end of the month. oh well. I will do it today.

I am making a decent amount of money for someone only a year out of college. But.... I still have no money. I guess when you have to pay your way through college by yourself, you can set yourself back a bit. Oh well. College was worth it. I need to stop whining about this, because it is just going to increase my anxiety. blah.

As for my weight loss, I put on some shorts I bought for my birthday (june 12th) and they are almost falling down! Woo hoo! I love it!! They fit perfectly when I first bought them, but now they are really loose. woo hoo!

My scale does not show improvement really. Maybe I really am gaining a ton of muscle and losing the fat. Fat takes up more space, so that makes sense.

Anyway, yesterday I did my lunch walk. It was a nice walk. This time I can't talk on my cellphone during it because my phone bill was $92!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is AFTER a $27 job discount. GAH!!!!!!!!!!! My fault I know (or my mom's).

At the gym yesterday I decided to only do 15 minutes of cardio (after my 45 minutes on the walk). I decided to see how fast I could do a mile, since I am trying to train for a 5k (unofficially). I did my mile in 12 minutes!! This sounds like a lot compared to what I used to do, but it is fast for what I expected. I normally am at 4.6 mph on the treadmill when I run, this time I went to 5.8 mph. Woo hoO! I also did 15 minutes of weights. I focused on my legs on Monday.

My legs were sooo sore afterwards. They feel better today. But, I really want to give myself a break on the walk. It has been 5 days in a row of working out, and today will mark 6. I take Wednesday off, but probably won't take off the lunch walk.

I wish money didn't interrupt my life like this. Geesh ;-)

Today I will do my lunch walk for 45 minutes up hill (2 miles) and then go to the gym tonight. I might do the 15 minutes again on the treadmill and then upper body.

I am trying to figure out if it would be better to get faster at the mile or try to run for 2 miles straight. Endurance is probably better. I want to try to get faster this week though. It is what is keeping me motivated right now. Next week I will focus on endurance.

Wish me luck today. I have a stress headache and am hoping some random check does not go through and make my bank account negative.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 8

The past weekend was a pretty good weekend. I was able to relax and have fun at the same time.

Friday night, Mike and I went to the park with the dogs. We ran around the entire park (even the dogs!) while only making stops to do pull ups and the monkey bars. I did a total of 7 pull ups, and crossed the monkey bars twice. It was a great time! After that we went to Olive Garden to get our food to go. I got the Capalini Pomodora (my favorite, also on the low fat menu). It was delicious. I am eating the leftover for lunch today! Woo hoO! Mike and I ended up just staying in and watching a movie.

On Saturday, Mike and I relaxed in the morning. Around noon, my friend Andrea came over. We walked along the beach for probably an hour and a half or so. We got Subway there and then walked back. It was a good time. Later that night we ended up drinking some (although what I drank wasn't that bad). I did end up eating almost half a huge bag of chips with Andrea though. Oops. Mike decided that evening that he wanted to get burritos from our favorite fast food Mexican restaurant. It was evil of him because as you know I am trying to not eat fast food for 40 days. After much debate, and wanting to get it, I resisted. I am proud of that. When we got home, and they were eating their yummy burritos, I made my own. It was really good at least. :-)

On Sunday, Mike and I went to dog beach with the dogs. We spent probably about 2 hours walking on the beach with them. It was a lot of fun. I always have fun there. Too bad we discovered there that Emily has worms (gross), but I guess it was good we discovered now rather than later. She will be going to the vet today.

After the beach we came home and made grilled cheese sandwiches (with light butter, and 2% cheese) and tomato soup. Yum!!!

Mike and I watched a movie, and later on Teddy came over. We all hung out together the rest of the night. We even all went grocery shopping together. haha. I got some good food, and resisted buying snacks. Wow! haha.

We ended up making baked potatoes last night. They were very yummy. I added ranch instead of butter, sour cream. I added some 2% cheese, a ton of broccoli and some bacon bits. Yum! It wasn't too terrible of a meal, but it was delicious.

Also, Teddy introduced us to some fake chicken stuff. I forgot what it is called. I eat fake chicken all the time because I miss it so much (being allergic to it and all). This was the most realistic fake chicken I have ever had. It had the texture and everything. I think I may invest in it and start making some chicken tacos, etc. Wooo hoooo!!! It had a ton of protein and is really good for you too. Woo hooo!!!

I hope your weekend went well and you got some relaxation in. I am glad I got some in this weekend. I am looking forward to my 3 day weekend next weekend though! Who wouldn't?

Friday, August 24, 2007

4 Lunch Walks in One Week

That is an extra 800 calories burned this week! Woo hoO! Hopefully that will eat up some of the fat hanging out next to my muscle. haha.

Too bad right now I am BEYOND tired. I haven't gotten sleep all week. And I was woken up twice last night during my 5 hours of sleep. Gah!

I am glad it is Friday, although the day is going incredibly slow. Also... I am craving salty snacks. I have NO salty snacks right now. Even downstairs at the vending machine it is only candy bars and funions (gross). So I am stuck just thinking about salty snacks. I wonder if it is because I haven't eaten fast food in 5 days. I doubt it, because it was not like I was eating fast food all the time before.

I don't even have salty snacks at home. BOO.

I am not sure what I am doing tonight, aside from going to the park with Mike and the pups. I hope it will involve relaxation.

I worked hard this week and was pretty good.

I hope I don't blow it this weekend. Andrea will be in town but I think she is always on a health kick so we shouldn't be too bad.

Alright, happy Friday!

Fast Food Day: Day 5

So last night, I had a dream that I was going out to eat with Mike and he kept tricking me into eating fast food. Everywhere I turned I wanted fast food. This is weird because I really don't eat it that often. The only thing that is really hard to give up for 40 days is Mexican fast food, like burritos (yum!). Not sure why I had the dream. Maybe because Mike, Teddy and I were discussing whether or not the cafe near my work is considered fast food. I say no, but Mike kept saying things to try to convince me otherwise, maybe just to make the whole thing harder on me. haha.

Coming into this Fast Food Fast, I considered fast food to be a place where there was a drive-thru (although there are a few places without a drive-thru that count) and sold either/or burgers, burritos and fries. I don't think sandwich shops count as fast food, especially if you eat healthy sandwiches from them such as a turkey and avocado. It is MY made up fast food fast, so I am not that concerned, because I make the rules, but I do want it to be worthwhile.

Yesterday was a pretty good day workout wise, although all I did was cardio. I took my 45 minute, 2 mile (one uphill) lunch walk. Then I went to the gym and did 32 minutes on the tread climber. I was too hungry by the time I was finished to even do one ab exercise. Seriously, I was shaking. I was having some sort of low blood pressure thing going on. It happens every so often, although much less this last month.

