Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I got what I was craving...

I got what I was craving... a fantastic run, sans motor bike incident. haha. I felt pretty overwhelmed before the run, but once I got started it all started to drip off, like the sweat off my forehead. hahah. We (Mike and Andrea) ran for probably around 45 minutes, and it was a lot of fun. We got in some good conversation and even got to stare at some fantastic scenery.

One thing though, during the run, and during my run on Sunday, my left foot started to hurt. Weird, because normally it is just my hips. It was in the arch area that hurt. What do you suggest for me to protect it from getting seriously injured? It is just a dull pain during the run, nothing big. I iced it last night, but its a little stiff today.

Oh also I just got off the phone with the mechanic and it turns out my car will be $585 to fix. BOOOOOOOOO. This is also during the time I need to be saving money. Now do I use my money I owe to the government for next year (I am an independent contractor), my stimulus money, or my credit cards? I think I will use the stimulus money, which bugs me, because I wanted to save that money for my "trip" in July and for other political reasons. Oh well. Life happens. I don't exactly have the stimulus money yet, but supposed this week or next week. Blah.

My car might not be done until tomorrow afternoon so I might have to work from home again tomorrow, which is nice that I can, but tomorrow was going to be a fun day at work. Much rather be at home though. Who wouldn't? heh.

Now if only I can go on another run to get the stress from the mechanics out again. hahaha. Too bad I will probably have to miss Step tonight because the lack of car. Oh well. I will get in some sort of work out. And then it is GIRLS NIGHT tonight! Woo hoo!!!

Oh also everyone, my pita concoction with the turkey meatballs, tomato & basil hummus, cilantro and the "mexican" blend cheese (2%) was heavenly. It was probably at MOST 400 calories and it was so filling I couldn't even finish it. Mmmmmmmmmmm. For you vegetarians out there, wonder if you could use falafel instead? Mmmmmmmm. Sounds heavenly to me, i might try a pseudo falafel version today for lunch. Can you tell I am obsessed with pita pockets now? It is the only thing listed as whole wheat that does not make my stomach want to die for 3 days straight. Sweet!!

Alright, have a great day, and if your car is not having problems, tell it thank you today. haha. jk.

Planned Food the Day
B: Coffee, Oatmeal (flax seed, banana, trail mix)
L: Pita with pseudo falafel
S: Tangelo, veggies, granola bar?
D: Not sure yet... but need to plan that soon!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tired Day

Today is a tired day, even though I have gotten enough sleep. Same thing yesterday. Maybe I am not drinking enough water? It is possible.

I ended up not working out last night, because I had too much on plate last night, and I am not talking about food. It is not a big deal though because I generally give myself at least 1 or 2 days off a week for rest. I guess this was one of my days off. No biggie. Although I did crave a run so bad last night to rid myself of my anxiety and stress inside my head. I just did not have time to do the run. Booo.

Today should be a busy day at work. And tomorrow is my work from home day! Woo hoo! The only problem about tomorrow is that I am taking my car in and that stresses me out. I even had a dream last night that I took it in and they told me that it would take a WEEK to fix and that I better get a rental. LAME. It better not take a week to fix. What a nightmare.

Tonight I have plans to run with Andrea at the park. Hopefully I can avoid the motor bikes this time. The bruise is still there. Thank goodness I wasn't planned on wearing a bathing suit any time soon. Hahaha. I am excited for the run, because I NEED it... for mental health reasons. haha.

How many days a week do you all work out? How do you *make* time to do it?

Planned Food for the Day
B: Coffee, Oatmeal (w/ flax seed, trail mix, banana)
L: Pita w/ turkey meatballs in some tomato basil hummus, 2% cheese and plain fage yogurt. (New concoction, not sure how it will taste. haha)
S: Veggies (jicama, bell peppers, snap peas), SBD bar
D: Pasta w/ sausage.

Planned Workout for the Day
Run for 45 minutes

Monday, April 28, 2008

I Miss the Weekend

Oh man, I can't believe the weekend is already over. I already miss it.

My weekend was not as productive as hoped. By the time I got around to taking my car in, it was too late to get it fixed. My pups are still not better and we have to take them to the vet tomorrow. We would take them today but it won't work with our schedule and they are both acting fine. I think they have worms. Or I am 99% sure they have worms. Poor pups.

I did have a fun weekend though, even if it wasn't planned that way.

On Friday night I skipped the run because the week was so horrible and I just wanted to relax. I cooked an amazing dinner, one Mike and I both agreed was much better than getting from a restaurant. Woo hoo!! We ended up watching basketball on Friday night and watching Juno! woo hoo! I love Juno.

On Saturday I did some shopping for an outfit I need for something in a week or two. I also got my friend a present for her birthday. It was a very good trip. Also while changing in the horribly lit dressing rooms I was not depressed by what I saw in the mirror. The running is really helping the legs look better, and this month my abs are starting to show and my tummy is getting much flatter. Woo hoo.

After the shopping Mike and I went to Souplantation. I had every intention of going running afterwards but I was too full from the salad by this point and it was starting to get dark. Booooooooooo. Oh well, life goes on. We ended up just watching more basketball that night.

On Sunday Mike and I watched even more basketball, and then I went for a run at the beach. It was a hot day so I thought running at the beach would be great since it is always MUCH cooler there. The beach is only 6 miles away, so it really is not a huge trek to get there by any means. I left at 9 am to go on the run, which I figured was early enough. Turns out it was still freaking hot at the beach at 9am. Boooooooooo. I ran about a little more than half of my run (2 miles or so) and then decided to walk on the sand the way back so I could get some leg exercises in while I waited for my lungs to stop trying to explode out of my chest. hahaha.

After the run I did some shopping at Trader Joe's and the local produce store. I am most proud of my produce trip. For $15 I got alfalfa sprouts, jicama (pre-cut), bell peppers (pre-cut), snap peas, 3 grape fruit, 4 kiwi's and 2 tangelos. For lunch this week I put my pre cut jicama, bell peppers and my snap peas in baggies for every day this week. It is a ton of veggies, but will be a great afternoon snack.

Oh have I mentioned yet that once I stopped counting calories, which led to me adding more variety to meals including a lot more "healthy" options, I have actually lost weight and look more tone. The eating healthy thing is working out great. I even had Mexican food last night (usually my favorite ever) and it was just too greasy for me. I also do not have the palate for fast food anymore, and do not really crave unhealthy food anymore. My body has decided to reject it. Fantastic!

I also have been cooking a lot more these past few months, and have been trying out new things. This has led to less trips to restaurants, and healthier and tastier meals at home. Woo hoo.

If you are anything like me I advise counting calories for a few months just so you can get a hold on how things really measure up, but then going off because it can often limit you if you are too lazy to want to keeping adding a ton of items to the list. haha.

If you were still wondering about the rest of my day, it included going to a Chalk Art Festival in Long Beach with Mike and Teddy, then going out to previously mentioned Mexican restaurant. Oh and then watching MORE basketball. haha.

I hope you all had a great weekend. What was the best part of it for you?

Friday, April 25, 2008

So Glad It's Friday

This week has been pretty tough. Lots of things have gone on, things I won't even get into on here. The only thing I will mention about this morning's drama is that please do not ever order from They are one shady company.

