Friday, January 29, 2010

Soccer Anyone?

I was soo tired yesterday that it was ridiculous. Also been dealing with a lot of other crazyness, and it is draining me of life.

For breakfast yesterday I had lemon poppyseed muffins for breakfast. I had to make them for work, for a meeting. They were tasty.

For my snack I had a muffin in my yogurt. High calorie snack fo sho. But then I ended up eating a small lunch.

For lunch I had one taco from Torchy's. The avocado one. Mmm. tasty. but not good for you. But one isn't THAT bad right? eh.

For a snack later in the afternoon I had my veggies again.

And for dinner I made gnochhi with a bleu cheese, mushroom and spinach sauce. Not the biggest fan of the sauce at all so I am not divulging more details. It was decent, but not amazing. I should have dropped the spinach and mushrooms. They were gross in it.

I did not workout last night. i was too tired. But I did workout this morning to make up for it. I did 45 minutes of a lower body workout on the my fitness coach (wii). I think it was mostly 45 minutes of squats and plies. haha. I might not be able to walk tomorrow.

Tonight I am going to my friends house for game night. I am super excited for it. Yayaya. I love games.

Also i think I convinced a few friends to join a soccer league with me. How awesome is that? Think I need shin guards?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Veggies Don't Count

I am very tired today. Blame that on me staying up until 130am and then waking up at 6am today. My fault. haha.

Yesterday I had some oatmeal squares for breakfast. Then a chobani yogurt with pom seeds.

We had catered lunch day at work yesterday. I got a sandwich with mozz, gorgonzola, basil and tomatoes and some french fries. And then of course there were BROWNIES there, which is something I absolutely cannot resist. I didn't finish my sandwich or eat many fries because I knew i wanted the brownie.

After lunch I went to sparkpeople and added up my approx calores for the day and I was 50 calories near the goal of what I wanted. awesome. So I ended up having my snack of carrots & bell peppers which I dont think counts very much calorie wise. Maybe it counts but I don't care. Veggies are free for me.

I went home and hung out with Mike for about 30 minutes. I had a piece of those evil heart chocolates in my living room. Gah. Mmm. After that I hung out with my wine club/book club friends. We listened to the state of the union while sipping some wine and chatting. I had 2 crepes there. One filled with delicious veggies and cheese. The other with a bit of nutella, strawberries, blueberries and pom seeds. Amazing.

After lunch today I also decided to add up the calories for the day so far. Had some more bad news. This time already at my goal. So, I think I might need to do the approx calorie counting thing again, to help me get a better idea of what I should be eating and not what I think I should be eating. Clearly I am eating too much during the day. I will not be perfect in how I count. But I will use it to guide me in making better choices.

Also I turned down plans tonight to work out and get some rest. Yay.

Also I am in talks with a few friends to join a intermural soccer league here in Austin. I am horrible, but it would be awesome. We need to decide by 2/5 so I will let you know how it turns out. :-)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

75 Calories? Hmmm

Yesterday was a decent day, food and exercise wise.

For breakfast I started my day with a latte and pb &j on an arnold thin. Absolutely delicious.

For a snack in the late morning, some chobani yogurt with pom seeds.

For lunch I went to an indian buffet, and I think I stayed within my limits. I was never full, so it couldnt have been that bad. I wasn't empty ever either though. Just not "full". I did enjoy some tasty naan though.

For an afternoon snack I had some more pom seeds, a latte, and a huge bag of carrots and mini bell peppers. Note to self, just because I am in a starbucks with co-workers does not mean I HAVE to get a latte. haha.

For my dinner I had some leftover cajun meal I made last week. I wasn't very hungry so I did not eat much. I did however also have a piece of corn bread. Heaven.

I also had 2 chocolate pb hearts I bought for valentines day. Those candies will not make it to Valentines Day though. Me and Michael cannot resist them. Oops for buying them.

An hour after dinner I did the "my fitness coach" workout. It focused mainly on your core. It had some upper body weight, some cardio but mostly a million types of crunches and other ab workouts. I set it for the 45 minute program and after it was over, it said I only burned 75 calories. I don't buy it. How is that possible? It is just a video game so who knows.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh Monday, Glad You are Over

The first day of the week is often exciting to me because I get re-motivated to get things done, but is also stressful because I think of all the things I need to get done. I have to say I had a little of both yesterday.

I went to bed late on Sunday night. I did a ton of laundry and other chores around the house. So working out in the morning was not an option. Instead I woke up an hour later, had some breakfast and coffee with Mike.

I started my day off with some pb & j toast. Mmm.

For a snack I had my greek yogurt with granola and pom seeds. Heaven.

