Monday, June 30, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I have not written in awhile because I have just literally not had time, at all. I still do not, but I need to spend some time doing this or else things go haywire in my head. haha.

The weekend was great, aside from not working out during it all. I am not a fan of that, I miss it, but life goes on.

On Friday I went out to see Wall-E with a co-worker and Mike. It was soo freaking adorable.

On Saturday I did a million and one errands, and then went out to eat with Mike and one of his friends from Houston. The place we went to was great. Mmmmmm.

On Sunday I went grocery shopping and did lots of laundry, helped Mike prepare for his interview today and ate dinner, etc.

This week is going to be the start of me getting up early 2 days during the week to do weights and cardio at the gym. It all starts tomorrow. Woo hoo.

Tonight I am going on a run after work. I canNOT wait. I need it, badly for my mental health :-)

I will write something more entertaining soon, I promise.

Planned Food for Today
B: Coffee, lf yogurt (w/ granola, strawberries) I forgot the flax!
L: Pumpkin Torteillini with sauce
S: Granola bar
D: Leftover pasta, or garbanzo bean pita.

Planned Workout
Run - 30-45 minutes.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's a New Day

It is a new day and aside from my sneeze attack earlier and my dry eyes I am feeling pretty good. The drained feeling went away. I am still tired I suppose since it is early, but I am not drained, if that makes sense.

So I have a dilemma. I signed up for my new gym, and have not gone yet since I prefer to run outdoors. I want to use it for weights, but just have not done it yet. I think if I do weights I need to do them in the morning because Mike and I trying to give the dogs a walk every other day or so (that day would be my weights day). Working out in the morning is no fun. I am not morning workout kind of gal. But I suppose I can train myself to be. I also want to try some of their morning classes but I want to do it with the person at my work. I CAN do it on my own, but its more fun the other way. haha. So I guess I do not really have a dilemma, rather I need to work on finding a balance, and a routine. :-)

How have you trained yourself to work out in the morning? Do you eat a snack before? Do you drink a lot of water? Do you skip the coffee? Not sure what the best routine is yet......

Planned Food for the Day
B: Coffee w/ soymilk, waffle (w/ cashew butter, flax seed, hemp seed, walnuts and strawberries)
S: Kashi Bar
L: Some stir fry thing (catered lunch day)
S: peanuts
D: Skirt steak w/ cheese, tortilla, cilantro, onions, tomatoes, etc.

Planned Workout for the Day
Run - 30 -35 minutes.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I feel absolutely drained today. Not sure why, really there should be no good reason to be, but I am. A co-worker who I had to work closely with today was sick, so I am paranoid it is my body trying to avoid that action, but it could just be an off day. Who knows.

Work was good. I got a lot done, and learned a lot. I am starting to get a hang of more things than I thought I would in the time I am getting it done, if that makes sense.

I had lunch at this cute deli place today. I got a slice of quiche. I am sure its not that great for me, but everything else basically had chicken on it, and since I can't eat chicken I was limited. And quiche is delicious and I eat it like once every year or less. So there is my ljustification as to why I ate a delicious meal. hahah.

Anyway...... when I got home from work today I was especially drained. I heated up some leftovers and ate about half of it. I wanted chocoalte, and we don't have any so I opted for the only chocolatey type thing we had in the house, a cookies and creme pop tart I bought during pms time or something. hahaha. I had half of a pastry. Not too bad.

Afterwards I decided to skip the run and just walk with the pups and Mike. We went to this other trail in Austin, I think Zilker Park. It was a nice walk, and was definitely more refreshing than staying home watching TV.

Tomorrow I am planning on going on a run after work or to try out a class at my new gym.

I now officially do not have health insurance, or rather hospital insurance as Mike and I like to call it, because that is really all it is good for. It really creeps me out not to have any but I am not sure I want to spend a ton of money signing up for a new plan for 2 months. My monthly prescription is not too expensive, and much cheaper than paying for health insurance. I am undecided about all of this. My sister is big on never having health insurance for some reason and has gotten into a TON of debt because of it. Scares the hell out of me. I won't be able to make a decision until I have money to start a plan anyway until a few days. So I guess I have until then.

Also do not ever freeze your membership on the 24 hour fitness website and expect it to really stick. Super lame. I got out of the charge, but now I have to wait for the refund, and then I have to wait until that refund is in my account before I can cancel 24 hour fitness. They want a 30 day warning before hand as well, and I have a feeling they will try to get at least another month out of me. I should have just canceled by phone last month. Oh well.