All I can say about last night is that I did not get to run because a friend came into town unexpectedly for only a few hours.

I will go on a run tonight though. Alone, but it will be fun regardless. I need to clear my mind.

I didn't have time to pack a good lunch for today. I just threw in my last lean cuisine from MONTHS ago. But I don't want to eat it today. Or ever. It's too fake and gross and everyone complains that it smells bad when I heat if up in the office. And now, even though I am broke I have to go buy lunch somewhere because I was naive enough last night to think I might actually eat the lunch item that I packed.

My plans this weekend include watching playoff games, getting my car fixed (major stress in my life right now), going on a few runs, grocery shopping, and doing website stuff again. I need to chill and relax though as much as possible after this week.

Positives this week include: 1) i have a great running story now (hahah) 2) my carpet is finally dry after the flood in my bathroom, 3) my dogs are starting to get a little better 4) and some other news I can't mention on the blog that is pretty exciting. 5) I am turning into a good runner 6) my readers are the nicest people ever and make me smile every single day. Thank you!!!!!!!!! You are much appreciated and really do help me through the day, every day. :-)

What were the good things that happened to you that you should focus on when summing up your week?

Planned Food for the Day
B: Coffee, Oatmeal (trail mix, flax seed) (forgot banana!)
L: subway
S: granola bar (forgot the fruit!)
D: Skirt steak with guacamole

Planned Workout
Run at the park - 4 miles (ish)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mix it Up

First off for today, I wanted to let everyone know that I am okay from the motor bike incident. It really only left me with a bruise and I kept on running right after it. It was pretty much just a weird thing that happened to me, and could only happen to me (so everyone says, haha). My friends and I are still laughing at the absurdity of it all. haha.

Second, I was supposed to have appointment with the DMV today to renew my license. I completely forgot about this, and did not do my hair or my make up, as per usual. Also my boss scheduled a meeting with me during the time of the appointment, even though my outlook calendar said I was busy at this appointment, so I just re-scheduled the appointment now in May. Probably better that way I suppose.

I've got no third. Just that yesterday I skipped step to stay home with my sick pups. I did not want to clean any more dog messes up and have another disaster like on Monday. And yes, they are still sick. I called the vet yesterday and she said it was pretty normal and that it will prob last a few more days, but everything should be fine. I just have to keep a close eye on them and keep them on their expensive diet of ground beef. hahah.

Even though I did skip the class I still worked out anyway. I decided to do some workouts on Excercise Tv on Demand. I did the Biggest Loser - Cardio Max on there (22 minutes) and that Bravo tv show "Work out" trainer's upper body workout (21 minutes).

Aside from the obnoxious guy on the biggest loser (sorry if this offends anyone, I do not watch the show) I was happy to see all the people in the video were all normal looking. Correct me if I am wrong, but the people in the video are the ones that did participate in Biggest Loser, right? Not sure. But the workout was intense. My legs were shaking by the end of it.

The other video, with Jackie Warner from the "Work Out" was completely different in the make up of people. They were all ridiculously buff, or a least had the best abs I have ever seen on women. Lordy. Maybe the whole crew are also the ones on the show? I have no idea. Anyway, the workout was also pretty intense. My upper body will definitely be sore today.

I liked mixing up my routine and now have a ridiculously unrealistic goal of what I want my abs to look like. hahhaa.

Have any of you done these workouts? Do you watch the shows? I bet the workout videos are better if you watch the shows. I bet there are inside jokes in there that I had no idea were even being made reference to. Who knows. haha.

Well off to do a million things, and imagine the lists of "to do's" I have for this weekend. I need to get my car fixed (it's making weird noises... mostly in the suspension), buy presents for friend's birthday, go on two runs, grocery shop, buy an outfit for something coming up soon, and the list continues.

Planned Food for the Day
B: Starbucks coffee, Oatmeal (w/ flax, banana, trail mix)
L: Pasta Pepperonata w/ turkey meatballs
S: Clementines, Granola bar
D: Flank steak w/ home made guacamole

Planned Workout
Run at the park, 40 minutes

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Hardcore Runner Story"

Not sure if this is REALLY a hardcore runner story, or if it is just ridiculous. I am voting on ridiculous.

It all started yesterday after work, when Mike and I met up with Andrea to go on a run at my local park. We started out the run pretty well, keeping up a good pace and having some good conversation.

All of a sudden I hear a motorcycle, or motor bike or something coming up behind us in the middle of a park for CHILDREN and I try darting to the grass to avoid it but my friends tell me to go the other way. I didn't look back, I just trusted them, and when I finally went their way I got hit by the freaking motor bike. It was only going 10 mph at this point, and I wasn't hit very hard, but I do have a decent bruise on my hip. The kid riding the bike (he had to be in high school or something) was so scared I was really hurt because as he said, he wasn't even supposed to be driving in the park. DUH! I told him I was fine though and let him go off. He exited the park shortly after. Thanfully he felt bad though.

But yes, you all heard this right, while running at the park I got hit by a motor bike. hahahah. That is just ridiculous. I have a history of me running into things, but not sure if I ever got hit by something as strange as a motor bike in the middle of a park while running.

So now my hip did not get hurt from too much running, but from the motor bike.

I finished off the run though with energy to actually go for more. My hip only hurt a tiny bit so it was no big deal. Today the bruise hurts a little more, but I think it will just be sore today and then nothing else will turn up from it.

Do any of you have any funny running stories?

Planned Food for the Day
B: Coffee, Oatmeal (w/ flax, banana, trail mix)
L: Pita with garbanzo bean mix
S: Clementines, prob a sbd bar
D: not sure

Workout for the Day
Step class

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday is a new day!

So glad yesterday is over. Geesh. That was a mess. Literally. I heard yesterday was a full moon, or close to it or something, so maybe that was why I had such terrible luck. haha.

The pups lasted the whole night w/out getting sick or asking to go to the bathroom. Pretty sweet! I am hoping the hamburger really helped them. It seems like it did so far. Mike is home most of the morning today too, which makes me feel better about the whole situation. :-)

Today I am supposed to go on a run with my friend Andrea after work. I am excited. I want to either do the same run as Friday and Saturday or go to another park. I think by the end of the week I am going to up my time to 45 minutes. I would easily do this, but I fear it will make my hip die again, so I have to ease up the time slowly. I upped it about 10 minutes last week, so maybe I will just stick with the 10 minute increase this week and maybe next week up it to 45 minutes. Probably the best plan of action.

I can't wait until I can do 8 miles or more. Not sure how much time during the week I will be able to do this when I am physically capable of doing it, but I do know I can always make time on the weekend to do it. I actually look forward to the weekend runs.

Also did I mention how much I really liked my run on Friday? I never work out on Friday's but last week it felt so great to start out the weekend with one run already done. I am hoping to keep that up.

Tonight the Suns play the Spurs in game 2 of the playoffs. I am so excited!! I hope the Suns actually iwn this time! Anyone else watching the NBA playoffs?

Have a great day everyone!

Planned Food for the Day
B: Coffee, Oatmeal (w/ flax seed, trail mix, banana)
L: Quesadilla (w/ reduced fat cheese, cilantro, tomatoes, and salsa) w/ blue corn chips/
S: clementines, carrots w/ hummus
D: Skirt steak w/ home made guacamole.

