Wednesday, July 29, 2009

30 Day Challenge Fail

So not sure I ever said this, but I did not complete the EA Action Sports 30 day challenge. I missed a few days from being sick, and if you miss more than the alloted rest days you are done. BOO. Oh well. I am pretty sure the muscles are much better now, although the scale sure likes to remind me that muscles weigh more. Gah. Also that eating too much food makes you weigh more. Stupid science.

Although I did not finish it, I still think it was incredibly intense and amazing. I am going to keep it up and try the 30 day challenge again after Paris.

This week I have worked out 3 times. I did preset workouts on Ea Action Sports on Monday and Tuesday. This morning I just did the Wii Sports thing, which can be really intense if you put your body into it, which I did.

I am going to play basketball tomorrow, and then capture the flag on Friday. I am happy about some of my social things now incorporating active sports. yay! If only I could do that everyday.

Today I am going to watch Julie & Julia with Teddy. She got special tickets to watch it free and invited me. yay! Should be a good time. Plus it is pretty close to work so pretty nice for me.

I am going to spend most of Saturday packing. I will however take a short break to watch The Ugly Truth with my friend from out of town. I am super excited for that.

I also need to pick up a few things for the trip. Travel lotions and what not, and uhh not sure what else. I think once I start packing I will figure it out. I need a backpack as well, but not sure how expensive they are. If it is a lot, I might see if I can get a friend to let me borrow theirs. heh. But really, I do need a backpack for traveling purposes. I always have to borrow Mike's when I go on trips, and this time he will be using it. haha. If you have any other tips on what to bring on an international trip let me know. I need tips, lots of them!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting Excited!!

I have been pretty horrible recently on keeping in touch with people by phone, e-mail, and blog. This is mostly because I am so busy, with work, doing things with friends, enjoying summer, etc. I will work on this, but not trying too hard right now, because I leave for Paris on Monday!! I can't wait!!

I am going to take a lot of pictures and upload them here to let you see them. I don't know if I am more excited abotu the food, the history or what. Definitely a lot in both categories!!

I think once I get back, and can stop saving money for Paris, I am going to get an iphone. Once I do this, I think I am going to take photos of one healthy meal a day and post it again. I think it will be much easier with the iphone. Will be much better photos than with my blackberry, and will have a TON more memory. I wonder if they have a blogger app for iphone? hmm. Do any of you have an iphone you use to post blogs? If so, give me tips!! haha

Hmm so what have I been so busy with. Well let me give you a run down of what this week looks like, and you will understand what my past weeks have been like.

Monday: Hosting Monday Movie Madness party, where I will be featuring "I'm Not There" and serving brownies (espresso, peanut butter, and more).

Tuesday: Book club

Wed: watching julie and julia

Thurs: basketball or capture the flag

Friday: PACKING, calling banks to let them know i am leaving the country, etc

Saturday: Finish packing.

Sunday: Head over to Houston with the pups, help Mike's parents move in.

Monday: Leave for Paris!!!

Alright, I need to head out, but I hope everyone is doing well!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


I have been avoiding posting because I wanted to add pictures. But then I keep forgetting to put them on my computer, and then taking them when a good picture comes up. I guess it doesnt help that my camera was out of my purse for a few days, and I mysteriously lost my battery charger for my camera. Hopefully I find it, or get a new one by the time Paris comes, because I really need to take pictures for that!

I had a pretty indulgent week last week. I kept wanting to eat light, as in craving light foods, but it just did not work out. Over the weekend however, I did eat a bit less. I ate bad foods in moderation pretty much.