For lunch I had a kids size serving of chili and mac n cheese at Galaxy cafe. It was amazing. I also ended up getting some froyo. It was necessary.

For dinner I made pecan honey pork chops. Not sure if it was really a chop but you know what I mean, some pork, cut in small ish pieces. This is not very healthy for you at all, but it hit the spot. I served it alongside some green beans to health it up a bit.

After dinner, I had plans to go to the High Ball to watch a "Big Band" show for free. I went with a few friends and had a spectacular time. I did however not get to sleep until late again. So I am definitely going to bed early today.

I will also be working out tonight. :-)

Have a good one everyone!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Perfect Sunday

On Saturday night, mike and I both decided to stay in and just cook some dinner and watch a movie at home. We are married now, we can be boring right? Haha kidding completely.

So for dinner I made my first attempt at shrimp and sausage creole with fettucinie. I got kind of upset for a bit because it didn't taste exactly like Evangaline cafe's but then mike reminded me that they probably took years or generations to get that good so I need to accept that my first attempt was still pretty darn good.

The way I normally like to jumpstart recipe ideas is to look at 10-12 recipes and then learn proprotions so I can make my own my own way. My base for this recipe was emeril's creole sauce with shrimp recipe. I made a ton of modifications but mine still came out pretty lovely. I am pretty sure mike loved it which is the true test. We ate this while watching adaptation last night.

For a snack yesterday and today I had chobani yogurt with pomegranite seeds and my home made granola. Very tasty!

For breakfast today I made French toast with pomegranite and flax seeds. Mmm. The pom seeds really made it!

After breakfast I went to the greenbelt with my friend Teddy and Peter and of course the pups. I was super excited that there was actually water in the river bed. We normally walk in the river bed but this time we had to take another route. It was awesome. After we went to taco deli but I only got one taco

To satiate my hunger after lunch I made a nice salad. It had laughing cow light Swiss cheese, pom seeds, and walnuts. Mmm. And yes that is Ender in the background. :-)

For dinner I made my lovely couscous dish. It was a near east pine nut mix, with pork, almonds, garlic, onion and green beans. Mmm. Refreshingly delicious.

I also had half a piece of wedding cake, and some reward pb hearts.

I am thankful for this weekend and glad I could get a lot of things done while being able to relax. Now I just need to take a shower and then put some laundry away.

I hope you also had a great weekend!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ahh the weekend

I am so incredibly glad it is the weekend! Especially since I do not have anything planned at all!

Let's rewind to yesterday and then I will catch you up with today.

Yesterday for breakfast I had some oat squares.

For a snack I had yogurt and granola.

For lunch I was able to meet up with mike and the in laws! We went to the Apothecary Cafe, which is amazing. I got a panini with bri, honey and pear and a salad with clementines and pears. Mmm. We also had a glass of wine. Mmm. It was so nice to be able to see them even if was only for a lunch.

For a snack later I had my veggies which consistent if carrots and peppers.

After work I went to gap and old navy and made some exchanges. Then met up with some boys at my place to watch the rockets game. We ate pizza and everyone liked the one I picked out most. Yay. It was made with Canadian bacon, basil and garlic. Sorry no pictures.

I ended up going to bed pretty early for a Friday then waking up late today. The sleep was amazing!

So today so far I have been productive. Mike and I opened a joint checking and savings account. Then after that we went to La Boite again where we got coffee and pastries. I ate 2/3s of mine before I made mike finish it. It was fatty but kept me full from 12 to 5, and even now I am not really that hungry.

I also went to target and got a dirt devil to clean not only my car, but things around the house. Much needed with two crazy dogs.

Then I went to costco and picked up a few goodies. I got pomegranite seeds, blackberries, mini bell peppers, chobani (12 pack for 11.85), laughing cow Swiss light wedges, frosted mini wheats and frontline for the pups.

When I got home from costco I let the pups in the backyard only to discover a few Jack Russels there which do not belong to me. Apparently they broke down a plank of fence in the back yard on their side. I went to go wrangle them up and then my pups ran into their yard and straight into my neighbors house. Note, these are neighbors I have never even met before. So I had to knock of their front door and try to get my pups back. It took a bit f chasing in a house of 5 dogs total, but I did it. They are silly. Or rather that was a silly situation. Haha.

Tonight I will be making some creole shrimp dish and watching adaptation with mike. Should be a good night. Hopefully I can also fit in some stretches because my legs still hurt so bad it is hard to walk. This is a result from Thursdays workout on the my fitness coach wii game. Ouch.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Good Night

I am so happy today is Friday. I have absolutely no real plans over the weekend. At least fun plans. I do have errand plans. But lets try to forget about those for right now. :-)

So yesterday for breakfast I was in a meeting where a co-worker brought in delicious blueberry muffins. Somehow I only managed to eat one. I wanted more, but decided against it, even though half of one was just staring at me in the face.