Planned Workout
30-40 minute run at the park with Andrea.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Continues as Mondays Usually Do...

When I got home from work I discovered a stinky house with tons of dog sickness (keeping the description cryptic for good reason) all over the kitchen floor. I took the dogs out to go the bathroom where they should go. They never go in the kitchen so I KNEW they were sick.

I proceeded to clean up the entire kitchen mostly using toilet paper so I could flush the nastiness down the toilet. I even cleaned the floor with a mop and mr clean. Big deal for me sometimes. hahaha. Apparently I overloaded the toilet though because within 30 seconds my toilet over flowed and my bathroom was filled with at LEAST 2 inches of water and toilet paper. GROSS!!! It ended up soaking through into the carpet as well.

It took over 20 towels to clean up the mess in the bathroom. Also a new bottle of lysol that I made Mike buy on his way home from school. My jeans were soaked in the grossness, as well as my flip flops and I am sure my scale is ruined. haha.

I then wanted to take a shower to get the grossness off, and saw that the pups also needed a bath after their disgusting sickness got all over them. so I took a shower in our other shower and then washed them up, and then dried off with the only towel left in my house not covered in toilet mess.

I then did about 2 loads of dishes so I could clean the dog bowls, and well just get a little less stressed out at the state of my kitchen.

I then bagged up the towels to take to the laundry room. I threw them in garbage bags because I didn't want them leaking all over the rest of my carpet. I took 3 bags of gross blankets (from the dog sickness) and towels to the laundry room (note: i live in an apartment complex, this is not in my house). I got these started right away.

I then had to buy ground beef to help calm the puppies tummies. The chicken obviously didn't work, so beef was the next option. I went to a local grocery store with Mike and got some, then came home and put the towels into the dryer, and then started 2 more loads of clothes.

I then cooked the pups their ground beef, and also cooked an amazing dinner. I made pasta with Trader Joe's starter sauce with an addition of onions, garlic, basil, cayenne pepper, and spicy sausage. Mike even liked it, a lot. Woo hoo!

I am now working on finishing up a few other loads of laundry, and putting them away.

Note: This all happened within 3 hours.

My pups seem to be feeling much better, which is nice. I just hope it lasts because it stresses me out. Thank you for all your good wishes, I really REALLY appreciate it. By the looks of it they are acting like their crazy selves, so that is a good sign that my wallet will not run even dryer with another ridiculous, yet well worth it, vet bill.

Does this count as a workout? I sure hope so because I am NOT going to the gym tonight. I will prob make up for this anyway but tonight I am done with life. haha. Also it just happens to be the day before I start the best week of the month (sarcasm). Isn't it nice that all this happened today? Wow.

Surprisingly I am not in a terrible mood, just shocked out I could get so much done in so little time. I sure hope I can get to bed early tonight!

Have a fantastic night!!

Definitely a Monday

First things first, my pup is sick so I am out of sorts today. He got parvo as a puppy, and so now every time he starts having tummy problems I start to think about when he had parvo and how horrible it was, and then my mind flips out. I am sure it nothing big, but still, pups aren't supposed to get sick. Mike is home until 830 am, but no one will be home until I get home which is around 430pm. Boo. Hopefully he will be fine.

Onto another subject now, my weekend was pretty good. There were times where I wished I didn't have to schedule my time around everyone else's schedule, but overall it worked out.

Friday, after work, Mike and I went on a run at the park for about 3.5 to 4 miles. We added some extra mileage to the run, and it was actually pretty fun. My hip did bug me a bit, but I found a new way to stretch it out mid run that helped the pain go away.

After the run Mike, Teddy and Heather watched Apocalypto at my house with some yummy wine. Although the movie was quite intense for a Friday night, we did have a good time.

On Saturday I spent a lot of time on my website, trying to get everything perfect. Then I did some grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, the local produce store, and Vons. I spent too much, but I did get tasty food. Later on, I went to a Greeek restaurant with some friends and then tried to go bowling. We went to two different bowling alley's only to find out that they did not exist anymore. Weird, right?

On Sunday I made oatmeal w/ pumpkin for my first time. It was pretty good, well after I realized I was missing cinnamon and added some. After that I did more website stuff, gave the pups a bath, went on another run, watched Smart People, got some undies, and then made an amazing dinner.

My run yesterday was great. Mike went with me and we ran the same length as Friday. I felt much better on this run (mostly because Mike spent the whole time going over what he needed to know for his test on Tuesday and I did not have to really participate in the convo aside from a few nods, etc) and my hip did not hurt AT ALL. Woo hoo!!

While getting some undies, I mentioned to Teddy that I did not like the boy shorts kind anymore because they bug me so much when I run. And she said something like wow, you really are a runner now huh? haha. I loved it.

I did not get laundry done yesterday, but I hope to get to that tonight. I hope I have time to workout tonight and will not have to instead head to the vets office with the sick pup.

Planned Food for the Day
B: Oatmeal (w/ flax, banana, trail mix), Coffee
L: Amy's BRC burrito, carrots w/ hummus
S: Granola bar, clementines
D: Pasta

Planned Workout
Workout at home for 60 minutes

Friday, April 18, 2008

Ready for the Weekend

For some reason this week I have been ridiculously tired, and I really havent gotten an extreme shortage of sleep.

I ended up not going on a run yesterday. My legs were sore by the end of the day and I just was not in the mood. I did however go on a walk with the pups and Mike. We went to a local park and walked around. By the time I got home though I was dying of hunger. Or at least it felt like it. I started feeling like I was having a low blood sugar attack, where I can't concentrate, etc. No idea what caused it because I definitely ate enough during the day.

I have to admit I did drink a glass of wine last night, even though the goal was not to. I was in a stressed mood and just wanted to relax. It definitely did its job. :-) I did only stick to one glass though, which is good right? ;-)

This weekend I have several plans, which is good, except I also need ot make sure I make plans to do website stuff. I am getting anxiety all over again right now about the whole thing and just need to do something about it so I can take the focus off of the end result.

Because I skipped the run yesterday I need to make sure I run 2 of the 3 days until Monday. Mike mentioned running tonight, which I usually never do on a Friday, but maybe it will get rid of some of this anxiety.

Plans this weekend include watching "Smart People," and going out with some great friends I havent seen in months on Saturday. We will go out to eat and go bowling! Woo hoo! I love bowling.

Other than all of that I will prob just get grocery shopping done, and the runs. And yes I will make sure to go on the run earlier this time around! :-)

Have a great weekend. Any good plans this weekend?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

To Workout or Not to Workout?

So the other day while reading Katheats I saw that she added applesauce to her oatmeal. This idea worked out perfectly for me today, because the banana I usually use to sweeten my oatmeal naturally was non existent because Mike ate a few of them (unexpectedly to me). Luckily I had applesauce though and remembered to use it, because it was freaking amazing. mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Man oh Man, working out last night was INTENSE. I was already super sore from my workout on Monday, as in every time I walked I could feel ever muscle in my leg ache. I wanted to do Step anyway because I wanted to hang out with my friends there. Plus I am a stickler for routine, almost OCD about it. I did the 2 step again, and am really still not used to it. It is still a huge challenge, especially after my muscles were already breaking down. I felt like they were breaking down during the workout. My legs were really weak. I finished though, although I admit I took a few breathers in the last 30 minutes. haha.