I also ate pretty well yesterday. I skipped 2 snacks (replaced one with fruit, which doesn't count to me). I also was tempted to eat dessert but waited for my dinner to settle and then wasn't hungry after that.

I made Teddy and I vegetarian beef taquitos. They were delicious!!!!!!!!!! I put some cheese on top of mine, made home made guacamole, and some light sour cream. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. They were amazing. It tasted like real beef. And they weren't bad for you at all, according to the nutrition label. Woo hoo!

Overall, yesterday was a pretty good day. Tonight I plan on going to dog park, and trying to do 2 pull ups in a row AGAIN. I will also do another set up pull ups and go across the monkey bars twice. Woo hoo!

Also, on Saturday I plan on working out with Andrea, perhaps a long walk on the beach. And then on Sunday Mike and I are going to dog beach, which is always a work out. Woo hoo! I love being active on the weekends. Although I also love not having plans, and sleeping in and being lazy. If I can combine the two, this weekend will be perfect!

I am going to eat my lunch that was held hostage the past 2 days today. And then do my lunch walk. I love how it breaks up my day, so I am excited for it!

This week went by incredibly fast. I am so excited for the weekend! Woo hooooooooooooooooooo!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 4

Turns out that the Fast Food Fast is not really too hard.... yet. I have a friend coming into town on Saturday so it may get harder. But we usually tend to go restaurants, which are not on the off list at the moment. Heh.

Yesterday my lunch was held hostage so I had to get subway. Note: not considered fast food in my rules. My lunch will probably be held hostage again. I wanted to avoid having to get subway again (2 days in a row does not sound great) so I just made something that does not require refrigeration. I made a reduced fat peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yum! So now I can for sure eat my lunch here without having to worry about the hostage situation. hehe.

Last night was my day off so I did not work out. We just went to the dog park. We spent an hour and half there. We even got to see a westie pup that looked exactly like Ender. It was soo funny. We kept getting the two pups confused. haha.

Also, last night, I avoided getting fast food. Normally on Dog Park day we get food somewhere. I told Mike no fast food, so we just went to Stater Bros to get something. He got some fajita stuff. Yum! I only had one fajita wrap (normally I eat two, but I figured because I was not working out I should only have one). It was with steak, because I can't eat chicken. I added a little light sour cream, avocado, and light cheese and a trader joes home made tortilla. yum! I think it was pretty good protein wise, but I am sure not the BEST health wise. Either way, it was delish and it took only 5 minutes or so to make. Sweet!

Tonight is my girly night with Teddy. I plan on going to the gym after work then meeting up with her. No idea what is for dinner, but oh well.

Mike finished off my cereal yesterday so I had to eat my trader joes pop tart things. Tastes much healthier than normal ones. Was pretty good, although I was not very hungry this morning. Hmmm.

Oh also, today I am going to go on my lunch walk. I measured the distance yesterday when picking up my subway. It is a 2 mile walk, including the first mile entirely up a steep hill! No wonder I have been so sore! Doing that on top of my regular work out is doing me well. I still had a loss on the scale this morning! Woo hOo!

I wish I had measuring tape to see what I have really lost. Maybe I should figure out how to invest in one. Where would they be? In the weight loss section? Any ideas?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day 3: Fast Food Fast

This whole working out twice a day is killing me. Or rather the lack of sleep is killing me. Haha.

Yesterday, as I wrote already, I did my lunch time walk. I walked straight up a hill for about 1.5 miles, then back down. After work I went to the gym. I did 35 minutes on the treadmill on the interval session. I did 2 minutes at 4.0 (walking) and then 2 minutes at 4.6 (running). It was very tiring. After that I did some ab exercises, then did a bunch of arm, chest and back exercises on the weight machines.

I am trying to gain some endurance so I can run at least a mile outside without dying. I want to give it a try this weekend. Not sure if it will happen, but I will give it a try. I am a terrible runner, so this goal will be hard to meet. BUT... my biggest problem before with running was that my hip and/or knees would always hurt. I think I gained muscle in the knees already, and the hip thing hasn't been bothering me at all! Woo hoo! So maybe this starting out slow thing actually has kept me with the program, and keeping me successful at it. I hope so!

It has officially been 2 months of going to the gym at least 3 days a week, and working out on other days. I am noticing some improvement, and feel more confident.

Also this fast food fast so far has been pretty easy. Today we have this audit thing going on, so my lunch might be taken hostage today. If so, I will go to subway, which is on my safe list. :-)

I am incredibly tired right now. I guess that is bound to happen when you get 5 hours of sleep 3 nights in a row, when your body requires at least 8. Especially when you are kicking ass at the gym. hahah :-)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lunch Walk

I walked 45 minutes today uphill during my lunch walk. I am sweaty, hot, and out of breath. Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this feeling, but being sweaty at work is slightly awkward. I swear, you can prob see the sweat through my clothes. You definitely can on my arms, i just hope not on the under arms. gross!

Either way, it was a good work out! woo hoo!

Day Two: Fast Food Fast

Yesterday was awesome. I might not have eaten the best, but I kicked ass in working out!

I went for a 45 minute walk around the area during lunch. it was all uphill. I was sweaty and out of breath by the end of it. it was awesome! it made my day go by much faster too. woo hoo!

Then when I went to the gym last night I went on the treadclimber for 45 minutes. I was watching tv (listening to it as well, wow) so it made it go by much faster. I think I might continue to do that. I like it. I heard from some sources that it may decrease your intensity, and whether or not it does, it increases my time doing the exercise. That has to be good, right? Right.

After the tread climber excursion I did weights for 15 minutes. I focused on my legs. I did about 6 or 7 different machines and was able to increase the weights for at least one rep one each of them. Woo hoo!

For dinner I had shrimp tacos (home made) and they were amazing. I could eat them every night. Not kidding. Just some shrimp cooked in salsa verde and then added some Monterey jack cheese and lettuce. Yum! I also had a dessert later that night, which was just a TON of strawberries in 100 cal pudding and 15 cal fat free whip cream. Yum!!!!

I weighed myself this morning and I weighed two lbs less than normal. It could be my scale being screwy (AGAIN) but I am sure there has been some difference after burning 800 calories in one day from exercising.

Work is hard today. A lot of stress. Trying to not let it get to me. But oh well.

Tonight I plan on working out again at the gym. Then after doing some work for a project I am working on. Will probably be a long night.

Also, did not even crave fast food and turned down in-n-out. woo hoo!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Fast Food Fast Begins Today! Day one!

So this was my last weekend before my fast of no fast food for 40 days (unless I do happen to go to San Diego, then I get one free pass). So 9/28 is the day when I can start eating it!

