Friday, August 29, 2008

My Crazy Mind

Ever since I read that article yesterday, I have been obsessing over it. Am I just using the article as an easy solution as to why I am not losing weight when really its because I just eat too much? Am I thinking that because I really do not want to go wheat free? How can I possibly go wheat free? I already gave up chicken and miss it after 8 years, what the hell would I do without wheat? It's not fair, why do I have to be allergic to so many things, things that are supposed to be healthy for you? Why can't I be healthy when I eat wheat instead of having the opposite affect. It's hard enough to be healthy with every single recipe telling me I need to eat chicken. I guess I can try it out for a week to see how I feel. But is a week enough? Will I not eat wheat so much that I can't ever go back to it and be even worse off? The thoughts are swirling.

Officially I think I am going to try to go wheat free starting Saturday. Just do it for a week or so.

I loaded up on some wheat free food last night at Whole foods. I got a wheat free pizza with spinach and feta, almond crackers, wheat free frozen waffles, fruit, larabars, tofu, soymilk and some more stuff that I can't remember off the top of my head. I also found out there IS some wheat free beers. I haven't check them out yet and am guessing they are expensive. Oh well. haha.

Today I am doing a slow transition out of wheat. I had my wheat free frozen waffle this morning with almond butter and honey and some coffee with chocolate soy milk. The waffle tasted a little weird, but I think I could get used to it. Its texture reminded me of the pancakes at mccdonalds I ate like 15 years ago. haha.

I am supposed to get some free Mexican food this afternoon. Someone at my work put in their business card at this one place we ate at, and she ended up getting a free meal for a bunch of us there. Not sure what I will get, but I will aim for wheat free.

Also tonight I am supposed to go to this tapa's place for a friend's bday. Supposedly after we are supposed to go out dancing, which really is not my thing unless it is super cheesey music and I am with my closest friends (which is not the case tonight). One reason why wheat free is not happening tonight because I am sure wheat will be in almost all of the tapas and I am not splitting the bill to eat only one random thing.

Oh yeah, last night Mike and I went on a run. We did our 5 mile speedwork thing, although I think it turned out to only be 4 miles because it was getting dark and we were both in pain. My right shin is killing me, it hurts right now without me even having pressure on it. Maybe it will go away by Sunday when I have my 6 miler? I hope so. Geesh. Mike's knees were hurting as well. We are just old people or something. heh. But I am glad it is over and I motivated myself to go. I felt like crap last night, like I was getting sick, even though it was allergies. But once I went running I felt MUCH better, aside from the shin pain. I know that is what happens with me so I don't use my sinus problems as an excuse to not go running anymore.

Does anyone have big plans for Labor Day weekend? Mine are just to go on a 6 miler, lay out by the pool, get some books (borders has a 30% off coupon this weekend!), return some clothes I bought online, and go out tonight with the friends. Not sure what else is happening, but I would like to relax more than anything this weekend.

Also I am keeping a journal on a blog of the food I am eating this week, how it makes me feel, etc. But I will also keep a list of my planned food here in case it gives someone ideas on what to eat.

Planned to Eat Today
B: wheat free frozen waffle w/ almond butter & honey, coffee w/ chocolate soymilk
S: granola bar (i think nature valley has no wheat!)
L: salad
S: carrots
D: tapas?

Planned Workout
Rest Day!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Food Allergies - Insatiable Hunger

According to this article food allergies can often make you hungry, and make you retain fat and water. One of the allergies they mention is wheat, which I am allergic to but can eat a little bit without feeling like death. If I eat a whole bowl of shredded wheat though I am ridiculously bloated, so I don't do that, but I do eat some wheat because it is basically in everything.

It says that: "An allergic reaction can cause a drastic reduction in the blood sugar level. Irritability, weakness, and hunger symptoms will not go away when food is consumed in normal amounts. This allergic and addictive response to an allergic attack can cause an uncontrollable eating disorder."

This describes me to a T. Perhaps this is why I cannot lose weight despite all my efforts.

Some article I read also said that I should just eat meats, veggies and fruits. Not sure if I could survive off just that so I am going to look into wheat free stuff from Whole Foods. I wonder how long I should try this out. The article suggests a month. I have to say I hate being allergic to wheat, especially when all the health food says eat wheat. I hate wheat. grr.

Perhaps after my run today I will go to Whole Foods. Hmm.

I am going to document a more in depth food journal here and describe how I feel each day throughout the day.

I will be seriously annoyed if this has been the problem all along, but then also relieved I found a solution.

I may also be a sucker and looking into it. But ehh. It explains everything.


So I thought yesterday was a fluke on the scale. Now I am on day two of ridiculousness. It is bad.

I freaked out yesterday, in my head mostly, and at the same time was presented with endless terrible choices and made terrible choices.

First it was the catered lunch with sandwiches. of course I wanted to choose the philly cheese steak one because I NEVER eat them and it sounded soo good. And then they had my favorite chips, the baked jalepeno goodness ones. And then at my book club they had brownies and I had one, even though I knew later that I night I had plans to get ice cream with Mike after the meeting because it was his first day of school and its a tradition for me to get ice cream on this first day of school for someone.

So of course of that day I am going to be up even more. Blah.

I just don't know how many calories I should really eat. Even when I did eat only 1400 for a few weeks I lost only about 1-2lbs. And yes, for people who aren't aware I also workout.

Also since I have been running more I am hungry more. When I am hungry I cannot concentrate on work and feel shaky, etc. This results in me eating more. Eating more calories than I burn that is.

I do not want to calorie count. It makes me a bit obsessive and crazy about my diet.

I decided last night that my best plan is to just eat half of what I normally would. If I get cheese enchillada's with a side of rice and beans just eat half of what I would normally eat. If I take a granola bar from the cupboard at work only eat half of it. Not sure how realistic this plan is going to be, but I think I can do it for a few weeks. It involves no real restriction from any type of food, just a restriction on the amount of the food. Sounds realistic to me.

