Friday, September 28, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 40

My Last day of the Fast Food Fast!! I can't believe if I last the rest of the day I will have given up fast food for 40 days. Woo hoO!

During this time I have learned to cook food that tastes better than my fast food favorites, and I have lost a bit of weight.

I have been working out since June, and have officially only lost 1.5lbs. The time in which I lost this weight was during my Fast Food Fast.

If I had measured the inches I lost, they would probably be a lot more than the weight. My clothes are fitting me better, meaning I do not have crazy lines on my body because my pants were too tight and restricting blood flow. Hah.

I feel much healthier overall. Even though... I just realized the cleaning people here just stole my 1 liter bottle that I use everyday to make sure I drink at least a liter of water. GRRR. I guess I will get a new one at lunch. This is the third time they took my bottle. Maybe I should get a more permanent one. Blah.

Anyway, back to the post. I do feel much healthier. I do not crave fast food as much. I think I have detoxed myself from the crack that is in fast food. I am now drug free. haha.

some people would go on a binge after their 40 days, but I think I am only going to have 1 burrito from Baja Fresh on saturday and then stay in the habit of avoiding fast food.

I have given up getting burritos from Alertos even though Mike AND my friend visiting me went. I also gave up pizza several times. Those were the biggest temptations.

I have gotten to know the staff at Subway very well. Hah. I am not sick of Subway, but I think I could last 2 weeks without them now, because I do not want to get sick of them.

Limiting myself to Subway only, essentially, while at work, I think it made me get more into the habit of bringing my lunch practically everyday.

Also when brining my lunch I am more likely to go on a walk during lunch than just drive around the the appropriate places.

My life has not changed from the Fast Food Fast, but it has definitely gotten healthier, I think.

I think this was a great idea, if I do say so myself, and I would recommend this to anyone who needs to give up something in their life. It helps create habits to combat the temptations, and make it more of a life change than a weekly goal. 40 days is a lot longer than I thought it would be, but at the same time, it went a lot faster than usual. Might sound hypocritical, but maybe I just don't know how to properly explain it.

In the past few months I already gave up energy drinks and fast food and started to drink a LOT more water. Now I just need to stick to these changes. I am not worried about the energy drinks though.

My goals for the coming months is to keep up my exercise, eating less of the bad food, and being more positive about myself. I would also like to be able to complete a 4 mile run by the end of the year. It sounds unrealistic right now, but I know if I keep these exercise habits up, then it will be more of a reality than some sort of crazy fantasy I had several months ago.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement through this!

I hope your weekend goes well. I plan on getting things done around the house, catching up on computer/internet stuff, and going to a few friend things this weekend. I need some down time, so wish me luck in getting it!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fast Food Fast Day: 39

So the day after tomorrow I will finally be done with the fast food fast. I think I will just eat Baja Fresh on Saturday and not eat it for awhile.

I was trying to think of an idea for something else to give up. There is nothing that I want to right now. I will try to think further though.

Mike and I are going to start working on interval running to help increase our endurance. I read about it in some marathon training thing. It is the best way to build your endurance. So I want to do it. We are going to start Saturday. I am excited about this :-)

After work I plan on going to the gym. I think I am going to start with the endurance training. I think I will try to do 30 minutes of 1 minute walk, 1 minute run. I hope I can survive that. After that I will try to do some ab exercises. UGHHHH.

After the gym I am going to be hanging out with Teddy tonight for our girly night. We will watch ANTM and prob some other shows. A lot of new tv is on tonight but most of it I have to save to watch with Mike.

This weekend I think I am going to just relax most of it. I have a birthday to go to on Sunday night, but other than that I want to stay in. Well other than my run on Saturday.

I want to clean my house, organize things, and get sh*t done so that I can hinder the overwhelmed feeling that I cant shake. This feeling has been going on for a few months and it just causes stupid fights with Mike and me not to do as well at work as I am capable of if I did get more sleep, etc.

My goal next week is to get more sleep, work out and get some work done.

This weekend: goals: 1) clean room 2) iron clothes, hang them up 3) clean bathroom 4) clean kitchen 5) vacuum 6) clean up desk area so I can move my laptop to it. 7) clean up my old computer so I can perhaps get rid of it. Or at least save it somewhere "just in case".

Wish me luck. writing this list makes the bad feelings fade away. imagining myself getting them done makes me feel even better. I can only imagine what I feel like when I do actually get it done.

Oh also, yesterday I ate horrible.

