Friday, February 29, 2008


I am soo glad it is Friday. Not that this week has been too terrible, but I just love not having to wake up in the dark. So nice.

All week, except Wednesday night, I got at least 8 hours of sleep. Fantastic!! I want to just have a schedule and stick to it, so I am a much better version of myself. My friend says she wants me to stop being a loser and enjoy life because I am still young. On the weekends I wake up at 7 or 8am, and am dead tired before 11. My friend wants to go out to bars and whatever starting then, and I am usually not down because I want to fall asleep by then. haha. I think I can enjoy life much better if I am happier and more sane though, and really bars are EXPENSIVE and I am poor.

So I didn't go on my lunch walk yesterday, I am really not motivated at lunch at all. I instead went to the gym and went on the treadclimber thing for 50 minutes. It would have been 60 minutes but some stupid lady kept staring at me to get off the machine. There were tons of other machines available, and 3 other people who had been on their machine longer than me, but she kept boring a hole in my head to get off. I really don't get it, because I would never ever wait for a specific machine more than 30 seconds. I would just go to a different type and workout while the others finish their workout and head over to it once they are done. I won't spend my valuable time at the gym doing NOTHING when there are other machines available. Boo to her for ruining my amazing time on the treadclimber.

After that I came home cooked a nice dinner of pork chops and roasted potatoes. Mmmmm. I only ate half the pork chop, and definitely a serving of the roasted potatoes. I finished off the meal with an amazing frosted strawberry pop tart, which was my first one in about a year.

Oh so I have a question for all of you. There is this guy at work, a sales guy, who is constantly talking to potential customers. Whenever he gets a woman on the phone he says things like "let me look that up for you HON," or "sure I can help you with that sweetie", etc. If you were in a professional setting at work, and a man called you hon or sweetie, would you be offended? I would be extremely offended, because I feel that a pet name is used for significant others or children, and I am not either of those in a professional workplace and if you try to treat me like one of those in the workplace I want to punch you in the face.

I want to say something because what if he loses sales with these customers (also business professionals b/c we work in b2b). I would seriously never EVER call that company back if they treated me like that. Maybe if it was someone in a Southern state or something I would understand but this is a California company, and that behavior is not in our culture.

Would you be offended by this behavior or would you consider it a term of endearment. I talked to my mom about it and she said she wouldn't mind, but all of my friends said they would be just as pissed as me and also want to punch the person in the face for calling them "sweetie" or "hon" in a professional workplace. I have to say I am a very much so a feminist, so I can see why I would be offended, but not sure about people who are not, or maybe just not as crazy as me. Hahha.

Also, I truly doubt he is saying this to be offensive, and that maybe he just doesn't know it offensive, but I think he SHOULD know that it is.

Alright I should head out before I go on more about how annoyed I am by this behavior that I hear at least 50 times a day (because I sit right next to him).

Wait one thing, weekend plans (more for me).

Friday night: Mike is gone until about 9pm, so I will prob just stay at home with the pups watching tv, cleaning up, etc.

Saturday: Going to San Diego w/ my friend to see my other friend's art show, and eat Mama Testa's (the best food ever!!). Later that night we might go out with some friends.

Sunday: Go for a run. No idea what else.

Have a great weekend!

Plannd Food for Today:
B: Starbucks doubleshot, Oatmeal (w/ banana, flax seed, hemp seed, trail mix)
L: peanut butter and jelly sandwich
S: apples/carrots
D: Eggplant Parmesan perhaps?

Planned Workout
Much needed rest, my legs are DEAD

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Office Space on the Scale

This morning, in a daze, I stepped on the scale. Yep, back to the beginning, like it said on Monday morning. F*ck. After my shower I get out, look down at my legs and think f*ck the scale, my legs are looking nicer than they ever have and I feel more confident than I ever have. I am NOT at the beginning, the scale is just stupid, I should just go all office space on it instead of letting it bring me down.

So, the entire time I have been working on fitness and trying to lose weight and get into shape, I have had to focus more on fitness than losing weight because it just was not happening and I did not want to lose the battle. I thought that if I kept on trucking I would eventually get there.

I have definitely gotten the fitness part down, I am progressing a lot more at that than normal. The weight is eh. The jeans are YEAH! So really the scale is just effing lame and I am just gaining muscle so eff you scale. Got that? EFF YOU SCALE. hahaha.

I ran at least 2.4 miles straight the other day, which seems like nothing to a lot of you, is a LOT for me. Something I have never done. I have been doing interval running for almost a year now, and doing this straight was great. I also knew I had the lung capacity to do more, I just need to give my legs a rest in between hard workouts next time.

I do admit I need to eat better on the weekends, and maybe even eat less during the day, or spread out the meals more. I need a plan for that. Like maybe make a sandwich for lunch and eat half of it at 11, and then the other half at 2. What do you think?

For the last 8 months though, during the week I have been within 1200-1600 calories a day, while working out 30 minutes - 1 hour at least 4-5 days a week. So really, what is wrong with that? NOTHING. Stupid body not understanding science. hahah. Can you hear my inner battle?

My legs are still super sore from working out all week, so yesterday I only did 30 minutes on the elliptical. The legs continue to be sorer now. hahah. I tried to do weights at the apartment gym, but some bad word person broke my favorite machine there. Grr.

I got a ton done yesterday, and it was GREAT. I did two loads of laundry, did dishes, picked up around the house, organized the freezer and even created a new idea for meal planning. I am now going to write a list on the fridge of meals we can make with what we have in the fridge. I put a whole list together last night. This should make everything a lot easier. It is a more concrete method than just listing it on my blog, which is not what I am reading when I am standing with the fridge door open. Hahah.

Yesterday at lunch I went to Trader Joe's. I bought some stuff for a pita wrap. Not sure if it will be good, because it was kind of a mish mash of stuff. I am actually scared it will be gross. If it is I told myself I can get a sandwich elsewhere, but I don't know.

When I decided to make one, I went to the veggie section (to get the stuff to stuff in it) and saw how expensive it would be to buy everything I wanted in it. Instead I thought I could buy a ready made salad for $2.99 and just stuff it in it. I got the Southwest salad with black beans, corn, salsa, red peppers and of course lettuce. I am going to put that into the pita with cilantro/jalepeno hummus and perhaps even pepperjack cheese. Does that sound gross? I have no idea. Either way it should be at least healthy regardless.

I think I am going on a walk at lunch today. This will make my cardio at the gym to only 30 minutes I think, which will be a nice break.

Planned Meals:
B: Starbucks doubleshot, Oatmeal (banana/flax seed/hemp seed/trail mix)
L: Pita Wrap
S: Apples/Carrots
D: Pork Chop w/ Roasted Potatoes

Planned Workout:
Lunch walk (1 hour, 2.8 miles, half uphill), 30 minutes at the gym.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Work from Home Wednesday

Today has been great so far. I have gotten a lot of work done already and have a beautiful view of some trees and a blue sky, amongst tons of apartment buildings. haha.

I am still getting enough sleep so far this week and it is great. Also my eye is starting to feel a bit better. I hope it keeps getting better.

Tonight is Girl's night, not sure what we are going to do, but most likely have some girl talk. Hahha.

I want to work out tonight, and will, but my legs are soo dead from all my working out this week. I wish there was some sort of cardio that did not involve my legs at this point. haha. I think I might just do 30 minutes of cardio today instead of the traditional hour. Hmm.

So I need new lunch ideas, what are YOU having for lunch today? I will be heading to Trader Joe's during my lunch today and maybe even go to Old Navy to look around. They got these cute workout clothes there (at least online) and I want to see if they are in the store yet. I want them. Hahah. Not that I can afford them, but I CAN dream right? haha.

Alright I am off for the day. Have a good one!!

Meal Plan for Today:
B: Starbucks Doubleshot, Oatmeal (flax seed/hemp seed/trail mix/banana)
L: Parmesan pasta w/ flank steak and Broccoli
D: Pad Thai w/ Tofu (frozen meal from Whole Foods)

Planned Exercise:
At LEAST 30 minutes of cardio, perhaps outside?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Huntington Beach Central Park Run!

Today I ran here! It is at Huntington Beach Central Park. Supposedly the entire path is 1.2 miles. I am not entirely sure WHICH path is 1.2 miles, but at least one of them is.