Also I need to drink less. Not that I drink much now, but when I drink thats a lot of extra calories, and THEN I tend to over eat when I am drinking.

I also need more fruits and veggies. I have been doing baby carrots this week. I need fruit that is as easy to eat and pack for lunches.

This sounds like a great idea to start right before labor day weekend right? Good thing I have no plans. Probably hang out by the pool or something on Saturday and Sunday kinda thing and then on Monday I have to do some work related stuff, do errands and laundry, etc.

When you need to get serious, how do you start lowering your calories? What are some of your best tricks?

I am writing a list of things I have already changed in my life to reduce calories:
1) coffee now involves just a tid bit of chocolate soy milk instead of some rich creamer, etc. (150 calories saved)
2) I stopped drinking starbucks doubleshot every single freaking day (170 calories less a day)
3) no more regular soda, only diet soda
4) 2% cheese
5) fage as sour cream
6) smaller breakfast - keep under 300 calories and then take a 100 calorie snack a few hours later to keep the metabolism up
7) run a LOT
8) eat a lot more protein
9) no more 100 calorie carb packed snacks
10) more fruits and veggies

I would love more ideas!

Also today I have a pseudo 5 miler. I think its 1 mile warm up, 3 miles faster than usual and 1 mile cool down. On Sunday I have to do a 6 miler. Not sure how I will survive but I will try.

What I Plan to Eat Today
B: frozen flax seed waffle w/ fake butter and jelly, coffee with chocolate hemp milk
S: 1/2 nature valley granola bar
L: 1/2 serving of my mac n cheese, w/ fage
S: 1/2 nature valley granola bar, baby carrots
D: pasta w/ tomato sauce and 1/2 a sausage (half of what I would normally eat)

Planned Workout
Run 5 miles (ish)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Last night was hilarious. Although I only knew about 3 of the Madonna songs (and when I say know, I mean sorta know) I still had a great time. Teddy and I seat danced a lot and had a lot of fun. Afterwards we went home and did a michael jackson dance-a-thon. Fantastic. They are doing a Michael Jackson Sing-a-long on Friday but not sure if we can get tickets. if so, i can assure you that it will be awesome. haha.

Tonight I have my book club meeting with a few co-workers froms work as well as a few others. I am pretty excited about it ;-)

Tomorrow I have to do 5 miles, or rather 1 mile warm up walk, 3 miles, and 1 mile cool down. I am intimidated still by this. My muscles and joints are not very happy with me right now and neither are Mike's. Hopefully they get used to it soon. I really am not pushing myself more than is suggested either since I am sticking to this runners world plan. I am increasing less than 10% every week in the mileage dept. Weird.

Mike was wondering if any of you actually take pain pills before or after the run? I said I do not because I avoid pills, but then he said it does reduce inflammation, which is a good idea. What do you all think about pain medication for the pain you get from running?

Planned to eat today
B: english muffin w/ almond butter & honey, coffee, tiny bit of OJ
S: granola bar
L: sandwiches, chips (catered lunch thing)
S: almonds
D: no idea, will be served at the book club

planned workout
rest day

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Done with the Run

I already finished my exercise for the day. Good thing too because I am busy today. I did a 2 miler this morning with Mike even though we were both ridiculously tired. I was sore throughout the run (mostly in the shins). I really think the inserts officially are not helping much. Or I am just exerting myself a lot more than I am used to and my muscles are mad at me. Not sure.

I do need to buy new shoes though....... but I also need to buy a bookshelf, a dresser, a flat iron, things to decorate the house, etc. Boooo. Why do I not have unlimited funds? hahaha.

Last night my plan was to finish my book for my book club meeting on Wednesday, but instead went to a BBQ thing Mike had to go to for a school thing. I thought he needed me there for support. I thought I would have today and tomorrow to finish the book during the lunch but I don't. I probably have today but am not sure. Eeek. I really like it too, its the Thank You for Smoking book. I guess I may just stay up late tonight.

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I am going to a Madonna sing along tonight for a friends birthday. A movie theater here hosts these events, where they play all their top music videos on the big screen, post the lyrics karaoke style, and do some other types of things. Sounds pretty fun. I am not that familiar with Madonna though. I know, I am lame, whatever. But it should be a good time. I will try to finish the book afterwards, or at least get some of it done.

Time to go.

My Packed Lunch & Snacks Today
veggie patti, hummus with pine nuts, pita bread, carrots, and fage yogurt (which will be a snack later).

Workout for the Day
2 milers

Monday, August 25, 2008


It seems like forever since I wrote. Practically because it was... for me.

In case you were wondering, last Thursday I did end up going to the gym during lunch. It worked out great. I think I am going to continue to do this, at least 2 days during the week. I am pretty excited it works out too!

On Friday I went out for drinks with a friend and had a pretty good time.

On Saturday I went to Costco to activate my membership (got it through work) and check the place out. I ended up spending too much, like most people do when they go to costco. But I did get some good stuff, and will have a ton of food for awhile. I got some veggie patties (they taste absolutely amazing) a huge tub of delicious hummus, some sausages, a huge thing of fage at a great discount, some smoothie mix ins and some annie's mac n cheese for emergency meals. ;-) I also ended up going to Central Market to pick up other basics like produce, pita bread, etc.

On Sunday I went for my 5 miler. I was really nervous about it, but it turned out fine. We left around 930 to head to Town Lake. We probably didn't start until 10. We all thought it was pretty cool for that time of day, but once I started running I wasn't sure if it was actually hot out or my body was over heating on its own. It was a terrible run. Meaning I kept saying things in my head like, walk now, SLOW DOWN, I am dying, i feel like hell, eff this etc. I hate when I talk negatively towards myself during the runs and I tried to change it,but seriously, I was dying. haha. I ended up doing a lot of running/walking, and towards the end much more walking. When I got to the stopping point Mike and my friend Teddy were there (she ran a 3 miler) and I said, wow, slowest 5 miles EVER. And then they said, really?! we both thought you went really fast. So i was a little shocked, but that is what I needed to hear ;-)

We did a 15 minute cool down walk and I stretched a little. I am now still incredibly stiff.

