Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I ended up going to the gym at lunch yesterday because I thought I would be working late. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill, pace 3.0 but incline at 12.0. I was definitely gross and sweaty by the time I was done. Which is fantastic because I had to just go straight back into my work clothes and head back to work. Gross. This is why I hate going to the gym during lunch. Oh well.

Today I think I have to stay late as well, but no gym at lunch because I was too hungry to workout when lunch time rolled around.

Yesterday I forgot my headphones, so my gym visit was BORING. I should get bonus points for sucking it up and doing it even w/out music. Maybe the treadmill or whatever won't be AS bad if I am actually listening to "This American Life" next time. :-)

After work I went straight home and made dinner. I made a nice angel hair pasta dish with pesto and shrimp & veggies. Oh man, it was delicious. I have some leftovers for lunch too. mmm. Definitely what I was craving.

I need to hit up the grocery store tonight for a few things, in preparation for my book club event. Then I need to clean the rest of my house to prepare for it. Tomorrow night I am making Baked Ziti for it, for the most part, so that I can just throw it in the oven when I get off work. Woo hoo.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Awesome Weekend

How was your weekend? Although mine was not very diet friendly, it was still pretty awesome.

On Friday night Mike made me a delicious dinner. Afterwards we went to a Film School type party with a bunch of Film graduate school people. That was quite fun.

On Saturday I got my hair cut (nothing too significant). And then cleaned my place up. And then watched My Bloody Valentine in 3-D. That movie was more hilarious than scary, at least from my experience. And afterwards Mike and I went out to Polvo's, a mexican food place on 1st.

On Sunday, it was my 5th anniversary with Mike. Aww. We spent the morning making pizza dough (because we had plans to have a home made pizza cook-off in the evening). Afterwards we went to this place called Che Zee for brunch. It was not only delicious but the atmosphere was adorable. There was a piano player there that kept playing amazing songs, including our requested Charlie Brown song.

After that we went to the UT campus and fed squirells. It was adorable.

Then we went to a golf driving range. We each got 50 balls and hit them all, eventually. hahaa. We had a TON of fun and I think we will definitely be back there, hopefully SOON.

We ended up buying Nightmare Before Christmas finally! And watching the Rockets play the Pistons while preparing our pizza stuff.

Because we forgot to make the dough the night before, we had to wait until 10pm to even start putting the pizza and ingredients together. haha. Oops.

My Lasagna pizza was AMAZING, if I say so myself. Wow. I am excited to eat leftovers for lunch.

Mike made a Cannoli pizza, and that was an amazing dessert. Mmmmmmmmm. i want that right now too. Mmmmmmm.

This week is going to be super busy at work. Will probably be working 12-14 hours a day for at least 3 days this week.

And on Thursday I have my book club that I am hosting. I am super nervous about it. Hopefully everyone won't mind the food and will have at least sorta liked the book. Ekk.

Oh yeah, I am going to try to fit in the gym at lunch as often as possible. It is just so difficult because I am generally HUNGRY at lunch time, not ready for the gym. And changing back into work clothes sweaty is kinda gross. But I really do not want to wake up early to work out. So I guess that is just what I have to do.

Planned Food for the Day
B: waffle w/ fat free strawberry cream cheese, starbucks espresso doubleshot
S: oikos greek yogurt
L: leftover lasgna pizza
S: carrots, fruit
D: No idea....

Planned Workout
Lunch workout, 30 minutes doing some cardio

Friday, January 23, 2009

Blue Cross Gets a Thumbs Up Today

So you know how I complained earlier this week about Blue Cross or my doctor being lame and charging me for something I was told I would not be charged for? Well... I also complained on Twitter, and within 5 minutes a Blue Cross rep on twitter asked if they could help me. How amazing is THAT?! I told them I was talking with my insurance rep but would let them know if I needed them.

My insurance rep did not help me as much as I wanted. Had a run around with a fax machine problem, and some other things. Ended up calling my doctor to verify that they are partners with Blue Cross, and they verified it and said they would re-file some stuff and it would be okay.

Well today, the Blue Cross twitter person called me and explained exactly what happened, what the ERROR was, and that she already sent work in to fix it and that in 1-3 days it should all be fixed completely. Now THAT is customer service, and great reputation management.