I had some yogurt and granola as a snack. It actually was drinkable yogurt but I poured it in a bowl to eat like normal yogurt. Not the most brillant idea, but it worked. Next week I will just buy a tub of normal yogurt.

For lunch I got thai food at Titayas. I wasn't in the mood for curry for some reason so I got the pad thai with tofu & egg. It was delicious, although could have used more spice. I wanted to add some siracha or some chili pepper sauce, but the only one available was at table with people and it would have been awkward to grab. Plus the staff was soo busy I couldnt ask them either. haha. Oh well. It was still tasty.

For my snack I had my carrots and mini bell peppers again. Amazingggg.

I got out of work semi late (630pm) and then endured a ridiculous traffic. I stopped by Gamestop on my way home and got the Wii My Fitness Coach game for only $20 and a used rechargable dock for the controllers. Yaya.

I didnt get home until 730 and didnt start my official workout until 807pm. I still wasn't hungry though thankfully.

I will give a full review of the game this weekend, but let's just say my calves are so sore I do not want to get up. I am avoiding going the bathroom because that means I have move them. haha.

For dinner, which was around 930pm (I know, that is awful), I had my leftover pad thai, but with some fresh cut steamed green beeans made by mike. Mmmm.

After dinner Mike brought me some cervesa to drink while watching Big Love. Oh it was a glorious night.

I went to bed pretty late though, but because I worked out at night I didn't have to worry about having to wake up early. Yay.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let's Get Serious ;-)

Yesterday I didn't really take many pictures. But I did get a a new application on my iphone that enhances my images. I want to test it out. It is called "Camera bag" and it just filters the images. I like it. Hopefully it improves my pictures.

So yesterday for breakfast I had a leftover quiche. It was delicious.

For a snack I had my yogurt with granola and a HUGE baggie of veggies. The one below was completely filled. With carrots and mini bell peppers. I also ended up having the rest of my Quaker oat squares cereal I had packed the day before.

For Lunch I had a chipotle burrito for the catered lunch from my work. I just ate the insides of it. It contained beans, cheese, qauc, lettuce, rice and tomatoes. I probably only ate 1/2 the insides.

For dinner I ended up going to see Up in the Air at alamo drafthouse. I had some celery and hummus from my friend, and then some Mac N Cheese. I was too filled up on veggies and needed something plain.

I did not get to exercise. I did go to bed earlyish but I needed to make up for my lack of sleep the nights before. So tonight I will spend my evening working out. Yay.

Also a good thought last night from me "I am never going to lose any weight if i don't burn calories from working out with the way I eat. I will only maintain my weight or gain more. Time to get serious again."

I also read some of my past entries where I went pretty hardcore. I need to get back to that. I need more time. Or I need to make more time. or both.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How Did I Forget That?

Somehow yesterday I forgot to take a photo of anything I ate. I also havent done it yet, but I think I can remember by the end of the day.

Anyway, non picture form, this is how it went. I ate 2 bites of some oatmeal squares then someone told me there was fresh banana bread baked by my co-workers wife who is notorious for being amazing at baker. So of course I decided against my dry cereal for a slice of banana bread. Boy was it amazing.

I had some yogurt with home made granola for a snack. I also ate a ton of carrots and bell peppers. Seriously, it was a lot.

I had some tacos from lunch from Torchys. The shrimp one, and the avocado one. Delicious. But it was bad because I ate so much I felt gross full. I do not want to do that anymore. It is not okay. It was a major fail on my part. But what I learned from it, is that I can only order 1 taco from there next time, not TWO.

At last minute I found out I would be the host for the book club. So after work I went to HEB and got all the ingredients and got home around 7. I made some mushroom mini quiches. Oh gosh, they were great. Mike even said it might be the best quiche he has ever had. I am going to put the recipe on here just so I remember it.

Grilled half an onion, 5 cloves of garlic, mushrooms (halfway through while they were grilling I added some dry sherry). I whipped 3 eggs into 1/2 a cup of milk and 1/2 bar of 1/3 fat cream cheese and threw in some salt. I mixed that around, and added the grilled veggies and mixed it some more. I took the frozen mini pastry shells (do you really think I would make my own?) and put a bit of havarti cheese at the bottom. I then added the egg mixture to the pastry shells. Then I topped the mini quiche with sharp cheddar cheese (grated of course). Then I put them in the oven till they were done. No idea the temperature of the oven, which is another story for another day. But they came out amazingggg.