Anyway, I think I am going to bed pretty soon so I can make sure to beat the virus my co-worker has. Have a good one!

Food Eaten Today
B: Coffee, Waffle (w/ strawberries, cashew butter, flax seed, walnuts)
S: kashi bar
L: Quiche, fruit cup
S: peanuts, 2 baby ruth mini bars
D: 1/2 serving of some stir fry mix thing with tofu, and then half a pop tart

Does a 45 minute walk count?

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Week Begins

Oh man. My third week in Austin and my 2nd weekend out of town. Oh well. haha.

On Friday I ended up getting out of work around 4pm, a little later than I thought I would. But Mike and I still went to the mall and did some shopping. I got a really cute dress, some cute shirts, and a sweater thing, as well as some new flip flops. We also went and watched the Incredible Hulk, which was a lot of fun.

On Saturday we took the pups to the river and let them play with the other dogs. Emily will actually swim and Ender just likes to bark at the other dogs who are brave enough to go in the water. haha. Emily ended up seeing a water snake which freaked out all the dog owners, so we also left. Knowing there are water snakes in the river really freaks me out. Nightmare style. I will try to get over it though. haha.

After the river we drove out to Houston with the pups. We stayed a hotel that Mike's mom set up. Then we went to dinner at Fogo De Chao, which is a Brazilian place where they give you a TON of food. I ended up not even stuffing myself though. I was full, but not where I felt uncomfortable. One person there ended up filling themselves up so much they had to puke afterwards. Thankfully I get the signal to stop eating at a good point and actually stop. Afterwards we went to a few bars, which ended up being more driving around than hanging out. haha. Oh well.

Mike and I left Houston on Sunday morning. We ended up getting back into town around 3pm. I had to pick up my prescription before the Target one shut down. That is where I found out that healthnet apparently does not work in Texas, which is fabulous to find out when picking up a prescription. I changed my address with Healthnet about a month ago and they never told me that they do not serve the area. I really never even thought it was an option. I am pretty annoyed they charged me for this next month, knowing full well I cannot even use it here. BOOOOOOO. So I have to deal with that today.

Also I froze my membership with 24 hour fitness a few weeks ago. Thought it was good to go, but apparently it was not. they charged me for the next month. Boo. so I have to deal with that today too. Booooo.

Oh also I shopped at HEB this past weekend for a real shopping trip (other times it was just for beer, haha). It ended up going really great. I only ended up spending $26 when I thought it would be around $40. Woo hoo! Thank you coupons and sales!

I did go on a run yesterday though, unfortunately my only run this weekend. Oh well. It was good though, basically a 5k in a really pretty area near the river. I loved it. Mike wants me to work on going faster, but I told him I only care about running for extended periods of time. As in I would rather run 5 miles in 50-60 minutes, opposed to running 3 in less than 30 minutes. But apparently it hurts his knees to run as slow as I do and he wants to run WITH ME so apparently I need to get faster. I will figure it out, but I am really not concerned with speed and never have been. I think saying i can run for 45-60 minutes is far more impressive than saying I can do a mile in under 8. But that is just me.

If I were to work on my speed, how do you suggest I do that?

Planned Food for the Day
B: coffee, waffle (w/ strawberries, flax, cashew butter, walnuts)
S: Bagel
L: Sandwich or something small (i forgot my lunch today! boo!)
S: granola bar
D: Pumpkin Torteilli w/ alfredo/tomato sauce.

Planned Workout
Gym after work or run after work.

Friday, June 20, 2008


The meeting actually went better than I thought it would. It was pretty depressing hearing how long and how much more you pay when you even have a .1% increase in your interest rate. But then after remembering that I will be in debt for most of my adult life, that what I have now is not really a big deal. The counselor actually said I was doing everything right. The only thing I need to do is see if I can consolidate my student loans. The whole process is overwhelming to me, but if I can figure out what I am doing at work right now, I can definitely figure this out.

In other news, it is a half day today! It is almost like a 3 day weekend. Speaking of which, the July 4th weekend is soon! Woo hoo! Some places I have worked I didn't get holiday pay until I worked a few months. I have no idea how it works here. I think they just start paying you for the holidays here without the wait. At least I hope so :-)

What are your plans for the July 4th weekend? My plan is to discover what people in Austin do for the weekend. Something seems to be going on every single night here, so I am sure something big will be happening here.