I am pretty happy how it all worked out, and so glad that Twitter has helped me now, TWICE. Last time it was me complaining about a Google thing and within 5 minutes a Google rep asked if they could help me, which is MUCH faster than it would take for me to get on a phone call with a rep.

In other news, not happy with how I did not workout last night. But once I got home, I laid down immediately and fell asleep within 5 minutes, even with dogs laying on top of me and the lights on, etc. I slept for about 10-15 minutes and then went on a walk with the pups. Not a far walk, but at least I did something physically active. haha.

This week has been extremely draining on me, and only getting in 1-3 days of working out is almost a miracle. I worked out on Tuesday, and am going to work out at lunch today.

I will try to get something in this weekend, but am not that optimistic about it, since it is my anniversary weekend, and I am preparing everything for my book club hosting event next week. Which by the way, I am VERY anxious about. What if they hated the book? What if no one talks about it, like they are supposed to at the book club event. What if they hate the food I serve. Will they be weird that the wine I will serve will be $10 or less for each bottle? haha.

Tonight I am supposed to go to some film shcool party.

Tomorrow get a haircut, clean my entire house, and I thought I made specific plans to go to the movies tomorrow (which I did!!) but Mike disagrees. So not sure about all of my Saturday plans.

On Sunday, the big 5 year anniversary. Mike and I are going to go out to a nice place for breakfast/brunch. And then go to a driving range for golf. And then have a pizza cook off, and prob watch a movie together. Or maybe Sunday night could be a movie out. I dont know. Will talk with him about that.

Now I am off to complete 20 hours of work in one 10 hour day.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great Example

I wrote a complete blog today. Then never posted it. Then closed the file and didn't save it. That would describe my day perfectly... yesterday though. Today has been MUCH better.

Yesterday I worked from 8am to 9pm, and then watched Lost until 1am. It was worth it (Lost at least) but I am tired today. Oh well. I am more awake right now, and am going to go to the gym, if only to miss traffic. haha.

I really need to get some sleep tonight though. It is not good for me to go 3 days in a row with 6 hours or less of sleep.

Oh in regards to Blue Cross, the situation is probably getting handled. I have a feeling it will be an issue for the next few months though. Let's hope it works out though. :-)

I REALLY dont feel like going to the gym tonight. But I moreso do NOT want to sit in traffic FOREVER. So I am going to the gym.

I have not been working out much or eating that great for the last few days. I need to get it together. NOW.

OKay, heading out. Good luck everyone in getting what they want done today!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please Do Not Be Lame Blue Cross

Okay definitely freaking out. While I had the flu i went to an urgent care place near my house because I doubted I could make an appt at my regular doctor for that day during my lunch. hah. So anyway.... at the place is said minimum payment is $189. So I freaked out and said no thank you, I am not doing this. They told me because I have Blue Cross, which they partner with, that it would only be $30 (which is actually $10 more than my co-pay, but whatever). So I said fine, will do it, whatever. At the doctors office all they did was a blood test to determine i had the flu, and then sent me off with advice I already knew.

So now Blue Cross says I owe them $189 for the visit. So now I am freaking out about that. I do NOT have an extra $189. I do not have an extra $20 right now. Gah!! What is also lame about this is that I have a PPO, i should be able to go anywhere in-network and not get crap for it. Or maybe I was misinformed. lame. Know much about this?

I emailed my rep at Blue Cross, and hopefully it can all get worked out. I would not be surprised if it didnt, because I have no faith in health insurance. Obama, please help! haha. :-)

In other news. I have been busy this week obviously.

I ended up not going to the gym on Monday night, and instead watched The Godfather at the Alamo Drafthouse with Mike. I had never seen the movie, he wanted to go, it is close to our 5 year anniversary so I went.

Yesterday we had our qaurterly meeting ALL DAY. We got out early, around 430 (which is unheard of!) and so I went home and worked out from home. I had to sit in 45 minutes worth of traffic though to get home. LAME. haha. I also went to a trip to Walmart with Mike. Cooked dinner, watched the inaguration!!, and stayed up too late. I ended up getting NO sleep last night. No idea why. Too stressed after that meeting I suppose?

I ended up getting starbucks for breakfast today though. yum.

I might have to work late tonight, so not sure on the gym. i can't do it at lunch either because today is catered lunch day. My goal today is to not eat too much fo the bbq we are getting today. Not too hard for me bc meat has not been that appealing to me recently. Oh well.

Tonight is LOST, but Mike has school till late. Might not get to watch it until tomorrow. BOO.