I need to start limiting my ice cream intake. I am eating the light ice cream, but I still cant eat it every night. Geesh. Maybe once a week or something. I know I have gotten into the habit of eating it too much. I need some sort of chocolate stuff, in small pieces so that I stop going for the whole ice cream serving, etc. Any ideas?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 38

Do you think I could just work with my eyes closed for the rest of the day? Sounds like a good plan to me.

I have a lot to do, a lot I want to get done, but my eyes are killing me. Oh and I am ridiculously tired. Or maybe my eyes are just dry and are tricking me into feeling tired. Who knows.

In regards to what this blog is really about, I am losing motivation to work out. I think after last week, where I had to slow down the work outs because I was sick, I nowthink it would be soo nice to just go back to that. Working out at home, not doing things as long, etc.

I forced myself to go to the gym last night though. I had to switch up what I was doing because I thought maybe the lack of motivation came from me being bored. So I did the stair climber for 15 minutes. I also did the rowing machine for 11:30, which was about 2000 meters. Sweet. Those two machines kill me and work out different muscles so it works out great. I also did about 15 minutes of upper body weight training. That part was hard because I had already used my upper body with the rowing machine. I am sore today in the upper body and lower body though. Could be from Monday's workout as well.

I was hungry all day yesterday as well. I hate those days. I also was overly hungry this morning. I also had to eat lunch an hour and 15 minutes later than normal, even though I was starving an hour before my normal lunch.

I ended up only going on a short walk, instead of my normal lunch walk. I knew i needed to get back to work, and I wanted to get starbucks. once I got back to the office to get my purse though i realized I had an extra double shot espresso in the fridge. I drank that instead of buying caffiene. I drank than more than an hour ago and I am still dead tired.

Also, today is my regular scheduled day off because it is dog park day. But I guess I am supposed to do some webinar thing at 3, which is supposed to last an hour. Which means I leave 30 minutes later at work. Which also means I will have an EXTRA 30 minutes of traffic. So I prob wont get home until like 530 or something. Blah.

I am planning on making shrimp tacos tonight. yum. good lean protein, and very tasty :-) yum.

Wish me luck in waking up. I have been in a weird tired state all day today. Blah.

Oh, it might also be because I was just reminded about what happened to my sister and my nephew a few months ago.

My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Cody on February 14 (VALENTINES DAY!), but something happened to him (which I will explain later) either in the birthing process or while in womb and his brain was not functioning right. He was basically in a coma, and could not function on his own. He passed away a few days later.

I was luckily able to meet the cute little guy, and hold his little tiny hand, with extra long fingers. It is just so sad. My sister carried him to full term, and did everything right while pregnant, yet had to hold him while he took his last few breaths a few days later.

The final statement came out today, on cause of death. Turns out that my sister had extra amnio fluid in her belly while she was pregnant and it suffocated the baby in his last month of life. His brain was fully developed, but the lack of oxygen his last month of life in the womb damaged his perfect brain. The doctor neglected to take out the amnio fluid, which is an easy procedure that was obviously necessary. My sister even had all the signs that she had too much amnio fluid. The doctor knew it but did nothing.

Also in the birth, the doctor was not doing what he should have. My sister was in labor for 12 hours I think, and the cord was wrapped around his little neck. the doctor instructed my sister that they must do a natural birth, when it was clear to even the nurses that she should have had an emergency c-section. The baby came out blue and wasn't breathing. And then they needed to do a blood transfusion, but they didnt even have blood in the freaking hospital to give this little tiny baby a transfusion. gah!

Needless to say, my sister is suing the doctor for neglect and the reason her cute little boy died at 4 days old.

Sorry to divulge all of this, but I have been internally upset for a long time about this but have been bad at dealing with it all. the emotions come out in bursts. right now is the burst.

Its good to hear though that it was not my sister's fault that the baby lost oxygen, and that she can eventually have another baby.

I feel so bad for my sister. She loves everything more than anyone should, and she loved that baby with everything in her. Her and her husband are very upset to this day, and they were both fragile to begin with.

That is all for today. I will try to get back to work now.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 37

So in honor of my fast food fast, I think this fast food quiz is appropriate.

I got 6 out of 10. If you take it, report your score in the comments. I think it would be interesting to see how much the average person knows.

I hope everyone's morning is going well. Mine is alright so far. Never have any idea of what to truly expect. Oh well.

Last night I ended up going to the gym. I went on the tread climber for 40 minutes on some interval thing. It was nice! I have not had the energy or endurance to run yet after the sinus infection. The sinus infection is still in effect, but is slowly getting better. Once it is over I hope I can go back to kick ass mode again. Although yesterday I sure was sweating! I also did 15 minutes of weights (focus on legs). It was a good time.