Today the plan is to go to the mall for some free a/c and cool summer clothes. I am excited for an afternoon off. The options seem endless. haha.

Also I plan on a run tonight, and one tomorrow morning before the trip to Houston. The place I am eating at in Houston is like a Brazilian buffet, so lots of eating will be happening. I am pretty good at keeping portions small now though. You would be impressed by me recently. It is probably the only reason I am not gaining weight, although I am not losing any either because leftover birthday cake, etc. hahaha. Oh well. Totally worth it.

I am excited for the run tonight though. I just love being outdoors with all the other running around trying to achieve some sort of goal. It is very inspiring.

Okay, time to go. Have a great weekend! I will try to write, but I doubt I will have time.

Planned Food for the Day
B: Coffee, Frozen waffle (w/ cashew butter, walnuts, banana, flax seed)
S: Granola Bar
L: Pizza (free for packing day)
D: Pumpkin Torteillini

Planned Workout
Run for 30 minutes

Thursday, June 19, 2008

According to Excel........

According to an Excel spreadsheet last night, I am worthless. At work they set up to have someone come in and help us with our finances. Although I desperately need this, it kind of freaks me out, because I was trying to hide from all the debt I have. I had to pay for college myself, including housing, bills, and if we want to get into specifics, EVERYTHING. When you do this in San Diego, it can be tough, especially when every single one of your friends have their parents helping them and spend like their parents are helping them. When I calculated all my debt, the final result was that my net worth is in the negatives. I suppose that is not too surprising since the only thing I have of worth is my car, which in itself is not worth that much.

I definitely made some money mistakes while in college, and lets hope that this financial counselor will lead me in the right path to fix it. At least my rent is cheap now that I moved to Austin. haha.

One good thing, I thought the interest rates on my credit cards were a lot higher than they actually are. That was a nice surprise. Although one of my student loans has a pretty high interest rate. Weird, right? Right.....

I know this is completely off topic of the whole fitness thing, but I think if people talk more about finances and learn about it, then maybe they will have more time to work out, or even more of an ability to pay for a gym to work out at. hahaha.

My fear is that the counselor will be like WOW, you are in debt, you need immediate action, NOW. But Mike told me that if she is a financial counselor she has probably delt with people almost going bankrupt, or even going bankrupt so my debt is probably not THAT bad. And anyway, my debt is nothing compared to the people who buy houses in California right? ;-) haha.

I am looking forward to the weekend already. I have not gotten very much sleep at all this week. I don't think I have gotten more than 6 hours a night every night this week. Boo.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a half day at work though, since we are moving offices. Maybe I will spend the second half taking naps. Although it is waaay too hot to sleep in the afternoons. I will probably just go somewhere with free air conditioning. ahhaa.

This weekend I am supposed to go to Houston for Mike's brother's birthday. Mike's mom is coming down as well and we are supposed to go to this Brazilian place. I am excited. mmmmmmm.

Tonight I am planning on going for a run by the river with Mike. Finally a night without more specific plans than a run. Woo hoo!

Have a great day!

Planned Food for the Day
B: Coffee, Waffle (w/ flax seed, walnuts, cashew butter)
S: Granola Bar
L: Turkey Sandwich & peach
S: Goldfish
D: Pumpkin Tortelinni

Planned Workout
Run at the river

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2.5 Days Down

Work is pretty busy, all the time, but I swear the hours pass me by without me noticing until I see others head home. I am taking that as a good sign.

Last night was really productive. I signed up for Premiere Lady Fitness. Yes, it sounds pretty hilarious. But it seems really cool, a lot of fun unique classes that switch up every month or so, and no need to worry about those guys that slam the weights on the ground and let out big groans just to show everyone how tough they really are. Also it is really cheap, and is close to my home and work. sweet!

I did not bring stuff to work out in for some reason, so I decided to just go home and do an Exercise TV on Demand thing. I WAs planning on going on a run, but this would let me do laundry while working out. I ended up doing 3 loads of laundry and put it all away. WOW. haha.

I ended up going to bed pretty late, but that is just because I was appreciating my night alone. I spent 3 hours on my computer without ever feeling guilty. hahaha.

Tonight I am going to watch Big Trouble in Little China with Mike and perhaps some co-workers. They are playing it on the big screen down here. I have never seen it, which is appalling to most I am sure, but it should be nice to see it on the big screen for my first time.