Afterwards Andrea and I went back to my place. I cooked fake chicken sandwiches and sweet potato fries. The fake chicken patties I got are not as good as morningstar, at all. I think they are the Trader Joe's brand, which is weird to me because I LOVE trader joe's stuff. Maybe it is not their brand though and just something they sell there. I forget. Either way, I felt bad giving Andrea her first taste of fake chicken with a brand that is not up to my standards. oh well. Either way the dinner was great overall (i thought). She also brought these delicious cupcakes (literally, i think that is their brand name) which were amazing. Thank you!

Oh one quick meal idea. I made this yesterday at home, it took about 10 minutes and it was spectacular. While eating it I was thinking how I was amazed I could make anything this amazing, and that I would pay a restaurant at least $10 for it. haha.

Okay so here it is: I put a can of garbanzo beans in a bowl. I added fresh cilantro, Mediterranean feta cheese, cayenne pepper, tomato & basil hummus and tahini. I heated this all up in the microwave for 2 or 3 minutes. Then when it came out I mashed it all together. I added this mixture to a pita pocket with alfalfa sprouts and red bell peppers. Then I proceeded to eat while writing to all my friends how amazing I am for coming up with this idea. hahahahhaha. Yes I am a nerd.

I was thinking I would take a rest day today because my muscles were soo incredibly sore yesterday and I worked out on them despite that. But today they aren't very sore, so I am not sure. If I workout today that means I only have to workout one day over the weekend, which is nice. I will see how it works out today though. If I get sore again I will probably just take today as a rest day and go on a walk with the pups or something.

Do you ever workout when you are sore? When do you think it is okay to take a rest day, even if it was a planned day to workout? What is an acceptable excuse of soreness for skipping out on working out and taking a rest day?

Oh Randi, I will do the top 7 weird things, I just need to think of weird ones. I came up with 1 or 2 today. 2 years ago I came up with a list of 100 weird things about me, but I just need to get my memory going about them again. I forget how weird I really am sometimes, I often start to think my weirdness is normal. hahah.

Planned Food for the Day
B: Oatmeal (w/ applesauce, flax seed, trail mix), Coffee
L: Pita w/ garbanzo bean mix
S: Red Bell Peppers w/ hummus, clementines
D: Baked beans and something... not sure.

Planned Exercise for the Day
Not sure, depends on how up to it I am.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Dogs are Fired

Even though my dogs are ridiculously adorable (to me) and are extra sweet right now, sitting all curled up right next to me while I work all day, they are still fired from going on runs with me after yesterday's experience.

Yesterday was their last chance to prove they could behave themselves enough to go on a run with me. They failed, miserably. hahah. I can't blame them either, because we didn't really train them for this, and they are bred to investigate every single hole in the ground and every single bunny or squirrel that runs by. haha.

I went on a run with my friend Andrea yesterday. This is the first time she has joined me on a weekday run. She said it was cool if the pups came, but I am sure she thinks otherwise now. haha. Ender ended up scratching her with his claws (on accident) and it was a pretty deep scratch. Sorry again Andrea! And then on the run they both tugged their little hearts out the entire time, trying to chase all the critters at the park, or the ones they imagined in their little brains. Also Emily got fatigued so we had to stop after about 2 miles and walk for about 10-15 minutes and then start up again to finish.

I barely broke a sweat and was not dying at all during the run. I felt kind of cheated out of the run.

The story gets better though. On the drive home from the park we got stopped at a light right next to a homeless person holding a sign, asking for cash, etc. Ender stares at him for awhile and the homeless person starts talking to him, and asks if he can have him, and then proceeds to offer up a twinkie for him. Maybe the dogs think they are worth much more than that or something because after he showed the twinkie they both flipped out. They started barking as loud as possible, jumping at the window, growling at the man etc. People on the crosswalk looked in astonishment. It was incredibly embarrassing, yet incredibly hilarious.

So now they are officially fired from running with me, and I guess I will just have to take them on walks instead of being more efficient by taking them on my runs.

I hope Andrea will come run with me again, even though my dogs are CRAZY. hahaha.

In other news, today I am super sore. I started my run yesterday feeling pretty sore, then after about 10 minutes it loosened up a bit. But ever since I have been dying. I am walking like a cowboy who just rode bareback for days. Lordy. And tonight I have step class, and have to 2 steps again. I hope I do not die. hahaha. I am sure I will be fine, honestly.

Oh also last night I had a strange dream my boss found a baby lamb and he gave it to me to take care of. I held it like a baby. And when I woke up I knew I had to look up what that meant, because when have I ever dreamed of a lamb? (never, if you were wondering). According to the dream dictionary it means I will have a period of solid satisfaction. Let's hope it is true because there are a few things in my life that I would love to be solidly satisfied with.

So do any of you run with your dogs? If so, how do you do it?????

Planned Food for Today
B: Oatmeal (w/ flax, banana, trial mix) & Coffee
L: pita with garbanzo beans, spices, hummus, bell peppers, feta cheese
S: Clementines
D: Not sure yet

Planned Workout
Step Class

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bright Eyes Makes me Happy

One good thing about my job, I can listen to my own music while working. It is really lightening my mood today.

Thanks for all the tips yesterday on how to run in warmer weather. I will definitely be using that advice for today's run!

I have no idea how warm it will be today. Everyday the weather says it will be in the high 70s and then it turns into the 90s, or stays in the high 70s or low 80s. I guess the safest way to prepare for today's run is to drink a ton of water no matter what.

Yesterday I did a workout dvd, and now I am sore, but at the moment in a good way. The workout is really intense, I have no idea how people just starting out can do it. I almost die and I have been working out for awhile. heh. But I would much rather prefer the workout harder than I can handle rather than super easy.

So last night one of my pups woke me up at 1am to take her out to the bathroom. She was really insistent so i took her and the other little one. In my sleepy daze I could not find my slippers or Mike's to walk outside in, so I decide to just suck it up and go barefoot. The dogs rushed outside the moment I opened the door and dragged me. In the process of being dragged I stepped on not one but TWO snails. How disgusting is that? Ehhhh.

In other news, I got paid today, so I will finally be able to pick up some necessity items, such as toothpaste, toilet paper etc. Don't get me wrong, I had some left, but I hate being worried that it might run out completely, which obviously would be pretty terrible. Don't the necessities always seem to run out right when you have no money? It happens to me every time. haha.

I am looking forward to my run today. I am SURE I will need to clear my mind for at least 30 minutes today. A lot of stuff is going on right now, and it really prevents me from getting overwhelmed from it all. Also going to bed on time has also helped so far.

I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!

Planned Food for Today
B: Coffee, Oatmeal (w/ banana, trail mix, flax seed)
L: Pita pocket w/ almond butter and jelly
S: clementines, zbar
D: Pasta w/ spicy shrimp

Planned Workout
Run for 30-35 minutes at the park, then walk for another 15-30.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Looking Forward to a Good Week

From the looks of it, I think today will be a pretty busy day. Not a big deal really, I think some good stuff may happen.

