Saturday, October 23, 2010

Salty Foods this Week

I did not end up taking many pictures on Thursday. Oops. I started my day off with a nutri grain bar. Not what I normally eat at all, plus it has no staying power. But I have been a ball of nerves from the work week that I didn't have it in me to eat anything else.

For lunch we got indian food. I had a bowl of delicious curry, as well as a few other curries and a piece of naan. This was a buffet so I didn't get individual servings of each, just small bites worth. So tasty. I did not stuff myself to the brim this time. Yay.
For dinner, I went with a few co-workers to Iron Cactus for a Happy Hour. Yes, 2 happy hours in one week for me is strange. But this was a strange week. I forgot to take photos for some reason. But i had a few bites of a lobster taco and some bites of crack cake that were too salty. What's up with me getting foods too salty this week? Gross. But the lobster tacos were amazing. I would get them again, even if not at Happy Hour prices.

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