I need to figure out how I am working out since I do not think I will have time for a run tonight. Either way I am sure I can make it up. I have 2 days down already of working out for the week ;-)

People at work are talking me into going out for lunch. Not sure if I will do it, but we shall see. Have a good one!

Planned Food for the Day
B: Coffee, Waffle (w/ flax seed, cashew butter, banana, walnuts)
S: Granola Bar
L: No Idea, possibly my turkey sandwich
S: goldfish?
D: No idea

Planned Workout
Not sure, may skip.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good Ole Tuesday

First off, thanks for the advice on water suggestions for running and lessons on fruit in Texas. hahah. Love it. You make my life much more complete. :-)

Last night Mike and I took the pups to what they call the "Town Lake" even though it is really the Colorado River. Not sure what that is about exactly, but I am sure someone will explain it to me eventually. The pups jumped into the river a few times, although Emily liked it a lot more than Ender, which surprised mike and I. Ender was usually the one jumping into the ocean while Emily steered clear from it, but this time it was quite the opposite. We walked for about 2 miles last night, and I definitely had a sweat going for some of it, but that could be because it was pretty warm still at 830pm.

Tonight I was supposed to go out for Mike's friend's bday but I have waaay too much to get done tonight. I will be signing up for Premiere Lady Fitness (gym) tonight, going on a run, filling out some financial worksheet for a meeting with a financial counselor on Thursday and doing laundry. Oh I also have to pay bills. I am looking forward to a night alone though. I have not had one of those in MONTHS it feels, or maybe actually is.....

I can't wait to check out the new gym. I have heard good things. Also a co-worker goes there and we might do some morning classes, or just work out together in the morning. Should be motivating. :-)

Oh also, I weighed myself the other day, thinking that FOR SURE I would be more than I have ever weighed since I had been skipping on workouts and eating terribly. Turns out I was pretty much the same, or less from when I left CA. My guess is that the heat and humdity really burns more calories. hahaha.

Another thing that is interesting. Since my work starts later, and I am working around other people's schedules I have gotten a new routine for eating. Pretty much a small breakfast, a snack around 1030, smaller lunch at 1230-1, a snack around 4, and a dinner at 8. Not sure if this routine will stick, but I have been much less hungry this way and apparently the weight hasn't been increasing. Sweet!

Planned Food for the Day
B: Coffee, w/ waffle (w/ banana, walnuts, flax seed, cashew butter)
L: Turkey sandwich w/ cheese
S: crackers
D: Quesadilla w/ beans

Planned Workout
Run around the river, 30 minutes or so.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Long Weekend

I felt like the weekend was actually longer than it was. Definitely something that is NOT normal, but definitely fantastic.

On Friday Mike and I went around looking for this Discount Appliance store (you know those dented appliance places, etc). We could not find it, and decided to just check out Best Buy. We checked out Best Buy, verified prices and hoped we could find the discount store in the morning to compare prices. Then we went to Petco and got dog food. After that we went home and watched some "scary movie" in honor of Friday the 13th. I fell asleep probably 1/4 of the way through the movie. I was VERY tired.

On Saturday Mike and I went out in search of the discount appliance store. We finally found it, and found out that the prices for the exact same washer and dryer were exactly the same as Best Buy, except their's do not come with an amazing warranty, or free delivery, also the ones at best buy are not dented. After that we went to Best Buy, bought 2 washers and dryers without dents, with free shipping, a good warranty and a decent price.

After the washer/dryer situation, Mike and I went to the Farmers Market around here. I tried some AMAZING new salsa's and we bought 2 different kinds. Yum. We also got some brazilian empanadas. Mmmm. I was surprised to find that there were hardly any fruits there. Not sure if it is just not a good season, or if Texas really does not have many fruits by local farmers. No idea. Maybe it was just a bad day? Not sure.

The rest of the day we went to Ikea, went on a LONG hike with the pups and watched "The Happening" which was entertaining but not very good, if that makes sense.

Yesterday I did a lot of unpacking and cleaning up around the house. I also went to Target (they have cute running shorts on sale this week!) and Central Market. Fruit was expensive there. I might just go cheap and buy not as good fruit next time. I also want to give Whole Foods a try next week instead to compare prices, and items moreso.

Oh I also went on a run with Mike by the river. It was ridiculously hot for me, and I was sucking the whole time and didn't run for more than 15 minutes, although I did walk for probably about 45 more minutes. Mike had no problem, but I was dying. Not sure why this happened, I was definitely hydrated enough (I had 2 liters of water at least during the day) and rested enough and ate. I think I ate a little too close to leaving though. Who knows.