It was a gorgeous run. The park is beautiful, there are a lot of people walking there with their babies, dogs, or by themselves. Whenever I see people walking with a purpose, or running, I think of all of you, as well as myself. Today, as I mentioned before, it was in the 70s - 80s. When I went for my run it was probably in the 70s. It was GORGEOUS and warm and heavenly, well as far as runs can be heavenly. haha. But I am glad that Spring is already starting. Although here, it likes to tease us until June, and then blast us with heat.

Anyway I actually wore shorts! Crazy huh? Well if you knew me, you would know that YES it IS crazy. I also ran around the entire park twice, only stopping because my legs were super sore from the workouts the days before. They felt like they were BOTH cramping up. Hahah. Either I am a ridiculously slow runner, or the path is longer than 1.2 miles though, because it tooks me 31 minutes to get around the entire thing. Maybe I am just slow? No idea. I did pass one lady walking her dogs about three times though... if that counts.

After the two rounds around the path, I walked the path again. Along the path I stopped at one pull up station and did 3 pulls ups, then walked to the monkey bars and did two sets of those. I then did 3 sets of 5 on the tricep dip thing. And then at the end I did 9 more pulls ups (not in a row, 3 sets of 3).

Overall I have to say this was a fantastic run. Hopefully I will be able to do this run more in the coming months. My happiness level goes up SOO Much when the weather is nice like this. Awww.

Oh on a side note, girl time started today, and I have almost no cramps. Usually I have a TON, but I think because I have been eating flaxseed every morning for a month now in my oatmeal, it has calmed them. I heard it can, and it seems to have done it so far! Woo hoo!

Also, even though I kicked ass on the run, I still went to the grocery store and bought low fat ice cream to curb my cravings for lots and LOTS of chocolate. I also bought a bag of grapefruit and banana's though, so give me some credit. :-)

Alright I am heading out. Tomorrow is work from home day so I might even get to stay up a little bit! Let's see how it turns out! haha.

Sleep is Nice

So getting a decent amount of sleep at night really does make a wolrd of difference. I seriously feel more awake when I get up in the morning and it helps me stay more sane throughout the day. I don't feel as overwhelmed as I often do when I make a list of things to do, etc.

My eye still hurts. I realized this morning it is not the actual eyeball, but the eyelid area. I am going to call the free hot line my insurance has today to see if I should go to the doctor. Blah. It is the strangest thing I have had wrong with me. hahah.

Today I heard it is going to possibly be in the 80s. I think I might as well take a walk today at lunch and take in the goodness. I have to appreciate California while I am here, right? :-)

I might go to a different gym than usual today so I can be close enough to Trader Joe's to get there quickly to pick up a few things that I can get only from there. Rather things from there I only like from there :-)

By the way, I think I am addicted to going to classes now at the gym. I look at the schedules all the time to find one. Too bad most of the time they do not fit into my schedule very well. Oh well.

Planned Food:
B: Starbucks Doubleshot, oatmeal (banana,flax seed/hemp seed/trail mix)
L: parmesan pasta with steak & broccoli
S: Apples, Kashi Bar
D: Something with my salsa....

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mmmm Great Dinner!!

My friends and I always share our dinners the night before and lunches while emailing each other throughout the day. My friend mentioned making pasta with parmesan and some shrimp or something. This made me think of an idea, given the food I have in the fridge and that needs to be eaten. I can't say my meal was entirely original, but it was for ME. haha.

I cooked some flank steak on the stove. I just add some sea salt to it right before I put it on the grill. Mmm. Then I cooked some pasta (it was regular pasta because wheat pasta makes me die because my allergy to wheat (not gluten)). I also steamed some frozen broccoli. Once the steak and pasta was done I threw it into a pan, added a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil and a lot of parmesan (freshly grated from trader joe's). I mixed it all together with some splashes of cayenne and then had myself a delicious pasta. I have leftovers now for two meals. Woo hoo. It is already packed for work tomorrow!

I was going to try to avoid going to Trader Joe's this week but I am running out of my favorite trail mix, and if I am going to have my tasty oatmeal I need it in there. Hahha.

Oh also, when I was coming home from work today, I was starving. I thought to myself that I would just cook dinner and then workout. But then I got home and told myself to just suck it up and workout so I can relax the rest of the evening, which is what I did. 10 minutes into the video I wasn't hungry anymore, which was nice. Man, the workout was HARD. It was the Cindy Crawford the Next Challenge workout again, and geesh it really makes you use almost every muscle in your body. Lordy. I love it to death.

So now I am sitting over a heated bowl of water trying to evaporate the crap that is in my sinus'. My eyeball still hurts, and the ear is still bothering me. If the eye still hurts tomorrow I am calling my doctor. Do you know if they ever answer your questions over the phone? There might be some free hotline I can call through my insurance but I am not sure how reliable it is. Hmm.

I think tonight I am going to just catch up on some blogs, steam the hell out of my sinus' and go to bed at 9 to 930pm again. Life is so much happier when you get decent sleep. It also makes the week more worthwhile, and less like you spending the entire week dreaming of the weekend.

New Week

Mmmm can I just say that the Oatmeal with Hemp Seed is AMAZING, because it IS. Mmmmm. Heaven.

Anyway, I hope your weekends were fantastic. I am going to sum up mine.

Friday Night: Mike and I went to Teddy's and helped her pack. After wards we came home, watched some basketball and went to bed.

Saturday: I did some cleaning up around the place, and then we started the movie marathon. Mike, his friend Pat and me started it off with Michael Clayton at the dollar theater. I have to give it a 3/5. Then a few hours later we watched Persepolis, which I will give a 5/5. It was awesome. We then went to dinner at Don Ramon's (mexican food place) with the movie goers as well as my friend Teddy and her new roommate Crystal. After that we went and watched Atonement. I have to give that move about a 4/5. After that movie I came home and passed out.

I ate more than I should have on Saturday, which happens more often than not. It is my major problem. Boo. I also drank too much alcohol. Oh well.

Sunday: Mike and I started the day with the latest LOST episode. After the episode I started a crockpot full of chili verde pork goodness. I added pork shoulder, diced tomatoes w/ jalepenos, 2 cans of salsa verde sauce, some kick'n chicken spice (no chicken involved) and some garlic powder. It was set to be in there for 8-10 hours. Mmm.

Later on we went with Teddy and her new roommie Crystal to Whole Foods for their brunch. I got some mac n cheese (most of the breakfast food was gone, weird), roasted potato's, fruit and two mimosa's. Mmm.

I bought some good food at Whole Foods, including the oatmeal I had this morning that was AMAZING. I also got this delicious frozen meal of Pad Thai w/ Tofu. We tried samples of it at the store and it was GREAT. I canNOT wait to eat it. I bought other things as well, but those are the ones sticking out in my memory right now.

After the grocery store trip Mike and I went on our Saturday run, on Sunday. Hahah. our goal was to do two intervals of 9 minutes run, 1 minute walk, and then 2 intervals of 8 minutes run, 1 minute walk. Mike's knee started to KILL him after 21 minutes. I ended up running after until 26 minutes. I was feeling fantastic on the run, except my hip started hurting. I stop the second I am having to limp to run. Mike does not. I recovered for the most part in a few minutes of gentle walking. He still has not recovered. I like my method better. I am motivated to go running a lot this week after that run though, because it felt sooo good.

After the run we had Andrea come over for our Oscar Poll Party. I made chile verde pork tacos with the pork, some low fat mozarella and lettuce inside a homemade (by whole foods) tortilla. Mmmm. It was amazing. I am also having some of this pork for lunch today. Mmmmm. I ended up only getting 5 guesses right for who would win and Oscar, but I did have some fun!

During the last 30 minutes of the Oscar's I noticed my eye was hurting. Weird right? RIGHT. Not sure what is wrong with it, but I put a heat compress on it last night (in case it was a stye I could not see) and went to bed. It still hurts though. I might go to the doctor tonight to get it checked out, but then I might not. My ear on the same side of my face also hurts. Its so weird, the actual lobe hurts. I am thinking I might have an infection or something, and sinus pressure is killing my eye. But who knows. If this last until tomorrow I am going to the doctor. I would go right away but I am not sure I can afford another $100 doctor visit. Blah.

So today my plan is to go home right after work (dogs need to go out). Then I will do a work out from home, possibly the netflix dvd I have or not. I think I need a step for the dvd which I thought I would have bought already but I have not. Hmmm.I might just do the Cindy Crawford one though. Afterwards I will probably make dinner. Not sure what yet though. I forgot all my options from my grocery store trips this weekend.