Afterwards I got Thai with my friend Teddy. It was delish. I am having the leftovers for lunch. The spice clears my sinus' and makes me feel better. I have no idea how bad it is for me though. It is drunken noodles with tofu. Any ideas?

Today I plan on going to the gym. Doing 30 minutes or so of cardio, then 15 minutes of weights. I then plan on doing some work for advancing my career in the future. So... tonight will be busy.

Have a good day today!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 36

I can't believe I almost done with the Fast Food Fast. People keep asking me if I have noticed anything from not eating Fast Food. I have lost 1.5 lbs, but that is probably more from working out more. But I have realized that Fast Food is crack.

I have stopped eating for 36 days and for the past 2 weeks I have not craved it at all. I even saw some fast food commercials yesterday on tv and it was just not that appealing.

The only thing I miss are the Baja Fresh and Rubios burritos, which really arent as bad as McDonald's. Although it may be fatty, it is not as unhealthy as McDonald's, yea know? Yeah...

I should write a longer post about this when I actually finish.

I was thinking that on Saturday, when time is up and I can eat fast food again, that I should just get something. But then again, I do not have an intense craving anymore. Maybe I will just celebrate with a Rubios or Baja Fresh burrito and then will probably not eat it even a qtr as much as I used to. Sweet :-)

I didn't write Friday, when I normally do. I was pretty busy with work so I didn't have time.

Friday was a pretty good day. I didnt end up going to the park after work though because it was all rainy outside and I didnt want to go out with the dogs in mud.

On Saturday I lounged around most of the day. I got some work stuff done, and got some tv watching in. haha. Later that night I went out for drinks with some friends. I ordered a Corona (not light, those are gross) and only had one. Pretty good.

On Sunday, Mike and I made blueberry muffins. Fat Free kind. but I ate a ton fo them. I can say that I was still hungry when I went to the next one though. haha. I wasn't full and just eating for flavor. I didnt eat the greatest on Sunday. Can I just say having dark chocolate covered almonds in the house is evil? Because it is.

Sunday night is Mike and I's dinner night. We make a real meal and eat it together, usually while watching our Sunday shows (which are all starting up this sunday!!). Last night we had pork stuff with stuffing from trader joes. it was really lean, and very tasty. I only ate half of mine though, which i was proud of. Our side was homemade apple sauce. Basically store bought applesauce with cut up granny smith apples and some extra cinnamon and brown sugar. it is amazing. Not the best for you, but not terrible, I suppose.

After dinner, we watched a movie and played scrabble. I was terrible at it, but plan to kick butt next time. haha.

I am going to the gym tonight, even though I feel like crap right now due to allergies. I took allergy medicine so this should clear up soon. Although it has been 2 hours since I took a pill. Hopefully it kicks in soon.

I will do cardio for 30 minutes and then do weight training with focus on the legs.

Later tonight I will eat my leftovers from last night and then start working on building websites. I have all the programs now, I just need to learn how to use them.

Have a good day!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 32

Yesterday I went to a conference. I was only able to go online yesterday a total of like 45 minutes. I felt very disconnected with the world.

I am kind of in a depressed mood right now. It resulted from this morning, where I was basically attacked with doing something wrong at work. And how I should triple check EVERYTHING. I manage 100k keywords, excuse me if less than 1% of it "may" not be right. geesh.

this start the feelings I get, where I keep telling myself that "i am not good enough, I will never be good enough, I should be perfect, there should be no room for fuck ups, so why am I fucking up? oh because I am not good enough, and never will be." the thoughts go in circles like this all the time.

then I went and looked at my credit rating for some reason. and it went down this month by 4 points, even though I am doing much better than anytime this last year, overall.

One credit card is almost entirely paid off. Not that it is really my doing (mike's parents are paying it off because they said they would pay for Ender's hospital stay last year, so that he could live). But still, it should still look good to the credit card companies.

This all prompted another spiral of depressing thoughts about how I am not good enough money wise. that is is my fault. That I should not buy clothes, ever. That I should not ever go out to eat. I should never go to the movies. It is all my fault that I am broke.

I forget to think about how I am broke because college. How I paid for it all by myself. Maybe I didn't do the right things, every time, but I did a pretty damn good job for doing it ALL on my own since I was 18 years old. Especially with the lack of any guidance while going to college.