Weekly Workout Schedule:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Easy Run, Dist: 2mi
Wednesday: Upper Body at gym
Thursday: Dist: 5mi, inc Warm up; 3x800@5:51
w/400 jogs
Friday: maybe gym for lower body
Saturday: rest
Sunday Dist: 6mi

I am not exaggerating when I say I am freaking out about the 6 miler and another 5 miler this week. ahhhhh. The first 3 weeks were pretty easy but now this training is getting pretty hardcore. I am seriously pretty intimidated by it. But why would they suggest it if they didnt think it was possible for me to do?

Also my whole eating less thing in the last week has definitely helped with the scale. I do not want to jinx it though. So I am going to just continue to stay on plan.

Planned Food for the Day
B: english muffin w/ almond butter & honey, coffee w/ hemp milk
S: granola bar
L: pita bread w/ ham, hard boiled egg
S: almonds
D: pasta w/ sausage

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gym - get your stuff together already... haha

Last night I got an email from my gym saying they could not process my payment. It is because they do automatic payments and I did not update my new card in their system with the proper expiration date. Awesome. So I updated it on their site last night. But now I am nervous that when I go in today at lunch that they will be like well you didnt pay, blah blah blah. I was going to avoid the gym until the payment went through because I am a wimp in that sort of situation, but I decided to suck it up and just deal with it when I get there. It was an honest mistake. Maybe if their system would have notified me that my card expired before they tried to process the payment then we could avoid this whole situation. That is what other companies I do automatic payments with did for me. Get with it gym. Geesh.

I also went on a run last night. Mike and I did 3 miles. I finished in 35 minutes or so, and that includes waiting at a stop light for about a minute or two. Mike told me a way to avoid the stop light after I was done with the run. I wish he would have told me BEFORE. hahah.

After the run we went to this outdoor festival I mentioned here before called "Blues on the Green" and hung out there a bit. We planned the run so we would end there and then just walk about a mile back to our car. We ended up not getting home until 9:15pm, and note I need to go to bed before 11 to get decent sleep and I still hadn't eaten.

I whipped up a quick egg salad pita. Delish. Also what I am having for lunch today :-)

I ended up not getting to bed until pretty late, but I have already had 2 cups of coffee today so I am awake... now.

Tonight the plan is to go to dog park with the pups. Not sure what else is going on, but that usually takes up a good part of my night.

What I actually ate yesterday
B: english muffin w/ almond butter & honey, coffee w/ splash of chocolate hemp milk
S: granola bar
L: turkey bacon avocado wrap w/ sweet potato fries and a tiny piece of chocolate cake (like maybe 1/8)
D: egg salad pita

What I plan to eat today
B: english muffin w/ almond butter & honey, coffee w/ splash of chocolate hemp milk
S: granola bar
L: egg salad pita
S: almonds or something
D: cilantro onion pita pizza

Planned Workout
15 minute walk/run on treadmill, 10-15 minutes on weights

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Plan in Action

So while driving to work today I was thinking about how I need to add more gym workouts into my routine. I need to do weights, which I cannot do at home completely, but I have no idea how to fit it in. I start work at 8am and don't get home until 7pm. On my running days I am not usually done with the run until around 830 pm or so, unless I do it in the morning. So... do i want to add in 2 more days of getting home at 830 pm?

Well I do have one more option, one that I wouldn't have remembered unless someone left the comment they did on my blog yesterday. If I am only doing weights at the gym, I can definitely do that during my lunch. Why not? Well, I would be sweaty from it and have to put my work clothes back on even though I am a bit sweaty. But then really I am not one who sweats a lot, so I probably wouldn't be too sweaty. So now I have no reason not to.

My new plan is to give this a try tomorrow, since today I have the catered lunch thing at my work. Sounds good to me.

Do any of you workout at lunch? How do you do it? How long is your lunch? (mine is an hour). My gym is about a mile away so I am sure I could do it, no problem.

What I actually ate yesterday
B: english muffin w/ almond butter & honey, coffee w/ hemp milk
S: kashi granola bar
L: some fancy panini w/ fancy cheeses, onion and prosciutto (sp?)
S: strawberries, 2 mini snickers bars (need to get away from these!)
D: home made curry w/ rice and garbanzo beans, ice cream bar (cutting these off for the week)

what I plan to eat today
B:english muffin w/ almond butter & honey, coffee w/ hemp milk
S: granola bar
L: turkey bacon avocado wrap w/ sweet potato fries (will only eat half the serving)
S: almonds
D: egg salad pita

Workout Plan for the Week
M: 2 milers (done)
T: rest (done)
W: 3 milers
Th: Gym at lunch
F: rest
St: 5 miles (eek!!!)
Sun: rest

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Raining it's Pouring...

Wow, definitely had to drive through some rain today. Geesh. At least it is over... for now.

Yesterday it rained as well. In fact, I heated up my lunch yesterday with plans to eat outside on the picnic benches with my book. Turns out it was sprinkling when I went outside with my warm plate of food. I did not want to eat in the office, because it really stresses me out eating while feeling the pressure to also work every second I am in the office. I hate being stressed when I eat. Ruins the food. Anyway, I ended up eating outside but had to cut my lunch short (only 15 minutes instead of 60 minutes) because I did not want to come back into work looking like a mop. Oh well. It did make the day feel like it lasted forever though.

Also yesterday I was extremely hungry, ALL DAY. I ate a lot of food yesterday to combat this feeling and should NOT have been hungry, but I was, until I went on a run after work. Then the hunger started to go away. Not sure if it was because I was tired, or I ate a decent amount the day before, or my stomach was just super acidic from drinking alcohol several times over the weekend. I am voting on the last reason. We shall see.