Fast Food Fast Rules

1) No Eating Fast food Until Sept. 28nd.

2) Places that do not count as fast food: subway

3) One free pass: Santana's

My weekend eating was not the best, but not the worst.

On Friday night I went with Eva to Acapulco's. We shared the Fajitas meal. I got steak and she had the chicken part (I can't eat chicken, or else I would have chosen it). I ate a bit that night and had a margarita, but it wasn't uncomfortable full or anything.

On Saturday I went with Teddy to the Tofu Festival. We ended up ditching our San Diego plans for this. Teddy is a vegetarian and writes a vegetarian blog so we needed to go for the great story. She went last year without me, and now this year with me. We had a lot of fun though! I got to try new and interesting tofu dishes, including a tofu tostada (my favorite) as well as many other small tofu dishes. We also drank a LOT during the day because it was probably in the 100's in LA on Saturday. We tried to stay in the shade quite a bit, although I still ended up with a sunburn. Oh well.

Saturday night, Mike and I hung out. We ended up eating pizza, because he was bummed and that is all he wanted so I gave in. I only ate 2 pieces (small ones) so I am not tooo worried. Although I know it was probably terrible for me.

On Sunday, because I knew my fast food fast was coming, and that I had to commit, i wanted to get some fast food eating in this weekend. I ate at In-N-out yesterday, which is super bad for the whole healthy kick I am trying to do. Oh well. Because I ate In-N-Out I only ended up eating cereal with a banana in it for dinner. And my breakfast was pretty small, part of a Henry's breakfast burrito (only eggs, cheese and potatoes). The burrito was not very good, which is why I never finished it. heh.

I did end up going on a 2 hour or so walk on the beach with Mike and the pups. We had a lot of fun. They have a dog beach out here, so we get to hang out with a bunch of cute dogs for several hours. We spend the whole time walking though in order to get the energy out of our pups. It worked really well because they were tired the rest of the day! Woo hoo!

The rest of my day consisted of errands, cleaning the house and doing laundry. I actually ironed and put my clothes away! Wow! hahaha. I never do that.

Today I plan on staying on track better. I have started to drink Naked Juice and Odwalla drinks the past few days. i know they are super high in calories, but they make the whole digestive system work better, and they are all fruit, so at least they are good calories right? I don't care really, because I know its good for me, so if it makes me not lose as much weight, no big deal.

I packed my lunch today and snack. I have one leftover piece of pizza in the lunch today. Its a small one by the way. I also have a rice krispie treat (I am trying to get rid of all the snacks I bought over 3 months ago, haha). And I also have some trail mix. Not the healthiest of days, but oh well.

Lets see how this works out. I think it will be somewhat hard, because the boyfriend refuses to join in on this with me. Oh well.

Ohhh also, I plan on working out today! Not sure what I will be doing, might decide at the gym, but I know it will involve 35-35 minutes of cardio and leg work outs.

Ohhh on Friday, at the park, I did 2 pull ups in a row!! Holy Moly. I never thought that was possible. i couldn't even do that as a kid when I weighed like 30 lbs. hahah. I am proud of myself. I also went across the monkey bars twice, and did 4 or 5 other pull ups that day! Woo hoo for me!

Wish me luck this week! I think I will need it!

Friday, August 17, 2007


Lordy. This has not been a good week, especially health wise.

Last night I went to work out at the gym. This time I remembered everything. haha. But as soon as I got there my body decided to get all bloated. I could barely walk to the gym doors. I had a lot of opportunities to pass up the gym, but I decided to suck it up and go anyway. I ended up going on the tread climber for 32 minutes, but I walked very slow. I was dying the whole time. But at least I got SOMETHING done. I planned to do upper body weights, but I just couldn't physically do it. So I went home. I am proud that I did go, even though I had a great reason to go home.

I hung out with Teddy last night, which was fun. I ate a lot of pasta, which prob wasn't good, but oh well.

This morning I didn't have time to make my lunch, nor did I have anything to really put in it. I wanted a sandwich for lunch really bad, but we ran out of bread. Booo. So I guess I will just get subway instead. Not too terrible for me.

But when I got to work all the guys started ordering stuff from Carls Jr. I didn't say I wanted any but they brought me back french toast sticks. I didn't want to be rude and not eat them, because they paid for it and didn't want money, etc. So I ate them. I prob should have only eaten half. But I ate all of them. I love them. They were quite tasty, I felt like I was in elementary school all over again, eating with my best friend at the time, Jourdan in the cafeteria. Good times. Heh.

Even though I failed so early in the day, I am not going to just go downhill. I am going to have Subway for lunch (if I get chips they will be the baked kind) and then for dinner, I will try to eat well. Also, tonight we are going to the park, so I get to do my upper body workouts. Woo hoo! Pulls ups here we come! Too bad I wasn't able to do any upper body weight this week. Well actually, I did do SOME at my home gym. Does that count? I Say sure.

I am supposed to go to San Diego tomorrow with Teddy, strictly for the food. hahah. This is supposed to be my last weekend of fast food, and then I am going to give it up for 40 days. Anyone want to join? I think it would help! I will need to get a ticker for this or something. haha.

we are supposed to go to Mama Testa's the best mexican food place in San Diego. Well, Ponces is great too... but this is a different kind of great. We also want to get Santana's, the best mexican fast food ever. I get everything veggie at both places. Guaco Tacos. Yum! and a Veggie Burrito. Yum. I need to go on a fast or something tonight. haahha. I think we will also be shopping, so I will need to take a diet from that as well. hahah.

I am motivated to not go too far off the diet. Also, I will work out on Sunday for sure. I have a lot of work to do on Sunday, but I am sure I can fit in 1.5 hours to work out. I have to do. Geesh. I sucked at working out this weekend, although not entirely my motivations fault, but my bodies fault. eh.

I am excited for the weekend though! Friday's are always the longest day because I look forward to going home so much. '

On a side note, Emily, my 3 year old Westie, has to go to the vet today. She has terrible allergies and they keep getting worse no matter what we do to help. I think she will have to get a cortisone shot today. :-( poor girl. She has a huge cut on her leg from licking it so much (allergy symptom) and tore off a bunch of skin and hair on her backside. That was the last straw. Vet it is. :-(

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Can I get anymore tired? Is it possible?

Last night I had to work on a project, as a side job type of thing. I was up until almost 12pm finishing it. I went to bed, knowing that I would only get 4-5 hours of sleep because of work the next day. After taking awhile to fall asleep, I woke up at 1:42am, sweating and wondering why the fan I turned on before going to sleep was not on. Turns out our electricity went out. I was delirious at this point, and was up confused for awhile trying to figure out if my alarm on my CELLPHONE would go off. Of course it would. I ended up going back to sleep, but it wasn't easy with the fan not blowing on me. It was HOT last night. Geesh.

