Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Interval Running

I want to work on my speed in running. I am excited I can now average around 10 min miles for up to 5 miles. But I would love to get it down to the 9 min range. I know interval running helps a lot, and it really helped me first start running. So yesterday I downloaded an Interval Run iphone app to help me increase me make sure I do my intervals right. This program has the C25k program, gateway to 8k and one hour runner. So I went to the gym after work yesterday. I saw a long line for the treadmills (and every other piece of cardio equip but bikes) so I decided to just do weights first. I did those for awhile until one opened up (about 20 mins later?). I then did day 1 of c25k. I felt weird because it was so low mileage and I kept feeling like I wasn't doing enough. But I was sweating like I was. So I think it counted. I went between 3.5 (3% incline) to 7.5 (3% incline) on the treadmill. This was really not impossible hard, and I think I have some hope for the future in getting speedier. I will make sure to keep you up to date with how this plan goes.

Have you ever tried to get faster? How?

So lets talk about yesterdays bites.

I started my day off with some more Vanilla Almond Crunch.

Then had my praeventia cookies.

For lunch I had leftover avocado salad on sourdough bread.

For a snack I had a delicious cupcake that Amanda brought for me from Chicago. She got me this peanut butter nutella one. Holy heaven delicious. If you live in Chicago, try out Molly's Cupcakes. They were great.

For dinner I made a whole wheat pita calzone. I diced up some onions, and garlic and prosciutto and grilled them. Once those were done, I added them to my pita pocket, added some pasta sauce, some cilantro and some mozzarella. I put it in the toaster oven at 500 for about 10 minutes. It was perfect. While it was in the oven, I threw some asparagus on the grill with baby tomatoes. Mmmmmmmm. I am still thinking about this meal today it was soo good. I hope I have time to make more of it before my soccer game tonight!

Speaking of which, soccer game tonight. Against a hard team this time. I hope we do well. I have to go against this one girl I knocked down before. She played all through college and is good and very aggressive. Lets hope I don't get beat down. haha.

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