I also made a salad with walnuts, some Amish heavenly bleu cheese, dried blueberries and some raspberry vinaigrette. This was very tasty. I have some leftover to snack on today.

I also ended up having more cheese, wine and maybe 1 -2 crackers.

I probably ate more than I should yesterday, but eh.

Today while driving to work, I was thinking to myself how weird it is that I havent really been hungry for dinner until 830 ish at night. And then I thought, well that would eliminate my reason at night to work out after work (which was bc I would be too hungry wah wah wah). Especially if I eat my carrots as snacks at 4 - 430. So now I have to work out after work. I am planning on doing it tonight. And I tempted to buy a new wii game to motivate me. But that is silly. I should just go to the gym and stop being ridiculous. I do not need to spend money. I repeat, I do not need to spend money. But I want to. I want it. Right now. I also want to lose 10lbs right now. Like right this moment. Anyway, I am being ridiculous right now. Will write more tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I think it was good

Yesterday I have to say I had a pretty healthy day. At least every meal had either veggies, whole grains or it was yogurt. :-)

For breakfast I ended up having oatmeal with some peanut butter. I was not the biggest fan of this oatmeal though. It was all gel like. Most likely because it is an instant kind? I didn't even finish the bowl because I was full about 2/3s in.

For lunch I went to a sushi place and got a roll with avocados, jalepenos, cucumber and cream cheese with a spicy tasty sauce. And because I hate soy sauce I saved myself from a lot of unwanted sodium. Yay. Do you consider sushi healthy? Maybe not the cream cheese on this one but I honesty needed a little fat in this light meal.

For a snack later in the day I had a latte. I got hungry around 4pm an had a huge baggie full of carrots and bell peppers. I also had some Greek yogurt with some granola.

By the time I got home from work, close to 7pm, I was not hungry but had to eat to take some pills the doc ordered. So I had a small bowl of leftover chili, and some cornbread.

I spent the rest of the night watching basketball, writing thank you notes (we are mostly done?) and proof reading the first 1/3 of mikes' thesis. I also ended up making granola to go with some yogurt I bought.

I didn't end up getting to bed until 12ish so no gym for me. I will try to workout tonight though. I am sore though from my 6 mile walk. Haha.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Best Kind of Sunday

Sunday started out with some delicious french toast. I made it on wheat toast, and the egg mixture included: pumpkin pie spice mix, sugar, molasses, vanilla and cinnamon. I forgot the flax seeds. Oops. But the blackberries and maple syrup on top made it even more spectacular. I ate this while watching "Big Love" with Michael.

In the afternoon I decided to go for a run/walk around the neighborhood to get a feel of the running paths. I ended up running/walking 5.96 miles. This was not entirely on purpose. I went on one path and it made me do a huge loop instead of of being able to take a shortcut. I am VERY sore today because of this.

After the walk I made a delicious home made chili. I added kidney beans, pinto beans, great northern beans, a jar of tomato sauce, bell peppers (yellow and red), corn, grilled onions and garlic, oregeno, red pepper, cilantro, salt, and jalapeno sausage. I think this chili was pretty great. I kind of wish I was able to eat it for lunch today.

I also served the chili with some cornbread. This is box kind from Trader Joes. The absolute best cornbread. I also added some honey on top because that is how Mike likes it, and I cannot complain about the taste. ;-)

For dinner, I was not very hungry because my lunch was around 4pm. (oops). But I went to my friends Golden Globes party. She had a ton of tasty treats there so I nibbled on those. I ended up eating too much, but it doesnt matter, because it was DELICIOUS.

I did not get everything I wanted to get done this weekend, but enough. Hopefully I get a LOT done this weekend!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Balancing it out?

This morning mike and I had to do some errands. We went to the farmers market to pick up coffee from Katz. I ended up getting a Mexican mocha coffee. It was delicious. After that we went to Boite, a little trailer on Lamar that serves French pastries. I ended up getting the pan chocolat of course. Holy moly was this amazing!!

After a ton of chores in the house mike and I got a burger from mighty fine burgers. I was craving one bad and it had been awhile since I wanted one so I gave in.

After I was done I went to costco and the grocery store. I got lots of healthy stuff including salad, squash, sweet potatos, celery, carrots, cilantro, yogurt and blackberries.

Because mike and I ate so heavy today we decided to balance out our day by eating a light dinner. We had cheese, crackers, salad and wine.

The salad was mixed with laughing cow light cheese, walnuts, cranberry sauce, blackberries and mushrooms.

The cheese was manchengo and the crackers were delish.