My run yesterday was alright. It was just a 2 miler, but it felt MUCH longer because the humidty was around 91% or sometyhing ridiculous. It wasn't hot though, but I hate when my sweat is just dripping down my nose, forehead, etc. I should wear a boys headband or whatever it is called that some guys wear in the NBA. hahaha. I completed it though, which makes me happy.

If the rain lets up today, Mike and I might take the pups on a short run (like half a mile) to get them used to running. Although I fired them from running with me, Mike wants to give it one more time, and I am giving in.

Today if it is still raining (which it is supposed to) I think i will just go somewhere and grab lunch because I don't want to sit outside on the picnic benches, or inside the office. or I can just go to the local park and eat my lunch in the car. Not sure. warm tomato soup and a sandwich DOES sound good though. mmmmmmmm.

How do you eat your lunch if you pack yours? In a break room? Outside? In your car? Do you go home?

What I actually ate yesterday (too much!)
B: english muffin w/ almond butter & honey, coffee w/ hemp milk
S: granol abar
L: cheese enchillada w/ rice and beans
S: almonds, 2 mini candy bars, lara bar
D: pita (w/ lettuce, pistachios, bleu cheese, rasberry dressing, ham, hard boiled egg)
D: ice cream bar

What I plan to eat today
B: english muffin w/ almond butter & honey, coffee w/ hemp milk
S: granola bar
L: sandwich and soup, or my pita w/ turkey
S: almonds
D: Another pita concoction or if teddy makes her red curry stuff I will eat that

Planned Workout
short run with dogs, pull ups, etc

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday is here again

Definitely tired today. Mike and I stayed up talking until 1230. We had to cancel the morning run because we would be too tired in the morning. Oh well. We will definitely do the run tonight though, even if it is raining like it is supposed. Maybe at worst we will take turns on the treadmill at the apartment gym. ahhaha.

So for a weekend wrap up. Let's go.

Friday night Mike and I went to see Vicky, Christina, Barcelona. It was a great movie, definitely in my top 10 list for 2008 movies. I love me some Woody Allen.

On Saturday we were going to do the "Death Proof Tour Through Austin" (basically go to all the places that were shown in the Death Proof film by Quentin Tarantino) but the apartment complex thought it would be a great idea to install cabinets in our place on Saturday. With our two dogs we have to be home when this goes on because they are definitely territorial. Mike, Teddy and I took them to Bull Creek and hung out there for awhile. Then we came home, and the cabinet guys were still in the process of completing the job. Teddy and I ended up going to the mall while Mike watched some olympics and protected the men from our tiny vicious dogs. hahah. I ended up getting a really cute dress, and we got lost for about 45 minutes trying to find out car. hahhaha.

Mike and I decided to do our 4 miler on Saturday, right after I took a shower. Awesome right? haha. But the weather was really cool (for Austin) and it definitely affected my run. I was able to run 4 miles without stopping (except for walking up some stairs up the South Lamar bridge and doing a quick hip stretch). It was pretty much amazing. I felt soo great afterwards, and for the rest of the weekend because of it.

Later that night Mike, Teddy and I went to Dave and Busters because I had some free gift cards there. We were able to get a nice meal, some drinks and play a lot of the games. I played the trivia game and actually won once, with everyone playing. I also won a game of those basketball games they have there. It was sad though because I only got 31 points on it, and I was competeing with 4 other people, one a guy. Embarassing for them. hahah.

On Sunday we ended up doing the "Death Proof Tour Through Austin". We went to this place called the Omlettry, which is know for their omlettes. Unfortunately I thought I didn't like omlettes and ordered french toast instead. After trying Mike's omlette though I discovered that I definitely do like them. Unfortunately for me I had an incredibly carby breakfast and was hungry the rest of the day. Oops.

After the omlettry we went to HEB and discovered the nightmare that is Sunday grocery shopping there. Ahhhhhhh. But I got some tasty food, even if the experience shortened my life by a few years.

After a few chores around the house and what not, we went to Texas Chili Parlor. I was craving a blood mary even though I hate most of the ingrediants in them. Turns out a random craving does not make me like them. it was absolutely disgusting. Thankfully it was only $2.50.

After we had a few drinks there we went to Guero's and got some Mexican food. Pretty tasty food, although I did almost run into a waiter and he kind of yelled at me. Although honestly, I think we ran into each other, not just me running into him. Whatever. hah.

Tonight the plan is to pay bills, and go for our 2 miler. Also get some freaking sleep. haha. I got a lot of sleep the rest of the weekend, just not last night. Definitely a Monday for me today.

Planned Food for the Day
B: 100 calorie english muffin w/ almond butter and honey, coffee w/ chocolate hemp milk
S: granola bar
L: leftover guero's (cheese enchillada w/ rice and beans)
S: almonds
D: pita filled with some nonsense. haha.

Planned Workout
2 miler

Friday, August 15, 2008

Can't Wait for the Weekend!!

I was going to tell you about the affect my allergies are having on me this very moment, but I realized some people eat while reading blogs, and that could be a problem. Let's just say my throat hurts because of the problem. Gross.

Last night was a pretty good night. Mike and I took the pups to the dog park. Emily is getting along with soo many more dogs, it is insane. She used to be extremely anti social, and would start fights with dogs, but she is MUCh better now and almost acts like a normal dog. Yay! The only time she is mean now is when she thinks a dog is beating up on Ender, then she goes in to proect him. hahha.

After that I just went home and had an egg salad pita. Yummy. Same dinner 2 nights in a row. Can you tell I am running out of food and was starving? Did I also tell you I bought a bag of 8 already hard boiled eggs for only $1.80. Amazing. I canNOT for the life of me boil an egg properly and I love hard boiled eggs so this is amazing to me.

I decided starting Monday I am go full force and just eating a little less every day next week. I gotta be seriously for at least a week right? Geesh. The pants are getting tighter and the scale is getting higher. Also I plan to do weights starting next week again on top of my running.

This weekend I have some good plans. I am excited about them.