Planned Workout:
1 hour workout video

Planned Food:
B: TJ's triple shot espresso, oatmeal (hemp seed/flax seed/banana/trail mix)
L: Shredded Chili Verde Pork w/ beans and rice (left overs from dinner the other night)
S: Grapefruit
D: ?

Friday, February 22, 2008

When is it 3:30 p.m.?

New Goal: Work on being so defensive at work. Blah.

Anyway, aside from that, my calves are ridiculously sore. It hurts to stand up and it hurts to bend the leg. Hahaha. Apparently that step class did what it was supposed to.

I was supposed to go on a run with Mike last night but it hurt to walk so I convinced him to just go on a walk with me. We went to the beach to go for a walk, with the pups in tow. It was a long walk, about 2 hours, and I think it was probably about 2 to 3 miles. We weren't going fast but we were moving for awhile, so that has to count. The walk was beautiful though, with the waves in the distance and then a walk around the cute beach houses. I loved it. I will definitely miss the beach when I move out of California.

So last night I finally made my eggplant Parmesan. Here is how the meal went: I microwaved the trader joe's frozen breaded eggplant cutlets. I then put them on tin foil and put them in my toaster oven for about 15 minutes. I made some spaghetti and when it was done I put a bit on the plates for Mike and I. I then added some Trader Joe's Tomato & Basil sauce (delicious!!) and put in chunks of low fat mozzarella and grated Parmesan. I added the cutlets on top and added a bit more tomato sauce on top of them and sprinkled a bit more of Parmesan cheese.

The meal took about 20 minutes (TOPS) to make and it was AMAZING. Mike even suggested we put it into our rotation. He did not want the bell pepper sandwich to be in rotation, even though he said he liked it, so... I guess that means it was pretty good.

The meal was about 500 calories, and some protein. Overall, I completely approve. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. I want some more NOW. hahha.

Tonight I am helping my friend Teddy move. Should be a good workout because it is the big stuff we are helping with, and we have to move it up and down stairs. Sweet.

Tomorrow Mike and I are doing a movie marathon. We are going to watch all the oscar nominated movies we haven't seen yet. A lot of them are at our dollar theater (literally a block away) so it will be super cheap that way. I am excited. We also plan to get in the run either Saturday or Sunday.

On Sunday we do plan on going to Whole Foods though for their brunch and some shopping. I ran out of fresh ground peanut butter so I need to stock up there :-) We also plan to watch the Oscars of course, after the movie marathon.

Even though I worked from home for 2 days, and got more done there than when I work from work, I still feel like I have a TON to do. Thankfully I ended up getting a decent amount of sleep last night.

Oh also the apt people came by, and cleaned up my bedroom and my bathroom. I don't think the sprinkler is fixed though. I still do not want to sleep in my room though. Thankfully Mike and I both have our own bedrooms with our own beds for nights like these :-) The problem should be fixed, although all my memorabilia is gone forever. Boo.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

24 Hour Fitness Class Review: Step

Last night my friend Andrea and I decided to go to the Step class at 24 Hour Fitness. For the time we wanted we needed to go to a gym that is kind of far from me, but well worth it.

The class was at 530 pm so it was the after work rush. There was a huge line to get into the class. I hoped it was a good sign.

I decided to only put one riser on my step because I had never taken the class before. I read some people's blogs about how they finally got up to three. And those people kick ass so I knew to start at the lowest level just in case.

The class started with a male instructor turning on some obnoxious music. He didn't really explain anything at all, but luckily there were two people in front of me that had obviously taken the class before. I watched them the whole time. I hope they didn't mind :-)

I got most of the moves pretty quickly, unlike TKB. There was only one move where I had to stop and watch for a few minutes to get it. Unfortunately I never really got it. A lady next to me (either annoyed that I was completely out of sync with the class or just helpful) kept telling me how to do it, but for some reason it just wouldn't make sense in my brain. Oh well.

I did not do most of the hand movements the instructor wanted us to do. I am very uncoordinated so I told myself to focus on the lower body portion so I could get at least one part of the whole thing right. It worked out. The instructor would pick on people who weren't doing it right, or who weren't moving their arms or clapping. I gave off threatening vibes to not mess with me, and it worked, because he never bothered me. He did however keep going up to my friend and picking on her. Weird.

The class had a great atmosphere though, everyone would cheer when it got harder, and clap at certain points. It was pretty great, or rather HILARIOUS. I felt like I was in a dvd workout. So funny to me.

Overall I had a lot of fun and I plan on going back next week. I will let you know if my soreness level increases. Already my calves are sore. Woo hoo!!

So the apartment complex people never came over to repair the damage to my carpet and room. Apparently they don't take mildew seriously, and dont care that I can't even sleep in there. So I am working from home today, to wait for them to come and fix the problem. We have dogs and no one will enter our place w/out one of us being here, because they are afraid the dogs will attack. And Emily probably would so it is a good idea. :-)

My boss hasn't exactly approved the working from home today, but I imagine he can understand that I take mildew and mold seriously and want my carpets cleaned today, not tomorrow or Saturday, or whatever. I emailed and called him, I hope that is enough. I really can do all my work from here though, so it really isn't a big deal, at least from what I think.

I only got about 6 hours of sleep or less last night. I will be cranky and sleepy all day. I am still planning on going to the gym tonight. And will eat my amazing oatmeal in a few minutes. Mmmmm. Oatmeal.

Planned Food for Today:
B: Oatmeal (flax seed, banana, trail mix). Trader Joe's triple espresso mocha
L: Trader Joe's Pepperonata
D: Eggplant Parmesean

Planned Workout for Today:
60 minutes cardio, 15 minutes weights.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Lunch Hour

I decided to do laundry during my lunch hour since I am working from home. So I went to gather up my dirty clothes and noticed that they were all wet and moldy. I looked to see what it was, but couldn't figure it out. It had rained the night before so I went to look at my window, to see if I left it open. I didn't. But I did notice that there was all kinds of mildew all over my window. I don't open it much because I don't think about it. But normally it is just dust. But this time it was mildew. Gross. It seems like I am a disgusting person right? Well who expects mildew in their window? So I knew something was up, and was told to call my apt complex at the site of mold.

So I called the apt complex. They asked if the window was near a sprinkler. I said yes, and then remembered that there WAS a sprinkler broken near my window. The wet carpet, wet clothes and ruined box of memorabilia were all ruined because of a broken sprinkler. Gah! They told me that someone would come by and take care of the situation either today or tomorrow.

I spent my entire lunch hour cleaning my room enough to have someone come into it that was not Mike. I also threw away all my memorabilia (journals I kept, pictures, notes I kept from friends or old boyfriend, school awards, etc). I can't believe I threw it all away but I feel much better now that I did. It took up waay too much room and was annoying. Now I have nowhere to put my clothes though that I don't feel like putting away. Hmmm. Oh well.

So I am pretty annoyed that some clothes of mine are ruined, and I had to go through that at all. Also that I may have been having sinus problems because there was mold and mildew in my room.

Oh and when I told the apt complex about the window they told me how to prevent it by opening my windows in my BEDROOM, ACROSS THE HALL from the bathroom, when I take a shower. They said that the bathroom has no ventilation and this is a COMMON problem with these apartments. Why the hell would they build them this way? Why would they not give me instructions on how to live in my own apt w/out dying from mold infestation. GROSS.

Any recommendations for this, other than keep my window open all the time when I move out. How about telling me I am a dirty slob and should probably clean my bedroom windows more than once every few months to prevent this. Grr. I promise I will do it every week or so now. Gross.

I am sweating hardcore though from the cleaning. I had to throw a ton of stuff out and carrying it was hard. I also vacuumed the room and threw all the dirty clothes in another room. Hopefully I burned a few calories from this. haha.

Alright, heading out now.

Time Takes Time You Know?

Today is my work from home day. I have already gotten a ton done. Woo hoo! When I create projects for myself I can get a lot more focused. I like being productive so it works out.

I am glad that today I get to make my lunch here and do not have to have some pre packed one. So if i change my mind on what I want the next day I am free to make it. Awesome.

Tonight is "girl's night". One of my friends can't make it, but the other one can. We might meet up at the gym before hanging out. Not sure. If so, we will either go to kick boxing or the 24lift class I think. It should be a good time.