I know more now about all of it, and see some of the mistakes I made, ones that I paying for now (and will be for years, ehh). But blah.

I could always just live in a one bedroom with Mike, and the dogs, but then, we might kill each other (not literally). I prefer debt to not having Mike.

I am still in that spiral of negative thoughts though. I am trying to get myself out of it.

Now if only I don't go into the spiral of negative thoughts about how I am really not losing weight, just toning up. Toning up is great, but I want some of this damn weight off already. Geesh. It has been over 3 months since I started. Lame.

The pants I am wearing though are huge on me. They were kinda big on me before I started this though. and now they are extra big. woo hoo. It makes me happy. It is the only thing cheering me up right now. That isn't good though.

Oh also, Mike prompted some doubt on what our future plans might hold. I had almost everything planned out, as much as I could, but now some things "might" (very big emphasis on might though) eff those plans up. lame.

I need sleep. Thats all i want to do.

I am going to read at lunch. Maybe even grab a warm cup of coffee at starbucks and read my book. Might cheer me up. Boo.

Oh as for weight loss plans, I got this cute little Trader Joes lunch. Its made for kids, but it is soo cute. It is this mini bottle of water, pb&j sandwich, string cheese, apples and their 100 pack of chocolate toucan cookies. So cute. I prob wont eat all of it at lunch. But I may :-) I will eat that, and then for dinner, probably some leftover Mexican food from last night.

Note: yesterday I did not eat the best, but I could have eaten MUCH worse will all the fancy options offered me at the conference. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I am going to the gym tonight though. Will do 30 mins of cardio then I need to do weights, but I might be too sore from my workouts earlier this week.

Maybe I will just do lame ab exercises. Probably would be best, since I NEVER do them.

By the way, i am sooooooooo sore. Mostly from this workout i did on my exercise on demand channel I have. It is Elle or something? It was 19 minutes of sqauts and lunges, combined with upper weight stuff. lordy. i haven't been this sore in awhile.

I need to start being more positive. The rain here really isn't helping my depressed mood. I seriously could never live in Oregon. Oh well. heh.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 30 (only 10 more left!)

I hope your day is going well. Mine is going alright. I am just having intense anxiety right now. its almost an anxiety attack. My heart is racing and it is hard to concentrate. This happens every so often with me. Generally when recovering from a sinus infection. Maybe my body creates a natural decongestant that affects me just like real sudafed affects me. haha.

I am trying to ignore it, and slow down my breathing, but its not really working as successful as hoped.

I think my lunch walk will slow it down, just by working off the anxiety. Lets hope it works.

My plan for today is to work, then go to the gym. At the gym I plan on going on the upright bikes for a switch up. I am still not in tip top mode, health wise, so I dont feel like running yet on the treadmills. Rather, I shouldn't do it, because I don't want to get worse. I also plan on doing leg work outs with the weight machines.

Yesterday I went to the gym, even though my head was kind of pounding. I did 30 minutes on the tread climber at 3.5 mph (however accurate that really is). I also did about 10-15 minutes on the weight machines.

I ate pretty bad yesterday. I was just hungry all day. ALL DAY. I went to bed hungry because I knew I shouldn't be hungry after all the food I ate. I tried to calm down the food a bit, but it was hard.

Oh yeah, so yesterday I went to go do my laundry. Laundry I needed done so I would have clean clothes for the gym. Well at my apartment complex you have to put money on a card in order to pay for your laundry. Well, lucky for me, the machine stole 20 freaking dollars. Also, it was my only cash on me, and I was already going over by putting it on my card. I called the coinmach place about how the suck, but I have not heard back from them yet. Maybe they get these complaints all the time. Needless to say, i was unable to do laundry last night. I am going to wear workout pants today are waaay too hot for the gym today, but I dont have much of a choice. Oh well.

Tomorrow I go to a conference. I am excited about it. It might put me in some pretty bad traffic though, but I am trying to be optimistic. :-0

Have a good day!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 29 (getting close...)

I hope everyone's weekend went well. Mine went pretty well.

On Friday I went to the park with Mike and the dogs. I was able to do 3 pull ups IN A ROW. This was a major feat for me. I could barely do 2 in a row before. This time I did 3 in a row, then did about 5 more later on. Then I did the monkey bars twice. Woo hoo.

Later that evening we just ate leftovers at home instead of eating out.

On Saturday, both Teddy and I were feeling crappy (both of us are sick) but we wanted to do something at mile square park. So we ended up just walking the whole thing. Although it was just walking, we definitely were tired by the end. By the way, I also went with Mike and the pups. The pups did much better this time! I am proud of them :-) That means we can take them on runs in a few months. Awesome!