Tonight I am watching the new Woody Allen movie at Alamo Drafthouse.
Saturday, Mike, Teddy and I are going to watch the movie Death Proof, which was filmed in austin. After the movie we are going to visit all the places featured in Austin in the movie. So far we know we will be visiting a place called Guero's, Texas Chili Parlor and the Omletry. At the Texas Chili Parlor we are only doing drinks (or thats the plan) so it won't be eating too much food in one day. BUt either way, it is fun.

On Sunday I plan to go on a run in the morning, do some work for work, do laundry and clean up my house.

I didn't pack a lunch today so I will probably go out. I have no idea if the other co-workers are going out or I have to go on my own. Either way, not a big deal. If I go alone I need to make a stop at a target or something because my favorite watch that matches with most of my outfits died today. Meaning the wristband split apart. lame. I have to wear watches at work because of a tattoo on my wrist. I am not too excited about the upper management seeing it as of yet. I want to kick as much booty as possible so there is no weird judgment going on.

Anyway....... time to head out.

What I actually Ate Yesterday
B: english muffin w/ almond butter & honey, coffee, splash of OJ
S: kashi granola bar
L: garbanzo beans w/ hummus and pita.
S: 2 cookies, tiny amount of pretzels and some almonds
D: egg salad pita, brazilian chocolate

What I Plan to Eat Today
B: cereal, coffee w/ chocolate soy milk
S: granola bar
L: sandwich from somewhere
S: pretzels w/ almonds
D: not sure, but something healthy from home

Planned Workout:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Unexpected Workout

Last night was definitely an interesting one. When I got home from work I put in my new inserts into my shoes and left with Mike and Teddy to the "town lake" to go for our 3 miler. I ended up doing pretty well, overall. I used to be anti walking while on a run, but I think I have officially changed on that mentality in the last few weeks. When I allow myself to walk (when I am absolutely dying) I give myself sometime to cool down, mark out a spot where I have to start again and run a little faster than I was running before I stopped. Every time I stop to walk I have to run a little faster.

This method worked marvelously yesterday. I actually ended up finishing about 3 minutes ahead of one girl who was booking it past me in the beginning of the run. Sweet! And yes, I pay attention to who is around me. Especially yesterday since I forgot my ipod for the run. Oops. I ended up finishing the 3 miles in about 31 minutes, which is fantastic for me.

After the run we all cooled down and then headed to Alamo Drafthouse to ask the people there about tickets to the new Woody Allen movie, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. The website said something about "no pass" so I wasn't sure if it meant we couldn't buy tickets or not. We verified with the people at Alamo that we could in fact buy the tickets, so we did. I am in love with Woody Allen movies so I am really excited to go. :-)

Once we got back into the car to go home we discovered the car would not start. It was getting dark and we didn't feel like waiting for AAA because we only live 2.5 miles away from where we were. We walked back home, already sweaty from the run. It was actually a pretty pleasant walk. We didn't get back until 930pm, which is when I proceeded to jam a egg salad on pita down my mouth and then head back to Mike's car to see if it would start again with a jump or just its cool down. It ended up starting back up, although whatever is wrong is not getting better. He drove his car home and will probably have to take it in to get fixed tomorrow. Oh well.

At least I was in good company and in good spirits on the extra bout of exercise I was forced into. haha.

After we got home though I started watching some olympics, but went to bed by 11 so I wouldn't be a mega b word the next day. haha. Mike ended up not even getting to his dinner last night until 11pm. Eeek.

Tonight I have no plans as of yet, and can't afford to have any until tomorrow (pay day). I might do some push ups, etc tonight when I get home. We shall see.

Oh yeah, and the verdict on the shoe inserts so far, my shins are not sore at all. My achilles tendon is still a little stiff, but much better than usual. Sweet!!

Planned Food for the Day
B: english muffin w/ almond butter, honey, coffee
S: 90 calorie speciak k bar
L: pita w/ garbanzo beans and hummus
S: pretzels and almonds
D: Maybe egg salad pita again? it was tasty!!!

Planned Workout
push ups, sit ups, etc

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It Did It to Me Again

Another late one. I swore I would go to bed earlier last night, but I didn't. Oh well. At least my FAVORITE part of the olympics is over. At least in regards to sleep. I wish I could keep watching them compete.

I actually spent time packing my lunch today and then realized as soon as I came into work that today is catered lunch day at work. Oops. I guess I have a lunch already packed for Thursday?

Last night I went to this sport store type place called Academy for some shoe inserts. I found some, but haven't put them in my shoes yet, for only $14. I hope they work out. They have some warranty or something so they better! ;-) But I also got a pair of running shorts for $3. Woo hoo! I wanted to stay in there longer and gaze at all the amazing workout clothing and what not, but I forced myself to go home because I canNOT afford to buy anything that isn't necessary.

Tonight I am going to give those inserts a run for their money, literally, haha. Let's see if they work and I am not sore tomorrow. I am doing a 3 miler tonight at Town Lake with Mike and Teddy. Can't wait. :-)

Last night all I did was whine because I was completely drained to the point of incoherency for the most part, and watched the olympics. Luckily my friend and Mike can deal with me when I am that whiny.

I have a ton to do today and need to get to it.

Thanks for your tips yesterday! I read everyone and love them all. :-)

What I Actually Ate Yesterday
B: english muffin, 1/2 thing of fage, coffee w/ soymilk
S: kellogs 90 calorie bar
L: flauta w/ chips, beans, rice (reason why the scale was super high this morning?)
S: fun size snickers bar, goldfish (or this?)
D: pita w/ garbanzo beans W/ hummus, bell pepper
D: 2 beers (much needed!)

What I plan to eat today
B: english muffin w/ almond butter and honey, coffee w/ light chocolate soymilk, splash of OJ
S: granola bar
L: not sure what it is yet?
D: something healthy and cheap bc I am broke and need healthy

Planned Workout
3 mile run

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Two Coffee Cup Kinda Day

Geesh, I stayed up late AGAIN because of the Olympics. Why does it have to be so awesome? geesh. I know tonight it will probably be the same as well because women's gymnastics is on. Woo hoo! Today is going to be at least a two cups of coffee kinda day. Perhaps even three.