I am thinking of getting some sort of water thing though, like a camel pack or what not. Do you need to be more advanced for one of these to make sense? What if I am running for 30 minutes in 98 degree weather? Should I just bring a bottle? No idea. I want to increase my time to 45 minutes to an hour in the next few months, but I really need to get used to the weather first. Once I run more than 30 minutes I think it may be a good idea to run with a water pack thing. Any ideas? Opinions? Mike thinks I am lame for thinking its necessary but I can't run very far if I do not have water every 10-15 minutes or so.

Oh also I need some more advice. I got some pumpkin filled tortellini from Central Market, but am not sure what sauce to use for it. Any ideas on what would go best?

Alright, I have to head out now. Have a great week!!

Planned Food for the Day
B: Coffee, frozen waffle (ww w/ flax seed, 1/2 banana, cashew butter)
S: granola bar
L: leftover pork gyoza w/ stir fry veggies and rice
S: no idea
D: tostadas or soft tacos

Planned Workout
Walk with dogs (1 hour) or run for 30 minutes

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

I can't decide whether the day has gone by really fast or really slow today. While I was doing work the hours flew by, but when I thought about weekend plans everything just started going in slow motion. heh.

Thank you for all your birthday wishes from yesterday. You made my birthday even better!

Last night I ended up going to The Shady Grove in Barton Springs for a free outdoor show. A few of my co-workers were there and Mike also joined us. I had a lot of fun getting to know my co-workers, and hope to do it again. I had some tasty drinks, and some tasty food. Only problem is that because I started with a margarita people kept buying me them once I ran out, and margaritas are waaay too sugary to drink over and over again. Geesh. When I got home from the show, I had a TINY, as in itsy bitsy piece of the cake Mike made me because I was already sugared out. The cake was delicious, Mike is so sweet for making it for me. I hope to have some tonight ;-)

Today it's just been work so far. I found a co-worker who also brings her lunch from home, and we ate out lunch outside on a bench. It was really nice outside today, so it was fun, well... aside from the ants. ew. haha.

Tonight the plan is to go on a run by the river and then watch scary movies since its Friday the 13th. It is definitely a tradition with Mike and I. One of our first dates was watching scary movies together while we were both sick. It was actually a great time though and we have celebrated it ever since.

The rest of the weekend the plans are:

Saturday: Run at the River, Farmers Market, Best Buy (for washers and dryers). Do any of you have a better idea on where to get one for cheap? Also unpack, organize the house, etc.

Sunday: Ikea, unpack, organize, relax, grocery shopping, etc.

Have a fantastic weekend. Take advantage of the free time all you can, I guess that is if you have any on the weekend!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Thanks for all your birthday wishes yesterday. They all made me smile ;-) You people are fantastic! :-)

Yesterday I went on another amazing run. Mike and I went to the river to go on a run on the trails around it. We went a new route, so that we could go a little further this time. The path was gorgeous again. I need to get my camera batteries charged so I can take pictures for you. We actually ran (literally, haha) into a blues festival that apaprently goes on every Wednesday night in the summer for free. There were a TON of people there, and it looked like it was quite the happening spot to be at.

During the run I also got to see some cute turtles, several people riding kayaks, and TONS of runners, mostly with their dogs or running in large groups. I love seeing this while I run because it is such an inspiration, especially since all of them run ridiculously fast, or I just run ridiculously SLOW. hahah. Mike thinks I am just slow, but who knows. hahah.

The hip and ankle felt great during the run. The hip, or rather IT Band, is a little tight today, but nothing terrible.

Once I got home I made an amazing dinner. It was pasta with cilantro pork sausage (from Central Market, basically Whole Foods). I know, sausage is not the healthiest, but in small amounts its not terrible ;-) I added tons of onions, garlic and cilantro to the pasta sauce. It was amazing. I wanted to keep eating more but I knew I was full so I stopped just in time. While eating dinner Mike and I watched the last 2 episodes of Top Chef. Amazing.

Tonight I am looking forward to going to this bar/restuarant type place tonight to see a band play while hanging out with Mike and some new friends from work. Should be a good time.

Not sure what is happening at lunch but I didn't bring mine, because I wasn't sure if I was going out today or not. Well now I have to since I have no lunch, but I didn't want to waste the amazing food I have at home by bringing it here and not eating it. haha.