Have a good one everyone!!

Planned Food for the Day
B: starbucks grande caramel machiato w/ non fat milk, 1/2 zuchini loaf piece
S: 1/2 zuchini loaf piece
L: bbq
D: ?????

Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Although I was incredibly lazy, in regards to working out, all weekend, I still had a good time.

On Friday night I went to Target with Mike to pick up a prescription. In the store we ran into Teddy and ended up getting drinks at this mexican place in the same parking lot as Target. Afterwards Mike and I headed to go to watch the movie Doubt. (pretty good overall, but still not as good as it could have been).

On Saturday I watched some Lost (re-watching season 4 so it will all make sense this week on the premiere!), went grocery shopping, cleaning out my pantry, and went out for drinks with Teddy again. We had a lot of fun, although were bombarded by funny biker guys. Hilarious though.

On Sunday I want more Lost, and then went to the Round Rock Outlet Mall. My theory on why retail sucks this season is not ALL because the economy sucks, but because all the clothing SUCKS this season. Seriously. Some pretty hideous clothing is out there right now, and I could not find ANY gem after going into about 15 stores on Sunday. Lame. After that Mike and I went to a few other shopping places. Then I cooked some tasty pasta shells with riccota and a delicious sauce. Also, sadly, some brownies. Okay not entirely sadly, but sad for the waist. I also watched a lot of Mad Men. I am now done with Season 1 actually. Sad. :-(

This week I am not too busy. I think. I do have my 5 year anniversary with Mike on Sunday. And a haircut on Saturday. And I have to prepare for my book club meeting next Wednesday. Any ideas on what I should serve? I think one person doesn't eat pork, but everything else is free for all I think. I need something cheap and easy. haha ;-)

Alright, here my workout Schedule for the week:

Monday: Circuit Training Class
Tuesday: Step class
Wednesday: 30 minutes on elliptical, weights
Thursday: 30 minutes run/walk, weights
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Boot Camp Class (if it doesn't interfere with haircut...
Sunday: Go running with pups

Planned Food For Today:
B: waffle w/ flax almond butter & honey, black tea
S: strawberries
L: pasta shell w/ sauce
S: zuchini, crackers
D: Not sure...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wow... Long Day

So to start off. Today I worked from 8am to 9pm. I also had a 3 hour allergy appointment in there. Obviously the gym did not fit into this schedule today.

I had the whole allergy scratch test done on me today. They did my whole back and my right upper arm. I found out I am allergic to molds, grass, cat, and dust. Other things too, but that is the most. Thankfully I am NOT allergic to cedar, which is what everyone is plagued by here (which I have mentioned before and thought I might be allergic to). The mold is a bit unfortunate here, but I have been doing fine recently and the mold levels have been high. Also my back and arm still have welts on them, even though the tests were done before 4pm and it is now 11:21pm.

I am glad though that my allergies were not bad enough to have to get allergy shots. Woo hoo! Thank you Jesus. That would be expensive, and as I have mentioned here before, I am broke.

Although today after doing bills, I discovered I only have 6 or so more payments on my car. Woo hoo! It will be nice to have an extra $200 a month. Let's just hope my car doesn't decide to die the month after I am done paying for it. That would be irritating. haha.

So last night I went to a Pilates class at my gym. I talked to a nice woman there, who seemed pretty cool. She was prob the only other person there within my age range. Worked out nicely.

The class itself though, was bleh. The reason I didn't like it is because it wasn't very hard, and I am not even close to sore anywhere today, aside from my neck (from bad position or something). Also because they played Hootie and the Blowfish in the class, and really, who can relax (or do anything other than laugh) to that? I tried my hardest not to bust up laughing the entire time it was on. That was more difficult than any of the other exercises. It was probably good though to help get me back into the swing of things at the gym. Just definitely not a repeat class.

I did however see my favorite teacher at the gym. She tried to give me crap for not coming to classes for a long time now, but I revealed to her that it was because I had the FLU for 2 weeks, and she seemed happy I didn't come after that. ahha. She also told me that she has a "boot camp" class on Saturday at 1030am. I really want to go to it. Not only is she awesome, but her classes are awesome. Woo hoo. Plus I didn't workout today, so I need to make it up on Saturday anyway. Sweet.