Today I have plans to go out with my dept to lunch. It should be a good time. I love when we can all get together. It is suppossed to be Mexican food and I imagine we will all share fajitas. Too bad I am not one of the lucky ones that can just choose to eat mine with chicken. Oh well.

I have no workout planned for today, but tomorrow the 5k training continues. I need to do more weights and what not, but I don't have time right now. I will get back to it though, I promise.

I need to go to a sports store today to get inserts for my shoes. I really cannot afford new shoes, but can afford inserts, which I heard help the shoes last a little longer. Have you ever used shoe inserts in your running shoes before? If you have used any, are there any you would suggest me trying?

I was at Target on Sunday looking for these shoe inserts and the only "sport" ones I could find (which my friend suggested) was for men. Boo to that. And its not like they even ran out of the women ones, they didn't even have a slot for the women's sport ones. Boooo. I am sure a sport store would have them, right?

Alright, time to head out. Have a great day, and let me know about shoe inserts if you have used them before. Thanks! :-)

What I actually ate yesterday
B: english muffin w/ almond butter & honey, coffee
S: granola bar
L: pasta, hard boiled egg, some goldfish crackers
S: fig newton, english muffin w/ almond butter and honey, several pistachios
D: couscous with veggies and small bits of steak

note: i was starving ALL day. It never ended. Seriously.

What I plan to eat today
B: english muffin w/ almond butter & honey, half a thing of fage, coffee w/ light chocolate soymilk
S: granola bar
L: mexicna food. mmm.
D: some sort of pita w/ veggies concoction.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Run -- Over

My first run of the week is already over. Woo hoo!

During the run I was definitely feeling tired, probably because I have not gotten more than 6 hours of sleep a night for at least 3 or 4 days. I am not good at doing well on this sort of sleep, or lack of sleep. My legs felt like lead, and I felt really worn out, but I toughed it out anyway with Mike. Mike was feeling the same way as me this morning as well. But we cheered each other on, and once I said we are 2/3's done with our run for the day, we both got an extra boost of energy and finished strong.

We wanted to work out in the morning today because we need to take the pups to the park after work. They need more walks, and are definitely acting like they need more. hahah.

Oh and the reason I stayed up late last night was definitely because I was watching the olympics. I was about to go to bed, but then the gymnastics came on and I can NOT pass that up. Then swimming came on which I did not want to pass up either. Oh and side note, I did not even stay up that late, but I was DRAINED all day after the run because my lack of sleep the nights before. So really I just went to bed much later than planned.

Today my lunch buddy is now on vacation and won't be here for lunches anymore since she is going part-time due to grad school. :-( I think I will have to resort to sitting outside on the benches alone and reading. No biggie, but still :-(

I also wanted to say I am in love the with Runners World magazine I got. I can't wait to finsih it. I wish I would have brought it here with me.

Also today at work for some reason the water is turned off. People are freaking out. We can't even drink coffee without the water. haha. Luckily I am already caffienated, but... I am thirsty for some water. I hope it gets turned back on soon because soda in the morning grosses me out.

Okay I am going to head out now. I have a lot to do today.

Planned to Eat Today
B: english muffin w/ almond butter & honey, coffee, splash of OJ
S: granola bar
L: pasta w/ basil, tomato, garlic, onions, parmesan. 1 hard boiled egg (protein)
S: almonds
D: not sure, but I think steak will be involved. I am craving it, which is extremely rare, so I think I must be lacking some iron or something.

Planned Workout
Morning run, 2 miles, done.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekends are Fun

It has been quite awhile since I wrote. Weird. Going crazy here ;-)

I have been pretty busy, doing things at almost every moment it seems and enjoying my time. Work was pretty intense on Thursday and Friday and with my friend in town I am trying to introduce her to Austin.

On Friday night we went and got some Thai food at Madam Ma'am's. It was decent, nothing to write home about, although I guess I am technically writing about it on here. Hmmm. Anyway, afterwards Mike, Teddy and I met up with my friend Kim and went to this dive bar called Ego's. It was a karaoke bar where there were a TON of people who actually do this a LOT. We ended up not getting back home and in bed until after 230, so I did not end up waking up in time for a Saturday morning run. Oops.

On Saturday I spent a good part of the day watching the Olympics. I love watching them! In fact, I am kind of watching it right now. Teddy, Mike and I also went to this new local brewery, 512, because they were giving away free samples of beer, and who can pass up free beer? The beer was pretty tasty, although it was so hot any liquid was good at that point. haha. After that we headed to this place called Manuels to get their happy hour margaritas and some tasty food. I am now officially in love with flautas. Later in the night Teddy and I went to Alamo Drafthouse and watched Pineapple Express.

Today Teddy, Mike and I went on a run at town lake. It was hot today at 9am. We had a 3 miler scheduled so we did that. I had to do a little walk/run towards the end because it was so hot, but I still think I went pretty fast compared to how I was running about 3 weeks ago. Sweet! After eating lunch and what not I went to Borders to get the book for my book club (Thank you for smoking) and to Central Market where I got a lot of tasty food. I would have been within budget but I bought a Runners World magazine. Oops. I am pretty excited to finish it, although all the stories make me think I am pathetic and then I realize to a 100 miler is not a goal I would ever set for myself anyway. heh.

The rest of the day I think I am going to just do laundry, watch the Olympics, do an excel online course I am taking and hang out. I also plan to make a dinner of pasta with tomatoes, basil and parmesan. This will be my new meal of the week ;-)

I have plans to do a 2 miler tomorrow morning, a 3 miler on Wednesday evening and perhaps even some cross training between then. I really need to do more cross training but its hard when I get home at 7pm. I think once my friend and Mike are in school it will be much easier because it means I have a lot of alone time. Good alone time for = working out. :-)

I think I am also going to make a few meals for lunch for the week. Sounds fun to me.