I realized the 4th NBA Finals game is on tonight, so I guess I am missing it. Oh wel, I guess.

Have a fantastic day!!

ps: Mike made me birthday coffee today, and wrote a cute note on the counter next to it. Awww-dorable.

Planned Food for the Day
B: Birthday Coffee (w/ chocolate soymilk), Yogurt (w/ grapes, flax seed, granola)
S: granola bar
L: no idea
D: A sandwich or something, and cake! haha.

Planned Workout
Not much since it is my birthday and I can do what I want to. hahaa.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

People's Schedules

So for the last few weeks I have had to time my eating around other people's schedules. I tend to eat several times a day, small meals (mostly), and snacks. But when I was traveling and/or had company over and started the new job I have had to schedule this eating around them and the situation.

For example, last night I got off work around 6ish and was famished. Mike had a friend over, and we were planning on watching the NBA Finals. When I got home they were busy trying to get our cable to work, and then watching funny videos on youtube, etc. We were supposed to get pizza to watch with the game, since Mike insisted for some reason to not buy dinner foods when we went grocery shopping the other day. I wanted food, and wanted it NOW. hahah. I settled for a few carrots and hummus, which tided me over for awhile. We didn't end up getting dinner until after 9pm. I hate eating that late, especially pizza. I ended up eating a pretty small amount though because I knew I was headed to bed in just 2 hours.

Also at work I am not sure about when I am supposed to take a lunch. Normally I eat around 11am, and will probably continue to want to do that because I will be waking up at 5am to go on a run. But then meetings happens, training happens, you need information from someone before a certain time, someone else needs information before a certain time, etc. I just feel I cannot have a real eating schedule anymore. But I guess that happens, and it probably happens more often during
certain weeks, and less often during others. So now I am getting used to controlling hunger like a grown up. haha.

In other news the ankle and hip feel much better. I think the muscles were just really tight, but now they are a lot looser. Not sure if that means I can run tonight, or not. I want to though, but I promise to be careful to not injure myself further.

Oh also a co-worker told me about a gym that is less than a mile away from work. It is the premiere lady fitness club and spa I think. I looked up information last night to compare prices and features at local gyms. This gym was both close to wheere I live and close to work. I am highly considering making the move there, plus it is cheaper than all the others I looked at. I froze my membership at 24 hour fitness last night, just in case the other gyms don't work out. I think you can freeze it for up to 3 months, which would be nice for the budget, especially since I am not going to the gym right now when I have fun places to run and weights at home.

Oh also my birthday is tomorrow so I am not planning on working out then ;-) I have pseudo plans to go to some bar/restuarant to watch a live band and eat some good food and drink some good drinks. Mike asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and after he refused gift cards, I told him I want running stuff. I love running stuff, or active wear (whatever term I should use).

So how do you manage your eating around other people in situations like I mentioned above? Do you just get grumpy and force people to eat when you are hungry and they are not? Do you just suck it up?

Planned Food for the Day:
B: Coffee (w/ chocolate soy milk), LF Yogurt (w/ granola, flax seed, grapes)
L: No idea, our lunch is catered today
S: Kashi bar
D: Leftovers, or pasta

Planned Workout:
No idea, but needs to be nice to my hips and ankle.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Greenbelt is Unbelievably Gorgeous

Yesterday Mike and I walked to the Barton Creek Greenbelt trails. We
had to walk down this incredibly steep hill to get there. Mike wanted
to run it. I decided after about 30 seconds that it was not worth
injuring myself so I just walked the rest.

Once we got started running on the path my ankle started to hurt, as
if I twisted it. No idea what that was about because I never did twist
it. It started to hurt when it was jogging along the path normally. It
went away after a few minutes though and a nice stretch.

We continued the run and the entire time I kept saying how
ridiculously beautiful it was. I was in awe of the place. It is a
wooded area, with small paths (so as not to impede on nature) and
really green trees. It felt almost storybook like.

Even though I was admiring the beauty of it all, I still had trouble
finishing 30 minutes. It was still sort of warm out at 8pm, and the
humidity is something I have to get used to running in. Also there
were a lot of hills and rocky paths. We ended the run going up that
incredibly steep hill Mike tried to get me to run down. I walked up
the hill and Mike ran most of it. Afterwards I felt more than
accomplished. I am looking forward to doing it soon.