Alright, it is time to go to bed. Sadly I have only been home since 915pm, so going to bed at 1130 makes me feel cheated. Since I will now be going to sleep for about 6 hours, only to work 10+ more hours at work tomorrow. At least this doesn't happen too often.

Alright, peace out. :-)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gastric Bypass Without Surgery?

You will be proud. Yesterday I did go to the gym at lunch. Woo hoo. I walked quickly at a high incline for 30 whole minutes. I only coughed once, and the person next to me said "bless you" because apparently my cough now sounds like a sneeze. That is a good sign right? hah.

After work though, Mike wanted to go to Pluckers, a fried food chicken type sports bar. Mike wanted to watch the Rockets play on NBA TV which we don't have, and I hadn't eaten much that day so I wasn't very worried.

I was STARVING when we got there, and Mike wanted to stay for the entire game so instead of putting off ordering for 20-30 minutes (which is what Mike wanted I think) we ordered an appetizer of fried macaroni. It was pretty delish, although not as good as I remembered it. That is probably because I had had about 3 beers by the time I ordered it last time. haha.

The menu is mostly chicken based, so I had limited choices. Last time I tried to order a salad and said no chicken, but they told me no bc it was pre-made that way. So my choices were the fried appetizers or a philly cheesesteak or a burger. I chose the philly cheesesteak and ate half. It came with fries, but I only ate a few because they werent that good. Or maybe I was just not in the mood for them? Either way, I ate half of what I would normally eat (due to my shrunken stomach) and still got sick from the fried food. I swear it is like I got gastric bypass and can only eat NOTHING. Good and bad.

Oh yeah I also only sipped on one beer the entire time. nice. and that was my first beer since new years eve. I sound like an alcoholic when I say it like that, but I can assure you I am not. Also, still have not had coffee since I was on vacation. Plain black tea has much less calories though, so it works out ;-)

Today the plan is to go to the gym after work. And I will this time, if only to avoid the ridiculous traffic. i don't remember it ever being this bad, which is strange because it is usually less any time UT is not in session. But at least it encourages me to go to the gym when i don't want to. Tonight I think I am doing the pilates class. I am excited next week for the Circuit Training class. Woo hoo!

Oh gosh, also I got my texas license in the mail yesterday. It is worse than I thought it would be. Not only do I look sick (like I was when I got it taken) but I also look like super chunk in it. Awesome. It doesn't expire until 2015, so I am stuck with it until then, unless I want to spend another 2 hours staring into space at the DPS (otherwise known as the DMV in normal states, at least in California, hah).

Alright, I need to head out.

Planned Food for the Day
B: Oatmeal w/ coconut, Black Tea
L: baked potato w/ bacon and cheese, avocado egg roll (catered lunch day, will not eat much of either of those, but will LOVE them)
S: carrots or grapefruit (whatever looks better in the break room around snack time)
D: leftover philly cheesesteak? or baked potato?

Planned Workout for the Day
Pilates class

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Traffic Was My Punishment

I was planning on going to the gym yesterday after work. Then a tiny sinus headache started coming, then I realized I was starving, and didn't feel like it. Super lame right? yeah. So I skipped it. My punishment was sitting in 45 minutes worth of traffic, to get to my home about 10 miles away.

That punishment was HARSH. The whole time I was annoyed with myself for driving home first instead of going to the gym. It was not the stupid car's fault who broke down in the FAST LANE, it was my fault for not avoiding the whole situation by going to the gym instead.

I would say today I am going to the gym after work to avoid traffic, but Mike's dad is in town for the night so I cannot.

I do have a plan to go at lunch, but that rarely happens. But it might be a good idea, since I can't really put much effort into the gym trip yet anyway. That means wouldn't be too sweaty when I come back, and the limited time would work perfectly since my lungs can only take so much at this point. I even packed a lunch and BROUGHT it, so I could go. So, that is really my plan for today. I hope it works. :-) Or should I say IT WILL WORK so that I force myself to go no matter what? Let's just hope my water bottle did not leak all over my clothes, or that I forgot running shoes, or that I forgot my sports bra, or something else stupid.

The weight I lost from being sick is still off, except about .5 lbs of it. I think it is because my stomach shrunk and I have committed to taking advantage of this, and not stretching it back to huge size.

Today was the first morning in weeks where I ate an entire bowl of oatmeal. I think I might be full forever from that.

The trick to losing weight if you are normal and get hungry all the time, eat a shit load of veggies and fruits and you will be so full you don't want to eat anything else. Plus workout.