Food Today Eaten (or plan to eat)
Pre-Workout: tea cake
Breakfast: small tortilla w/ egg, bacon, cheese
Lunch: smoothie (frozen fruit, 1/2 fage cup, almond milk, OJ)
S: pumpkin cracker
D: basil, parmesan, tomato pasta

Planned Workout
3 miler

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Humid Run

Whew, another morning run down! Woo hoo. It really isn't too bad getting up on runs in the morning, even when I am not caught up on sleep as much as I would like to be. The only problem is I think next week the 3 miles start on the 5k training and that means I need to get up even earlier if I want to do a morning run, or learn to run faster. haha. I practiced running faster today, and I think I did quite a good job at it. It was REALLY humid though this morning, which means I was sweaty mcsweatserson. Lordy. It rained last night, and probably this morning so the air was more "wet" today than usual. Geesh. Oh well, I am in great spirits regardless.

Last night I ended up just going home, because my friend who just moved here needed at least one night to relax. I made a pita pizza (w/ cheese, tomato sauce, cilantro, onions, garlic) and I liked it. Mike said too many onions were on his, but oh well. When I eat onions I just imagine cancer dying in my body for some reason. hahaa. I am a nerd.

Ohhh and Teddy's mom bought Mike and I a book on Austin Restuarants. I am sooo excited to read it, and try some of the ones it suggests out! Woo hoo!!!

Also last night while cutting an onion, and imagining how one of the girls on America's Next Top MOdel completely sliced her finger off practically while cutting an onion, I cut my finger. Note: this is not the only time I imagined this, I imagine this every single time I cut onions now. I think its pretty bad, I didn't want to do anything but keep the cut tight and then bandaged up so I am not entirely sure. But also this morning I burnt my other hand w/ my curling iron. I am great at hurting myself. Geesh.

Today is catered lunch day. I am getting a veggie stir fry bowl with peanut sauce and tofu. Mmmmm. Can't wait. It usually keeps for 2-3 lunches too. Plus I got edamame on the side. Mmmmmmmmm. Should be a good snack throughout the day.

Tonight Teddy and I (and perhaps the dogs and Mike later on) are going to what is called "Blues on the Green". It is a festival type thing with free music, food to buy, people playing volley ball, drinking etc. Normally I just run by it, but tonight I am actually going. I am hoping the rain lets up so it will actually be fun. I am really excited for it too. Woo hoo.

Alright I need to head out now. Have a great day!

What I Actually Ate Yesterday
B: english muffin w/ almond butter & honey, coffee w/ chocolate soymilk
S: granola bar
L: popcorn tofu w/ cilantro ranch, pumpkin seed cracker, orange
S: pretzels w/ cheese, mini reeses pb cup
D: pita pizza & vegan trail mix cookie (amazing btw)

Plan to Eat Today
B: english muffin w/ almond butter & honey, coffee w/ chocolate soymilk
S: granola bar
L: Veggie Stir Fry Bowl w/ tofu, edamame
S: Edamame
D: Probably Mr. Naturals

Workout for the Day
2 mile run (done)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No Sleep...

So my friend came into town last night, and I forgot she was bringing her hamster. It would not normally be a problem, because I love animals, but my dogs on the other hand like to eat animals that are not dogs. Luckily they did not ever bark at the hamster but they were beyond curious about it. I had to put it in my closet in my bedroom while my friend was staying at a hotel with her mom. This resulted in the dogs whining at the closet door all night and staring at me to wake me up and let them hang out with the hamster. Lordy. I got no sleep. Also not a big fan of my clothes smelling like hamster cage. I will definitely need a new place for the hamster, but its hard when my dogs want to eat it.

In other news, the night went well. I met Teddy and her mom for dinner at this taqueria place. The place was sub par, not very authentic at all, but I had a good time. It is nice to see her again. :-)

Tonight I am not sure what we will do, pretty much up to her I suppose.

On Wednesday I think we are going to go running at the Town Lake and then visit the "Blues on the Green" thing where local music is played, with food, etc. I think it would be a fun thing to run to. :-)

Today I hope to eat a little better. I spent my dreams coming up with new food ideas. Unfortunately they were stressful dreams though. Weird.

What I Plan to Eat Today
B: English Muffin w/ almond butter and honey, Coffee w/ light chocolate soymilk
S: granola bar
L: popcorn tofu w/ cilantro ranch, and a pumpkin seed cracker thing, w/ orange
S: pretzels w/ cheese
D: Either Guaco tacos, or some sort of pita pocket thing.

Planned Workout
Not much. The shin is still hurting so resting it and will be too busy tonight. Oh well.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Thank you for all your great comments on my last post. It was something I was thinking in my head for a long time, but finally sputtered out.

I hope all your weekends went well. Mine went pretty well overall.

On Friday, after work, I did some grocery shopping at this place called Sun Harvest, essentially a health food/grocery store. I definitely ended up buying too much. I blame it on the tasty cheese I bought.

I bought ingredients for a salad I was craving and made it that night. It included lettuce (of course), pistachios, blueberry/cranberries (dried), bleu cheese, turkey and a raspberry vinegarette. Mmmmmm.

That night Mike and I watched the movie Life is Beautiful, which was amazing.

On Saturday Mike and I woke up early to go on a run at the town lake. We did 2 miles again. I actually ended up running a lot faster than I thought I could, even though it was ridiculously hot out, even at 9am.

Afterwards I made an amazing smoothie. And Mike and I relaxed for a bit until we went to Wheatsville Co-Op (another health food/grocery store type place) and met up with my friend Kim. It was a great place, and even though it wasn't very healthy I got what they called "popcorn tofu." It tastes exactly what I remember popcorn chicken tastes like, and even Mike agreed. It was pure heaven. I always miss chicken since I can't eat it, so when I find replacements for things I miss every once in awhile it is nice. Mmmmmm.