When I woke up this morning the electricity was still off. Even after messing with the fuse box I couldn't get it to go back on. I ended up taking a shower by the light of a few candles. haha. I also put on my make up and got dressed in the dark. Somehow my make up looks okay and my clothes match.

I couldn't eat anything out of the fridge, or pack my lunch as planned, because I didn't want to open the fridge in case the electricity would be off for awhile.

I planned my gym bag and discovered once I got to work that I packed a jacket instead of sweat pants. Awesome. I think I am just going to buy a $5 pair of work out pants at Wal-Mart because I do not want a workout like on Tuesday. That one sucked.

Also, to top this all off, my throat has been killing me since last night. I bought an Odwalla drink last night and drank half of it. Then this morning I bought a Naked Juice to help combat the sore throat. I hope it is just caused by allergies and not a real virus or something. I wonder if I would end up losing weight if all I could eat for a few days was Naked Juice and Smoothies. Hahah. It would be high calorie, but low in fat and high in fiber. haha.

I have a headache from the sore throat, but I feel fine otherwise. Hopefully I can fight this so I can continue the working out. I am scared that if I stop the routine, even for one day, that I will just fall off the wagon like I have before. I will not let myself, but the fear is still there. I committed to this now, so I will stick with it. It will be different this time.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bust... No Not My Boobs

So yesterday was a bust. Or I just feel crappy after it. Gah!

I spent my lunch at Wal-Mart buying cheap sport bras. I got 6 for the price of 1.5 sport bras at Target. AS much as I hate Wal-Mart they really do have some good prices sometimes. I only shop there now on occasion because it is right next to my work.

I didn't eat out yesterday for lunch, which is a win, because normally I do when ToM starts. I usually decide not to care. I did though, so I didn't go out.

I went to the gym yesterday, got dressed and then realized I didn't bring my gym shoes. All I had were my flip flops. You can't work out with flip flops on, so I had to go home. I decided to work out at the apartment gym.

The apartment gym is a tiny little room, that is always hot, and always filled with 12 year old boys trying to impress the 12 year old girls they make out with all over the complex. The gym also only has 2 elliptical machines, some crapppy bike one and a stairclimber that never works. It also has some weight machines, 2 of which are broken.

I decided to work out on the elliptical for 30 minutes. 5 minutes in I already wanted to give up. I was starving at this point. Starving. My stomach was growling, it was in pain. I wanted to go home. I lasted for 15 minutes. I then decided to use some of the weight machines, even though there were 3 guys and a little boy using the 3 working machines. I was able to work on one. By the time I was finished with that I realized there was no way to get on the other machines unless I waited another 15 minutes. I was starving so I just went home. I am a little dissapointed about this, but I physically was not going to make it any longer at the gym. Oh well.

I made shrimp tacos last night (again). They were amazing. I want them every night. haha. I also watched the Hills, my guilty pleasure. I realize the show is lame, but my old roommate got me hooked on it. Now I care what happens, even if it is all fake.

I also had to work on my side job stuff last night. I had killer cramps, and was beyond tired. The tools I were using to do my job were also not working. I worked for about 4 hours, and had to quit doing it because I was so out of it, from the pain and the exhaustion. It was sorta due last night, but I will have to finish it tonight.

I have plans for dog park tonight, but that might get interrupted by my side job stuff. Not sure. I hate having to work a second job (even if it is a part-time part-time job (Yes meant it twice)).

I still ha=ve cramps this morning, and am not feeling good. I am barely less tired than when I went to sleep last night. I took some midol with my starbucks doubleshot this morning and am feeling a bit better, but only a bit.

I want to go home and sleep for a few hours. I have a lot of work to get done though today.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Ouch. Cramps galore. Awesome. I wonder if mine are worse than most? Ouch. Can't concentrate at work.

I am trying to ignore them but its too hard.

I took midol, so I should be okay soon. I am starting earlier than usual. My hormones are probably a little messed up from being on a new birth control. Oh well.

By the way, I worked out last night! Woo hoo! I went on the stair climber for 30 minutes. I meant to put 20 minutes, but I accidentally put 30. Oops. I decided to continue. It was hard. That is the hardest machine there is and you don't even lose that many calories from it. But every time I go on it for extended periods of time, I am sore the next day. Like today. So it has to be good. I try to switch up the cardio machines I do every time I am there so my body doesn't get used to it. I used to only do the elliptical, but now I don't really like it.

I also did my leg work outs yesterday. I was able to increase weights on a few machines! I love being able to do that.

I still have not lost weight since this excursion, if any difference I gained. I have no real idea though because my scale at home is weird. I weighed 10lbs less than normal before my shower and than 10lbs more after. Obviously off. I need to buy a new one, but its hard to spend your money purchasing a torture device. Heh. Also when I weigh myself at the gym I am always in my clothes and it is in late afternoon so I weigh more than normal. Eh.

I know I am still getting stronger, and my abs are looking a lot nicer. Also the muffin top is going away! woo hoo! But, my jeans aren't really getting loose yet. They aren't getting tighter at least.

I told myself I wouldn't buy clothes until September, one because hopefully I weigh less by then, and two because I am poor. Heh. I almost bought some stuff from Old Navy this morning though because they are having a nice sale. I could have gotten 40 off. I am still tempted to make the purchase, but cut donw on a few items. But eh. I told myself I wouldn't, but when else am I going to get 20% off, and get the sizes I want. Normally they run out of the ones I want by the time I get around to buying them. Boo. I need to convince myself not to buy them. I don't need them. I need to wait until I can buy a smaller pair of pants. hah :-)

The pain is not as intense now. Maybe the midol is working. Geesh.

I have a lot of work to do today. I do every day really. I love the work for the most part, it is like a competitive game. So it is okay. The days usually fly by. I think today might.

I slept more than usual last night, which explains my intense dreams. At least I forgot most of them. heh.

I plan on going to the gym tonight. 45 minutes of cardio and upper body work outs. I also may walk during lunch today. I will definitely go on long walks uphill for lunch on my days off at night. I think its a good idea.

Okay, midol is not working now. Ahhh.

By the way, I made tasty shrimp tacos last night. I hope everything IS a whole lot less fattening when I choose light sour cream and low fat cheese, etc. Those were delish and healthy though, which is good. Good protein. Yum.

Alright, back to work. Sorry if this is scattered, I am in pain.

Monday, August 13, 2007

My Lunch Was Held Hostage

My lunch was held hostage today.

I made a nice lunch today, that I was really craving. bean and cheese burrito and fruit and iced tea.