The trick to losing weight if you are crazy or are just getting over the flu, give in to the naseous feeling you have from the snot dripping down your throat and filling up your stomach and avoid snacks or any sort of food until you have to force yourself to eat something before you pass out. I am at the crazy stage right now. Hopefully the snot passes soon and I can lead a normal life. haha. Also I am kidding about this being a trick. This is not really a trick. It is torture, see how I said if you aren't getting over the flu it is for CRAZY people? Are you crazy? If so, then whatever I say will probably offend you or make you do stupid things, so I can't control that by an apology or something lame. so i won't try. :-)

Planned Food for the Day
B: Oatmeal w/ flax seed and almond butter. Hot Tea
L: Some Frozen Indian Meal
S: carrots
D: Prob mexican food from some restaurant

Planned Workout
15-20 minutes of walking or something at the gym at lunch

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Relaxing Is What I Need

I can't believe this, and I bet you can't either, but I am actually considering working out tomorrow! This is only a surprise because just 3 days ago I didn't think I could do much more than sleep and stare at a computer or tv screen without dying. I still can't breathe properly, but I think I can manage going on the elliptical tomorrow at a slow speed for at least a little bit. It will take me a LOT to get back into it. I skipped a lot of working out over vacation, and then got sick for 10 days. So my endurance is probably NOTHING at this point. Plus I am pretty sure I lost a TON of muscle over this hiatus. Not doing more than walking to the bathroom for tissue is not going to do much to keep your muscles.

I am still at a low weight for me, not my lowest in the whole adventure, but lower than it has been in about 9 months. I know gaining the weight back will likely, because my metabolism is all weird from me not eating at all for several days. Okay I ate SOME, but I am pretty sure I have not hit at least 1200 calories a day for quite a few days. I am not trying to starve myself either, food is just completely unappealing and when I do eat it, my stomach decides its full after just a few bites, and then my stomach flips out because I have food in it, and I won't get into anymore detail about what happens after.

I will take this time where my stomach has shrunken drastically in size to learn portion control. The amount of food my body is probably letting me eat is probably a lot closer to what I should be eating than any time before.

Mike is still sick though, but luckily a lot better compared to the other day, even yesterday. We have spent the day so far watching a million episodes of 30 rock, Before Sunset and an episode of Mad Men. I think we will probably continue watching Mad Men, and other movies.

I am still majorly broke, so I am afraid to leave the house. So I think I will probably spend some time cleaning up the place tomorrow, doing the elliptical for as long as I can, and watch lots of tv. This relaxing thing, although a little boring at times, is something I need to start off my new year.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

MUCH better

Wow. I am feeling MUCH better today, even though it is hard to breathe and I am coughing like a hardcore smoker. I think I can take this barely being able to breathe thing over sinus like migraines, running nose, aches, chills, etc. I hope I keep on the upward swing.

I am going to continue resting for the next few days. My weekend plans consist of watching lots of movies at home with Mike, who is now very sick with what I had.

I think I forgot to metion the other day that I did in fact go to the doctor on Wednesday. They took a blood test (and I somehow did not have an anxiety attack!!) and determined I have a virus, not allergies or bacterial infection. I had no idea there was a test like this. Even though all they could do for me was tell me to drink fluids and whatever, they could tell me it would be OVER AT SOME POINT unlike allergies which would last FOREVER.

I stayed home from work on Wednesday and Thursday. I worked from home though, so no extra days off or anything. Good though because at least I get paid. Which I really need at this point, because I am broke.

Also while driving to work and hearing how unemployment went up to 7.2%, I realized I really need appreciate that I have a job, a good job at that. I appreciate it more than most people i think, because I have had crappy jobs for most of my life, and this one is actually pretty good.

Be grateful for your jobs and health if you have them! :-0

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And the plus side is...

Because I have been sick for over 7 days now, I have one plus side I discovered this morning. I have lost weight. This is mostly because food sounds absolutely disgusting, in fact quite nauseating, because of the THICK drainage that is slowly dripping down my throat. Sorry if I just made you lose your breakfast yourself with that description.

In other news, I am broke right now, and cannot spend any money until my next paycheck. This will be difficult. But necessary. I had some unexpected expenses this month, which showed up on my bank statement this morning all at once, resulting in an instant transfer from my savings to checking about 5 minutes after I woke up. Good thing I check my email on my blackberry as soon as I wake up and can see alert notifications.