On Friday night I went with Mike and a friend to a cute little Argentine restaurant called the Buenos Aires Cafe, . I got the Gnocchi Quartet. It had pumpkin-cinnamon, sweet potato-chipotle, cilantro-jalapeno, and potato-herb gnocchi. It was beyond spectacular. As you can probably imagine, I loved the cilantro jalepeno one best. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. (I also worked out in the morning)

On Saturday, Mike and I took the pups to the lake. While they got to swim in the lake, I almost died of dehydration. Not REALLY but it felt like it. I ended up drinking about 32 oz of diet coke in about 15 minutes right after from Sonics. It was gross, and amazing. Normally I crave water in those situations, but not this time. Strange. Later we ended up going shopping and then out to eat at BJ's. I had not been to Bj's in a long time, so it was nice to be back. Mike and I used to live right next to it, and went pretty often. They have great avocado egg rolls, and their salads are tasty. (I also worked out).

On Sunday, I asked the twitter world of good Mexican brunch ideas. Mike was craving it. We used to go to this place in California called Acapulcos that had a great brunch, buffet style with plantains, breakfast tacos, churros, heaven. I still have not found a place like that here yet, but am still looking. I did however tried Mucho Tacos in South Austin, which was pretty amazing. I got the migas (essentially a breakfast taco with some tortilla chips, and jalepenos, etc). I barely ate 1/4 of it and was full until about 6pm (ate the meal at 11am). Afterward I ended up working out with my Wii. The exercise this time was RIDICULOUS. There were side jumps, jump lunges (the WORST) and squat holds, among other crazy things. This was horrible. And great. I am still sore today. I also ended up playing sand volleyball for about an hour last night. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I am not beyond tired because it went on way to late.

This week I only have plans on Wednesday night. But I will most likely end up doing more. I need to buy a new purse for paris (mine is dying, and not big enough for the little things I want to drag along with me). I also need to complete my french series so I can speak SOME french when I am there. Can't wait!!

Did you do any crazy workout this weekend?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

EA Action Sports on Wii Is Still Fantastic!

So I am on day 16 of the EA Action Sports Wii game. I have to say, it is incredibly hard. Every single time I do it, I feel like I just ran 3+ miles. Last Saturday I actually got a new resistance band for the game. The one the game comes with is super wimpy, and I am just too buff for it. Just kidding, sorta. So I got this medium one, the cheapest one at Target. It was more resistant than the one from Giam, that was $20 or something. Only problem, this one has thick handles, which gets in the way with the controllers a bit. But nothing I can't figure out.

I weighed myself the other day after a workout. And I got the lowest measurement on Body Fat Percentage ever. I didn't believe it because I just worked out, and it was 5% below what I was last time I waited long enough for it to register. Usually I just see the weight number, jump off and try to forget what just happened (this was going on for about 2 months). ;-) But I waited this time, and saw the number and was and said WTH (but normal words). And then I made Mike jump on and see if it was off for him. It was normal for him pretty much. So I checked the next day without workout, and it was the same. Checked today and it was 1% up. Either way, looks like I am definitely down some BFP which is sweet.

Eating has been okay on some days. Other days not so much. I need to eat home made meals more often. This past month it has been a lot of going out for lunch, and even dinner. I need to stop just so I can cut down on things in my freezer. haha.

I need to cancel my gym membership though. I think I will keep up with this EA Action Sports thing. It is easy to do in the morning, and requires no extra effort. The gym requires me to pack a bag, remember my locker combo, make sure i make it to the class on time (or find a good Dreadmill). I should probably run out side as well, but it is gross out right now. Around 85 - 90 degrees before 9am. And super humid. No thanks.

In Paris news. I bought my "Paris Dress" last night. I told myself I could buy ONE dress for my trip. I had been eying it for awhile, and then I saw last night only 3 left in my size, so I freaked out and bought it. Note: I bought it knowing I would get my quarterly bonus with my paycheck on Wednesday, which apparently is not happening until the next paycheck. Awesome.

Mike and I are learning french on cd, some conversational french thing. It is pretty good. I think I am catching on. Not sure how it will work when I am actually in France, but either way, it should at least help me understand SOME things.

We also got the Rick Steves France book, and have been flipping through to see where we want to visit. I think we are spending most of our time im Paris, and will head to Paris and Belgium for a day trip. Can't wait!!!!