After that Mike and I attempted to go to see Hellboy 2, but that was sold out. So we met up with Kim at this local restaurant that we had a $15 off coupon. It has this cute outdoor seating area, where dogs can go, and a live band is playing. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards we went back to my place and watched Charades.

On Sunday Mike and I went to Bull Creek again with the pups. They loved it. I have so much fun when I am there. There was actually a Great Dane party there, and I saw about 20 HUGE Great Danes. They don't call them Great for nothing. haha.

Afterwards I basically relaxed at home and did my own thing because it was my last night to get some alone time in. I read blogs, watched tv, movies, etc. I also cleaned up a little bit, although not as much as I should have.

Teddy comes in today! I am pretty excited about it. Not sure if she is, because she is in shock that she actually is moving here and leaving everything behind. I never got that shock thing or felt I made the wrong decision at all, so no big deal for me.

Anyway........ because I knew Teddy was coming today, and that I had 5k training to do, I did my run with Mike this morning. We might keep this morning thing up actually once school starts for him. It DOES feel good to have your run over before 630am. But also I might have to start coming into work earlier as well. Blah. I am glad I got the run done today and feel much better. In fact I have not had coffee yet, and I feel okay. I did however have a fantastic smoothie this morning. Mmmmmmm.

Oh also, I have this pain in my shin area and I am not sure if it is a shin splint or what. Also my achiles tendon has also been hurting the past few months every once in awhile. I think when I moved in I tore them both a bit, so it might be them recovering. Or... I need to buy new shoes. I bought shoes in January or something though, so not sure it is too early to get new ones. How often do you get new running shoes?

Alright, time to move on with my day. Have a great Monday!

What I plan to eat today
B: Smoothie, Coffee w/ chocolate soymilk
S: granola bar
L: mac n cheese w/ avacado, tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro
S: peanuts or something
D: not sure, but probably going out since my friend is coming into town.

Planned Workout
2 mile run (done)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Body Dysmorphia?

I have no idea if I have body dysmorphia. How do you ever really know if you have an accurate view of what you really look like? Sometimes my opinion is probably lower and other times higher than what I should really feel about myself. Or at least what I think I should feel about myself. But then again, what should I feel about myself really? Who defines what I look like, and frankly why should I care?

That paragraph either made NO sense to you, or a lot of sense.

I struggle my view of myself all the time. Sometimes I look in the mirror and say to myself "even though the scale says I weigh a lot more than most people at my height, I still look small." Other days I see myself as a big trash bag shape and talk crap to myself about myself. These are usually days that the scale is up higher than usual.

I try to look at photographs, to see what I "really" look like. Sometimes I look "HUGE" compared to what I see in my mind, and in other photos I look pretty much like what I imagine myself to look like. Were the "huge" photo's just bad photos? Bad angles? Wrong clothing?

It is so strange how much we as a gender question how we look constantly, and try to base this image we have in our head and how we think people view us, of course compared to others around us.

I have a friend who people call petite all the time, a word I used to be described as, but have not heard myself compared to in a LONG time. And one time she was over and we wanted to go swimming but she forgot her bathing suit. I suggested she wear one of mine. She said there was no way she would fit into it. I took this offensivly at first, even though I realized she just meant because my chest was bigger then hers, I think. She is generally a size smaller in jeans than I am, but I didn't think her view of me was THAT much bigger than her image of herself. It made me reevaulate myself, maybe my perception was that I was smaller than I was. The scale sure seems to think so. So then it goes into the same weird battle of thoughts in my head.

I am generally a positive person, which results in myself not having a terrible image of myself, even if the scale does say I am larger than others. Whatever trash talk appears in my thoughts I usually can battle off. Sometimes they reign for a day or so, but usually not more than that.

As you have noticed that in the last few weeks I am trying to get serious about actually losing some weight. I am working out now, I eat a lot healthier (generally) than I used to before I started all of this, but I still do not weigh less, and today actually .3 lbs more (so lame that I even felt I should mention that, right?). So I started those goals, and am trying my best to stick to them, which is incredibly hard when you are trying to be extra social in order to make friends in a new place. I knew I ate too much this week. I also know that I should have eaten less than I did. But I also know that I was so starving yesterday that if I didn't eat when I did I would probably not be able to do my job, because when I am THAT hungry I just cannot concentrate. Also yesterday I was unconventionally hungry, for no real reason. My appetite was incredibly irrational yesterday. I think it was allergies, which usually causes it to be like that. And I did forget to take my claritin, until about 6 hours after I should have. Blah.

Anyway I am trying hard, but then again I know I am honestly not trying hard enough. In these situations, I either give up or try even harder. But lately I just haven't cared either way. So what gets me to care? Talking trash on myself? No way... super lame. Perhaps my health? That is the only motivating thing I can accept. So I guess I will try to stick with that. Focus more on health goals.

I need to come up with some. The only drinking once a week is health related, eating healthier meals, more veggies, more fruit, training for a 5k, etc. I think these will overall improve my health and most likely help me lose some weight.

Another goal, stop comparing myself to others. I am who I am, and need to focus on my opinions on who I am, not who I am compared to someone else. And that goes for looks, success, etc. I think that is a good goal, stopping those annoying voices in my head. Sounds like a good goal to me. What do you think?

In conclusion, I apoligize if this makes no sense.

What I actually ate yesterday
B: english muffin w/ pb & honey, coffee w/ lighy chocolate soy milk
S: coffee w/ lighy chocolate soy milk, granola bar
L: Turkey bagel sandwich from einsteins w/ chips
S: honey roasted peanuts
D: beans, rice, vegetarian tacos, too many chips.... mexican martini

Plans for Food Today
B: english muffin w/ pb & honey, coffee w/ lighy chocolate soy milk
S: potato egg cheese taco
L: Beans & Rice w/ turkey
s: almonds, carrots
D: something healthy, perhaps that salad place I talked about yesterday, which is called Baby Greens by the way. ;-)

Planned Workout


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