Later on Saturday, Mike and I ordered Chinese food. Mine was pretty bad, but I didnt eat that much of it. Also on the money saving side, I get like 4 meals out of one, and its only $10 for the meal. We also ended up going to see 3:10 to Yuma, which i found to be entertaining. I didn't think I would, but it was a pretty good put together movie.

On Sunday, I was not good workout wise or food wise. Oh well. I didn't work out because my head still hurt. I basically just did a few errands, and then worked on getting stuff transfered to my new computer. Also i got thai food because I knew it would help with my sinus'. It definitely did. I didnt want to spend more money but this stuff is amazing at getting the sinus' working properly. I get drunken noodles with tofu. It is soo delicious. Mmmm. I get mine on the REALLY SPICY level too. So hot that you arent sure your mouth is hot from the spices or the hot food. hahah.

Later that evening Mike was frustrated with studying for the GRE so he and I took a shot. This shot turned into a few more and a beer. And me eating snacks I shouldnt have eaten. Oh well. That hardly ever happens so I am not that worried about it.

My sinus' are starting to work now (kind of) so I have hope for me getting better. I have less of a headache today than usual, which is GREAT. I plan on working out tonight even though I have annoying errand things I have to do. Due to my sinus problems, i am extremely hungry at certain points, and my heart is racing. not sure why this is, but it is. Happens every time. eehh.

I plan on doing better eating wise and exercise wise this week. A lot of the exercise goals depend on this stupid sinus infection though. Blah. Wish me luck :-)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fast Food Fast Day: 26

Lordy, my head hurts. It started last night, after my second dose of decongestant wore off. What the hell is up with whatever I have? Is it allergies? Is it a cold? Is it allergies turning into a sinus infection. Lordy.

I almost called in sick to work today, but I need my paycheck.

I would have worked from home, but at home, not where people talk all the time, and the phones ring and the lights are bright and the temp is cold, etc. things that dont bother you very much when you are feeling normal, but drive you nuts when you are sick.

I ended up working out yesterday, but took it kinda easy because I knew I was still a bit sick.

I went on the tread climber for 30 minutes at an average of 3.5 (normally I do average of 4.0). Then I did leg weights. Not too bad.

The sinus pressure is killing me though. I am wearing no make up today and prob look terrible. who cares though.

I hope this clears up by this afternoon because I want to go to the park this week and do pull ups. Last week I couldn't because I felt sick. it has been probably a week or more now of me feeling sick and then okay and then sick, etc.

At lunch today I am getting a smoothie. I made a sorta lunch last night, but forgot it today. Oh well. I think the smoothie will be better for me, sick wise. I just can't get the pizza filled pretzel this time. hahaha.

I need to get better for tomorrow as well because it is mile square park day. I need to be able to run at least a mile. I can't run though if I feel like I do today. Boo.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 25

Yesterday went pretty well. I did my lunch walk, which was incredibly difficult yesterday. I was huffing and puffing up the hill. I hope to do it again today.

My tummy is upset right now, mostly because its my TOM. Awesome, right? No. Especially when you work in a place full of guys who comment on everything a 15 year old boy would comment on. Except these boys aren't snooty about power rangers, but being healthy and especially exactly like them. So that makes this situation worse. Blah.

I didn't end up going to the gym, because there was no time. It was just an idea anyway.

I am going to the gym today. its my first time since last Thursday. I will prob do a 2.5 mile run on the treadmill, which will actually be 1.5 of run, and the other 1 mile a walk. I hope I can complete the 1.5. its been since last Saturday since I ran.

I am planning on going to the park on Friday and doing my pull ups and monkey bars regimen.

Saturday is run at mile square park day. Sunday is going to the gym day.

Other than working out, I plan on working on my computer, hanging out with Mike as well as Teddy and my pups.

Oh also, I am supposed to watch 3:10 to Yuma. Mike wants to see it for the movie, me for Christian Bale. Teddy said it was awesome though, so it will probably be pretty good. Can't wait!

Why is not Friday yet? Geesh.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 24

So, even though I did not work out or eat *that* great yesterday, I am going to start back on track today!

I am in a good mood this morning. One, because I got my new computer. It is amazing. I spent all night on it. It is going to take some time working out a place to keep it as well as transfer files from my old computer to it. I might buy a flash drive today to do it. I can't believe they are so cheap now. I think they used to be $100 or something for a gig, and now its just 24 for 2 gigs. I remember my first computer did not even have a gig on it. Or maybe it was JUST a gig. Either way, awesome!!