Well 11am rolls around, when I am starving, and I discover my lunch is held hostage. At work, the area we keep our food is also our meeting room. The Execs here were in there, having some important meeting. They usually last hours. and I was STARVING.

I decided to just have my lunch out lunch today. I went to El Pollo loco and got a bean rice and cheese burrito with a diet coke and put about 10 fries in the burrito. Should not have done the fries. weren't even that good. Their avocado salsa though is amazing. beyond amazing. I was able to eat my lunch in the sun there, while reading my book. Woo hoo!

The office today is beyond freezing. Why do people find that it is a good idea to make the place 65 degrees, a temperature many complain about here, as being too cold. It makes me sleepy when it is this cold and makes me just want to snuggle in some blankets and watch tv. Boo.

I am tired.

I plan on working out later this evening, after work. I am going to do 45 mins of cardio, and then 20 mins of weights (focus on legs today). I am looking forward to it. I need to get it done after this past weekend. geesh. :-)

Weekend Set Backs

Basically, I just sucked this weekend, when it comes to being healthy and do what I need to do to lose those stubborn pounds. Lame. I blame myself entirely.

On Friday night, I decided that Teddy and Mike and I should go to souplantation for dinner. Although it is mostly SALAD, I still ate a TON. It was in no way low cal. Plus their dessert is to die for, and I always eat it. Oh well.

On Saturday I was planning on going to the gym at 11am, but for some reason I convinced myself out of it. The rest of the day I just lounged around, did some errands, etc. That night Mike, I and some friends went to dinner at this really cute German Restaurant. Lets just say that it was NOT a healthy place for losing weight. Everyone else had fried pork (schnitzel) or bratwursts. I didn't want either of those, so I chose the potato pancakes. Although, MAYBE, a better choice, it was obviously not great. Especially with the beer we shared, and an apple streusel . Heh. Oh well. We ended up watching Bourne Ultimatium, which was pretty good, for the parts I could stay awake for. No fault of the movie, I was just zonked out.

Today I made a nice breakfast, of an egg, ham and cheese sandwhich on a fat free sourdough muffin. Yum. Then later that day Mike's mom came into town so we went out to a restuarant. The place we ate at was an Irish place (sorta) and I ended up just ordering a waffle because it was the safest sounding. It had fruit all over it, which was delicious. It even had 2 chocolate covered strawberries. Although NOT technically good for you, it was delicious. Haha. Later I got a cheeseburger happy meal from mccdonalds, because I was really craving red meat, which usually means I am sick, which I am not (at least that I am aware of). That was not the best, but I could have eaten worse. I also had one beer, because Mike opened it for me before I could say no, really. But it was tasty and relaxed me.

Overall, pretty bad weekend for working out and eating, but it was fun nonetheless. By the way TOM comes next week, which is probably why the cravings are so intense.

I did buy food at the grocery store today that will be good meals. We bought stuff to make shrimp tacos (yum!) and then also stuff for homemade bean and cheese burritos (low fat cheese and fat free beans). Yuummm.

I hope this week goes by just as fast as last week.

Also, I think I am giving up fast food for 40 days starting next Monday (after visiting San Diego of course). Next weekend will be bad for the diet as well. Oh well.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Inconvenience On a Friday/Lent Ideas

This morning I was thinking about giving something up. I hear some people give up energy drinks, soda, ice cream, etc. I am not a big believer in giving up favorite foods, unless it is a health problem. I had to give up chicken, and a lot of wheat rich foods (like shredded wheat, etc) because I am allergic to them. I can see giving up things like fried chicken if it is a favorite because it is TERRIBLE for you. Or maybe Fried Twinkies, etc. Haha. But even then, if you love them that much, just eat them every once in awhile.

I decided one year to give up soda. The way I did it was limit myself to one a week. I used to drink soda several times a day, so this was a big deal. I now drink soda about once a week still. If I do drink it, it usually because I am at a fast food place. Even then, I have been trying to make it better by adding half diet coke, and half dr pepper. This way it is almost diet, and still tasty.

All of this made me start thinking about Lent. People give things up for Lent all the time. I am not catholic, nor do I, or have I ever, participated in Lent. But I could make up my own "lent" and just give up something for 40 days. The thing I would like to give up is fast food. I know I could not give this up forever, because of my love for mexican food and burritos. Yum!!! But........... I think I could hold off from it for 40 days.

I haven't even eaten a burrito from a real mexican food place in months, so obviously I can give that up. The only problem would be at work, for my one day a week that I am allowed to eat out. I guess I could just give that up for 40 days. Or maybe places like Subway wouldn't count because it is essentially a sandwich. Hmmmmmmmmmm. I would suggest salads being okay, but I hate salads for the most parts (except from souplantation which is 9+ miles away from here).

I will have to think about this. I can't just do this on a whim. I need backup plans so I CAN make it. I would need someone to join me on this, like Mike. If Mike wasn't joined in on it, I might be screwed since we always get food together.

Anyway, so today was fantastic so far (sarcasm). After getting only 5 hours of sleep, and being interrupted by Emily being obnoxious, I woke up dead. I got ready and everything and tried to do it fast so I could make it to Starbucks. Turned out my garage door would not open. It was 545am, so no one was up to open it for me. I was stuck. I called the apartment emergency line, and they said they would get maintenance out. They ended up getting maintenance out within 45 minutes, which was awesome. I ended up being able to leave by 645am. I got starbucks (I was already late) and then drove to work. I surprisingly did not encounter too much traffic. Maybe no one goes to work on Friday's. I got to work within 35 minutes, which is great!

So aside from the blip in plans, I did get to work. I wish I could work from home though. That would be soo nice. I started to work from home while I was waiting for maintenance to come/call. When I was working Ender came up to me, and wanted me to hold him. He sat in my lap for awhile, and then he sat in a chair right next to me and cuddled. He can be sooo cute! I wish I could do that every morning. It made me happy.

Now I am working and beyond tired. I have an energy drink in the fridge that I am considering. But I tried to give those up. I haven't had one in 2 months. Hopefully I can break this tiredness, but I am not sure I can. We shall see how it works out today. I at least have to wait for it to get cold before I drink it, so at least I have awhile to think about it. :-)

I am so excited for the weekend by the way. Just because I get to sleep in. haha.

Tonight I am supposed to go to the park with Mike. I want to try to run around it, but am sure I have the endurance yet. I tried running at the gym yesterday and practically died. It might have been because I was running with the incline at 10. Maybe? I don't know. BUt I will definitely be walking quickly, and doing pull ups and monkey bars. Woo hoo! Maybe I can do 7 or 8 pulls ups this time!! That is my goal.

After the park, Teddy, Mike and I are supposed to watch Maxed Out (a documentary about how credit card companies screw you). We might get dinner. I don't know.

