Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Tied

The soccer game yesterday was great. We were playing against a team that has done well all season. They even have at least one player on their team that played in college. Super awesome because this is the super social league, right? Anyway... I actually ended up colliding with that girl in attempt to get her away from the goal with the ball. We both fell, totally my fault, and of course she got a free kick because of it. I just needed to intimidate her though. ahha. Note: the free kick did nothing for them.

Anyway, we kept them from making a goal until I think the 2nd half, where they got one. Then in the last minute of the game, we tied it up with an amazing shot, and a lot of teamwork. Yaya. We all celebrated after and watched more soccer games until about 930 together. I definitely have some scrapes and bruises from yesterday, but I am proud of them, as anyone who knows me would expect.

The rest of yesterday went pretty well.

I started my day off with some oatmeal squares and a latte.

For a snack I had a vitatop with some pb on top.

For lunch I had Torchy's tacos. The shrimp one and the avocado one. This kept me full until about 6pm. So worth the calories??

I did however eat my veggies and a laughing caw light swiss wedge despite not being that hungry for nutritional reasons.

I had about 10 minutes to change into my soccer clothes, and make dinner last night, so I could get to the game in time. I made a turkey, havarti cheese and jalapeno cherry preserves sandwich on an arnold thin. Mmm.

I had a few celebratory light beers last night, but avoided all other food. Yay.

Tonight I will most likely be doing another 4 miles.

And.. big news, I officially signed up for the statesman cap 10k. Yay. I am super nervous. Mike is running it with me, as well as amanda and a bunch of her friends, and a few other co-workers. Sweet. It should be fun, even if I don't get a good time. I signed up for un-timed. I hope I will be able to time it somehow though regardless. Perhaps I could wear a watch or bring my phone??

Let me end this post with beautiful flowers I get to see every morning this spring on my way to work. Note: I was in dead traffic when I took these.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I did 4 miles :-)

I would have to say, yesterday felt pretty good. I ate much better overall, and I ran 4 miles. I was only set to do 3 miles, and on my way there I thought to myself, why not do 4? I needed to do 4 to get closer to what I need to do for my 10k in 2 weekends. So I did.

I did my run at town lake. My gps was not working right on my phone, so I wasn't able to see my pace at all. I also had no idea my gps wasn't working so I have no idea what time I started. Not a big deal. During my first 1.5 miles I was struggling. Then a running group passed me and I tried to pace myself with them. They ended up passing me pretty quickly and disappearing though. Somehow during the run I forgot I was running. I was too busy in my thoughts, and the scenery around me. This is why I love running at town lake, because there are so many pretty things to look at.

I saw the running group I was following at a water station. I passed them, thinking they were done.

When I got to the bridge over the lake I took a quick walking break. I took a photo for you all to see the beauty of my run.

Almost done with the bridge, I saw the running group pass me. I decided this would be a good time to start. So I ran with them for awhile. Of course they passed me again. I had no chance, they were fit, and all had racing shirts on and were FAST. But it gave me motivation.

Once I was done, I didn't feel like death. I walked it out after the run, and then stretched. I also took another picture of the end of my run for you.

So, lets get to the eats on Monday.

I started my morning with a bagel thin, with sunflower butter and coconut butter. I also had a delicious latte I made myself.

Then for a snack I had my goldfish mix (almost done with it).

For lunch we went to Triumph again. This time it was extra tasty. I got the curry tofu with veggies and brown rice. I ended up eating all of the tofu and veggies, and half of the brown rice. It fills me up so well I have to eat it. Worth the calories because of how full it makes me after.

I also was served a shrimp spring roll. I ate some of it, but it was boring and I gave up after 2 bites.

For a snack I had bell peppers, carrots and a laughing cow light swiss miss. I think I also had a twix mini candy bar in there. The mini mini kind.

Then for dinner, post run, I had an egg salad mix inside a pita with sprouts. The egg salad mix was 2 hard boiled eggs, a tsp of miracle whip and some mustard and cayenne pepper. This was not enough egg for the pita. I think I would have rather overstuffed one half of the pita and just had that. The pita's were mostly sprouts. Tasty but not what I was looking for.

I also had a few cool ranch dorritos (Mike brings them into the house, to torture me). And then a mini snicker ice cream bar (90 calories).

I could have done without the dorriots and the snickers, but oh well.