I am glad that my weekend was relaxing because it was so productive. I am looking forward to continuing my productive streak, which has to keep happening.

Thanks to Kath Eats I incorporated great healthy ideas into my lunch. I will be having a pita with some fage, alfalfa sprouts, mediterenean feta, and some roast beef. I will also be having some cut up red bell pepper with tomato and basil hummus for a snack later today. Mmm.

Today the plan is to work out at home, since I need to go home right away after work.

Last night when trying to go to sleep (which took awhile last night for some reason) I was thinking about how I was bummed about not running on Sunday. But then I thought about that I did pretty well, and have officially formed a habit of exercise. I can't imagine (nor do I want to) going home from work 5 days a week without working out. Seems weird to me. I think I might go crazy without it. It really does get me to do more at home once I am done. I now do the dishes more often, clean up around the house a bit more, and overall just do more when I get home than sit on my butt and watch tv. I do not think I could do that without the adrenaline I get from working out. I know I couldnt do it before...

Also I need to try to only eat healthy this week. No alcohol at night during the week, no chocolate chip cookies, etc. I am going to work on this, because it really is sabotaging my eating healthy plan. Not that I am going to completely give up cookies, but just not eat them during the week, if that makes sense.

Alright, I need to head out, but I hope everyone has a fantastic day. I am looking forward to the rest of the day. Should be warm and should be a good sort of busy. I hope.

Planned Food for Today
B: Oatmeal (w/ trail mix, flax seed, banana), Frapacino thing (bleh)
L: Pita Pocket (w/ roast beef, alfalfa sprouts, fage)
S: Red Bell Pepper w/ hummus
D: Not sure yet

Planned Workout
Workout video, 60 minutes

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Update

Man oh man it was HOT this weekend. I was told it would be in the 80s, but it got into the mid 90s! Geesh! I guess I will use this to get used to Austin's summers. heh.

On Friday night, Mike and I took the pups on a walk, and then watched the Suns vs Rockets and sadly my team lost and his team won. BOOOOOOOOOOO. We ended up eating Rubios that night though, which was delish. I had half of a kids bean and cheese burrito, half of my kids size chips, and the whole churro. Mmm. We almost went to Golden Spoon (frozen yogurt) but got too lazy to leave the house. haha.

On Saturday, Mike and I went on a run at Mile Square Park. We planned to leave at 9 because we knew it would be hot, but ended up not starting the actual run until around 1045. The plan was to run for 32 minutes. After mile 1 I was not only dying of the heat, but my lungs were dying. I continued running though, but had to stop at 2.5 miles, because I wanted to puke. I was obviously dehydrated from the heat, and perhaps the beers I had the night before. hah. I walked for a bit (Mike ran ahead) but then started up a few times again for a few minutes (most of these times sprinting so I could just be over with it! haha). The total (mostly) run was about 35 minutes, and for the conditions and me not being prepared for them I think it was okay. When I got home I checked what the temp was, and it was 91 degrees when we started and was 93 degrees when we finished.

The rest of the day Mike and I did errands and I worked on my site. We also ended up going to the mall to window shop basically (I am broke) and then were going to go to Wolfgang Puck (which was attached to the mall) but they were closed at 8pm. What???????? So we ended up deciding to just drive around until we found something. We randomly came across Habana Cabana on Beach in Huntington Beach. Mike and I never had cuban food before, and we both thought it would be a great new experience. While waiting for a table we ordered some traditional cuban drinks (at least according to them) which consisted of a mojito (Mike got this one) and a cuban libre (basically a rum and coke with lime). We got seated next to a dance floor where a ton of people (most likely Cuban it seemed) were dancing to some live cuban music. It was soo much fun to watch. I wish I could dance, because that would help burn off some of the calories I ate! hahaha. The food ended up being amazing as well. I got a pork dish with black beans, rice, and plantains. Mike got Oxtail with black beans, rice and plantains. Both meals were amazing, although I am pretty weirded out I tried an animal's tail! Overall, a delicious experience, and we are both looking forward to taking Mike's parents there! haha.

Today I woke up early and got a lot of website stuff done. Then after that Mike and I went to Trader Joe's and the local produce store conveniently right next to it. I got too much food for what my plan was, but all of it was pretty healthy, aside from the chocolate covered sunflower seeds. hahaha.

Here is a Summary of my Groceries This Week:
Udon noodles
Chili Pepper/Garlic Sauce
Alfalfa sprouts
Red Bell Peppers
Pita Pockets
Beef Taquitos
Oatmeal w/ hemp seed
Feta Cheese
Tahini Sauce
Some Veggie Burger things that taste like falafel
Chocolate covered sunflower seeds
trail mix
Iced Tea
Fage 0%
Shrimp (already cooked)

Overall pretty healthy right? For lunch we had some pita pockets filled with tahini sauce, fage 0%, alfalfa sprouts and red bell peppers. Pretty much amazing.

After that I worked on the website more and then Mike and I took the pups to dog park. I love dog park and missed it. We need to go more often. I planned for a run today but the day ran away from ME. Boo. We made some pseudo Pho tonight. Pretty tasty, although mine was actually TOO spicy for me. It took me a long long time to finish it, and I didn't eat half as much as I normally would. Also I chugged down two glasses of water while eating it. hahaha. After that we ended up walking to Golden Spoon and I got some lovely fat free (although sugar filled, although only about 200 calories with toppings) frozen yogurt. Mmm.

Next week I have a lot of fun meals planned and good runs and workouts. Woo hoo.

Alright I need to head out and make my lunch and breakfast for tomorrow so that I can get to bed pretty soon.

I hope you all had a great weekend! I also hope the weather didn't ruin any of your runs.

Does anyone have tips on running in warmer weather? Less clothing, more water, lots of sunscreen?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Soo Glad It's Friday!

So even though I am not too emotionally attached to what the scale says ever, I do think mine is officially mentally challenged (if you call its computer chips mental power). For example over the past 2 days the results have ranged from 123 -127 within minutes of stepping on it (each time I stepped on 2 times in a row). Apparently I can gain and lose 3 lbs in minutes!

So I was going to give the scale the ultimate challenge by trying on my skinny pants. I tried them on, they fit pretty comfortably, and the love handles are in no way coming over the sides (opposite of what it was like to try them on a few months ago). response to this I laughed at the scale and decided to never listen to it again, because it is mentally challenged, no real benefit to me. This is why no one should ever base their work, their body, and especially not their worth on some stupid numbers on mentally challenged scales.

Onto other news, the oatmeal was back today and oh how I missed it. mmmm. I only had frozen strawberries to put in it (as a fruit) and I sorely missed the banana. Strawberries are not half as good in oatmeal as bananas. Oh well. I plan to be full until 11 today. Yesterday I became hungry at 10, which hardly ever happens with oatmeal.

I did not go on a run yesterday. Being a "2 stepper" really made me sore by the end of the day, and my breathing thing came back during the day so I was just over doing anything. I did however go on a decent walk with the pups and even ran with them for a bit. Just nothing official.