The second thing I am excited about is that I get to go to a one-day conference next week for work. Woo hoo! Even though I will know 99% of everything they will teach me, it will still be a good time to get out of the office and get stuff done. Maybe I can take my laptop to the conference and use the wifi there.......... and get work done there and do the conference stuff. Woo hoo!

Today I plan on going on my lunch walk, and perhaps go to the gym and do weights before Mike gets home to walk the dogs. He now is back in school so our schedules are still figuring themselves out (or we are figuring them out). I think Wednesday should be weights day at the gym since he doesnt get home until 530 (ish) and I get back to town around 430. If I do the run stuff, I would be getting home around 545, and then I would be starving and it might not work out. It may, perhaps, but I think I will try just the weights today. I love doing weight training now. I used to be so afraid of it, and think of it as a jock boy thing. But now I love being one of the few girls there that knows how to adjust the machine to fit her. Sweet!

Also, i found out that I was saving more than I needed to for my taxes, and even though I do not have more than needed, I do have enough now! Woo hoo!!!!!!! I was sooo worried about it.

Maybe I need to improve on my basic arithmetic and my common sense (so I only pay bills ONCE a month instead of TWICE a month for 8 months).

Wish me luck in getting things done today.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fast Food Fast; Day 23

This fast food fast is really not that bad. I feel like I don't have to try that hard, so its like I am cheating. I do crave baja fresh burritos, but not enough to lose my Fast Food Fast. haha.

I am feeling better today. I started feeling a lot better once I got home yesterday. I ended up skipping going to the gym because I didnt want to prolong the sickness.

I am supposed to go today, and should but there are three things holding me back. 1) i am still not 100% 2) girl time started and I dont have any uhh protection and dont want to go to the gym without it 3) my new computer might be coming today and I might need to be home for it (mike leaves shortly after I would be getting home).

I think I will hold off tonight. Then jump back on the wagon tomorrow at lunch for my walk. Then Thursday a lunch walk and a workout. Then Friday, the park. Then make up for the lost days this week on Saturday and Sunday. it shouldnt be a big problem. Especially since Mike needs to study and prefers me out of the house. haha. But I need to get stuff done at home as well. So I am going to try to just not make any plans at all this weekend, except for working out and spending time with Mike and my computer (separately). ahha.

It is super hot in here. but if I take off my hoodie i get freezing. there is no happy medium for me right now. oh well.

I ate alright today. I had frozen waffles for breakfast (not frozen upon consumption), a granola bar for a snack, and subway for lunch. They didnt have my baked lays though but I still ate the chips. Oops. I will try to make a low cal dinner tonight. Shouldnt be too hard. We have a lot of food at home right now. I think the food amount for the first day of girl time is not that bad compared to what it has been before. Sweet!

Alright, I need to head out. Have a great day, and send good vibes for me getting my new computer tonight! haha :-0

Monday, September 10, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 22

Overall, my weekend was pretty good. Could have been better but oh well.

On Friday afternoon, I started to feel really sick. Instead of going to the park after work I just took a nap. I either have intense allergies, or am actually getting sick. YUCK! The rest of the evening I just hung out with Mike watching Ugly Betty. I ate some spaghetti, because I knew I would go running the next morning.

On Saturday morning, Mike, Teddy and I went on our Mile Square park run. I sucked this time. Went a mile but had to stop at that because I felt like puking halfway through the mile. It was a lot hotter than usual, but something else was probably wrong. Maybe the sickness factor? I wasn't feeling it during the day on Saturday though.

After the run, Mike and I headed to my mom's house in the Lake Arrowhead area with the pups. We went on a long hike there, with lots and lots of hills. I was soooooooooooo tired from it. Plus, I was not used to the altitude. Geesh. While coming home I started to get the sick feeling again, the sinus headache, sore neck, and overall crappy feeling. I went straight to bed when I got home.

On Sunday I felt great. I ended up going to Native Foods with Teddy in the morning. Native Foods is a vegan restaurant. It is TASTY! I get their "save the chicken wings". Because I can't eat chicken I love having substitutes that really taste like chicken and that really does. I also got a coffee later on that was delish.

On my drive home from hanging out with Teddy I started to feel bad again. My head started pounding, I felt like I was having an anxiety attack, etc. I had enough energy to go grocery shopping with Mike though.

I had the intention of just picking up a few things but Mike and I both bought a ton of stuff. That means no more eating out :-) I got some good things in it though.