As a side story, the pups freaked me out last night. I heard them barking in the back yard, a LOT. So I called them in (they tend to do this with the neighbor dogs, but then get over it quickly). They were not listening. Not anything entirely new. Ender usually listens though, for the most part. Emily is the stubborn one. Well they were freaking out barking, so I got mad and walked outside to find them behind the shed, trying to get under it. I think there is some extra space between the shed and the ground. So I yell at them to get inside. They are not giving up, they are definitely attacking something. So I walked closer and I hear that something was GROWLING at them. A mean horrible growl. I started thinking up all kinds of things in my head. Racoon with rabies, opposum with rabies, etc. My dogs think they are tough but they are not, they would definitely get beat up by those wild animals. So I am out there slightly screaming at them to stop and get inside. Thinking the mean growling animal will attack them and then me. Note: Michael was not home and would not be for hours. Suddenly they figured out I was actually freaking out, and decided to go inside. No idea what willed them to stop attacking that animal, and go with me, but I am very grateful. Emily did end up having to be carried inside though because I was afraid she would walk away for a few seconds then start the cycle all over again for me.

Well that was my night. I got no sleep again. Tonight I hav a soccer game. Will not have sleep after that either. But I am pretty excited for the game. Unfortunately we are playing a pretty experienced team, so we probably will not win. Not a big deal to me. As long as we don't get slaughtered. haha.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Highly Successful Weekend

Yesterday was a great day overall.

I started out my morning with a delicious bagel sandwich on bagel thins. I had some light cream cheese, with a fried egg and a piece of bacon. Mmm. Also had some strawberries and blackberries. Mmm. I have a big carton of them and need to eat them asap.

Then I had to go to target, AGAIN, to pick up a prescription. That turned into an event. I needed to use a discount card, and had to activate it first. I tried to call but the phone system was ridiculous. I ended up doing it online (thank you Iphone) and it ended up working in less than 5 minutes. Technology win!

By the time I got home, it was lunch time. I had a whole wheat pita filled with avocado, boursin cheese, sprouts, and siracha. Holy moly, delicious. I wish I had that right now to gobble up. I also had chips and a small piece of chocolate on the side.

Then I played soccer with the team, against some other people who showed up. We had a full game going on, with 8 on 8. We played from 230 - 5 pm. I was DEAD after.

Then Mike and I got home and realized our washer was broken, leaking everywhere. So we decided to move that asap. The ones we were using came with the house, but we had our own, that we actually like better. So it wasn't a huge deal for us that it was leaking everywhere. So this turned into quite the event. We moved out the old ones, then put in the new ones. Then realized that the new dryer was actually using a cord that didn't fit our socket. Awesome. So we called Best Buy and asked if there was some sort of converter or something. They just said, no, you just have to re-wire. I dont see that happening. So Mike and I moved the old dryer, which was still working back into use, and moved the new one out. So we are out a washer and dryer, kind of. I am sure the washer just needs some tightened something. And the dryer, just does not work in the house. Ehh.

After were done with this event, and the soccer, we were dead. My menu for the day involved a trip to the store before I could even start making it. Mike and I looked in the fridge and thought we would put something else together. Then getting a burger got into our heads. We were too drained to move really. Driving was a lot of effort at this point. But we sucked it up and got in the car and got our delicious burgers.

I ate the burger and half of my fries. Somewhat of a win for me, since last time I ate ALL the fries and felt gross the rest of the day.

I then proceeded to do laundry, pick out pictures for the wedding album and general cleaning around the house.

Highly successful weekend. I wish I had another day of weekend.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday was a very busy day but I got a lot done and enjoyed myself.

Mike and I started our day with a short visit from Dean, the father in law. We had not eaten breakfast yet and I suggested going to La boƮte. We went there and ordered a few almond croissants to share. I had about half.

Then Mike decided he had to go to the Cuban sandwich trailer next to it. We got the Cuban sandwich and some pork dumplings and plantain chips. All of it was great. I enjoyed part of the sandwich, a few plantain chips and 1/2 o a pork dumplings.

Dean had to leave right after unfortunately. After he left mike and I went to the farmers market by Barton creek mall we got our coffee and I got a tea. The veggies were super expensive and didn't look that exciting so we bought none of that. Then we did some shopping at the mall and I got a few shoes.

When we got home I had an orange while relaxing in the backyard with Mike.

After the orange I went to Target, then Costco and then HEB. I got some fun stuff but mostly healthy stuff for food for the week.

Including a green machine. I had half of this and Mike the other half. This was my first time with it and it was tasty.

Then we had to go to Specs to drop off the kegs from the wedding reception in Austin. Yes we know that was months ago, get over it. Hah. Before we went though I had the snack below.

For dinner I made BBQ turkey with mac n cheese and green beans. It was pretty tasty and I am not even the biggest fan of BBQ sauce.

For dessert mike offered up one of the mini canolis. Mmm.

Today involves another trip to costco because of something i forgot then soccer practice. Yay.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I was soo glad it was Friday, aside from the fact that it meant I had a lot to do at work with and had to finish it all thatday before 6. Before 6 because I had a date with Michael.

