Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chicken Poisoned

Hurricane Alex is mean. He keeps ruining my soccer games. Boo. Yesterday another soccer game was canceled. I meant to go to the gym, but Mike convinced me to go to the movies instead to watch Micmacs (my new favorite movie of the year). I didn't put up much of a fight because I was chicken poisoned earlier in the day (I am allergic to chicken) and my stomach really didn't want very much active work happening.

I am not 100% sure how I got chicken poisoned but I definitely did. I am thinking it might be from the grilled veggies I got from Central Market. Why the veggies you ask? Well they could have easily been grilled next to chicken, where chicken was hanging out before, etc. Everything else I ate did not have any weird chances of chicken contact so that is my only guess. This poisoning was even more strange because it was pretty much immediately after I ate. Actually during my last bite I realized something was wrong, and I needed to take control of the situation ASAP. I was sick for about an hour when I remembered to take some medicine. The medicine worked like magic. About 15 minutes later I was feeling great, well at least not in an emergency type situation.

So now its time to add another possible situation for chicken poisoning. Apparently I need to look out for any type of restaurant that cooks chicken on the same grill as whatever else I am eating. That is a little hard to manage though, especially after ordering VEGGIES as part of my meal that I was not expecting to be cooked with chicken. So annoying. Especially if you were vegetarian or something. Why would you cook the veggies on the same grill as the meat. Not very considerate to special diets. Gah. I guess I now have to ask, please cook everything you make for me away from the chicken so I do not feel like death later. Thanks. So annoying.

Alright so back to the eats yesterday:

Quaker Oats

Honey Greek Yogurt

Mac N cheese

Grilled Veggies (with a slight hint of chicken poison)

Chocolate Dusted Almonds

Unpictured Chex Mix

This was at the drafthouse (amazing movie theater) so unpictured. But I had the black bean burger with buffalo sauce and bleu cheese. I only ate a few bites though bc I was nervous I would get sick again. I also had a few plain fries. And a bite or so of Michael's pizza.

Note: at the drafthouse they now have spaghetti squash pasta as an option and pimento cheese sandwiches. Sounds awesome. I just didnt want to ruin the dish for myself by eating them while still sorta sick, so I skipped them and ate something I have eaten several times from here.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lightning Strikes Out

One of my friends on my soccer team plays on another soccer team. She is on vacation and she asked me and a few girls to sub for her and a few of her other team mates. I skipped my workout so I could go, because it would obviously be a workout. Right when our practice before the game was going to start the field had some lightning warning and we had to leave. We had to wait for 45 minutes for them to tell us that the game was not happening because the lightning was still happening. Boo. At this point it was 830pm and I wasn't going to go to the gym. I hadn't even eaten dinner yet.

Instead I went to the grocery store to pick up eggs. We bought some on Sunday, but we left them out all night. And after looking up if that was okay or not, I decided it was too much risk for $3.99.

I made a nice dinner, and Mike came home just in time to enjoy it. I have no idea where I came up with the idea for dinner, but I am assuming it is a real recipe I read somewhere. Do you have any ideas? (look below for meal details).

Quaker Oats


I met up with Teddy and a new friend Sharon at Titayas. I got the musmum curry with brown rice. Tasty.

Veggies & Granola bar (thought I needed to fuel up for the game...)

Polenta topped with tomato sauce, some basil and a fried egg. It was tasty. Only issue with this was that the polenta and egg had a similar texture so it was hard to distinguish between the two. Next time I am going to make the polenta a tad bit crispier. Mike said he enjoyed it. Yay.

Tonight I have my real teams soccer game. It might be raining/thundering today again so who knows if it will happen. If not, I am going to the gym to run. It has been too long.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Weekend Update

This weekend was a blur (and also a TON of fun).

Friday I watched the Brazil game. Went to work. Then went and watched Toy Story 3 (adorable).

Saturday I got crepes with Mike, then watched the US game at Fados, then went home, took a nap, made a pasta dish and went to another party until 4am.

Sunday I woke up 4 hours after going to bed, watched the German game, napped, did errands played soccer for 2 - 3 hours, got froyo, went to the grocery store, ate dinner and went to bed (we didn't get home from soccer until past 10). Went to bed at midnight.

I am missing a lot of photos of food because the party situation and being on the go so much this weekend.

Breakfast: Migas at Takoba

Lunch: Leftover Migas (realized the leftovers were a sad sad amount. Had to eat some chips to tide me over later.

Some crackers and popcorn

Goat Cheese Salad from the Drafthouse.

Italian Crepe (tomato, basil, mozz and proscuitto)

Sweet Poato Chips. (I guess this was also my lunch?)

Some pasta salad, a cocktail shrimp, a brownie cookie, some goat cheese tomato sauce mix of heaven.

Breakfast Tacos (beans, eggs, cheese, salsa)

Lunch: Jr Cheeseburger, fries. Demolished it. Didn't eat lunch until 3pm.