I did an hour on the elliptical last night at the gym. I realized why the elliptical at my gym is so much harder than the one at the gym. This one doesn't have arm things that you use, you basically just have to balance yourself. I listened to my audiobook last night while doing the elliptical which make it a lot more pleasant. I am glad the endorphins kicked in early, unlike last time I worked out at the apartment gym. Geesh.

I am not one for good stories today. Maybe later?

Planned Food for Today:
B: Trader Joe's Triple Shot Espresso, Oatmeal (w/ banana, flax seed, trail mix) (Calories: 468 calories)
L: Bean w/ Bacon soup (340 calories)
S: Apples, Kashi Bar
D: No Idea

Planned Workout:
An hour class w/ Andrea

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Picture Day

No the pictures will not be of me (well maybe a hand). I finally uploaded pictures of recent meals that I took with the intentions of posting the day I ate it. I didn't obviously so here you go!

Mike and I made smoothies 2 weekends ago. These one's are filled with frozen mixed berries, frozen pineapple, banana and yogurt. These were amazing.

On one of my work from home days, I made a flank steak, avocado and lowfat cheese wrap. Although it was beyond tasty it was not very filling for the amount of calories in it.
This is the sandwich I was talking about making tonight, one that completely came from my imagination (well for the most part). I sauteed some red peppers and onions in some olive oil and tomato sauce. I ended up adding some Trader Joe's turkey meatballs, and some parmesan to the mix. I also added some cream cheese on top of the toasted panini bread. It was spectacular. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It was also only about 386 calories, 19 grams of protein.
I will try to post pictures more often. I jut wish I had a better camera and remembered to do it after I took the pictures.

I was unable to go to the gym right after work today because of massive traffic and my starving tummy. I am going to go the apartment gym in an hour or so, once the meal settles. That meal was super filling and I am happy.

Oatmeal Disaster

Grrr. I prepared a nice oatmeal meal with a banana, flax seed and trail mix. I was on the way to add water to the mix when I dropped the whole thing on the floor at work. Not only did I lose my breakfast but I had to spend 10 minutes picking up oatmeal out of the carpet. I was craving this oatmeal so bad too. And I am starving right now. I have a luna bar I can eat, cookies n cream delight, but it does not sound like a delight. Booo.

Other than my annoying breakfast situation, everything else is fine. I had a productive day yesterday after work.

I did my Cindy Crawford - The Next Challenge workout. I am sore from it again already and am probably going to get more sore as the day goes on. It was really hard yet again. I definitely recommend it though, because it definitely kicks your ass.

After the workout I had a quick dinner. I was going to make Gnochhi last night for Mike and I, but we remembered we had left overs from the other night. I let him have all the leftovers (it was all high cal Mexican food) and just resorted to p&b toast.

I then headed out to Trader Joe's to get my much needed necessities.

What I Bought:
Trail Mix
Light Cream Cheese
Bell Peppers
Breaded Eggplant Cutlets
Tomato Sauce
Parmesan Cheese
Wasabi Peas
Triple Espresso Mocha
Sliced Apples
Panini Bread
Dog treats for the pups

New Meals This Week:
Eggplant Parmesan
Sauteed Bell Pepper & Onion & Cream Cheese Panini

I am excited that I have TWO new meals this week to try. I am doing pretty well with my New Years resolution to try a new meal at least once every two weeks. Woo hoo!

Work is going to be crazy today. I am pretty stressed out about what is going on here. Blah. I canNOT wait to work from home tomorrow.

Planned Food:
B: Luna Bar (BOO)
S: Kashi Bar
L: Campbells Bean w/ Bacon soup
S: apples
D: Sauteed Bell Pepper & Onion and Cream Cheese Panini

Planned Workout
60 minutes cardio

Monday, February 18, 2008

I Am Going To Do Better.

So last week (including the weekend) was a total bust. Well not total.

Good things about Last week:
Monday Workout
Saturday workout
Sunday -sledding
Only drinking 2 beers total all week

Bad Things Last Week:
Cheesecake Brownies
A cupcake
Some sugar cookies
2 Margaritas
Mexican food a few times
Too many chips
Skipping workouts on T, W, Th

I am going to get over it. I am also going to try to ignore the number I saw on the scale. I will pay attention to it enough to keep on track today and start back doing well, but I will not let it bring me down.

Yesterday I went to my mom's place in Lake Arrowhead with Teddy and Mike. My little brother and sister and their friends were over. The whole family, the friends and even my pups all went sledding. The dogs didn't really sled, but they did chase me every time I did go and sled. It was a LOT of fun and a good workout. Whew!

The only problem with the evening is that I was wearing this thick hoodie that makes me look 10+lbs heavier than normal. I was already having a bad self esteem day, so this didn't make me feel any better. My mom always talks about how when she was my age, after having a baby, she was only 105 lbs at 5"4'. She thought that a 27.5 waist was fat. I know she was under weight, but still when she makes those comments right after I say I finally started to lose some inches, it really f*cks with me. She must think I am huge or something, compared to what she was. Oh well. I try not think about it, but whenever you see your parents you go back to your adolescent stage a bit.

In other news, tonight is my night to workout from home. I am either doing a new dvd workout (although I think I need a step or something to do it) or my Cindy Crawford - the next challenge workout.

I am running out of food around the house. Well not entirely, but I am running out of healthy food. I have no veggies or fruit left, no trail mix (for my oatmeal), and I need an ideo for lunches. I saw some recipe for a bell pepper sandwich, and I think I may make that once this week. mmm.

So on Saturday night I had the strangest dream. I read some popular healthy food blog, and the girl seems amazing and eats great. Her photos often inspire me to make new meals, etc. Well in the dream she was there, eating dinner with me, Mike and some parentals. While eating dinner she started to criticize me and explain to me why I was not losing weight. She first said I eat too much meat (I probably don't even eat meat every day, if not every few days). She also told me I don't workout enough, and I need to start eating more whole wheat, etc (I am allergic to wheat). So she basically told me I was a total failure and that I need to get my crap together because obviously what I was doing wasn't working. I tried to argue and explain to her all these different things about how she must not understand because I am working hard and I am eating relatively healthy.

Even in real life I feel the need to let everyone know that I eat healthier now, as if I am trying to convince myself by convincing them. Why do I even have to convince myself, I KNOW I am eating healthier than most people. Blah.

Anyway, the dream really weirded me out, and when I read her blog I can only see her being mean to me, even though everything she writes and takes pictures of is amazing. Luckily she probably has never even gone to my blog so there is no way that she will know that I had some dream where she was mean to me, because really, why would that even be in my subconscious?

Oh by the way, the cut in my mouth is starting to heal. It is still there, but much smaller. I can smile now (starting yesterday) and almost drink out of a straw. Also, the only reason I have it is because I am lame and took a bite out my own mouth while trying to bite some salad leaves.

Oh also, I am going to be calorie counting hard core this week. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. But really, it works. Every time I stop I gain weight and eat stupid things like cheesecake brownies and 10pm at night, 5 minutes before bed.

I am also going to go back to only eating veggies and apples for snacks, unless I am starving pre-workout.

Planned Food for Today:
B: Oatmeal (flax seed/banana/trail mix)
L: 5-10 Morningstar buffalo wings (fake chikn) w/ ranch
S: Apples/Carrots
D: Trader Joe's Gnocchi

Planned Workout:

1 hour Cindy Crawford - The Next Challenge

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Weekends Make Me Happy

So about an hour after I posted my blog yesterday the stuff that was on my mind previously went away. I would love to say over something good, but really it was bad. Something didn't go through for Mike that he worked really hard for, and he was super upset. This thing, which I will not go into specific details about, is something that can seriously affect big changes within our life situation in the new few months. I am sure it was for a reason though, so I am not too worried, except for Mike, because it makes him upset. I attempted to cheer him up last night. He is doing much better today but I still wish I could just fix it, but I can't.

We did not end up going on our Saturday run today because things came up. But I did fit in a little stint in the apartment gym. Every time I go on the elliptical at this gym I absolutely die. Not sure if this machine is just harder to use or if my time away from the gym this past week took away ALL my built up endurance. Geesh. haha.

I am pretty bummed about not working out much last week so getting in 30 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on weights really brightens my mood. I am pretty irritated about not working out this past week, and even more so disappointed in myself. But no need on focusing on things I cannot change so I will try to just focus on things I can.

I have about 8 different cream cheese brownies left over from Valentine's Day. Those are my weakness so I am trying to stay away from them. I feel bad throwing away BROWNIES so I am going to just let them sit in there until I have no choice. I am basically just setting myself up for destruction though. hahah. jk.