Let's rewind to the day. I started my day off with an iced latte. Then some oatmeal squares.

Snack time was some heart to heart crackers and some laughing cow light Swiss wedge.

At lunch I went shopping and afterward got a big salad from whole foods. It had strawberries, pasta salad, jalapenos, cheese, tomatoes, carrots, celery and even some bits of tofu. Everything but the tofu in it was good. Mmm.

Then I had a snack of edamame and carrots.

For date night mike and I went to the alamo drafthouse to watch The Runaways. We ate dinner there as well. I got the steak tacos an ate about 1.5 tacos and only a few chips. Did have some beer though.

Today involves the farmers market, furniture shopping, the father in law in town and possibly a trip to costco. No idea what else as of yet.

What are your weekend plans?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Goods and Bads

Yesterday was the good ole quarterly meeting day. We spend an entire day at a restaurant going over our goals and accomplishments and what not. This also means lots of free restaurant food all day.

I tried to conquer the breakfast dilemma with some quaker oats and an iced latte on my way to work.

When I got to the meeting though there were muffins, eggs, etc. I put a plate together because it all smelled so good. I only ended up eating the fruit, some eggs and part of a half of a bagel. Not the best attempt at doing what was best, but not the worst.

For a snack, around 1130 (when we knew lunch was not until 1pm) I shared a muffin with Amanda. Not many other options, and this was delicious.

For lunch I ordered the burger with buffalo chips (the other options included chicken, salmon (did not want) and just a plate of veggies and nothing else. I ate half the burger and half the buffalo chips.

We got a dessert after, a chocolate trilogy. I only ate half, but that was still too much. hehe.

Then we had a snack. I tried to pass it up but I ate half a cookie. Gah.

Then I went home and made a delicious meal. So delicious Mike even said he would order it from a restaurant if he could. Mmm.

I made ravioli filled with a mixture of gruyere, cilantro, grilled pancetta and mushrooms. I shredded some gruyere, grilled some pancetta and mushrooms. I added that and cilantro into a food processor and vroomed it. Then I added bits of it into won ton wrappers and closed them up with egg whites. Once those were all cooked, I topped it with a spicy tomato sauce, grilled italian squash and mushrooms. Holy moly, delicious.

Then of course Mike brought home goodies to go with the ravioli I told him I was making. He brought some cannolis. Mmm. I had a small one. Delicious.

I have to say overall fail on the food/restriction front, but at least it was all tasty?

I did end up working out for 44 minutes to a Jackie workout on Exercise TV on Demand. So already 5 days of working out this week. Yay. At least that was good for me.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hungry all day

I am posting this a bit early because tomorrow I have to be in a qaurterly meeting ALL day. Super excited for it. Gah.

So today I was starving all day and all I wanted was junk.

I started my day off with oatmeal squares and a latte that I drank with michael this morning.

My snack were some heart to heart crackers with a laughing cow light Swiss wedge.

Then for lunch it was catered lunch day at work. We had a buffet from CPK. My options were limited because so many items had chicken in them. But I did have a few. I had some Thai peanut shrimp pasta dish, one portabello ravioli, salad and some bread. While eating this I felt like the meal wasn't a lot but looking at the picture I think otherwise.

After lunch I was still starving. I waited about 20 minutes then gave into this chocolate chip cookie. Note it was actually pretty small.

My snack was some edamame and a tall non fat latte because there was no other caffiene available to me at the time an I was dying.

Iwas still hungry when I left work at 6pm. Also know I have probably had at least 2 liters of water today so not a dehydration issue. While sitting in horrific traffic, that lasted about 1 hour and 10 minutes to go 13 miles, I came up with a brillant dinner idea.

We had steak in the fridge, bri, asparagus, mushrooms an mashed potatoes. I decided to make an ancho chili steak in a rasberry basil and thyme sauce with melted Brie.

I coated the steak with some ancho chili powder and thyme. Seared it a bit on the stove top. Then placed it in the oven with a slice of Brie on top at 500 degrees.

While it was cooking I made a rasberry sauce. I added fresh basil, beef broth and rasberry preserves to a sauce pan. I let it heat up for a bit. During this time I threw some asparagus, mushrooms and olive oil and salt onto another pan and let them cook.

Once everything was done I adde the rasberry sauce to the steak and served it all. This was one of the best meals I have had in awhile. Mmm.

Because I have turned chocolate crazy the last few days I had some leftover chocolate pecan and bacon toffee. Heaven.

I wanted to work out 5 days in a row but am too tired from lack of sleep. I should have time tomorrow to do a nice run.

For now I am washing my face and brushing my teeth an heading to bed. That is all I have wanted to do all day.


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