Thursday, February 26, 2009

Still Alive

I am still alive. Sorry I have not posted. Work has been insane. In fact it is only Thursday and I have already worked around 52 hours. Sweet. Too bad I am salary. hahaha.

I have not had time to workout this week unfortunately. Our company's new website launched (officially) on Wednesday so there has been a ton of work going into it to prepare. And after working a 14 hour day I am not going to go workout. Nor am I going to wake up and workout before my next 14 hour day. Plus I went out on Tuesday night for "fat tuesday" which was a mistake for the most part, and only got 4 hours of sleep that night.

Some bad decisions going on, and some unplanned work. Oh well. Life goes on.

Tonight I plan to just hang out with the boy. First things first though, what am I going to eat for dinner???

Have a good time everyone!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Whirlwind of a Monday

First I should probably update you with my weekend.

On Friday night I ended up going out with some friends from work to a Mustache and Beard contest in Austin at the Mohawk (a pretty hip bar). It was hilarious and I had a good time with everyone. Even though some random girl sort of called me "bigger" a few times, and then proceeded to talk about how big my boobs are. Which annoys me because I wear a size B people, that is not BIG. But she is not the only person who has said that. Maybe it is because I am short? No idea. But anyway.......

On Saturday, I helped Teddy who had a little run in at her happy hour. After that I went to breakfast (at noon) with Mike to Austin Java. I got a tasty Gingerbread pancake and ate half of it. Mmmm. I also went to this place called Malaga Tapas and Bar with Mike for our "make up" Valentines Day. This place was VERY tasty, and I loved how I got to try a lot of things but not be overly stuffed. Plus the Sangria was delicious. After that we went and watched Coraline in 3D which was AMAZING, or rather MAGICAL. If you have a place around you that has it in 3D I assure you it is worth the extra money.

On Sunday, I did my grocery shopping, and made home made gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce (as in I put potatoes and flour and what not together and formed it myself). Unfortunately, we ran out of time to actually eat it (although I did try it. Mmm). Mike and I were due at an Oscar party, with graduate and phd film school kids. Quite intimidating right? haha. I definitely had fun though and got to try some tasty snacks.

Today I had big plans, which included actually only one plan (but fabulous plan), which was to go to my favorite class at my gym (boot camp) with my favorite teacher. Although when I got to work, I was told I had to stay late because our new website is about to have its PR launch and I needed to do some QA on the site. I ended up staying until 915pm. Yuck right? Especially since I came in at 750am. Lame. Oh well, it wasn't too terrible. And we got fed a nice dinner, so it worked out. I got a nice veggie wrap (filled with squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, heaven) and a side of mac n cheese. I only ate half of both. Mmm.

Also, when I got home, which turned out to be around 945 (because I was on the phone talking with my good friend Andrea in California), Mike and I decided to take the trash and dogs out together. While walking down the steps (we live in the 2nd floor) the paper bag broke and a jar of tomato sacue broke all over the stairs. Not only did it break, but it fell down every step, filling each one with more glass and sauce than the next. Lucky me got to clean it up, since it probably was my fault it fell out anyway. I am notorious with over stuffing trash bags, putting heavy things in the bags that are obviously too heavy for them, etc. Oh well. I cleaned all of it, as best as I could, and my clothes and my body in the shower. It was pretty amazing. haha.

Luckily I am in a good mood.

Tomorrow I have another long day at work. I need to fit in a workout but I dont think it will happen. If I have to work 14 hours or more, for a second day in a row, I am not sure I have the sanity to do it. Boo.

I guess I will just have to on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Perhaps even go for a run at Town Lake. Give it another go. I might still be injured though, so I am not sure. My achilies tendon has not bothered me for awhile, but it makes me nervous. I might do a run for 2 minutes and walk for 1 sorta thing. Hmm. Any ideas for getting back into running slowly? I know there is the couch to 5k, but I kept getting confused when I looked at it. Have any of you tried it?

Did you have a good weekend? I hope so.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Picture Update 7 - Christmas Break

Christmas 2008
Originally uploaded by choiceswechoose

This is Mike and I sometime on our Christmas vacation. I am pretty sure this was BEFORE the flu hit us both. I love my bangs in this picture and wish they behaved like this everyday instead of once every month or so. heh. Oh well...

