Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Nice Recovery

After a night of little sleep, I started my day with some quaker oats. I doubt I will start my day with this again for awhile because the last 2 times I did I got pretty sick throughout the day. Pretty sure it was that. Thankfully I have a food journal that reminds me of things like this so I can narrow down what is probably making me feel sick.

For lunch I went to San Francisco Bakery. I got a veggie sandwich with some chili. This was absolutely amazing. I have been getting it more and more often recently, but I can't help it, it is perfect.

After work I decided ot just go home and veg with Mike. I ordered thai take out. After a week of thanksgiving food, Mike and I both wanted something a little spicy to switch things up. I got masumum curry with tofu (super yum) and some rice balls. mmmmmmm. I am excited to eat the leftovers tonight!

Mike and I spent the night watching Dexter and Boardwalk Empire. I was even responsible enough to completely unpack and put away my clothes. Crazy right? hahah. For me, it definitely is.

I hope you are recovering well as well from the Thanksgiving weekend.

Family Photos & a Commute Back Home

Sunday breakfast was short because we had plans to go to church. I had a piece of banana bread with butter for breakfast.

For lunch we had another sandwich. This time mine was with some ham. I also had some chips, and some pumpkin bread. I think there was also a cookie involved.

After lunch I got to see a great father son moment. Mike and Dean cleaning the dishes. Cute.

I wanted all the boys to have a photo together. So incredibly adorable!

Here is the whole immediate family even with Grandma Thielvoldt. Cute.

After our lunch we had to say goodbye. After that we went on a 3 hour commute to the airport in Omaha. At the airport we discovered that I was quite a few hours late to my flight. It was actually at 6am not 6pm. Oops. They ended up re-booking me, but I had to get a later flight. Diva (the mother in law) was really awesome and let me take her flight home and she took mine. She knew I had a 3 hour drive home from Houston and had to get up at 8am. Thanks again Diva! You saved me!

While at the airport I had a grilled cheese sandwich, a side salad and a few of Mike's french fries. Tasty.

Mike and I survived the flight home. Then we had an hour ride to his parents house where we had to pick up our car and the pups. The pups got a little messy so we had to clean them up before we could even put them in the car. We didn't end up leaving his parents house until 1030ish. Then we had a 3 hour drive home. I ended up getting to bed pretty late and then had to go to work the next day. Although I was tired, it wasn't really that bad. Most likely because I took so many naps the days before.

So glad we had such a fun vacation though!

This Kittie Is Crazy

This weekend involved a lot of sleep. Mike and I had to set an alarm to wake up. We were staying int he basement, in a room without windows. This meant we had no concept of time at all, and were on a nice comfy bed under nice warm blankets. Fantastic for me.

When we finally got up on Saturday morning I had another bowl of delicious raisin bran and a piece of home made banana bread with some butter. And yes I forgot to take the photo until AFTER finishing the cereal again. Oops.

Looking out the window while eating breakfast we saw a cute kitty drink out of the heated bird bath. I guess this kitty prefer warm water to drink. It was so cute I had to take a photo.

For a snack I had some raspberries grown from the farm Mike's dad lived at as a kid. These were frozen, which is why they were actually fresh. They are now out of season. But these were the best raspberries I have had in my life. Holy amazing. I also added some cool whip to it, because hey it's vacation!

I wanted to take a photo of some of my most loyal readers, Alan and Sandy. They are the sweetest people and recalled a lot of information about my blog that I even forgot. haha. Love it!

For dinner we went to Pizza Ranch, which is a local pizza buffet. They are known for their broasted chicken, but I of course cannot it. I was just super excited to be able to eat unlimited salad. Let's just say I did not have even 1/25 of the normal amount of veggies I normally eat.  I had 2 servings of a salad. mmm.

I also had some pizza, some fro yo, and a slice or two of pizza.

Later that night we all went to the local bar there (note this town consists of less than 100 people). Dennis (the uncle in law) was the bar tender that night. They have the local community volunteer several nights a week. Let's just say he has never professionally bar tended before. Everyone knew this and all ordered drinks he didn't know how to make to drive him crazy. I was nice and only ordered a corona. haha.