After the run I went to Sun Harvest again and got some B Complex
vitamins (which are ridiculously expensive by the way), tea tree oil
ointment and tee tree oil lotion (to naturally ward off those evil
creatures that attacked me last Saturday. I also found my favorite
zbars (honey graham) and picked up some apricots. mmmm.

This morning when I woke up my ankle was sore and my hip was sore. I
am kind of limping today. I truly doubt I will run again today. I do
need to figure out a gym situation. I go to 24 hour fitness, but am
only signed up for California. The closest 24 hour fitness to me is
6.6 miles away, a little much for me. There is a Golds Gym pretty
close, probably less than a mile, and I hear they have an indoor
track. I am thinking of starting a membership thee. Have any of you
gone to a Golds Gym? Any problems there?

Today is probably another 10 hour work day, and then hopefully
getting some errands done, and perhaps some weights at home. We
finally get intenet and cable tonight so I will even have exercise on
demand back! Woo hoo!

<b>Planned Food for the Day</b>
B: Coffee (w/ chocolate soy milk), Yogurt (w/ flax seed, granola, grapes)
L: Mac n Cheese (w/ tomatoes, onions, jalepeno, and avocado)
S: Granola Bar
D: No idea......

<b>Planned Workout</b>
Not sure, but if anything upper body weights.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Back to the Grind

This morning I did not end up getting to run. I watched the NBA Finals last night that did not end until 1030 or something and I couldn't wake up at 5am after that, especially if I have lunch with the CEO today. Perhaps I can go today after work. I hope so! I will probably get off late though and then be starving by the time I get home. But it stays light so late now that I might actually get a chance to run after the dinner settles.

I think I forgot to mention yesterday but I got attacked by mosquitoes on Saturday. I seriously look like I have chicken pox or something because I have red dots everywhere. It is really embarrassing, and incredibly itchy.

I went to Sun Harvest, a health food grocery store type place, and asked the woman at the checkout stand how to prevent it. She told me to take B Complex vitamins. I think I will pick some of those up today, as well as some tea tree oil which she says helps the bites heal better. Tea tree oil smells, but it always DOES do a good job for what it is supposed to do. I used it before for pimples and some other things I can't remember.

Do you have any tips on avoiding mosquitoes?

I am looking forward to eating healthier this week. Mike's Dad goes back home today, so now we have no excuse to go out to dinner. I plan on doing some more shopping either tonight or tomorrow night for healthy dinner foods and lunch foods. Luckily here I do not have to do much snack shopping anymore since my work will provide whatever I want. Love it.

Alright I need to head out. I hope you all have a fantastic Monday!

Planned Food for the Day
B: Yogurt w/ granola, grapes and flax seed, Coffee
L: No idea, going out with the CEO who I hear likes to eat healthy
S: Fig newton
D: Probably pasta or my mac n cheese special (w/ avocado, onions, tomatoes, etc)

Planned Workout
Try for a run after work

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Miss You Blog

I never do this. I blog all the time, so not blogging for so long really gets to me. heh. I need the outlet.

Things have been incredibly busy here, but also fantastic.

The new job is great. The people are great and I will be learning a lot more about my industry. This company really has it together, so I think I am headed toward better success this way.

On Thursday I did the whole orientation thing, and then went to lunch with my department. A lot of my department is made up of women and one man, which is a huge difference from my other place. They are all really nice as well, so I am really excited. Later that night I watched the NBA Finals game and went to bed pretty late. I was planning on going on a run the morning after but I did not want to kill myself before the second day at the new job.

On Friday work went well. I went to lunch with my boss, who is a marathon runner. We got to talk a lot about running and what not. I think I could get a few tips from him. When I got home I went with Mike, his Dad and the pups to the South Congress bridge to see the famous bats. I guess it is a largest grouping of bats in the US or something and they all escape from the bridge and sunset. It was pretty creepy, but still fun.

On Saturday morning I went on a run with Mike and 6am around the river. I could tell I was out of practice (2 weeks or so) and the heat will take some getting used to. The view was amazing and there were a TON of runners there, and a few running clubs, etc. I am really excited to go on a longer run next time!

After we got back we went to Mike's brothers place in East Texas, about a 5-6 hour drive. Once we got there we had a BBQ and hung out all night. It was basically a dog party there, with 5 dogs, including my own. One of my dogs, the one that we adopted that is sorta crazy around men, ended up biting one of the roommates. Sooo embarassing. We had to keep Emily on a leash the rest of the day and babysit her. Lordy.