Picture Update 6 - Homemade Lasagna Pizza

Homemade Lasagna Pizza
Originally uploaded by choiceswechoose

Here is a (yes, i know terrible) picture of my amazing Lasagna pizza. I could eat this almost every single day if I didn't mind gaining a million pounds and you know, dying of a heart attack.

Picture Update 5 - Ender

More Ender Cigar
Originally uploaded by choiceswechoose

Ender likes to pretend that he is smoking a cigar when he is actually just eating a bone....

Picture Update 4 - Emily as a present

Christmas 2008
Originally uploaded by choiceswechoose

All the dogs dressed up as presents (okay fine were dressed up) including Emily, who is posed here. And yes, Mike is wearing flip flops on Christmas day....

Picture Update 3 - New Years

Happy New Years!
Originally uploaded by choiceswechoose

This is Mike and I on New Years (or New Years eve?). Note: this was my first day of coming down with the flu.....

Picture Update 2 - Squirel!

I am dangerously close to this squirell
Originally uploaded by choiceswechoose

Mike came up with the idea to feed some friendly squirrels on the UT campus. It was a lot of fun, and yes, they were VERY friendly.

Picture Update 1 - Che Zee

Che Zee - 5th Anniversary
Originally uploaded by choiceswechoose

I am going to post a series of photos in a way that might be annoying to you, but it makes it easier for me. Thank you Flickr for being more user friendly than blogger when it comes to uploading pictures.

This picture here is of Mike and I on our 5 year anniversary brunch celebration at Che Zee, in Austin. It was one of my favorite brunch places ever. Possibly my favorite. Now that I think about it, I can't think about a better one. Go there.

More Bootcamp Today!

So last night I was still in recovery mode from the bootcamp on Monday. So instead I went out with Teddy to a local bar for some Wednesday night catch up. AfterwardMore B we went to my place and Watched Lost. Woo hoo. We definitely had a great time.

Today I am feeling MUCH LESS sore. I am going to go to the gym tonight for bootcamp round 2. It is with a different teacher. One who made me sore for days after, but AS sore as I was the last 2 days. I am definitely looking forward to a nice reminder that fatty food is not worth the pain it takes to get it off. hahaha.

A friend of mine at work is also trying to get healthy and fit right now. Keeps up the motivation for sure.

I am excited for my class tonight. Although I was sore forever last time, it was definitely a good sore.

I am glad you ladies liked my tofu idea. I hope you like it as much as me. :-)

Planned Food for the Day
B: kashi/something cereal mix, tea
S: pb pretzels
L: bean & cheese burrito
S: veggies, tangelo
D: pad thai leftovers

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Great Tofu Discovery

I had a great discovery last night. I was making some pad thai (part frozen package, part me adding fresh veggies and tofu, etc to it) and tested out two different methods of cooking fried tofu. Normally I just drain it, cut it into small pieces and cook it in some olive oil in a pan. This disturbs me bc i have to add a lot of oil in order for it to not burn, and to get the crispy affect. And i know the tofu soaks up the oil, blah blah blah.

So I thought of a new way to make it. Do the drain thing of course, then spray a george foreman grill with pam and add tofu. let it sit there (closed of course) until crispy. It comes out almost exactly like the oil fried tofu, but with a TON less fat, and just as crispy and amazing. Also you dont have to flip it, etc. hahaa.

Aside from this great discovery, i did not work out. I am still incredibly sore and can barely walk. hahaha. I will do some stretching tonight though. And watch Lost! Woo hoo!

Thanks for all your dog comments yesterday. I actually got in contact with a vet tech on twitter and she might help me. I love twitter.

Planned food for the Day
B: oatmeal squares, tesa
S: trail mix
L: 1/2 blt, 1/2 mac n cheese
S: veggies, fruit
D: Leftover pad thai

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Muscles. Are. Sore.

I did week two of Bikini Bootcamp last night. This time with the regular teacher. I am already incredibly sore, which means it is only going to get worse. I worked my biceps more than I ever have before I think. Ouch. I am not even sure how I finished this class, but somehow I did. I am even making a friend in the class and actually talk with my teacher. She attempted to learn my name last night. heh.