Oh I also forgot to mention something that is "fantastic". I was told by some co-workers yesterday that I probably never had the flu, just cedar fever. That cedar really IS that horrible to someone who is allergic to it. So I made an appointment with an allergist for the 15th. Why is it so far away you ask? Oh because I took claritin yesterday and have to wait at least NINE days before I can go to an appointment because it needs to leave my system. And yes, that means no antihistamine for 9 days. Unless I use a nasal spray I got about a year ago that has been sitting on the botton my purse since then.

I completely understand why they would want you to go off of all of it, but I also understand that it means I will most likely be sick for the next nine days. I guess if I survived 7 days already, what is 9 more?

I will have to stop whining though because I will probably lose any readers I have. No one wants to hear whining for 16 days right? hah ;-)

I think I need to force some food down my mouth though because my stomach is in pain from all the meds I took this morning. And yes, I DID eat something this morning, just cereal though so not substantial enough to withstand several pills apparently. Lame.

Have a great day. And if you aren't sick today, go workout for me! haha.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I am no longer sneezing, nor have itchy eyes, nor have extreme drainage. However, I do have the chills, body aches, headache, and sensitivity to light.

I went to bed last night at 1230 feeling much better. I woke up at 11am (yes, that late, insane!!) and had to go back to bed after drinking my coffee. I laid in bed and stretched for about 30 minutes in attempt to get rid of the muscle aches, but that did not work. I laid in bed with my eyes closed for another hour or so before I finally gave in and had Mike get me motrin. It is now 230pm and I am still in bed.

I am so sweaty I feel like I am in a sauna, but if I wasn't I would be freezing. It took me awhile to even get the nerve up to turn on the laptop and use it. But I was getting soo bored otherwise that I just had to suck it up. Even though it hurts my head a bit (due to the light).

I realized at 12pm that I had not eaten since 7pm the night before so I need food. I ate a plain waffle. I am not even hungry though. Which might be good since I have not worked out since I can't remember when. Remember, everyone, work out if you have the opportunity, and I mean opportunity because it really is one. a good one.

I really hate being miss whiny, but i am on day 4 of being miserable.

No one is at the house anymore, aside from Mike now. His brother left this afternoon, also feeling miserable. Mike is convinced it is not cedar fever, bc really, I am not even sneezing anymore and still feel terrible.

Oh and yesterday I got some homeopathic stuff from Central Market, and although it was expensive and tastes like complete ASS, it worked really well. Maybe that is why I do not have the sneezing right now, and just the body aches and chills left. So good to know I have something to at least get rid of the sneezing and what not.

I am not looking forward to going back to work. I cannot work when I feel like this. And i have to go in at least once because my remote desktop vpn action is not working for some reason. This is super annoying because I was supposed to check on some work stuff over my vacation which isnt that big of a deal but couldnt. I checked all the milion of emails I got and wanted to do something to respond to them appropriately but I couldnt unless I came in and I refuse to come in on my vacation day, especially when i feel like crap. All I could say was I can't check on this until I get into the office on Monday. definitely did make the powers to be very happy.

I think all I am doing today is NOTHING. Maybe some reading, some movie watching, but nothing else. Can't deal with it.

Okay, well I hope you are all doing better. Sorry again to be so whiny.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Cedar Fever is from Hell

For the past few days I have been suffering from cedar fever, or at least I am guessing it is that. Cedar count is super high and I am sure I am dying from a type of allergy. Non stop sneezing, drainag, eyes burning, sore throat. It is pretty horrific really. I am feeling a little better today after taking benadryl and passing out last night. But I am definitly still requiring lots of meds. I can't work out bc I feel awful and can barely stand or sit for long. Hopefully I can get this under control.

I have been taking claritin, sudafed, tyloneol, just started using a neti pot and am getting a supposed homeopathic remedy at central market today. That was a long sentance.

Right now I am at the DPS getting my texas license. I will look awesome in the picture w my bright red nose and red swollen eyes. I get to be stuck w it for 6 years. Can't wait.

Other than being sick with allergies I have been having a lot of fun. I have been hanging w mikes family and the pups a lot doing random things. Mikes parents left today and his brother might be leaving today.

I am going to spend the rest of my day cleaning and organizing my place. I am looking forward to that actually.

Anyone have remedies for cedar fever?


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