Today I woke up feeling crappy. I took decongestant in the morning and am already on my second dose. I am NOT feeling well. I keep going from freezing to super hot and sweaty (when everyone else is freezing). Not sure what is going on. I just want to go home and sleep. I wish I didnt have an hour long drive home. It does not sound good.

I obviously didnt go on my lunch walk today. I was going to go to the gym and just lift weights, but because I needed the second set of medication I think I am just going to take it easy tonight. I hate skipping on working out, now that I am doing so well, but you have to take it easy every so often. Blah.

Also I go from being not hungry at all to being extremely hungry even after eating. My digestive system is a bit messed up as well. I just ate a fiber one bar in hopes that it would stave off my hunger. it is high in fiber and i think protein so I theoretically should be good. Who knows though.

My new laptop might be here tomorrow (or today?). Mike will not be home tomorrow to pick it up, but I have heard my apartment complex will take packages. I hope they will.... I hope DHL will make the extra effort. Eeek.

Alright, I need to go try to figure out how to get through the day. I know I only have to sit here and think, but thinking is hard when all your body wants to do is sleep. Boo.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 19

I am almost halfway done with this Fast Food Fast. Woo hoo. And it really hasn't been that hard. I still miss Baja Fresh burritos though. Yum.

Last night I made a nice lunch of my dinner leftovers. I made trader joes vegetarian fried rice and veggie egg rolls. Nothing was actually fried, don't worry. I ended up forgetting my lunch though. BOO. I think today I will just go to the grocery store and pick something out there. I don't want to do Subway again, and I can't think of anything else that is not fast food. Oh well.

I also worked out last night. I ran for 20 minutes. Like actually RAN. I ran + walked for 35 minutes. I also did weight training on the legs. I didnt get to the machines that work out the inside of your legs though. These girls spent like 20 minutes on them, literally, and after I was done with all my other leg work outs they were still on them. I decided to wait, but once I started they both got up, and then switched machines. Gah! I just went home because Teddy was coming over and these girls were lame. They chatted the entire time and were barely working out, okay? haha.

Anyway, i was very proud of myself. I ran faster and longer than usual. Tomorrow I am trying to see if I can complete 2 miles. I truly doubt it, but I will try.

Mike and I are going for a run in the morning then heading over to my mom's with the pups. We will probably go on a hike there (they live in the mountains). I will also get to see my sister. I haven't seen her since Feb, and when I saw her it was under terrible circumstances.

My throat hurts by the way, and my stomach is feeling better. Something always has to be wrong.

Also, my laptop still has not shipped. It has been since 7/15. It is in "boxing" stage, but now the estimated delivery is 9/27. WTF? I think they just want to be able to under promise and then "over deliver". even though they are under delivering, VERY MUCH SO.

Anyway that is enough with the laptop rant.

Have a great Friday. I am glad this week was only a 4 day week. It was a terrible week. I am glad that it is almost over.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 17

Yesterday got even better (sarcasm). I got into a fender bender in the parking lot at work with a co-worker. not sure the fault, but I am beyond stressed out. it will all get worked out today, but I am pretty upset about it. it doesn't help that I have NO money and I have to pay my estimated quarterly taxes in a few days.

also since at least last Wednesday I have had indigestion and my stomach has been feeling like its burning off and on. last night it got really bad. i skipped dinner and went to bed at 830pm. i think its an ulcer. it has all the symptoms. I have had the beginning one one a few times. so i guess its that time of year again.

i woke up scared to eat. my stomach felt better, but eh. I didn't eat breakfast. I am at work now, and am starting to feel weak. i decided to eat the 100 cal pack of those little chocolate muffins (forgot the name). after eating one i looked down and saw mold on the other one. awesome. i am not sure if I ate mold, but I am pretty sure I did. awesome, right?

so now I have nothing to eat until lunch. i have a few snacks, but they are all carbs and wont fill me up.

i think i am going to get a plain bagel at lunch. supposedly bread stuff helps. even subway sounds like it will hurt. i hope bagels dont count as fast food. i dont think they do.

I plan on going to the doctors tomorrow or Saturday. my doctors office is open, so maybe I can appt for then and not have to miss work. crossing fingers.

also my computer is in the boxing stage now, so it might actually get shipped out today. that would be awesome if so. still crossing my fingers though.

i will work out tonight. i am going to try to run 1.5 miles today on the treadmill. Then I will do leg work outs. Then I will go home and sleep. heh.

oh did you know you can gain 4 lbs the next morning after exercising and not eating dinner the day before. who knew.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


this guy at worked completely annoyed me today. completely,

I was making lunch in our break room. heated up a bean and cheese organic burrito (only about 120 calories, lots of protein and delish).