After the trip to the bar, which was cut pretty short because it was pretty cold in there, we went back to Grandma's for another card game. We played pretty late into the night and had a lot of fun. I didn't win, but I was not the biggest loser. Yay!

Constant Eating :-)

Let me start off with noting that everything I ate on Friday through Sunday was not photographed. I think I ate once almost every hour. Too many photos, and too boring. I promise.

I at least started out my breakfast out semi healthy by eating some raisin  bran. I love this cereal. I never buy it because I never take the time to eat cereal with milk, and this cereal is really best with milk.  I think I also had part of a biscuit that Dean (the father in law) shared with me. Mmm.

Mike's Grandma, oh wait, MY Grandma now, made us a ton of home made cookies. We ate so many of these throughout the days. She might have possibly had my favorite oatmeal cookie ever.

For lunch we had a sandwich. Mine is on raisin bread, with some salami, and lettuce.

After taking several naps, and playing cards, we went out to my Aunt and Uncle's place (Hi Dennis and Irene!) for some leftovers. They hosted Thanksgiving and needed to get rid of a lot of food. I had an array of ham, a biscuit, some egg/potato salad (amazing idea btw), chips, and mashed potatoes. They were so sweet and made sure not to use chicken broth in anything. That warmed my heart, a lot!

We also had an array of desserts. I might have had a few more pieces of angel food cake.

That night we played a huge card game. I lost the first round but won the second round. I was part of the best loser team. haha. Such a fun night.

I can't forget we tried a chocolate wine, which was interesting. Tasted a bit like a chocolate baileys drink. Everyone agreed it was only good in small amounts though. But it was definitely interesting!

Thanksgiving Commute

I have never flown during Thanksgiving day. I expected heavy traffic after hearing about everyone freaking out about the body scanners and what not. We got there and we were the first ones in line in the airport. I didn't even have to go through the body scanner.

Mike's mom used to have to travel a lot so she has continental elite status, so we got to go in the continental club. They give free breakfast there. I got a raisin bagel and a banana with nuttella. Yes they even had nutella there. Amazing.

This is Mike and I going a little crazy somewhere on the commute.
After the flight, then a 3 hour drive to our destination, we were served a delicious Thanksgiving. I had some fruit salad, a hard boiled egg, some ham, some turkey, some yams and cranberry sauce. I am sure a few other things got thrown on there too.

For dessert I had a piece of pumpkin pie and some cherry pie.

I also had a few cookies at some point during the day. The pictures must not have been taken though. Oops.

Overall I had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I got to get to know Mike's extended even more, got to hang out with some cute kids, and participate in fun conversation. I am so grateful I got to spend the holiday with them!

Get Ready Set Drive

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I woke up pretty tired. I stayed up late packing and getting things ready for Thanksgiving. I had some raisin bread with a little butter for breakfast.

Lunch was catered by work. I got a salad from Firebowl. It was actually really good. Usually I don't like Firebowl. The tofu was pretty decent and the dressing and peanuts were a nice touch.

After work, Mike and I packed up headed out to a little south of Houston to meet up with his parents before the trip to Iowa the next day. We hit hardly any traffic and it only took us a little over 3 hours to get there.

Mike's parents put together a pre-thanksgiving meal for their song Steven, because he was not going to go to Iowa with us. It was really good. I am still craving that corn casserole.

We didn't get to bed until pretty late, even though we had to wake up pretty early the next day for our trip to Iowa.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I planned on having whole wheat toast at work with some pb for breakfast, but then some stuff went down and I was left with having to just eat a nutri grain bar because that is all the time I had.

We went to Galaxy Cafe for lunch. I got a turkey chili with some mac n cheese. So good. The chili was different than last year, but still good.

I got out of work pretty late. Then went and fed the kitties. Then picked up some dinner. It was a bean and cheese burrito. I also had a big bowl of sweet potatos with some hot sauce leftover from the burrito. So good. After dinner I started to pack for Iowa. I am leaving for Houston today and would like to miss some traffic while leaving early. This does not appear to be happening unfortunately. But that is another story.