So now it actually gives me a dull pain to type because my arm muscles are so sore. I am pathetic. hahah.

This morning I was supposed to take the pups on a walk, but I bailed on it because it was rainy and my muscles were sore and I was being a baby. Plus it is hard to get me up early in the morning. Really hard. If I even have half an excuse I generally take it. I am not my rational, motivated self in the morning, at least the first 5 minutes after waking up. ahhaa.

I have to go home at lunch today to take the pups out. Today is their long day at home. Poor pups. Although they should be perfectly fine.

Does anyone who reads this blog have a dog with a sensitive stomach? If so, let me know if you have any suggestions for a type of dog food. My little pup, Ender, has the most sensitive stomach ever, due to having parvo when he was a puppy, and the fact that he has food allergies, blah blah blah. Right now I am giving them some super supposedly healthy whole foods type. Made with salmon and sweet potatoes, no corn, no wheat, blah blah blah. But still he has the runs every few days. It upsets me. Like I am hurtng him and he is in pain all the time.

On another topic, tonight I am going home right after work and doing some sort of yoga stretch class because I need it.

Also those jeans I mentioned the other day, well they fit a lot better now that I wore them a few times. And teddy told me that having them as loose does not make me look as good as the tighter pants. So I guess, in some fits, I am a size smaller than I thought. :-)

Another thing, the appetite is back. Both good and bad. haha.

Planned Food for the Day
B: oatmeal squares, white vanilla apricot tea
S: trail mix
L: mac n cheese, or soup
S: veggies, strawberries
D: Pad Thai w/ tofu

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you are all having a great Valentines Day.

Mike and I are probably going to just cook a nice dinner and watch Annie Hall. We are both not very hungry. For the past few days I have had zero appetite, and pretty nauseous overall, so trying to figure out what to cook is pretty hard for me. We are supposed to decided by 5 but I still have nothing. haha. Mike is getting over his food poisoning incident too, so he has no interest in food.

Weirdest Valentines Day ever. I always love food, but right now I am forcing myself to eat. Weird.

We never do much for Valentines Day anyway. It is just a few weeks after our anniversary and we just have never been all gung ho about it.

I am wearing pink though today to celebrate. hahaa.

What are your plans for Valentines Day?

And if you were wondering I only worked out once this week. But my excuse this week was that I was not only busy, but also sick to my stomach. So there. haha.

I plan on going for a long walk with the pups tomorrow though. Woo hoo.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jean Issue

So I thought this was funny. I ordered some jeans on Gap because they have short people jeans and generally always have my size. So I got the jeans in the mail yesterday and tried them on. They seemed a bit tighter than my normal ones in the same size I ordered, but thought maybe it is just because they haven't stretched yet. But then I looked at the size this morning and it is a size smaller than I normally wear.

I had a discussion with a friend today about whether I should keep them and not bother with returning them becuase they fit, just a bit tighter than I prefer. She said yes, they will stretch. But I spent $60 on these jeans, dont I want ones that fit me the way I like it? So I decided I am going to try to return them to a store and get my normal size. No idea if the stores will have them though. BOO. hah.

So in other news. Last night I just went home and hung out with Mike. We had an incredible 15 minutes storm that I watched. I wish it were longer because it was fun. Mike JUST started feeling better, due to the food poisoning on Monday night.

I am still sore from my workout on Monday, but not as much as I thought I would be. WOO HOO.

Also a new grocery store opened up today in Austin. Supposedly great prices on fruit and veggies and all of them are supposed to be from local farmers and what not. i am super excited to go. I think Teddy might go with me too. Woo hoo.

I wish could go to Gap today at lunch, but today is free lunch at work day. We are getting chipotle, which is fine when free, I suppose. :-)

I think I am doing yoga tonight at home. Mike will not be home until late, so should be fun to do.

Alright, need to head out.

What would you do in the jean situation?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And Today I Was Going To Try to be Positive....

Beyond annoyed, with myself more than anything.

When I was at the allergy doctor I specifically asked them to make sure my insurance covered it. From my understanding it sounded like it would. But their paper says it does not. Am I retarded? Did they lie to me? I have no idea. But either way, I owe my doctors office around $547. Bad words all around.