Last night I took Mike out to dinner at the Claim Jumper. Although I had a margarita there (MUCH NEEDED) I did end up only getting an appetizer and then only eating 1/2 of that. It was soo good though. Mmmm.

Tonight we have plans with Mike's friend from school and a bunch of other film majors. Teddy is also coming because she is also friends with Mike's friend who is the one who set everything up. We are heading to El Torrito tonight. I have never been there that I am aware of, but I do think it is probably white people mexican food. I am a snob when it comes to Mexican food, so sorry if I offended anyone. haha. I think I will get something small so I can have a margarita. Mmmm. We are also supposed to go to the movies tonight after wards. Should be a good time.

Tomorrow we are officially going to my mom's place to go sledding. It should be a good time. We will also watch the NBA All Star game on a big screen TV. woo hoo. I can't wait! It should be a very active day tomorrow. Good thing because I need to get back into the groove.

Time for a shower now. Have a good one!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Can The Weekend Start NOW?

Last night was not really as fantastic as hoped. There were some high points, some low points, and some alright points. I am going to try to just recount most of the high points, because recounting low points just makes me more annoyed with the night.

Mike either forgot to get me flowers or thought that his annoyance with this "forced corporate holiday" was enough for me to be okay with him not getting me flowers. It wasn't. He could tell I was disappointed (I pretty much said it, or did say it?) and then decided to go on a valiant mission to make up for it. He walked probably about a mile or so to get me flowers, and a dvd that I love but he does not. This effort meant a lot to me, and is very appreciated.

With him being sick, and me having a ton of mouth pain and lingering bad memories from past holidays, did not set us up with the best chances for a great Valentine's Day. We were both tired, and both not in the best of moods. Especially since I have had to skip working out all week. Maybe I didn't "have to" every night, but regardless I am beyond annoyed about it. It really makes my mood horrible. I need the endorphins.

I love the boy more than anything in the world, he makes me more me than I am by myself, and loves me in spite of my crazy side. Even though last night was filled with many ups and downs, it turned out alright in the end.

I only got a few hours of sleep, and unfortunately not because of action under the sheets like most people on Valentine's Day. Mine was because Mike is amazing and listens to my crazy talk for hours so that we can both be okay with each other and our relationship.

We are supposed to go out tonight, but I am not sure I will be up to it with only about 4 to 5 hours of sleep. I am not even sure how I will survive the day really. I am not good with little sleep. I want to just go home tonight, go on a walk with the pups and sleep. But life doesn't always work exactly how you want it to work.

I am emotionally and physically tired, which does not lend to a happy day or quick emotional recovery. Also the mouth is not entirely healed yet. I think I am going to put that canker sore patch on soon so that it will heal quicker than w/out it.

Time to focus on this weekend.

Friday: Night out with the boy
Saturday: Run, Going out with Mike's Friends
Sunday: Sledding at my mom's (most likely but not entirely set as a fact yet).

Planned Food for Today:
B: Oatmeal (w/ banana, flax seed, trail mix). Starbucks doubleshot.
L: Morningstar corn dog w/ mustard, string cheese
S: Kashi Bar, apples
D: Claim jumper, maybe

Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Diet?

So during lunch I bought these canker sore patches at wal-mart. It definitely is taking the pain away but it is really really awkward. Plus it is has an overwhelming mint taste. The cupcakes that someone brought in that look amazing would not be possible to eat. I guess that is a great way to avoid amazing goodies right? Can I say new diet? JUST KIDDING!

I read some reviews and they all suggested using it at night. Now I know why...

Happy Valentine's Day

I am not a big fan of this holiday, but I try to be every year. The last time I saw my Grandma was on Valentine's Day when I was 6 years old. She died a day or two later. I remember she gave me a cool present, one which I kept for years and years. I still can't remember if I told her I loved her the last time I saw her. Ever since that I now am very conscious about saying "I love you" to family members, and other loved ones every time I say goodbye. I suppose her death taught me a great lesson, to make sure you let the ones you love know they love you. I think about her every Valentine's Day, which really does not make it as romantic as the corporate holiday wants it to be for us.

Valentine's Day is also the day that my nephew was born (a year ago today). My nephew, Cody, passed away a few days later. Last year I spent the day planning on how to get to the hospital in Missouri to see him because he had been rushed to the hospital and was in the NICU. The little guy was a strong little boy, but because of the doctor's neglect in caring for my sister and Cody he did not make it. It is a really sad story, one I blocked out of my head so much that I forgot to write it when I first posted this this morning. I was able to meet Cody, hold his hand and say goodbye.

Tonight the plan is to stay home because Mike said he still wasn't feeling up to going out to dinner. Perhaps sometimes this weekend. I don't know. After I finished my post yesterday my headache got worse. I could barely stand up w/out blacking out so I opted out of working out.

I instead took a shower and then went to the grocery store to stock up on Naked Juice, so I would not get the cold that Mike has. I I was scared I was getting his cold, with the headache I had, and because my throat started to hurt. I downed an entire bottle of Naked Juice last night, and went to bed around 10pm. I slept well and feel better than last night, but am not sure if I am sick or not. My head still hurts a bit, and I am even tempted to take medicine. I try not to take it though, so it might have to get worse if I end up taking more.

For some reason last night I wanted to make cookies for the office for Vday. I ended up doing it. I made cute little heart shaped sugar cookies with red sprinkles and then also round sugar cookies with a Hershey Kiss in the middle. Hopefully they cheer someone up.

I am annoyed that I didn't work out the last two days but I really couldn't last night. I want to go tonight, especially since we are just staying in tonight. I am not eating as well as I would like either, which is annoying. I would feel better about it all if I was working out, but I am not.

So with this calorie counting thing, I get really annoyed when I have to count eating fruits or veggies. I don't think it is cool to have to limit fruits or veggies to limit calories. I think we should be able to eat all the fruit and veggies our bodies crave, no questions asked. So when I down my entire 240 calories worth of Naked Juice this morning I will not feel guilty. It is lame ot limit your fruit and veggies, so eff you calorie counting. If I gain weight because I eat fruit and veggies than I gain weight. I do not want to have a bad relationship with fruit because they are often high in calories (if I eat as much as I want).

Oh, also I still have a huge cut in my mouth, right next to my lip. It still hurts to laugh, to smile and to talk. Drinking the naked juice kills me (from the acid) but it is worth it. Also the lunch I packed today will potentially kill me too. I packed Morningstar Buffalo Wings (spicy fake chikn nuggets) and I added EXTRA cayenne pepper for some reason. Shoot me in the face if I eat it. I will at least feel like I am getting shot in the face if I eat it. I might have to skip my packed lunch. BOO. We shall see though.

I hope the headache and my cut goes away soon. Geesh. Anyone have any magic cures for huge canker sores in your mouth?

Planned Food:
B: Oatmeal (flax seed/trail mix/rice milk/peanut butter). Starbucks Doubleshot
S: Naked Juice
L: Fake Chickn Nuggets w. ranch (perhaps)
D: No idea

Planned workout (If I feel better)
1 hour cardio, 15 minutes weights

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Plan for the Week

Routine is getting knocked down this week. So I have to make a new plan before I get even more stressed out (it happens when my routine gets screwed up).

Wed: Workout at home, Teddy comes over

Thursday: No gym, Vday, before coming home from work pick up ingredients for baked ziti and cheesecake brownies (both low fat versions). Mike does not want to go out for Vday because he is still sick. We will do it on Friday or Sunday.

Friday: Walk during lunch, 2.8 miles

Saturday: Saturday run or sledding

Sunday: Workout at gym because of missed day yesterday

My head is KILLING me right now, so I hope this workout I am about to start will workout. My friend's granpa died recently and she just went to his cremation today so she is probably pretty upset. So I think we are just going to hang out tonight.

I might make Mike make the dessert or dinner tomorrow since it IS vday. We shall see what happens.


Has anyone seen this? It is hilarious.

The reason I showed this video, about the "man cold" is because my man has a cold. when I was on my way to the gym (after work) he called and was complaining about being sick and asking me to come home with him now. I ended up doing it, because it sucks being sick and having someone around helps sometimes. Because I came home instead of working out though I have to either take a lunch walk on Friday or Sunday, or both, with Vday coming up. Hmmm. I get irritated now when my schedule gets screwed up. Blah. I hope I do not get this cold though, it doesn't sound very fun.