Today we got some breakfast and then headed back. Right now I am catching up on some internet stuff, and about to study for work for some training I will be doing this coming week. Later tonight I am heading the BJ's to watch the NBA finals. Woo hoo!

I figured out a way to just send an email which will post to my blog. I am going to try to blog in the morning or something before work. I have been working on a plan for awhile, but nothing is in concrete yet.

Tomorrow morning I plan on going on a run at the trail nearby. Afterwards, work, and then some grocery shopping. A lot of the stores out here have all these organic sections, and healthy food stuff. I am so excited. I got these pumpkin and wheat crackers with cheese, they are only 100 calories with 5 grams of protein. I haven't tried them yet but plan to tomorrow!

Have a great time. I will get back to all of you individually soon!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Made it to Austin

I finally made it to Austin! It still feels like I just came here on vacation, rather than actually living here, even though I have already unpacked a decent amount of stuff in the apartment. Not sure when it will set in, but for now I am very excited.

Mike's graduation went well, and so did the trip out there. My family helped us pack our stuff into the moving van on Saturday and on Sunday, Mike, Mike's dad, my mom and I headed out on the road.

On the first day I dropped my mom off at my brothers and got to see my niece for the first time. She is only 2 weeks old, so she is teeny! She was soo cute and it was nice being able to hold her. I canNOT wait to visit her again.

After visiting with my brother, Mike, his dad and I stayed at a hotel a bit away. We left early the next morning and drove from 730am to 9pm (although we lost an hour due to time change). The hotel we stayed in the second night was awful, but there were very little options. Apparently there was an oil discovery in Fort Stockton so all the oil people were taking up all the hotels in that city, and the next city was 120 miles away. Geesh. But we survived. haha.

On Tuesday we left around 730am again and then made it into Austin by 1pm. We got the keys to the apartment, ate some food, and unpacked. Several hours later we were done. I am sore from the move yesterday because we live on the second floor and so I did a lot of climbing the stairs. After unpacking we went to Central Market which is less than a mile away. We wanted to pick up some healthy food and that was JUST the place to do that. Central Market was AMAZING and I am excited to go back when I actually have the time and the energy to look around.

Today we slept in until almost 9am and then got some breakfast burritos near our new place. We then went to Target to pick up a few things I needed to organize the place, and then the dollar store, and since then have been unpacking like crazy. My bathroom is done, and my closet is getting close to done. I still need to get a few more organizing type things for the closet though. I have a TON more boxes to unpack though. It is still fun though. I like organizing everything into their new little home. :-)

Our apartment is really nice, and the dogs seem to love it. I love this warm weather too, even if it was horrible during the move on Tuesday. haha.

My first day at my new job is tomorrow. I am nervous, but will be more nervous tonight. I probably will get no sleep, because I will worry about everything because that is just what I do the night before a first.

I think after work tomorrow we will all go to some restuarant that is playing the NBA playoffs. Woo hoo!

On Saturday and Sunday we are heading to Mike's brothers place which is in East Texas. We are supposed to BBQ and just hang out. His brother has 3 dogs, so it should be a fun little dog party as well. hahaha.

I am going to start getting back on the fitness track on Monday. I want to go running in the morning, before work. There is a trail I can actually run to, and probably will. The trail is amazing and I am looking forward to running it. I will probably just do 30 minutes in the morning, and then weights or something at night. There is a gym at the apartment complex as well, so I can always run on the treadmill after work, and use their weight machines w/ the AC. It might take awhile for me to get used to running in this weather, but it will be a good challenge.

There are some great paths near the river in Austin, and I think I will run those on weekends, especially since it will be cooler to be near water during the early mornings here in the summer.

Eating has been awful this past week. Living off of fast food is tough. My tummy is not very happy with me right now. I think we will probably eat healthy tonight though. Maybe more sandwiches or something. I am CRAVING healthy food badly. I have drank enough water though for a camel though in the last 2 days. The heat really makes you thirsty! haha

I am not going to make a lunch for work tomorrow though because I am not sure what the protocol will be for eating lunch with the new co-workers. At new jobs I usually just eat out with the people during the first week. Not sure how they all are though. I guess I will find out ;-)

I have missed you all and will try to catch up on your blogs. Right now I am currently using someone else's internet, so I can't even guarantee I can even go online until next Tuesday when we get our own internet installed. Thank you wireless internet and people who do not secure their network! hahaha. Have a great day and a fantastic week!


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