On Saturday I want to do something active. Teddy is joining 24 hour fitness today, so maybe we can work out together or something. I think at night I am going to watch Bourne Ultimatum with some friends and eat at a German Restaurant.

On Sunday I am supposed to go to an Animal Pet Fair with Teddy. And then the rest of the day I plan on working, doing laundry, and cleaning up. Wish me luck in not eating terrible and working out. Maybe I can work out on this day as well. I hope so!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lunchtime Walks

For my third day in a row, I went on a lunchtime walk. Woo hoo! It was a good one this time because I found a different way to walk. This new way is all uphill. I was talking on the phone while I was walking and I actually was out of breath. heh. I burned an extra 100 or so calories during my lunch. much better than eating an extra 100 calories. haha. I went for about 30-35 minutes. Sweet! I want to do this everyday! And then maybe I can find somewhere to read a book and enjoy the rest of my hour outside. That will be my goal for tomorrow! I like it.

There are pluses to not having any friends at work, and that is not getting invited/tempted to go out to fatty lunches.

I decided to use the dinner I got last night as my once a week bought lunch (ie a burrito somewhere, hah). I think that will perhaps balance that fact that I ate that fatty meal. I finished it for lunch today. It made me super sleepy. I now am drinking a diet coke (which tastes gross, but can wake me up) to counter that the fatty food's affect on me.

I can't wait for working out tonight. I hope there wont be bad traffic. Also I bought a new combo lock and I have to try it out today. I am so scared that I will forget how to use it. Eeek. Wish me luck.

Thursday - The Begining to the Decline

Yesterday was not a healthy day really. For some reason I was incessantly hungry all day. You get those days every once in awhile. you eat the same thing as the day before, but you are still hungrier than ever. heh.

I ended up eating a tiny candy snack (sweet tarts) that some guy brought in. He brought in a huge bag of candy, and that was the only snack I ate from it all week. Awesome. I also ended up eating a snack before going to dog park last night, because I wanted to stave off the extreme hunger. It worked for awhile, but after being at dog park for about 2 hours (abnormal, we just met a cool person with a cool dog) I was starving. Mike wanted to go to Rubios for a shrimp burrito. I conceded. I got a shrimp quesadilla, which was amazing. Probably terrible for me. At least I only ate half of the meal, and then will eat the other half for lunch today. Yum.

I also literally forgot to work out once we got home. We ate dinner while watching On the Lot, and then watched House, and then it was time for bed. For some reason I just didnt think about it.

At least today is a new day, although I didnt start it out the greatest either. I was going to get starbucks this morning because I had a little time and I haven't gotten my once a week starbucks yet this week. But my stomach was already hurting from eating a cupcake for breakfast. Which is still kinda strange because I always eat sugary food in the morning. Maybe it is the shrimp quesadilla? I don't know. Either way, today will not be a fun stomach day. I can already tell. I have these quite often, so I am not that surprised by it. I just wish I lived closer to home.

I plan on going to the gym today, to get in 45 minutes of cardio and then some weights. Usually if I kick ass on cardio I don't do weights because I am too tired. Today I am motivated to do both. I also am planning on getting some actual running in on the treadmill. I want to run for 5 minutes, then walk for 10, then run for 5, walk for 10, etc. I heard someone else was doing that, and I think it would be a great start for me to build up endurance. I am not a runner naturally, so eh. I am a natural swimmer though (not very fast, but I can go forever). Too bad our gym is filled with people who go VERY slow, so I would never be able to challenge myself there because I would have to look out for them. eh.

Alright, have a great day. Wish me luck with my stomach.

also, in a few weeks I think I might start showing my blog to people. If they would care at all. Oh well.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hump Like It's Wednesday

It is Wednesday. A friend is already talking to me about plans for the weekend. I think I am on boyfriends friend is in town duty, meaning we will be entertaining. She is a pretty cool chick, but I think this means going out to eat, and not as much time to work out. It also means I need to clean my bathroom and make the "guest bedroom" clean.

My goal this weekend is to work out on Sunday, and perhaps do something active on Saturday. Maybe we can do disc golf? That is a fun active activity. I will try to limit my drinks (which is easy with my lack of funds) and the bad food. I wish I liked salads more :-(

By the way, it is only 10am, and I am starving. I do not eat until 11am. I wake up at 445am, so eating lunch at 11am makes sense. 6 hours after I wake up. Is that normal? It is for me. I also eat a snack around 830am, but I was starving at 7am. I waited to eat my snack and ate it at 8am. It was the 100 cal Nabisco Oreo crisps. They were delish but apparently not very filling. Ehhh. Also TOM is coming next week, and I am on a new birth control, so maybe my hormones are already out of whack and are making me starving. Ehhhhhhhhhh. TOM time always equals starving for me, at all times. Awesome. I have been controlling myself (regarding eating and working out) for about 2 months now (except not as much on weekends) so it should be okay, but eh.

I still have not really lost weight. They keep telling me muscle weighs more than fat, but eh. I started to notice a difference in my abs the other day, but now it is not as evident. Although, I do have jeans on that gave me the muffin top a few months ago (I haven't worn them in awhile) and now it is not doing that at all. That is a good sign, right? I think so. So obviously something has changed. But I guess I am just impatient and want instant results.

I am not that bummed out about it. I really am just convinced that I am making a lifestyle change, not just one to get rid of a few lbs. The lbs will come off in time, I will get stronger, and I will get healthier over time. So as long as I look at it that way, I should be okay.

I keep reading all of these fitness/weight loss blogs by other women and it is really keeping me accountable for staying on track. A lot of them are doing great and even when one has a hurdle or road block, they still get through it and are generally positive about keeping on track. I am trying to do that as well. I think I am already changing a bit, in my mind. Yay!

Also, lungs are still not up to par. I am getting more productive coughs now. Apparently it is just an upper respitory thing. I am not tired from it though, just cough from time to time. eh. I said I would go to the doctor if it kept up, but I dont feel like it has gotten any worse, and seems to be on the path to getting better. I am going to skip it.

Did I mention yesterday my boss told me "good job" and that what I was doing is "kick ass"? It happened. I feel a bit better. I am still going crazy trying to get stuff done though. Eeek.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Workout Interrupted

After spending an hour and a half in traffic, all the while fixing my order with Dell and talking to Mike about my day, I got to the gym by my house. As soon as I got out of the car, I realized I had just locked my keys in my car. Awesome.

I wasn't sure if I had an extra set at home. And even if I did, I didn't have the key to get into my home to get them. I also do not have AAA. Also, Mike was in Long Beach going to class until 10pm. I didn't know what to do.

I decided I might as well walk home (about 2 miles or so) and either try to break in, or see if the apartment people would let me in. I had to walk fast though because I wasn't sure when they closed.