He is making a chicken salad wrap. He is very proud of it and starts bragging to me about it. Even though it didnt look good, I say "oh too bad I can't have that." He asks why, even though I told him the answer at least 3 times, and I tell him "Because I am allergic to chicken".

Then he sounds as if he is angry that I am allergic to chicken or something and says "Well its much better your fatty tv dinners you eat everyday". wtf????

For one, its not like I have a choice to eat your super fatty chicken salad (unless I want to get very sick. Two, i eat lean cuisine often, NOT fatty tv dinners. Three, when I am not eating lean cuisine I am eating healthy food. So eff you.

It pisses me the eff off that he would say that I eat fatty food, when I have spent the last few months (the entire time I have been here) trying to eat healthier and do things to lose weight. So thanks for spitting on all the progress I have made. fuckwad.

Oh and then I walk out to go on my lunch walk, and he is sitting there with another person smoking (healthy huh?) and calls me a chicken hater. wtf??????????

I dont get the boys here. I dont fit in with anyone. Its all very weird. I dont like it here. But I am trying to not let these comments annoy me any longer.

Has anyone else been harassed about what they eat at work? I seem to EVERYDAY. If its not the way my food smells with I cook broccoli, or if it comes out of a box, it is for something else. Gah.

I work for a freaking wholesale place not a fashion magazine. geesh!

by the way, the lunch walk was great. I went faster this time and barely talked on the phone. My calves are still burning from the hill.

Fast Food Fast: Day 17

During the day yesterday I did not eat much, mostly because I stressed myself out beyond belief.

I am dealing with Dell right now, who keeps delaying my new laptop. Blah. Also, I am dealing with health concerns and the stress of work (including work insecurities, etc). This made me eat a lot less. Good in some ways.

Ended up eating a big dinner though. But it was after kicking ass at the gym.

I ran for 15 minutes straight (new achievement for me). I think I might be able to do 2 miles by next week. I hope so. Mike and Teddy are convinced we can do 2 miles by this Saturday, but I do not like to be unrealistic and I think that is a unrealistic goal for me. Who knows.

Today is my day off of the gym. It is dog park day. Woo hoo!

I WILL be going on my lunch walk though. I just need to remember not to talk on the phone the whole time. Thank goodness for my ipod.

I am in a much better mood than yesterday, even though it still looks like the computer will be late. for the third or fourth time. ehhhhhhhhh.

I am going to try to focus on my music and the fact that I figured out a way to save a ton of my time at work. Woo hoo!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fast Food Fast: Day 16

I have not written in a long time. Somehow I forgot to write on Friday, which makes this even longer. Oops.

Last Thursday I ended up going with Mike to mile square park. I ran a mile in 10:30. WOWO! And then sprinted off an on for another mile.

On Friday I went to the regular park with Mike. We walked the park this time, and did pull ups and the monkey bars. I had some people cheering me on there, it was funny. haha.

On Saturday Mike, Teddy and I hung around the pool most of the day. Later that night we STILL went on our run at the mile sqaure park as planned. I ran a mile with Teddy at 10 minutes. I improved by 30 seconds in a few days. Woo hoo!

On Sunday, we had plans to go to yoga, but those fell through because I was up late the night before. That whole day we basically lounged around, did a bunch of laundry and cleaned. I ate pretty bad on Sunday. Oh well.

On Monday, Mike's parents came into town. We cleaned up the house even more in the morning. Then when they got to our place we immediately went to lunch. We went to a BBQ place that is delish. I ate too much there, but ended up eating a lot less the rest of the day because of it. We also went on a long walk at dog beach. We had a lot of fun and got to meet a lot of westies (I have two, and we never see any normally). That was a good workout. my calves hurt because of it, so it must have been a work out then, right? haha. Later that night I ate half of a quesadilla with some avocado. YUM!

Today I have been extremely stressed out. Work is tough, my computer might be delayed AGAIN, and blah. I wasn't hungry for lunch until 1230pm (I normally am around 1030am). Maybe it was the granola style breakfast for the fact that I was too stressed to think about it.I don't know. I ate lunch but skipped my long lunch walk because I have too much to do today at work. I plan on going to the gym tonight, doing 30 mins of cardio and then 20 mins of weights. Hopefully it all works out :-)

Have a great day!


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