Our wine came from my friend Amanda who also bough us the glasses. Yay.

Right now we are watching tv and I am trying to calm myself down from some annoyances.

Our old apartment agreed to let us pay a reletting fee to get out of our lease after a hefty penalty. Now they sent us a bill to pay the rest of our lease and to replace the carpet. It is very illegal and annoying that they are even trying to do it. So now we have to deal w it and it freaks me out. Hopefully this all gets worked out and we don't have to sue. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I feel like I am still recovering. The cold is almost gone. The plans are all done. And now it is time to clean up the mess. ;-) So many little things didn't get done, so that big things like weddings and what not could get done.

I had a nice relaxing lunch at Central Market with some co-workers/friends. I got the kids mac n cheese, and then a HUGE "side salad". And no I did not eat the dressing, I never really do use dressing.

Last night I didn't get home until 715pm. And then Mike had some friends over to help us eat our leftover cake. I didn't end up eating dinner until around 840pm. I wasn't very hungry, but know I needed to put something in my stomach because I didn't eat that much all day. I ended up making a semi weird, semi normal combo. I heated up a sweet potato, added some goat cheese, walnuts and some home made cranberry sauce I made last night. Mike thought it tasted like feet, but he doesn't like goat cheese. I thought it was marvelous. I only ended up eating half the bowl though because it was so incredibly filling.

I am looking forward to making some goods with the leftover cranberry sauce. mmmmmmmm.

Tonight I will be going to book club with my friends. It should be a good night.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Planning Is Over

All the planning is finally over! It was an absolutely amazing time. Everything was better than I could have imagined! I promise I will have updates sometimes soon with all kinds of pictures. I have yet to have time for this yet though. Hopefully sometime this weekend.

As for now, I am going keep up the healthy picture a day, and focus on that. I am still fighting a cold of some sorts so I am not going to work out as of yet. Hacking up my lungs is bad enough while sitting at a desk, not going to attempt that at the gym and scare everyone away.

So yesterday we had our quarterly meeting. This consisted of an entire day of hearing about goals and what not for the next quarter. It also involved catered breakfast, lunch and snacks. Let's just say it was a bit more than I normally eat. So for dinner, I made something small and easy. I just re-heated my lovely peanut soup that I had in the freezer from a few weeks ago. I also had a few fritos leftover from the party and a few dorritos (gah). And of course a beer because we have half a keg leftover. hahaha.

Do you see how cute my new bowls are??? Thanks Janet, I absolutely adore them!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Abacatada - Avocado Milkshake

Mike introduced me to the abacatada drink a few years ago. I am pretty sure it came from his Brazilian heritage. :-) It is essentially an avocado milkshake.

ike had some avocado on hand last night so we both decided it would be a great idea to make this lovely concoction. Especially since I had an exceptionally early "dinner" that kept me full all night.

The recipe is pretty simple. I made enough for 2 people. I added half an avocado, some milk and some sugar to taste into a food processor (our blender is on the fritz). You can really decide on your own how much milk and sugar you want in it. I made this one a bit more savory than usual (meaning a lot less sugar) and both Michael and I agreed we appreciated the lack of sweetness a lot last night. By the way, the food processor made this baby perfect. Mmmm.

In other news, last night I did a lot of cleaning around the house. I put away ALL my clean clothes and one half of our room is entirely clean. The other half is full of laundry from the Brazil trip, and random boxes we still have not unpacked. We also went to Specs to get a present for some special people. :-) Their gift wrapping (putting what you get into a basket and packaging it nicely) was really reasonable, and I think I might do that again! I can't give too many secrets about it yet because the people who are getting it read this. haha.

I ended up passing out around 11pm. I was dead tired. I am still fighting a sort of cold, and was starting to feel achy and what not by 11pm. This morning I feel just as good as I felt yesterday morning, which is stuffy but reasonably okay and high in spirits.

I have to accept my house will not be as put together as I would like for my parents first viewing, and that some things will go wrong in the reception of course. Getting engaged, helping to plan a wedding and reception, going to brazil for said marriage and fun, and working 50 hours a week really does not allow for much unpacking. I feel like every single weekend something crazy has been going on. So sorry family, my house is not as put together as I would like, but I hope you will visit again in the next few months when it will be done! :-)

I have a lot of to-do's left for the reception. I need to figure out a meal that is gluten, soy and dairy free for two of my friends. I also need to figure out decorations (thanks to Dean for letting us use your white christmas lights!!!). I also need to figure out everyone's airport schedules so I can make sure they get picked up or know where to go, etc. I also need to figure out all the sleeping situations. We need air mattresses badly!!


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