What is more annoying is the doctor didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. So I pretty much just wasted $547. Fan Freaking Tastic.

Hopefully I can at least start a payment plan. But this is at a time when I already don't have money. At ALL.

How do other people do it, who paid for college all by themselves and have absolutely no financial support from anyone else? No idea.

On a side note, Mike and I went out to dinner last night. Mike ended up getting sick around 1am. We think he got food poisoning, or else the stomach flu. I am hoping it was food poisoning so that I can't get it. Heh. But it was pretty terrible. Plus Ender's tummy was upset too. Both my boys were having a miserable night. BOO. It also kept me from sleeping too. BOO.

But I did force myself to take the pups on a walk this morning. Even though Mike is staying at home all day because he is sick. No biggie. It was a nice walk, and should probably prevent some soreness from dehabilitating me later. hahah.

At lunch I am going home and bringing Mike some gatorade and saltine crackers. Poor guy.

I hope there is some way to fight the insurance not covering my doctor visit, but I doubt it. BLAH.

Any tips?

Planned Food for the Day
B: Starbucks frap (store bought), oatmeal squares
S: chocolate chunk cherry light cookie
L: Lean Cuisine?
S: grapes, bell peppers, carrots
D: Indian food w/ naan (frozen meal thing)

Planned Workout
Walked the dogs for 37 minutes very quickly.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I Am Going To Hurt Tomorrow...

Somehow I was able to make it to the gym before 630pm to go to my favorite class at my gym. Or was I? Apparently the class got switched to "Bikini Bootcamp" because it time for people to prepare for that, and it is a better marketing tool to get people to classes I assume at this point in the year. My favorite teacher is still teaching it, although not tonight.

This class was freaking intense. After the first 10 minutes I wanted to give up. Not sure if it is just because I am out of shape or what.

We started our with the normal stretches, then did some running around the class, some skips, high knees, and side shuffling. After that we did intervals of things. 1 minute (or 2?) of some sort of hardcore cardio and then 1 minute (or 2?) of core work. The cardio involved jumping jacks, power lunges, ladder things, death, doing the "run" on the 4 riser step, some other crazy nonsense on the 4 riser step. Oh lordy my legs are still jello 3 hours later. The core was also ridiculously intense. My abs will definitely be hurting come tomorrow afternoon.

While working out I was thinking of all the pain I was already in, and how it is all to burn calories, get healthy, blah blah blah. No cheeseburger is worth this pain. If eating less of the crappy food, means having to work out less intensely, I am definitely on board. Although I do love intense workouts (at least when I am done with them). But really, nothing fatty seemed worth what I was going through in that class. hahah.

Although I did make it to the gym today, I did not actually make it to the walk this morning. I woke up at 6 and said, eff it. But tomorrow my goal is to go. Otherwise it is mean to my pups. They will be alone the majority of the day tomorrow and they need some exercise. I am going to have to guilt myself into doing it, otherwise I won't. I am the WORST at working out in the morning. Seriously though, more sleep or workout? Of course MORE SLEEP. If the choice is go drive through traffic for an extra 30 minutes and then go home to watch tv and be lame, or go to the gym and feel better about myself and in effect eat a smaller dinner, I choose the gym. But trying to take sleep away from me, is like taking a bone away from a dog. not gonna happen.

But somehow it has to happen tomorrow. Wish me luck.

What I Ate Today:
B: oatmeal sqaures, starbucks frap (store bought kind)
S: 1 chocolate chunk cherry light cookie (i made these)
L: sandwich w/ havarti cheese & pesto, a few fritos.
S: carrots, bell peppers, w/ bean dip (i made this!), and grapes
D: few bites of potato cheese soup, cornbread

Exercise Plan for the Week
Monday: Boot Camp Class
Tuesday: Walk with dogs (45 minutes)
Wednesday: Walk with dogs (45 minutes)
Thursday: Yoga at home
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Walk with the dogs

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time to Relax

As I stated the last time I posted, the week was NUTS. More nuts than I could have imagined. I think I figured out some things that were causing me a TON of anxiety during the week and realize other people's anxieties are just feeding into mine. I am going to do my best to not let them affect me. I am going to work as hard as possible to be on top of my game at work, but I am not going to beat myself up if there is one small mistake.