Snack: Froyo

Dinner: Egg salad (hard boiled eggs, miracle whip, mustard, dill) with sprouts inside a pita. Salad with cornbread crackers and tomatoes and some tasty beemster xo cheese.

Exercise: 2 hours or so of soccer

Friday, June 25, 2010

Food Stories & Being Busy

These past few days have been pretty busy. Excuse me for the lack of updates.

Wednesday I ended up going home and cleaning my house to prepare for hosting book club the next day.

Last night I hosted book club and I think it turned out pretty great. The food turned out great (will discuss more below) and the conversations lasted far into the night. I loved it. Also there were two other food bloggers in the house, Teddy and Sarah, which called for a lot of fun food discussion. We also discussed our book a little, wine, the world cup, and other fun things.

This morning I was actually able to skip work for a few hours to watch the Brazil World Cup game. I jokingly brought it up to my boss to take a few hours off for it, and he said yes. So I decided to go with it. Although the game was a draw, it was a lot of fun! And tomorrow is the US game. I can't wait to watch that with a huge crowd of people. Yay.

So lets move onto eats.

Waffles with sunflower butter and honey


Lunch: It was catered lunch day and I got a bean and cheese burrito. I ended up eating too much of this. But it was really tasty so I don't entirely mind.


Dinner: Salad with pecans, dried blueberries, goat cheese and some raspberry lime dressing.

Breakfast: brown rice cooked in vanilla almond milk and some cinnamon. Amazing. I couldn't eat all of it though. Brown rice really messes with my tummy. I have to be careful with how much I eat.


Lunch: We went to Triumph. I got the curry tofu with extra veggies.

Avocado Soup

One Crab Cake

A mini delicious amazing ice cream that a friend made with vanilla ice cream, tonic and a bunch of pureed fruits. Amazing.

Some delicious Great Harvest bread, fruits, and some cheese. Mmm.

Crab Cake Story
The crab cake I ended up having to make by myself. I was planning on making pre-made ones but they were $4.99 each for the small ones. That was not happening. I then bought some fresh shelled crab instead at central market. Then I looked up several recipes on youtube (hah) and some other recipe apps I have on my phone. As usual I ended up taking in several recipes and making them my own.

Here is how I did it.

In a mixing bowl I crushed up some roasted garlic crackers. Then I added some worsteshire sauce. Then I added 2 large eggs. Then some Old Bay seasoning. Then some light canola oil mayo. Then some fresh cilantro and garlic. At the end I added in about 1 lb of crab.

I let that sit in the fridge for an hour or so. Formed the patties and dusted them with panko bread crumbs with Teddy's help, and put them on my cast iron on medium heat. Teddy actually ended up doing most of the actual cooking of them. Thank Jesus. Not that I thought I would do bad, but I was hosting and it would have been too difficult.We essentially followed some directions that said 4 minutes each side. They turned out pretty amazing, to me. Mike said they were a little fish tasting, but they were CRAB cakes, so no idea how to take that.

The Avocado Soup Story
I read a bunch of recipes again on how to make avocado soup and just did what I thought was good.

I grilled some garlic and cilantro in some olive oil and let them infuse a bit. Then I added 7 avocados. Some salt. Some Cayenne pepper. Some cumin. 1/2 a box of veggie broth. Then added in 0% greek yogurt to make it creamy. Vroomed it with the emulsion blender. It came out a tad bit bland but with the crab cake in it, it was perfect (to me).

I apologize that I do not measure. I eye it, taste it and update it when necessary.

Do you follow recipes? Are you strict?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back with a Vengeance

After our loss last week, this week we came back with a vengeance. We won 3-0! Yay. The team really needed the win after last week. It was an interesting game because Mike brought in a new goalie, who is awesome with experience. This allowed Mike to play on the field the whole game. Usually he has to be goalie for half of the game, but now with a real goalie on the team he is free. yay. I didn't do too bad either last night, but because I didn't really have the opportunity thanks to our team keeping the ball near the other teams goal most the time. ;-)

Also, I bought new shoes for soccer. I figured I am playing in them about as much as I run, and I paid a lot for my running shoes. So I sucked it up and bought "nice" ones and I feel a huge difference. Yay. I still have achilies issues, but I am pretty sure that will never go away.

Tonight the plan is either to go to trivia night at pluckers with some friends, or to work out on the elliptical bc my Achilles are a-kill'in-me.

Yesterday eats:

Flax Waffle with some Sunflower Butter & Honey

Frozen Graps and some Strawberries

Taco Deli tacos. Mmmm. Heather Taco and Cowboy Taco. Heaven. I also bought their delicious Dona salsa to go. I will be using that again on salads. Mmmmm.

Praeventia Cookies

Garlic Gorgonzola Ravioli w/ Pasta Sauce. Not that great though. And ended up being an almost disastrous idea right before soccer.