I am grumpy this morning but I shouldn't be. I have two cute pups laying next to me on the couch, where I am working from. But these two cute pups woke me up at 3am to go the bathroom and then 10 minutes before the alarm was set to go off. Also I have a big cut in my mouth, near my lip, and every time I talk it hurts. I hate not being able to talk. And the longer I go without talking and then try to talk, the more I am in pain.

Yes I know, boo effing hoo. I have nothing to complain about.

I am going to try to get out of this mood.

Oh so one other thing. The first vday I spent with Mike, we were both sick. And now he is sick right before. I hope this doesn't mean I will be sick tomorrow so we can celebrate a sort of anniversary like vday. hahah. I will be crossing my fingers.

Planned Food:
B: Oatmeal (w/ trail mix, flax seed, banana). Starbucks doubleshot.
L: Tomato Meatball Soup
D: No idea

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sleep is Nice

Last night Mike came home feeling pretty sick. We ended up going to bed at 9pm. That is the time I should go to bed, even though it is hard to do. Really I rarely go to bed on time unless I am sick. Anyway I feel more refreshed now that I got so much sleep. I am still sleepy, but I hope to be more awake all day.

After I came home from work yesterday I did the Kathy Smith Kick Boxing dvd. I think one of my readers recommended this, right? This dvd was MUCH better than the kick boxing class I took, although I am not sold on kick boxing itself. I feel really lame just punching the air. I was definitely more sore the next day from the Cindy Crawford workout as well. But I did have some fun, and got the moves down a lot better than when I was in the class. For a kick boxing dvd i think it was pretty good.

I made tomato meatball soup last night. Woo hoo! Sooo good. I have been craving it since I ate my last bowl of it, about 3 weeks ago. I made a total of 4 servings, which is awesome. Mmmm. Delicious. It is soo much better with Trader Joe's tomato soup, compared to campbells. Mmmmm.

I wanted to pack my oatmeal for breakfast but I ran out of tupperware to bring it in, and didn't feel like packing it all in plastic bags. I also had some yogurt left that needed to be eaten.

I wanted to go to a class tonight but there are no classes I want to take at the times I need them to be at. I will probably just do cardio for 60 minutes and weights for 15.

Tomorrow I get to work from home and I am excited for it. I plan on making some tasty oatmeal and perhaps a good dinner. I have a lot of writing I need to get done, and am glad I get to work from home tomorrow because that is where I do it best :-)

I forgot to mention yesterday that on Sunday, the boyfriends mom made some comment about how she noticed how I lost weight. She said it in a nice way, when we were all talking about how much more we work out now, and eat healthier and how I still have high cholesterol. She is an RN and lets me know what is normal for my health issues. She said it was weird, but it must be genetics.

So I was pretty excited someone actually noticed some body improvement without me having to ask for it. But then it also makes me think about how big was i? Was I THAT big that someone thought I now looked good since I lost a few lbs? That is the lame part of my brain. I need to learn to take a compliment and only extract the good from it. I am happy with how I am doing now, and feel much better, way more fit, and I fit much better in my clothes :-)

I am wearing some of the clothes I wore last summer right now (it is in the 80s today, yes, awesome) and the shirt looks much better on me, and for some reason the chest look much smaller. I actually wanted that, so its cool.

Planned Food:
B: Yogurt w/ granola. Starbucks doubleshot
S: peanut butter pretzels
L: tomato meatball soup
D: No idea.

Planned Workout:
60 minutes cardio, 15 minutes weights

Monday, February 11, 2008

Oatmeal is Delicious

I hope everyone's weekend went well. Mine was pretty good, overall. A lot of unexpected stuff happened, some very sad and some fun.

On Friday, after work, I went on a long walk with Mike and the pups. We went to one of my favorite parks, one we haven't really walked in awhile. After that we ended up eating burritos (bad, but completely worth it). I am glad that craving will now be gone for another 4 or so months. :-) I think we watched Lost the rest of the night. My friend is the one who received some pretty terrible news on Friday night, so we hung out with her in order to distract her from the news.

On Saturday, Mike and I woke up early although didn't end up going on our Saturday run until around 11 or 12. I had that oatmeal I talked about the other day (oatmeal/flax seed/trail mix/banana), and it filled me up during the entire run. The run went pretty well, although I couldn't run as far as my goal was because my hip started to ache. I think I need to get new shoes. Anyone have recommendations for ones for people with hip problems? After that we got some Jamba Juice (delicious, and I had a free coupon) and watched some Lost again (we are not up to season 4, but have not watched the 2 new episodes yet). I then proceeded to clean the house. I detail cleaned the kitchen, including the fridge, the cabinets, the floors, the cupboards, and everything else that is normal. We ended up watching a Rockets game afterwards.

On Sunday, Mike's parents were due in town, so we prepared for that in the morning. Well first we watched a movie, Goodbye Children, and then proceeded to clean the house. I detailed cleaned the bathroom (except the tub, ran out of time) and I rearranged two bookcases, which involved a ton of lugging books up and down. I was sweating pretty hard after that. Hahha.

Once the parents came into town we went to CPK for a light lunch. I got the BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad, with turkey instead of chicken. It was amazing. I only had the half salad, but ate ALL of it. According to some calculations on a website it is only around 330 calories or less and 30 grams of protein (holy crap!). After the lunch we went on a long walk at the park with the pups. We went to the same park we went to on Friday.

For dinner we went to the place that Mike and I went to on our anniversary. I got lasagna, but only ate half of it. I think the other half will go into Mike's tummy. I loved it, but I can only eat lasagna once every year or so. Weird because I am Italian (for the most part).

I did not get much sleep last night, but am hoping my espresso kicks in soon. I just had my oatmeal and I am sure it will keep me full until 11. I will let you know. But it was super rich, and only around 330 calories. CRAZY!

I am going to workout from home tonight. I got Kathy Smith Kick Boxing through netflix, so I am probably doing that tonight. I hear from some of you ladies that this workout is pretty good. I will let you know tomorrow how it went :-)

Planned Food:
B: Oatmeal (+ trail mix/banana/flax seed)
L: Spicy Black Bean Patty w/ Hamburger Bun and reduced guilt chips (TJ's version)
S: Apples/Carrots
D: Not sure....

Planned Workout:
Kathy Smith Kickboxing

Friday, February 8, 2008

24 Hour Fitness Class Review: Pilate's Pulse

I went to the 24 Hour Fitness Pilate's class at 430pm. The teacher was a really nice woman, who looked like she was in her twenties, but said she was 41. Apparently pilate's has done her well.

She asked if there were any newcomers and if so to raise their hands. I rasied mine, as well as a few others. This made me feel a little better because I was really nervous about the class and did not want to be the only one doing everything wrong. Not that anyone could possibly be as bad as I was.....

The teacher explained everything in detail and gave us the run down on all the principals of pilates. She gave us real instructions about each move, lettng us know in detail which way was right, which way was wrong, and what muscle we should feel contracting. I liked this a lot, because out the two other 24 hour fitness classes I took, I was not explained in this much of detail about what was going on. Especially not like 24 Hour Fitness kick boxing class. Geesh.

We did a ton of moves, some pretty easy (perhaps I just wasn't doing them right?) and some pretty impossible. There was one move that night where I just stared at the instructor and thought how is that move even physically possible? I ended up barely doing that move, although not very well at all.

There was a guy next to me, there with his girlfriend who definitely knew what she was doing. He was huffing and hawing the whole time, and gave up on certain moves more than I did. It kind of brightened my mood. If this guy, who looked like he was in pretty decent shape, couldn't do this, than I can't say that I am too horrible at it for doing more than him.

By the end of the class I was sweating, and my abs were burning. I could not do one more core exercise.

When I got home I put the exercise into and it said I only burned 168 calories for my hour of exercise. Booo. What is that? I was in that much pain for 168 calories. Boo to that. I normally burn at least 400-600 calories a workout session without that much pain so I was pretty disappointed in the amount I burned.

It has been over 12 hours since the class, and my abs are still hurting a bit, but not as bad as I thought they would be. The muscle soreness may just be delayed, and it will probably hurt to laugh later in the day. I will make sure to keep you updated.

After the class I went to Trader Joe's to pick up my breakfast for the next week. I knew I wouldn't have time to do it over the weekend because the boyfriend's parents would be in town.