I made a delicious dinner last night too. I knew I had flank steak, so I knew I had to base my meal around that. I did not know what to do though, so I just started by cutting up some onions and sauteeting them with extra virgin olive oil. Then I added garlic. Then I added a cut up tomato, then I added some cilantro. And then while looking for some sea salt in the cupboard I found out that we had some beans left! Woo hoo! I thought I ate the rest of them the other day! So I added the steak, the satueed veggies and the beans together with some reduced fat sharp cheddar and had an amazing bowl of food.

After I was done I wanted chocolate, but because I was so freaking full from all the fiber and protein I decided against it. Awesome right? :-) I did however have a glass of wine... mmmm. I pretty much have quit drinking alcohol during the week, but sometimes a glass of wine is necessary.

My plans this weekend are dull. I planned on not having plans because I need to get a lot of work done on the website I told you about. Tonight I am going to just hang out with Mike at home and watch Apocalyptico, and then on Saturday and Sunday I am going to go on a run, and go to Growers Direct and Trader Joe's. Other than all of that nothing else will be happening, aside work on the website. At least that is the plan. I hope I can stick to the plan, because I really need to.

Anyone have any exciting plans? Any fun runs planned?

It is supposed to be in the 80s today, and I am very excited.

Planned Food for the Day
B: Oatmeal (w/ flax seed, strawberries, trail mix), Coffee
L: Mac n Cheese (w/ tomatoes, cilantro, onions, etc)
S: Clementines, perhaps a zbar
D: No idea, but I want Mexican food....

Planned Workout
Another rest day probably, but tomorrow and sunday are run days!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am now a 2 stepper!

I went to Step Class last night with my friend Andrea and her co-worker Meghan. This time we all decided to do 2 steps because we were not getting as sore as we were in the beginning. That was probably one of the hardest workouts of my life. There were a few times where I was hoping the teacher just thought I was out of step, but what I was really doing was trying to not die. haha. jk. But the teacher did see that we had moved up and called us "2 steppers". hahah.

After the class Andrea came over, as well as Teddy and her roommate Crystal. I made everyone dinner. I started around the idea of the amazing Trader Joe's cornbread I had in my cupboard. I ended up doing a black beans and rice meal with the cornbread. Go to Teddy's blog to see a picture of it all, sans cornbread for some reason. With the beans I added a ton of cilantro, scallions, diced tomatoes and chili peppers, and of course a TON of red pepper. Mmmm. It ended up being pretty good, to me at least ;-)

Unfortunately ANTM was the lame show, where they do the behind the scene crap footage. We all groaned when we realized that was on and just turned on American Dreamz, which I had on HBO on Demand. Woo hoo for that. It ended up being a good night, despite the fact that ANTM was lame. hahah.

Oh, also... yesterday I watched this Documentary called Thin about several girls with eating disorders. It was definitely a pretty intense movie. If eating disorders are something that interests you for some reason or another watch this, because it is great. I have a thing for watching documentaries on almost any disorder, especially mental illness and drug abuse. Don't ask me why, because I do not have an eating disorder, a mental illness or do any type of drugs. I blame it on my extreme interest in sociology (my minor in college) and the study of human behavior.

Work today should be fine. Also after work I plan to go on a run. My back hurts this morning (which is extremely rare for some reason for me) but perhaps it will work out the kinks by the time the run hits today. I might go for a run at a different park and just time it for a bout 30 - 32 minutes. I feel like I need to switch up the area I run in if I am going to run a few times a week. Does anyone else ever feel this need, or do you run the same route every time?

Planned Food for the Day
B: Yogurt (w/ granola, strawberries, flax seed), starbucks frappacino thing (store bought, not starbucks bought)
L: Mac n Cheese (w/ cilantro, scallions, tomatoes, red pepper)
S: grapes, clementines, z bar
D: Something with flank steak

Planned Workout
30 minute run, 30 minute warm up/cool down

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thankfully it is work from home day....

Since last night my stomach has been on and off in dying mode. I will not go into details, but its as if I was given my arch allergy enemy: chicken. Not sure if it was my pseudo pad thai dish, because other than that everything has been pretty basic and normal for me. Oh well. It will get better. I am not too worried.

My stomach issues were not the only thing that happened last night. I went on a run at the park! I did about 3 miles in 30:40. This is a minute faster than last time, I think. I also felt much better throughout the run. I went with Mike again, but we decided to listen to our ipods the whole time, and he actually stayed with me the whole time, until he did a sprint at the end. It actually was not too bad. It was a gorgeous day out too, which made it nice.

Because I haven't done laundry in over 2 weeks, I have no more running pants. I had to wear shorts last night on the run and it was prob in the lower 60s, which is cold to me. So I decided to wear a sweatshirt on the run. Bad idea though, because my body heats up fast! haha. Oh well, the run still was awesome.

I often see people running around in the heat with full on sweatshirts and sweatpants. I really dont get it. Aren't they DYING? I feel like dying while looking at them.

One of my roommates in college used to run with a whole sweat suit on at the gym, and then go to the sauna. She was convinced it would help her lose weight. I think all it did was help her lose water weight and become ridiculously dehydrated. But maybe I am wrong. I have heard of some wrestlers workout in saran wrap to lose weight before a competition, but that is just water weight they are trying to lose as well to get into a lower weight competition. I want to keep all the water in my body so I am not doing any tricks like that.

Or maybe.. these people are wearing the full sweat suit because they don't want anyone seeing any part of their body? I dont know. Do any of you run in a full sweat suit when it is above 50 degrees?

I definitely need to do some laundry today, because I am not ready to wear shorts in front of a mirror while working out in an aerobics class yet. ahha.

Plans for tonight include Step, girls night, hills, antm, and venting about work. ahha. I hope you have a great hump day!

Planned Food
B: Yogurt (w/ granola, strawberries, flax seed), Coffee
L: Pita Pocket
D: Not sure yet but I have to feed people so I need to be creative

Planned Workout
Step class: 60 minutes

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Choosing to be over it...

So a lot of you asked yesterday if my yogurt did in fact keep me full, and it definitely did. I ate it at about 630am and wasn't hungry when lunch time came at 11, so I waited until 1130 and then just ate my lunch anyway because I wanted to get out of the office and wasn't sure I could eat it later. So either the yogurt worked really well, or I was having a weird not hungry day. Very rare by the way.

I had the yogurt again, it was about 1 cup of nonfat vanilla yogurt, with vanilla almond granola (from TJ's), freshly cut strawberries and a few peanuts. Amazing.I just realized I forgot the flax seed though, which I did have in it yesterday.

Alright, onto to other things. Yesterday was annoying. I was stressed all day, did the walk at lunch, felt better for a bit, then was stressed again. The dogs were being obnoxious last night, as well as one of my neighbors who I am now not liking a LOT.

I did figure out one thing out last night that I have been trying to figure out for months. I am trying to create a micro site basically, and need to learn a lot of design and publishing information. I spent about 3 hours doing it last night and have a decent start. But now that is all I want to do, meaning spend my day figuring out how to get this site started and looking nice. heh. But I suppose I cannot. Well until tonight. I brought a book to help me through this process, and will be reading this at lunch. I wish I brought my laptop though. Oh well.