Exercise: soccer (about 30 minutes).

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No More Trouble Zones Attempts

Last Friday, I bought the Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones video at target after work. I thought it would be nice if Mike and I could do it together. He was busy working on his thesis and needed a quick fitness break to bring him back to sanity. First problem though we could not find the weights that we thought would be appropriate for him. I really wanted to do the workout with him, so I ended up going to academy and picking up 10lb weights. Did a lot for a workout huh? haha.

So we started the workout, Mike was kind of making fun of it, and being silly. And then during the 1st circuit he got quiet, except for his exasperated breaths. Mine started shortly after. We both realized we did not have the appropriate weight. I ended up giving him my 5lb ones and then took some jars of tomato sauce and used those. The 5lbs were better for Mike, but the tomato sauce jars were kind of lame (not enough weight). But the lower body and ab workouts made it ridiculously hard, so it was okay. We ended up finishing as a sweaty mess. I finished most of the sets, and Mike a little less. ;-) We were both sore the next day, but not death sore or anything. I was more sore int he legs, and mike in the upper body.

I wanted to do the workout again yesterday. But I knew I needed 3lb weights (recommended on the video). So I went to Target and got those. As well as Newflower Market to get some celebration treats for Michael (he turned in his 2nd to last draft yesterday!). I also did some chores around the house yesterday. Was a busy night. Back to the workout. I did the whole thing with the 3lb weights. I had to do a wuss type side plank, but I think that was the only thing I couldnt really do. Also on the Surrender exercise I couldn't quite finish every one of those. I will let you know if I am more sore from this workout with the correct weights, etc.

I really like the workout, and can't wait to notice the increase in my muscles. Yay.

So onto the eats yesterday.

Waffles w/ pecan walnut butter I made (not the best, not keeping it).

Praeventia Cookies

Turkey, Bri and Apple sandwich on rosemary bread. Delicious.

Kashi Granola bar

Salad with mushrooms and 2 pieces of delicious pizza. Mike really wanted pizza to celebrate finishing all his thesis edits. This was an amazing piece of pizza. Mmm.

Tonight I have a soccer game. I hope it works out better than the game last week.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, oh Monday

Today has been a Monday definitely. Not too terrible, but required a lot of unplanned work.

Yesterday was a pretty great day. I was able to start the day in Houston (we came into town Saturday night). We hung out with the fam, ate some kolaches and said goodbye to the broher in law who is moving to Brazil for 6 months to a year (starting Wednesday). Crazy right?

We had to leave pretty early, around 1030 am in order to make it to Austin in time to watch the Brazil game, then get Mike close to his computer to finish up his almsot final draft of his thesis. Yaya!

On the road trip I had some unpictured pb pretezels. Mmm.

We went to Takoba to watch the game. We met up with a bunch of friends and had a blast. The food was also amazing. I had the veggie tacos which were made of sweet potatoes, corn, zuchini, avocado and some amazing delicious sauce. I think some cotija cheese too. The beans were fabulous and we got a really nice salad.

After the amazing win, I went home and got some chores done around the house. Of course I fit in a snack of frozen grapes and a nutella cookie.

Then I went to soccer practice. We played for about 2 hours or so yesterday. We did a lot of intense training drills. I loved it.

After that I came home and had my leftover veggie taco. Mmmm.

Then I had to top it off with ice cream. I have not had ice cream in a long time, so this was nice. Of course also with a nuttella cookie.

Tonight I will be working out at home. I need to get some 3lb weights first so I can do the No More Trouble workout, without wanting to die. I thought I was going to the movies with Mike tonight, so I didn't bring my gear. I just heard though he is choosing to play basketball instead of a movie. Works for me.

Hey do any of you use I just signed up about 2 weeks ago. I love it. I put that little widget on the side if you are curious about my workouts. I am proud I got 5 days of working out in last week, despite being sick for 2 of the days. Thank you weekend workouts!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Appetite is back

Since I am a bit behind I am going to just do short descriptions. I have some good stories that I will get back to throughout the week.

Breakfast: coffee cake at meeting.

Lunch: chili and mac n cheese. Ate half.


Dinner: black bean burger and cheese and crackers at book club.

Breakfast: Granola


Lunch: leftover Chana masala. I got to eat this at home whole the repair guys worked on our a/c. The A/C is now fixed.


Dinner: after Jillian michaels no more trouble zone mike and I got a burger. I was craving red meat. At least it is a jr one?

Breakfast: granola

Lunch: after interval training at the gym I made a pita with sprouts, laughing cow, avacado and mushrooms.

Snack: nutella cookies I made for the brother in law for his birthday.

Dinner: to celebrate fathers day we went to Houston and saw the father in law. Hi dean! We went to Freds an Italian place that has never been open when I come into town. We started off w garlic bread.


Salad no dressing

Bake ziti. Had about 1/2

Just finishe 2 hours of soccer practice. Need to eat, shower and clean.


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