Have any of you ever been to Paris? Any tips?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Slowing Down Today

I had quite the busy week. It was a great week, but yes, very busy. Today is my first time I have had a chance to actually slow down. I have not had the chance to take pictures of one healthy meal a day, but plan to do that starting tomorrow. :-)

Let's do a quick update:

Last Saturday I went with with Teddy to get something done, that I am not sure I can say on here or not. It will be a surprise to a few, so have to keep quiet. After that we went and got Thai food and went to a party.

On Sunday I watched USA vs Brazil soccer match. And ended up just hanging out with Mike and Teddy.

On Monday I worked of course, then caught up on some tv shows.

On Tuesday I had book club. The book we read was "American Wife" by Curtis Sittenfeld. I was bad and didn't finish it yet, but it was almost a 600 page book and I only had a month to read it. I had a lot of fun at the book club event though. I am glad I have kept this up for about a year now.

On Wednesday I worked really late, then went to Pluckers by the UT campus to participate in their Trivia Night. We did not do very well, but I definitely had a lot of fun. Unfortunately though I ate too much grease and was not feeling well later that night.

On Thursday Mike took Ender to the vet, a new vet. This vet seems pretty amazing. Shet set us up with a great plan to help his problems. She thinks he probably has worms, a bacterial infection because of worms, and on top of that doggie IBS. We are not going to get him hypoallergenic food (venison or fish), give him antiobiotics, deowormer, and probiotics. He is also getting a new type of flea/worm meds (frontline + interceptor, rather than revolution). I am really excited we have a plan now. He already seems to be doing much better. I just need to find probiotics for him!

On Thursday night I played basketball with a few friends for several hours. Now that was definitely intense. It was 99 degrees at 8pm, and humidity was ridiculous. I was not able to keep up with everyone, but still had a lot of fun. Afterward, Teddy, Mike and I all hung out at my place where we talked about traveling all night.

On Friday, I didn't have to work! I planned a whole "paris day" with Mike. Well, only part of it was actually all about Paris, but it was still fantastic. In the morning we went to Cafe Le Crepe and got 3 different crepes (we shared). Mike got this chicken one which I did not eat, since i can't eat chicken. I got this one called "The Italian" where it was proscuitto with basil and mozzorella. It was amazing. And we got a dessert one with bri, walnuts, honey and pears. It was PURE heaven. After that we went to Half Price Books and got some french phrases and french/english dictionary. Then we went home and got tickets to PARIS!!!!!!!!!!! Mike's parents were incredibly generous and bought us tickets to Paris as an engagement present. We are beyond excited!!! I am going Augustin 3rd - 9th. I canNOT wait!!

After booking our Paris flight, Mike and I went and watched "Away We Go" which I thought was pretty fantastic. We also ended up getting Mario Kart on Wii and played that the rest of the evening. Overall, a pretty amazing day.

On Saturday, Mike and I woke up early and went to Alamo Drafthouse to watched "Public Enemy". I as really excitef for this movie, but the movie was just okay. My biggest problem with it, was that you really didn't care much about any of the characters. They all just seemed to blur together. After that we took the pups to Bull Creek (waterfall dog park) and hung out there for awhile. Ender will officially swim now, but only if he is chasing a stick. It is pretty funny. They had a great time there as per usual. After that we met up with Mike's friend from out of town and a few others at the Spiderhouse. After there we went to Torchys, and then later to downtown. We first went to the Gingerman where we randomly met up with Teddy. Then we went to the area they call "dirty 6th" which was HILARIOUS. Amazing people watching. I would love to go into details here, but not sure everyone wants the details. haha.

So far today, Mike, I, Teddy, and some other friends went to Jaun in a Million. We got their famous "Don Ramon" tacos which were amazing. I only had less than 1/2 and am still from it, about 5 hours later. Yay! After that I took a nap at home, and did my Wii Fit sorta thing. Later I plan on picking up some veggies and fruit and watching a movie with Mike tonight at home. I definitely need to relax today, because this past week was BUSY for me.

I hope you had a great weekend as well!


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