I have started reading Kath Eats Real Food for the last few weeks. It is a great blog about how she lost weight not dieting but just eating healthy food, or as she likes to call it, "real food". I love her blog, and the food she pictures on it really inspires me to do my own cooking.

She talks a lot about this oatmeal cereal she makes, so I decided to finally replicate it, because every time I saw a picture of it I was practically drooling. hahah.

So this is what it is. You heat up oatmeal and cut up a banana in it (it naturally sweetens the oatmeal and makes it amazing), and throw in some flax seed. Once cooked you add in trail mix (often shown with chocolate bits as well, mmmm. I added TJ's trek trail mix). The chocolate melts in it, and you get bites of peanuts, almonds, cashews, chocolate, etc. I also added a tiny bit of vanilla rice milk. I tried a bite and deemed it as pure heaven. I gave mike a try but he hated it, partially because he does not like warm bananas and also because he was not expecting the bananas.

After finishing the oatmeal I was beyond full, and it was only one packet of oatmeal that I used. After inputing my calories into sparkpeople, I realized I had about 100 or so more calories left in the day because this oatmeal was only about 440 calories. But then my rational mind kicked in and told me that I was beyond full. While packing my lunch for work the next day I considered eating some apples, or perhaps drink a beer. The beer sounded soo delicious. But I was sooo freaking full from the oatmeal that I just couldn't imagine anything else going in my tummy, so I decided against it. I ended up being full until about 615am this morning.

I think I am going to cook this oatmeal for breakfast during the work week. I am just kind of scared of the flax seed in it because things high in fiber usually make my tummy explode in pain. So far I have not had any pain, but it usually takes 12-24 hours to kick in. But if it does happen, is it just because I am being paranoid about it, or because it truly is a problem? Who knows.

Because my workout last night burned so few calories, I am going to go on my walk during lunch today to get a good amount of calories burned. It is my rest day, but oh well, a walk can only help.

Tonight is going to be "clean the house for Mike's parents party". Not sure how much of a party it will be, but just calling it a party will prob make it better right? I need to clean the kitchen and my bathroom in detail. The place also needs to be vacuumed and dusted and de-cluttered.

This party should probably only take about 3 hours because our place is tiny. I will prob spend the rest of the night watching Lost with Mike. Oh and we are probably taking the pups on a walk tonight. They are getting cut short on their amounts of walks because it gets so dark so early. once daylight savings kicks in though I think we might take them on runs on tuesday or thursday nights. I think that would be a great addition to my workouts as well :-)

Normally I would say we should get some pizza or something easy to eat for dinner because we are going to spend the night cleaning. But... we are probably eating out the rest of the weekend so I think I will just make a quick TJ meal.

Alright I am going to head out. The post is sooo incredibly long because the internet is down at work and I have nothing else to do. My job is search engine marketing, and if i don't have access to a search engine I cannot do my job.

Planned Food Today:
B: NF yogurt w/ granola. Starbucks doubleshot
S: peanut butter pretzels
L: Ham & Cheese sandwich (on 100 calorie bread!!) with some reduced guilt chips (trader joe's brand, and no olestra)
D: Prob some TJ meal.

Planned Workout Today:
60 minute walk (half uphill) about 2.8 miles

Thursday, February 7, 2008

6 Hours of Sleep

Lordy. I wrote this long blog this morning, and I guess I never posted it because it isn't there. BOO. Of course I deleted it as well. BOO.

Anyway, I guess I can now write it better.

Last night I ended up only getting 6 hours of sleep (perhaps why I forgot to post my blog this morning that I spent time on writing). I feel tired today, but am artificially amped because of some black tea I have been drinking. Mmmm.

I have been feeling pretty good about my body the last few days. I may not be the weight I want, but my body is looking nice. I also know that although I have only lost about a total of 3lbs in 8 months, I have lost an inch around my waist! Woo hoo!

After this discovery last night, I decided to try on some of my skinny jeans, my Gap pants. I have the same pair of Gap jeans in regular and petite, both the same size. They have shrunk since I bought them. I know this because I used to have to roll them up at the bottoms so I could wear them without dragging them on the ground. They used to be about 3 inches longer than they are now. Yes I am short.

These pants were sorta my skinny jeans. I used to have more skinny jeans, but I gave up hope about a year ago and just gave them to my step sister who is in high school and needed jeans. I wish I would have kept them. Sort of.

Anyway these pants have not fit well for over 2 years, when I bought them. They were always a bit tight in the hips, and muffin tops started to happen at my highest weight.

The muffin top disappeared a few months ago, but they still sat really tight in the hips area. When I put the regular ones on this morning they went on really well. I buttoned them, saw no muffin top and noticed that they fit really nicely in the hips. Woo hoo! I am wearing them now. Its like I have a new pair of jeans :-)

I think tonight I will try the petite ones on, if I remember. I doubt they will fit as well as these, but its worth a try. Now I want to go to Gap and try on their brand new pants in the same size. I dont think I will have time to do that though anytime soon.

The boyfriend's parents will be in town this weekend, and I will be hanging out with them. I will have to face a lot of portion control because I am sure we will go out a lot. I want to eat the good stuff, but just in small portions.

I am sick of losing everything I work for during the week due to being stupid on the weekends. So I am going to really stick to maintaining portion control over the weekend. Hopefully it will work out.

Tonight I am feeling like taking a class. The only one I can go to is the pilates pulse class. I think that would be great because I think you stretch in pilates and my muscles need it. I am finally not groaning every time I stand up, so that is good.

Also I am getting the Kathi Smith Kick Boxing dvd in the mail soon (via netflix). I know some readers recommended that, so I am giving it a try! I will let you know how it goes.

I hope I get confident enough to go to that class alone. Wish me luck :-)

Have a fantastic day:

B: NF Yogurt w/ granola. Starbucks Doubleshot
S: Peanut butter pretzels
L: fake chikn sandwich w/ pepperjack cheese
S: apples
Approx calories: 905 calories

No idea what's for dinner, but I hope it will be good :-)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Love Wednesday's Now

Yesterday, during my lunch I went on a walk because I could not workout during the evening. I usually only about a little less than 2 miles for 45 minutes, but I was feeling so well during the walk that I went further. I ended up going 2.8 miles in 60 minutes. Not that great, but for walking uphill half the way, I think it was alright. I went to actually run it sometime, but I don't feel right going to work in sweat pants. I suppose I could change there, but ehhh, I feel weird changing at work and then having everyone ask me what's going on, etc.

After work I went and voted! Woo hoo! Everything ended up going smoothly as well. I voted for Hillary, and am glad she is winning California :-) Woo hoo! Nothing is determined yet on who is winning the democratic primary until everyone votes I think, because it is waaay too close. We shall see what happens, but at least my state voted my way. Not sure what will happen when I move to Austin. I will basically be throwing my vote away there. Boo. Oh well, at least for now my vote seems to count :-)

Today I am working from home. I am excited about it. I have two pups by my side and will be able to have a better tasting lunch and breakfast. Yea know things you can't cook at work with just the microwave, etc.

I am still incredibly sore from the workout video. It hurts to stand up to go to the bathroom. Hahah.

I plan on going to the gym tonight and working out for an hour of cardio and perhaps weights. I might be too sore to do weights though. I might just hold off on that so I do not die. hahah.

Planned Food:
B: Cream of Rice, starbucks doubleshot
S: peanut butter pretzels
L: ham & cheese sandwich
D: not sure yet....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

See You at the Polls

I am so sore from last nights workout I actually feel like my body is bruised, and not even a specific part, practically all of it.

I did the Cindy Crawford - The Next Challenge DVD last night. I bought this DVD probably about 2 years ago and only did it once. I remember thinking I was about to die when I did it the first time. But I put it in thinking that now I was in much better shape so it shouldn't kill me like it did before.

I was wrong. It killed me. It was the hardest workout I have ever done on a DVD. I felt good after wards, well, until this morning when I woke up hardly able to move. hahaha.

So today is Super Tuesday, and I am going to the polls today! I am excited to vote, especially excited for who I am voting for. This is such a crazy election and I have been keeping up more than before. I am not entirely sure what I am voting for on all the props, but I plan to figure that out before I head to the polls today, after work.

Because I will be heading to the polls after work I am going to have to take the uphill walk during lunch today. It is a 45 minute walk straight uphill, half the way. To show you how uphill it is, I can only say that on the way down you are going really fast even if you want to walk it slow. Should be a good walk. It isn't raining for once either today, which is awesome, and I wore shoes to go walking in.