I got to my apartment complex, I had enough time to get my key, run to my house to find my key and run back to return my extra set of keys. I ended up finding my key, which I wasn't even sure existed. I was soo excited for this! I did NOT want to spend $50 to get back into my car, nor did I want to go to a mechanic and beg for a slim jim or something and have to deal with some random guy helping me. Scares me. I watch a lot of Law and Order.

So I delivered the key and ended up turning down a ride to my car. I wanted to walk instead. Not only because it would be good exercise, but also because I would have to wait for 20 minutes before I could get a ride home and then have to deal with awkward conversation, that would probably deal with the fact that I have two dogs in my apartment, not one, like the lease says. haha.

Anyway... I walked back to my car in record time. I tried to walk really fast because I didn't like walking on a main street with lots of cars and bums walking too close to me (i swear I was almost mugged... if my wallet had been on me) . So both ways I walked pretty fast. I was of course NOT going to go to the gym after that whole debacle. I instead went to the grocery store, picked up some water bottle for the gym, as well as some healthy food and a snack for mike for being sweet on the phone during this occurrence. I also got a lock for the gym, so this will never happen again. I will now bring my purse with me to the gym and lock it up like normal people, instead of carrying my bag around with me to every station. (I am such a nerd).

Even though I missed out on the gym, I think I did get an hour worth of cardio. Not as hard as I would have worked at the gym, but still an hour or so of power walking has to count for something, right? :-)

Tomorrow is my day off. Or perhaps I will work out after dog park. I don't know :-)

Also, I did take a walk during lunch today, instead of eating the chocolate I was craving. It worked to get rid of the craving :-)

Have a good day everyone. I am in a positive mood right now, despite the circumstances. I keep thinking about how the situation could have been worse, so I should be thankful for how it went.

Also the lungs are still weird. Hopefully it improves soon.
Tuesday morning. Not the middle of the week and not even the beginning. I guess we are one day past Monday which is a nice feeling, I suppose.

Last night I went to the gym, the one near my house :-) Traffic is awesome on Monday for me. Not sure if it is because everyone is getting caught up on work so they stay late, or because so many people don't show up on Monday because it is awful. Either way, it is nice.

So at the gym. I decided I would try something new. I have been eying the rowing machine for the past 2 weeks. I never did it though because I felt embarrassed. I didn't know if it was meant for old people or what, because that is all who I ever saw on them. Turns out, it is not for old people. That thing is TOUGH! It is nice on the joints, because it is low impact, which is probably why a lot of old people go on it. I went on the machine for 30 mins. The first 10 I wasn't sure how fast you were supposed to go on it. Then some work out jock went on the one next to me and I saw how fast you could go, which was a lot faster than I was going. So I started to compete with him for awhile. Haha. By the end of it my legs were sore and my shoulders and back muscles were sore (in a good way). After that I went and did my leg workouts. I was able to do a lot more than usual. Woo hoo! I keep increasing the weights and being able to get stuff done. Now if only I could decrease the weight in my body. hahah.

My hands are all callused today though. It kind of hurts to type. The pain you have to go through to stay in shape. haha :-)

When I went home I ran into some trouble. Mike wanted to eat hot dogs, which I did NOT want ot eat. So I decided to just cook up my famous spaghetti. I ate too much of it though. Oh well. Next time I make it I need to make less so I am forced to eat less. I also had some leftover cornbread, which was delish. MMMMM. Too bad it wasn't the best for me either. heh. At least I ate this after working out, meaning at least I didnt NOT work out and then eat this, which is what normally would happen.

My lungs are still bothering me a bit. It is like I got a chest cold with no other symptoms but my lungs hurting and then wheezing and then suddenly turning into coughs. Lame. I hope it goes away soon because the doctors is expensive for me. Universal health care, where are you?

Tonight I plan on going to the gym as well. This time I think I will run on the treadmill and then work out my upper body. Should be a good time :-)

I love how I look forward to working out now and get grumpy when I don't get to. :-)

Now if only I could look forward to not eating as much. hah.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday Blues

This weekend was not the best for the whole losing weight thing, but I did make several very conscious choices to be healthier.

One thing that has been bugging me recently is that I am trying to tell my friends I want to eat healthier, more low fat, low cal whatever. And for me to talk about it they just think I am strange. I am not huge by any means, but I am a lot bigger than I have been before. Because I am not overweight technically, they think I am just crazy for doing this. They even think I am a freak.

What is stranger is that at work I am strange if I eat something aside from a protein bar (or similar foods like that). Weird.

Anyway, so this weekend. On Friday it was supposed to be girls night at my house. Mike's plans ended up falling through so he was there, but it still was a great girls night. We went and got thai food, which was awesome!! I got mine with tofu, which I love in thai food. What is great about the food I got is that I got it super spicy, like you need water after bite spicy. Like your nose runs while you eat spicy. It was awesome. Plus it dissipated my appetite very quickly. I hardly ate as much as I normally would because the appetite just disappeared. Also, I made low cal drinks. Rose wine, mixed with sierra mist free and frozen berries. YUM! Mike wanted to get ice cream later that night so Teddy and I joined him. We shared half of a little ben and jerrys light phsish food. I ate an actual serving (instead of more like usual) so that was awesome.

On Saturday I ended up eating cereal for breakfast. Then toast for a snack. And then rubios for lunch. I ate half of a bean and cheese burrito and a few chips. I also opted for ice tea instead of soda. One, because it was hot and we walked there and it was the only thing that felt like it was hydrating and two, because it is lower calorie (none!). For Dinner, I ended up eating leftover thai food at Teddy's. It was not very much though, because the spicyness suppressed my appetite. The whole day was basically Mike, Teddy and I hanging out. And then later just Teddy and I. It was a lot of fun.

On Sunday, I had cereal for breakfast. Then Mike and I decided to go to the swap meet. There, they have some of the best mexican food I have ever tried. I ended up eating half of a breakfast burrito, which was bad, but I did only eat half when I normally would eat the whole thing. When I got halfway through I went to throw it away. Mike turned to me and was like you are throwing that way????? (because it was soo good). I said yes, I am not hungry anymore and it is terrible for me. He wouldnt let me throw it away though, so I told him he would have to eat it, and he did. haha. Later that day I did some work around the house and for a side job. Then for our Sunday night dinner, Mike made grilled pork, and I made trader joes cornbread. I have to admit I ate a TON of cornbread. It was amazing. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I ate some pork (which was tasty) but didn't eat very much because it is not a very lean meat. I ended up having half of a cupcake later on, because Teddy brought some over. It was delish. Yummy vegan cupcakes. Yum!

The biggest bummer about the weekend is that I didn't find time to work out. I love working out on weekends now. Oh well.