Also I am just in one of those moods where any small thing that goes wrong will send me into a spiral of how bad my day sucks. I start to add up everything that went wrong and make it worse for myself. I am trying to get out of this rut, because it is the dumbest rut to be in. Life is not horrible, life is fine, and life will get even better, especially if I just focus on good things. Noticing that I am being dumb though is the first step in me getting over it, so I promise I will be over it soon and will stop being lame on here. :-)

So plans for today, work, read book at lunch, go home, go on run, cook dinner, work on website, go to bed.

Planned Food Today
B: Yogurt (w/ strawberries, granola, peanuts), Coffee
L: Pseudo Pad Thai Meal
S: Zbar, Grapes
D: No idea

Planned Workout
Run, Walk - 60 minutes

Monday, April 7, 2008

Stress Releaser

Instead of potentially giving into my demons today and skipping my workout after work due to the need to get things done to reduce my stress level, I just walked during lunch for about 60 minutes (about 3 miles) half of it uphill. I listened to music the whole time and cleared my head, as well as came up with a better plan to reduce my stress.

Now I feel less stressed. I have a plan now, and can be a little less stressed out because at least I have more time this afternoon to get my plan done.

One bad thing about the walk though... I was wearing bad shoes for it. Now I have a cut on the back of one of my feet. Ouch. I am sure it will heal up soon, and I wear nice socks and a band aid it should not hurt on my run tomorrow.

In conclusion, if you don't have time to workout in the morning or after work, just do it during lunch.

Morning of Ideas

While driving to work this morning I came up with some great ideas to calm some fears I have been having about the next few months. I think it is a good idea, and I can make it work.

Now onto the regular journal stuff. hahah.

The weekend went really well. I did not do everything I had planned though. No biggie, really.

On Friday night Mike and I just hung out and watched Sleepy Hollow. We both cooked a meal at home, which saved us money. We usually go out on Friday night but this time we stayed in and my meal was great. Mmm.

On Saturday morning we got up and headed to my parents house in Lake Arrowhead. Once we got there we were all hungry for lunch. There is this sandwich shop near my mom's that is within walking distance so I convinced everyone to just walk there instead of drive. I did forget however that there were big hills we had walk up to get back. ooops. Hahha. But it was worth it, the sandwich was absolutely guilt free, and delicious. mmm.

After lunch we played some basketball. It was a pretty hard workout I thought. I was sweating, gasping for breath, etc. The elevation increase really takes your body awhile to adjust. Geesh.We got some pizza afterwards, which was also delish. And then played some more basketball. By the time it was time for us to go home, it was so foggy in the mountains we just decided to stay so we would not die on the way home.

We left the next afternoon and got home just in time for the Suns vs Mavericks game. Woo hoo (even though we lost). The rest of the night I went to Growers Direct (an actual store like a farmers market) and Trader Joe's. Then I cleaned up the kitchen, put away some clothes and cleaned up my room, and helped cook dinner. Mike made BBQ pork loin (which was amazing) and I made grilled (on a pan) asparagus with some olive oil and maple syrup. Mmmm. Amazing.

Overall I have to say my eating was not too terrible. I also have great plans for food all week, so I am happy about that.

I bought some strawberries, grapes and clementines for fruit this week. I also bought some ingredients for a meal I have planned for tonight. I am planing on making this pad thai type meal. Not sure exactly how it is going to work out, but Teddy and I have talked it over and I think I have everything planned out right. We shall see. I will let you know when I have more details. haha.

Oh also this week I am trying to go to eating yogurt instead of my traditional oatmeal. Teddy pointed out the other day I have been eating that straight for over 2 months, so I decided I want go back to something else I was eating for 2 months straight before. Plus yogurt seems more like a spring time breakfast to me.

The yogurt I had this morning was nonfat vanilla yogurt, with a few peanuts, flax seed, fresh strawberries, and vanilla crunch granola. I hope this keeps me as full as my oatmeal did.

I am also trying to make my own coffee now, to save money. The starbucks doubleshot drinks are pretty expensive. The coffee I have today, is what I made last night (so it could be cold, the way I like it) with some non fat milk, and some mocha syrup stuff (fat free, but not calorie free, about 80 calories worth in my coffee). The coffee Mike uses is ridiculously strong so my heart is already racing and I am only a quarter way through it. haha.

Tonight I plan on working out, making dinner, and starting on the idea I came up with this morning. I do need to laundry though... I hope I can fit this all in. I am overloaded with internal stress right now, so listing things out make me feel better. You might have to see quite a few lists in the coming weeks. Sorry. :-(

How was your weekend? Did you do what was planned?

Planned Food for Today
B: Yogurt (w/ granola, peanuts, flax seed, strawberries) and Coffee
L: Parmesan pasta w/ broccoli, bell peppers, and flank steak
S: Grapes, Zbar (or fiberone)
D: Pad Thai Dish

Planned Workout
30 - 60 minutes workout

Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday, oh how I have missed you

I am so glad it is Friday. I did not get as much sleep as I wanted to this week, due to the great news, and friends coming over. I am wiped out. Hopefully the caffiene kicks in soon. hahah.

So yesterday I ended up going on a run at the park with Mike. This is the first time I have run with him at this park. I am all about routine, and doing my own thing when I run a long(ish) distance (for me) so it was weird. He didn't realize I was brining my ipod and wanted to talk the whole time. I was too tired to talk the whole time after about 5 minutes (hah) and told him to not talk to me, and let me listen to my ipod so that I could focus more on my breathing so I can actually finish. I think he got a little offended at first, but then figured out why I needed it. He ran ahead of me after that, and finished probably at minimum 5 minutes before me. Oh well.

I finished two loops around the park though (about 3 miles) in 31:16. Not too bad for me. About the same as last time. My hip hurt a little bit for the last 2 minutes, but after stretching it and walking for a bit it felt much better.

After the run Mike and I headed back. Teddy ended up coming over a little bit later and I cooked dinner. I was ravenous by this point, so I ate before all of them. I had some frozen pasta thing from Trader Joe's with zucchini and eggplant, as well as the TJ turkey meatballs. Mmmm. They always have great quick and easy meals when you are as hungry as I was. Not to say they aren't great in general, because they are. Anyway....

We watched Top Chef, and quarterlife. It was definitely a good time.

Tonight I have no plans yet, except a walk with the pups and Mike (hopefully at the beach!). Other than that I am supposed to go to my mom's tomorrow where we will go on a hike, and then Sunday a run at Back Bay and massive amounts of laundry. Should be a good weekend. I am in dire need though for a weekend where I dont have to drive anywhere. I suppose next weekend will be that one.

So do any of you run with a partner? Do you talk the whole time? Do you listen to music while running with a partner? Do you care if they run ahead of you? Behind?

Well have a good weekend!

Planned Food for the Day
B: Oatmeal (banana, trail mix, flax seed), Starbucks Frappacino drinks
L: Pita pocket w/ ranch, morningstar chik'n patty and pepperjack cheese
S: Zbar, orange
D: no idea

Planned Workout
Walk with Mike and the pups for an hour.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

April Showers in Orange County

So after awhile of beautiful sunshine, we finally are getting some rain. I can't complain because I like this weather as well. We have a skylight in the office, pretty close to me, and it makes the office dark, and tends to make me think it is still 7am at 10am, which makes the day go by MUCH faster. It is a weird mind trick, but it works every time. Maybe not since I mentioned it this morning, but I am hoping it will.