So I came up with some sort of concoction this weekend for a dinner this week. I made it last night, and was really worried while making it that it was going to be gross. But it turned out to be awesome.

I made some white rice (I can't eat brown rice or my stomach feels like exploding), some bbq flavored pinto beans which I topped with freshly cut tomatoes, and flank steak (cut into strips). I then cut up some bits of avocado. I put this all together in a bowl and added a bit of reduced fat cheese. I was skeptical at first because the beans didn't taste how I expected them to taste. But it turned out to be pretty fantastic. I ate a TON of it, which was bad calorie wise, but I had been starving all day and needed some fantastic protein. Mmmmm. It was delicious.

I am not sure I will make it again, or at least not with those beans, but it was still amazing while I ate it.

Alright, I think I should head on out for the day. I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday.

Planned Food:
B: yogurt with granola, TJ's Triple Espresso Mocha
S: ff cinnamon apple muffin
L: Piece of Pizza or Fake Chikn Sandwich
S: Apples, carrots, PB pretzels
D: Not sure, but it will prob be quick because the polls will prob take forever.

Planned Exercise:
Walk during lunch, uphill, 45 minutes.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday is Back Again

So last night, right before going to bed, I realized I was supposed to measure myself. I didn't feel like it at that point because my sinus headache was pounding, and I just wanted to go to bed.

I have a question though, where exactly should I measure? My biceps? My waist? My hips? Chest? I don't know. I guess I could do all and hope to see some sign. I know that the measurements will increase for some parts, like my already huge calves. They have no where else to go but increase. Hahah.

This sinus deal is really annoying. I want to go to the doctor now, because I am over this, but if I go it will cost me a million dollars, even though I do have health insurance. After my last doctor visit, I had to pay a $30 co-pay, and then got a bill for around $7 from some medical lab, and then got another one for $24 from another medical lab, and then another bill for $33 from my doctors office. I have no idea why I have to pay so many different places when my health insurance should cover up a follow up pap, and a blood fasting test. I have to discuss these bills on Wednesday. Not sure if I should call my health insurance or the doctors office to get a straight answer as to why I am getting all these bills. I can't afford an extra $50 for some simple tests. Gah!! What DOES my health insurance pay for?

Even though I pay my monthly premium, I want to avoid the doctors just to avoid the bombardment of extra bills. I can't afford them, but I can't deal with this sinus crap any longer. The pain in the ass thing though, is that every time I go they say the same thing. Use a decongestant, place your head above steam, use a heat compress and saline spray. I do all of those already. Not as regularly as I could, but I already know this. So what can they do? Just be someone else to complain to?

Okay I will now stop the rant about my crappy health insurance. I know I can just switch, but I want to wait until I have a job that will pay for my insurance first. So the end on that, for today at least.

So the weekend was not the best with food. The boyfriend had the munchies all weekend and got me wanting some too. Boo. My run was awesome on Saturday though, and from the moment it was over I craved another one. I am actually sore from the run, which is very rare, but I guess it WAS longer and further than usual.

I did pass up some of the munchies, but ehh he just encourages me. I told him to stop. Hahha. And then I told myself I should just gain some self control. Haha. And I did. I passed up a lot of food because I wasn't hungry at all. Why eat if I am not hungry, right? RIGHT.

The good food this weekend: home made smoothies (YUM!!), home made pasta sauce (for the most part) and pasta, fat free cinnamon apple muffins, and my poor people american pho. hahah.

My lunch and breakfast were packed for today. It should be good.

Planned Food for Today:
B: TJ's mocha espresso, NF yogurt w/ granola
S: peanut butter pretzels (one serving, I counted!)
L: Pasta
D: BBQ pork, or something else if Mike forgets to put it in the crock pot...

Planned Exercise for the Day:
1 Hour workout videos on On-Demand

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weekend Update

I went on my Saturday run again, and it was fantastic. We did intervals of 8 minutes run, 1 minute walk. We made it almost 4 miles in 36 minutes. For me, this is amazing, for others not so much. I was never good at running, so this is a great accomplishment. Woo hoo! Every time after it we always feel soo much better the rest of the day. I am even craving running MORE right now. Well if it wasn't raining outside and my head wasn't still hurting from this sinus infection crap.

I just had an American, poor people version of Pho. I spiced mine up a LOT though to make the sinus' drain. It did an amazing job. It was basically some top ramen (flavored beef) with roast beef and bean sprouts with a TON of red pepper flakes, etc. At one point while eating it I wasn't sure if the food was actually hot, or it was just spicy hot. That is when I know it is good :-)

I have already done my grocery shopping for the week. I went to Vons and then to Trader Joe's this morning. I was hoping for Trader Joe's to be pretty empty because it is Superbowl Sunday, but apparently it doesn't start until 3pm (who knew? haha) and people really wanted to get in their shopping before then. It was the most crowded I have ever seen it. Geesh!!

Anyway, I wanted to write down some meal plans for this week.

  • Capelini Pomodora (made with fresh tomatos, onions, and pomodoro sauce) w/ sourdough bagguette
  • Pinto Beans w/ Rice and Avocado. The beans have some special flavoring that sounds amazing.
  • Spicy Black Bean patties in a bun
Snack Ideas:
  • apples
  • carrots
  • TJ's peanut butter pretzels
  • apple cinnamon muffins
  • kashi dark choclate cherry bars
I think I am covered on food. I will try to make left overs of everything to make for my lunches. I have never made the Capelini Pomodora stuff, I have only eaten it from Olive Garden. Hopefully mine tastes pretty good because I hope to have it for leftovers all week. haha..

So I am sure you already know this, but I guess Superbowl Sunday is second in food consumption events in the year. Lordy. Thankfully I really don't like football and do not plan to watch it or go to a party celebrating it.

Alright the pups need to to the bathroom and I need to do laundry. Un-thankfully I have to do both of those partially in the rain.

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Only Day In the Work Week That Has a Glimmer of Hope (hah)

On a break at work, I was talking to the boy about plans for the evening. We were going to be watching the Suns vs Spurs, which is a pretty big game for my team. He mentioned wanting to get pizza, but then said that he knew I probably couldn't have it because I told him I had a pretty hi-cal lunch. (Not that he is a jerk, but that he is supportive). So pictures of pizza danced in my head, all the way to the gym.

I went to the gym and decided that if I kick ass hard enough I would get pizza that night, but only limit myself to 2 pieces, at most. So I did kick ass at the gym. I went on the tread climber for 45 minutes, and then went on the elliptical for another 15. At this point I was starving, and felt like passing out, so I did not do weights. Is it bad that every few minutes I kept telling myself that I was doing "this" for the pizza. hahahaha. Bad move, but I have go to keep myself honest, right? haha.

We ended up getting pizza, and watching the game. Every bite of the pizza was worth it. I appreciated every bite of it, which to me means that the calories were not entirely wasted.

Afterwards, my headache that has been haunting me ALL WEEK LONG, came back. My sinus' started to ache, and I just felt like complete crap. I fell asleep on the couch watching the first qtr of the game. I decided to just go to bed, so I could get better sleep, because I was most definitely not going to watch the game.

I went to bed around 9pm, which is not too early, considering I need to go to bed at 930pm to get 8 hours of sleep. But I slept through the night and only remember waking up at 3am to my dog scratching at the door. LAME. I fell back to sleep though and didn't wake up until the alarm went off.

I still have a slight headache, but its much better than before. I feel that I am deydrated though, and am still super weak. Not sure if I am just fighting off something, or if I am coming down with something and losing the battle. I guess I will find out soon enough.

I canNOT wait to sleep in tomorrow. The pups better not wake me up at 7am.

I have plans to go out with my friend Andrea tonight. She is making me dinner and then we are going to watch 27 dresses.

Mike's dad mailed us season 3 of Lost, so I think Mike and I will watch a lot of that this weekend.

I will also be doing my Saturday run, and perhaps even trying out a jui jitsu class.

Mike and I did judo/jitsu for a few years, and it was the best exercise I have ever done. EVER. I crave it. I dream about it at night (literally). It is just so expensive that we just haven't done it. I emailed a few places though and they said I could get 7 free days, and they woudl work with my budget. So we might give this a try. Mike is nervous though because his knees got kind of screwed up from Judo and he doesn't want to hurt them again. He hasn't said for sure if he will do it, which means I just have to beg him. :-)

Alright, have a great weekend everyone. I am aiming to not go out of control food wise this weekend.


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