It is just so stressful right now with the whole economy sucking. If I lost my job right now I would be entirely screwed. I have no savings. I live paycheck to paycheck, and no job is guaranteed, especially right now. And I think everyone else is anxious about their performance (or lack of) that it is making me more paranoid than usual. More than ever I just want someone to tell me I am doing a good job at work, instead of telling me everything I am not doing right (or even just tell me NOTHING).

I am working my tush off at work. Working extra hard. We had a big website launch this past week, and it is the beginning of a ton more work for me, since I market it. This makes me it even harder for me to figure out how to balance working out.

Almost everyday this past week, when I was done with work I was mentally and physically exhausted. There was no way to go home and workout. There was only a way to go home and fall asleep. One night I ate a tortilla with almond butter and honey for dinner and then crashed out.

All of this also made me more rebellious, so much so that I went out on a Thursday night, drank WAAAY more than I should have and didn't get home until after 130am, only to have to wake up for work at 6am (which turned into 7am without breakfast).

My meals have not been as healthy. They have been more rushed. I have been eating out more. When all these stressful emotions come out, I just want to go vent them out with friends. And the only time I have had time for that is when it was lunch time.

I gave myself a break this week. I only worked out once. I knew I couldn't do it all. I just couldn't. So I didn't.

I have spent my weekend relaxing for the most part. On Friday I went to the movies with a friend/co-worker and watched Milk (which I loved!!). And then on Saturday I did a few errands, checked on work stuff at home, went grocery shopping. I also cooked "light" chocolate chunk cherry cookies, watched The Reader and then hung out at Teddy's place where she made Mike and I fancy cocktails.

Today the plan is to take the pups on a long walk, and then do some laundry and watch tv shows I am behind on. I need to just relax.

Not sure if next week will be another tough week. If not, I will spend my time eating better, working out as much as possible and getting back into my happy groove.

Mike and I are trying to eat up most of the food we have in our freezer, so our goal this week was to just buy veggies, fruit and whatever dairy we needed. I did pretty good at the store only breaking the rules for cereal and bread bowls for at least one tasty (easy) dinner this week. Hopefully it works out well and we finish off some of the food we have.

Oh yeah I am not sure I mentioned this this week. I tried out some yoga thing on Exercise on Demand. This one was super intense. It was a 45 minute program, but I could only finish 28 minutes. I was sore from Wednesday until Saturday. A bit pathetic probably, but I was definitely using muscles I don't normally use. Now I want to try it out more. Might give it a shot today.

I am hoping this day is as relaxing as possible.

What are you doing to deal with the stress the lame economy brings on, as well as work related stress?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Been Awhile...

I have not written in awhile. Man oh man. I hate that.

Life has been crazy around here. I feel extremely overwhelmed and stressed at work. It should get better though. Soon.... I hope.

I had my book club thing last week. It ended up going pretty well, thankfully. I was super stressed and anxious about it, so I am glad that it is now over. haha.

I have not been eating as healthy as I wanted, nor have I worked out much. It has been pretty pathetic. I need to start working out in the morning bc that is the only time I have. But I still feel like I dont even have enough time to sleep, how am I going to fit in working out too?

What do you do when you dont even have enough time to sleep much less workout? Just eat less?

I am getting flabby ish now. Gah. Not bad, or anything, but my skin is definitely not close to taut in certian areas. haha. Eh. Will work on this, one moment at a time. hehe.

I just never feel like I can get everything right ever. Some part in my life will always be slacking. And it kills me. This has been a struggle throughout my entire life though. I am terrible at this balance thing, like I have mentioned before.

I am going to do my best this week, but am not sure how "best" it can be because of my unpredictable schedule.

I hope you all have a great week!

Planned Food for the Day
B: greek yogurt w/ strawberries & quaker oats, tea
S: cinnamon toast crunch bar (terrible I know)
L: lean cuisine
S: carrots, apples
D: bean & sausage stew (in crock pot right now)

Planned Workout
Hopefully my favorite Circuit Training class


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