Today I brought some leftovers. My trader joes fried rice (low fat, low cal). I used hardly any oil, and it was LIGHT oil (whatever difference that makes, hah). I also had added some egg to it for protein. I also brought my trader joes egg roll, which has a lot of tofu in it, yum! I plan on going to the gym tonight, doing cardio and then legs. For dinner, I have no plans yet, but I want to finish some leftovers at home! OUr fridge is so full we can't put anything in it. Apparently we need to stop buying and start eating. Heh.

Have a good one everyone! I hope I can keep on track with the healthier week this week! Next week Mike's friend will be in town, which prob means eating out a lot. eek.

Friday, August 3, 2007


So last night I ended up going to the gym, close to my house. Woo hoo! I ran on the treadclimber for 30 mins, on random. I love random because I don't knwo what to expect, so I think my body doesn't know either, which means better things as far as weight loss goes. After that I did 20-25 minutes of weights. I focused on the upper body. I did arms, chest, back and shoulders. Mike said I probably shouldnt have done all of those, but oh well. It hurts today, which is good to me.

Also, my shorts I am wearing today feel a LOT looser than normal. Woo hoo! I bought them for my birthday (6/12)(needed a birthday outfit, hah) and they were not loose, or necessarily tight. So either way I see a slight difference. I canNOT wait now for all my pants to feel loose. woo hoo!! Makes me want to work harder now.

I took a 30 minute walk around the business area today at lunch. Prob didn't do much because it was slow walking, but it did more than not doing it.

I wanted to go to the park tonight, but Mike is heading to San Diego today so we can't go. BOO. And I want to go to the gym but I have no clean sports bras to wear. I think I may just go tomorrow. I have a lot of work to do this weekend, and might do that and go to the gym. Sounds fun to me.

Teddy and Eva are coming over tonight for a girly evening. I am looking forward to it. Some low cal drinks, some tasty thai. mmmm. I am going to get mine extra spicy, in case it really does increase your metabolism. either way I love it extra spicy. yum!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


I did not sleep very well last night. Remind me not to watch House before going to bed. Every time I do I have nightmares that I have some crazy disease. Gah!

I am trying to get out of the habit of grinding my teeth, so this is not working out. I tried taking some calcium supplements before bed, like I read about. I also used a heating pad thing to relax my jaw. I also had my night guard thing in. But then I had those nightmares, and my dogs were going nuts all night. They have a few fleas and are super allergic to them so they scratch all night and keep me up. blah.

So I decided that today was my day out for lunch. I was really craving a bean and cheese burrito so I compared a whole bunch of places around here with their online nutriional guides. Del Taco won the battle of low cal burrito options so I went there. I ended up getting the kids meal there because I really wanted some fries. When I got my meal I decided to go by the beach and eat it. Too bad the parking around here you have to pay for, so I just sat in my car, in case someone came to ticket me, because I refuse to pay a lot of money to sit in a parking lot for 20 minutes. lame.

It seems the more I don't go to fast food places, and then eat it again, the more and more it is gross tasting. The Del Taco burrito was gross. Blah. I finished it because I was hungry still. I had a couple fries, maybe half of the kids fries. then the soda. shouldnt have fries or soda, but I have to at least once a week so give me a break. Maybe this is why I am not losing any weight. but really, who can be perfect? Not me. I dont think I will eat that meal again though. Yuck.

By the way, I am wearing this cute shirt today, that ties in the back. Although it is adorable, it is a pain in the ass, rather BACK, because when I sit down in my work chair the knot drives into my back in a very sensitive area. Lame. The things we go through to be cute. I think I might just save this shirt for the weekend, because I dont sit in a chair all day on those days. Or I usually don't. haha.

I plan on going to the gym tonight and doing 30 mins of cardio and then 30 mins of upper body weights. Maybe even a few ab things. haha.

Last night I just went to the park, did some errands and then came home and ate dinner and watched tv. by the end of the tv episode it was basically time to go to bed, so that was that.

I am working hard on getting more sleep. I have done well the past few nights, aside from not sleeping spectacularly last night. At least I did go to bed early.

It makes me feel a lot better, I can notice a huge difference. I want to keep doing that as well. Not sure how much it will happen once I get my new computer, which is SUPPOSED to be here by Monday. **crossing fingers**

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Frustrationeasing a little

I am getting a little less frustrated. I have looked at several articles about my "dilemma" and maybe I really am eating too much. Maybe I CAN cut back a little. I know I can stop eating out on the weekends, and even get rid of my "free day". I need to make my "free day" just smaller portions of bad food or something. I still find it weird though even if I am eating less than before, and working out, shouldn't I still be losing weight? Why does everything I do have to be incredibly dramatic? I am not ready to eat like anorexic yet (exaggeration I know) so why can't I just see SOME progress right away. haha. Some people have plateaus, I am having one without ever losing. Boring.

When I weighed myself today I was one lb less than the last time I did. But that is still only .5lbs less than when I started more than a month ago. I thought you were supposed to lose a 1 lb a week if you did what I was doing? guess not.

One noticeable benefit I have gotten, aside from strength, is that I look better in this h&m shirt I bought a few weeks ago. I bought it without trying it on (first mistake) and it ended up being all tight fitting and made my tummy fat look obvious. I tried it on today and you cant see the tummy fat now! woo hoo! I knew it was getting smaller there. but now I can see no side fat or anything. Maybe if I am wearing tighter pants I could see it? I dont know.

By the way, I was craving eating out today (a burrito from el pollo loco) but knew that I made a tasty turkey wrap with avocado for my lunch. You can't keep avocado tasty after a few hours I have to eat that today.

So far this is what I have eaten:

Breakfast: Lucky Charms & Coffee
Snack: Banana Crisps (lower fat trader joes version of banana chips)
Lunch: Turkey, Avocado and Light Cream Cheese Wrap
Pending Snack: Low-fat string cheese
Pending Dinner: No Idea?

By the way, I have been reading a ton of diet blogs recently (I actually just added a ton to my google reader) and these really help to inspire me. I feel weird entering the whole atmosphere because I am not the one trying to lose 100+ lbs, I am just trying to lose the weight I gained in college (and the year after). I would like to lose anywhere from 10-20lbs. I am only about 5-7lbs off from being considered overweight, and the scares the crap out of me. What I want to lose doesn't sound like a lot, but I can barely lose 1lb. I am wondering if my body actually desires to be the weight it is at right now, which is why it is so stubborn. I better work on its stubborness.

Today I am not going to the gym because it is dog park day. I may however do some squats/lunges/ab work outs in the evening. Also I need to eat less for dinner, because although my lunch was pretty healthy it was prob high in fat and calories.


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