Last night I went to my Step Class. I went with my friend Andrea, and her co-worker. We had a good time and even devised a plan to actually get a spot by each other. People run in like crazy fighting for the spot they want, it is pretty ridiculous, but I guess we started to get that way as well. I guess on Monday when my friend went without me, someone thought she took their spot and gave her dirty looks the entire class. I wonder who started this mentality? Maybe it is just the mentality of people going to aerobics classes. Who knows. Do any of you have this type of experience in your classes at the gym?

After the class Andrea came over for girl night. We were both starving, especially after such an intense class. I bought some Beef Taquito's from Trader Joe's after trying free sample in the store. They were AMAZING. For some reason I didn't even look at the nutrition label until i started to make them. Turns out each taquito is only 100 calories, 3 grams of fat, and 7 grams of protein. Rock on! I had three of those, some fat free vegetarian refried beans with pineapple salsa, low fat cheese, and freshly cut tomatoes. I also added some cayenne pepper to my beans, as well as some cilantro. No one else wanted the spices though. Hahha. But it was an HUGE amazing meal for a really low amount of calories. Woo hoo!!

Tonight the plan is to go to the park near my place with Mike and go for a run. I plan on doing about 3 miles jogging/running and then do the exercise course. I need to make sure to eat a snack before so I have enough energy to do the last walk around the loop.

I wish my dogs weren't so erratic on runs, otherwise we would take them. But they go crazy for the gopher holes (literally crazy, or perhaps psycho because they are bred for this sort of hunting) and ruin my form really bad and make my hips hurt a lot. They are getting MUCH better at walking but are not good enough for runs yet.I hope they can be someday soon because they need the runs too. We do give them walks though pretty often, so no need for lectures there. haha.

Today should be a busy day. Meetings galore, and lots of work to do. I wish I would have gotten more sleep.........

Planned Food for the Day
B: Oatmeal (flax seed, banana, trail mix), starbucks doubleshot
L: pita pocket w/ mustard, ham & pepperjack cheese
S: Zbar, orange
D: Pasta w/ flank steak, Parmesan and broccoli (maybe)

Planned Workout
30-35 minute run, walk for 30 minutes, and exercise course at park

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pzookie is Dangerous

So are any of my readers from Austin? I have some questions for you if so. Just say something in the comments and let me know. Purty Please.

Yesterday was a cause for celebration, nothing I can write about in here, but it was something Mike and I had been waiting for for a long time. And no, I am not pregnant, that would not be something I would be waiting for. heh. Not that anything is wrong with being pregnant, just not what I was planning for. heh.

Anyway, because yesterday was a celebration I did not get to work out, and instead did some grocery shopping and then went to BJs for a delicious fattening dinner. I got the giant stuffed baked potato and ate half of it and then had half of a pzookie (basically a cookie with ice cream). No good for diet, but it was a celebration. So whatever. hahah.

Today I am planning on going to Step Class with my friend Andrea. I am also working from home and planing to get a lot of writing done. I do it best while at home, because less distraction. After the class Andrea is coming over and we are going to hang out and watch some Hills and ANTM. Yes I love some trash tv. haha.

I feel like I am still behind on catching up on blogs and such because I didn't read any for several days. I stayed up last night until 1145 (normally go to bed around 930) because I was distracted with blogs and some other things. Geesh. I am not tired yet today but I am sure it will hit this afternoon.

Alright I need to head out, but will probably write more later.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back to the Grind

Oh how I wish I was still on vacation. 3 Day vacation's are great, but longer ones are always better. hahaha.

Even though I showed pictures of the trip I thought I would go into more detial about it here today. Last night when I was posting it was around 10pm, and I was getting annoyed with my computer being slow (not sure why though?).

I can't forget to mention my Friday night either. On Friday night I went to my friend Teddy's house and we had a Cupcake and Stout Party. Basically we made stout vegan cupcakes and beer floats. haha. Sounds like it could be gross, but you would be sorely mistaken. hahah. My friend Teddy wants to either get into baking (ie pastries, etc) or vegetarian cooking so this was right up her alley. She makes vegan cupcakes all the time, but this was her first time with beer in it. I kind of helped her make it (just told her which ingrediants to add after looking at the recipe). Once I saw how terrible frosting is I don't think I will ever be able to eat another cupcake with the same love for it. I did not know that frosting was basically straight shortening with sugar and dye. Heart attack much? haha.

On Saturday morning Mike and I headed up to San Fran with the two pups. We made a few stops not only because we wanted to eat, or pee, or get gas, but because the pups needed to pee, although thankfully they did not get gas during the entire trip. hahah. We stopped at quite a few places on the way up, and were able to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous ride.

Once we got to San Fran (around 1230 to 1pm) we went to lunch at the Elephant Bar. I had only been there once before and I wanted the same thing; the pad thai dish. I got mine with just tofu, and ate about half of it. After lunch we went back home and took a nap. It was an amazing nap. ahhah. Mike and I were/are still sorta sick, and definitely needed a rest. My ears got all messed up going through the grapevine, and they needed a break. I swear I could barely hear all day Saturday, and had to have people keep repeating things to me all day. It also hurt pretty bad, but I sucked it up. Not sure if anyone even noticed, aside from me asking them to repeat things to me.

After the nap we went to this dog park in the area. It was a huge park and the pups loved it. It was pretty cold though, a lot colder than I expected. After the dog park we went to Target because I forgot socks and Mike wanted movies. When we got back we ended up going to dinner at the Brewery place. I got an amazing salad with black beans, avocado, and jalepeno dressing that I got on the side. Mmmmmmmmmm.

On Sunday we woke up and went on a long walk with the pups at a nearby park. Mike and I were still sorta sick but we were both trying to suck it up so we could enjoy the place. We ended up going to the wine yards in Sonoma Valley, and along the way we went over the Golden Gate bridge. We took some pictures there, saw the Tibetan protest, it was fabulous. The trip to Sonoma Valley was also gorgeous, and the wine we tasted there was amazing. We went to 3 different places and were taught the appropriate way to taste wine. It was a lot of fun! Later that night we just had some pizza and watched TV because we were all exhausted.

On Monday, Dean, Mike, the pups and I all went to the park again with the dogs. It is such a great way to start the day! And then we headed to this place that specializes in Crepes. Mike and I both got their sweet crepes, which were really dessert crepes we found out later when we were served ice cream with our breakfast. Hahhaha. It was amazing though, pretty much food porn, so I will not go into detail. hahaha.

We headed back to our place around 1130 and made it back home around 630. Somehow we managed to not hit much traffic going through LA during prime traffic time. That was amazing.

So today I am now back at work. Ready to get crackin on a lot of things I need to get done. My plan for the day is to eat healthy, workout and perhaps do a little grocery shopping. I do not want to spend much but there are definitely a few things I need. Not sure if I am working out before the grocery trip or after. Either way I need to work out.

PS: Happy April Fools Day!

Planned Food for the Day
B: Oatmeal (trail mix, banana, hemp seed, flax seed), Starbucks Doubleshot
L: Toasted English muffin with pepper jack cheese & ham
S: Kashi Bar
D: No idea

Planned Workout
At LEAST 30 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of weights.


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