Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guess I Forgot

I was pretty sure I posted yesterday. Oops. I guess I got too busy.

The last 2 days have been pretty good overall.

On Sunday, I was able to get breakfast with Dean and Michael. We went to one of my favorite place ever for breakfast. It was one I went to when I lived in San Diego. It was a dorm room favorite. haha. It is The Original House of Pancakes (NOT IHOP). I would always get the chocolate chip pancakes. They were amazing. And since this was a pre-birthday breakfast (I swear I asked Mike to take me for my birthday but since we are going tubing he couldnt, so it's a birthday thing, okay? haha).

Dean got their famous apple pancake. This was essentially apple pie on top of a pancake. Soo good. He let me have a bite.

Mike got the Dutch Baby, which is a small version of a traditional German Pancake. Soo freaking delicious.

Mike and I then did some errands and cleaned up around the house. We finally got a blender after not having one for 1.5 years or more. No I think it was about 2.5 to be honest. We want to make an abacatada which is just a brazilian version of an avocado milkshake. Amazing. We havent made it yet, but will probably tomorrow. Mmmmm.

After that I had some lunch. A salad with my leftover pad thai on top. A lot of people do pasta salad on a salad, why not pad thai? It was delicious.

Then I played soccer at 5pm (so freaking hot) at the IM fields (at UT) for an hour but then they closed. I was convinced to continue practice at Zilker park. I played for about an hour more. Then I had to quit because my toe hurt in my shoe. I think the shoes are too small for when my feet expand when I am extremely hot. haha.

Then we went to a bar to watch the Lakers vs Celtics game and a hockey game that someone wanted to watch. I ended up getting a California burger from there, which is just a burger with avocado, cheese and sprouts. I ended up eating a few bites fo the burger, 1/2 the bun, and all the avocado and cheese. Plus of course the fries on the side that were amazing. Unhealthy sure, but I just burned a million and one calories playing soccer. So not too concerned.

I didn't get a picture of it, so you can just see a funny one of Ender during the weekend.

Sunday night I got no sleep because I was up late and adreleline was pumping from playing soccer.

On Monday, I ate some cracklin oat bran for breakast.

Then praeventia cookies for a snack.

Lunch was salad with pad thai again. Told you it was good!

I then had some pb pretzels. Those are crack. I ended up having more because I was starving all day, because lack of sleep.

Then I had some cottage cheese with some lingonberry jelly that I added. Mmm Tasty.

I went to the gym after work even though I felt incredibly run down. I went for my goal of 3 miles in 30 minutes. It was hot, it was sweaty, I forgot my towel, there was no tv on my treadmill, but I did get to listen to This American Life and then some music when the app shut down randomly. But guess what, I achieved my goal! I did 3 miles in 29:45. Holy crap. Not sure if I can duplicate that any time soon, but I will keep trying. Once I can do that consistently I will try to do 4 miles in 40 minutes.

After that I cut up some onions, peppers, garlic and grilled them. Added in some sausage and beans. Mike made rice. We put it all together and ate it with tortilla chips. Maybe not the healthiest meal, but healthier than the real meal I wanted (lots of Mexican food). This got rid of my huge craving and I savored every bite of it.

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