Can't wait until I am free for FOUR days. I am going to Iowa with the in-law extended family, and am super excited. This family is fantastic, and allows me to play card games ALL day, and they make really fantastic silly jokes. This is going to be a great four days. Now if only I could get it started.

Oh also, it is 86 degrees today in Austin. Tomorrow when I will be in Iowa, it is supposed to be about 18 degrees. Awesome. hahah.

Kitten Duty

Monday and Tuesday were kitty duty days. Meaning my friend Teddy is out of town for 20 days, and I am in charge of taking care of her 3 kittens and mommy kitty for 4 days. Let's just say I did a lot of driving on Monday. Not just for the kitties. I drove to work, went home for lunch, went north to the gym, then went home, then realized I forgot the kitties and drove east to Teddy's place. Don't worry Teddy, the kittens were still fed on time. haha.

This long day started out with some quaker oats.

Then a snack because that breakfast was tiny. A rice cake with some pb.

For lunch I made a quesadilla with some leftover steak, brie and bleu cheese. This ended up being too much. But it was tasty.

For dinner Mike put together most of our dinner. It was quinoa, with black beans, sausage onions and veggies. An amazing meal.

Oh and at the gym, I did an interval run for 35 minutes, per my half marathon training schedule. Have to say this schedule is not going as planned this week either. Eek.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Taragon Made It

My Sunday morning happened a lot faster than I had originally intended. Mike and I woke up to our good friends asking if we want to meet up at a dog park for a doggie play date. haha. We made a quick breakfast of egg in a hole. Yum. New favorite light breakfast.

After dog park, we had plans to go play soccer with the same friends. We went home to change and grab a quick bite. I had a 2 egg egg salad pita sandwich. I also had a few chips. I was pretty hungry all day.

After playing soccer, and going grocery shopping Mike and I had some snacks. I had some saltine crackers with PB. mmmm.

I did a 2nd coat of paint on the green room. Mike worked on paining the other part of our room a chocolate brown. I love those brown. I will have photos when it is closer to being done, and we have better light.

For dinner we had steak and a delicious mix of green beans and mushrooms. I made carmelized onions, added some mushrooms and garlic and taragon and added some wine. They were amazing. I also ended up adding some garlic. The taragon made this.

The steak had some bleu cheese grilled on top of it. Mike makes a perfect steak! Mmm an awesome Sunday dinner. Unfortunately the team we were cheering for in the MLS cup lost. Oh well. It was a good game regardless.

Oh also look what I found Ender with in BED. He decided to bring a stick from the back yard into bed. It was his prize so I felt bad taking it away from him, but sticks on the bed equals gross.

The Good Knight

Saturday morning Mike and I slept in a bit, and then had to rush to get to a premeire of Cinema Kids movies. Mike volunteered for Cinema Kids to help kids put together a movie in 2 days. He had a lot of fun, and now we got to finally see the movies. We had a lot of fun watching them, especially seeing the silly kids. Before we got there I got a latte and a zuchini walnut muffin from Starbucks.

For lunch I had leftover chinese food. I ate this before I had to paint our bedroom for the 3rd time. Good new, the new paint looks pretty awesome. We are keeping it. The whole idea of the room is turning into an even better idea now. Yay!

For dinner, Mike and I met up with some friends at the Good Knight. This is a cute little restaurant in East Austin. They are known for their tasty food and excellent cocktails. I had a cocktail, the aviation. It was good, and I don't really like liquor at all. I also got a pizza, with carmelized onions, bacon and something else. It was amazing. The lighting was horrible which is why no photos. We also shared some delicious dessert. We got an earl grey chocolate mouse (it tasted like the inside of a truffle) and then a blueberry coconut pie slice. Amazing.

I ended up going to bed pretty late, but woke up the next morning energized. Sweet!

Oh the midnight show

On Thursday night, well technically Friday morning, I went to the theater to watch Harry Potter at midnight. I am not a huge fan, but my friends are, and I felt pressured to go. It was quite interesting going to a midnight showing. Probably my first one before. It was not so interesting going to work just a few hours later. I had no time to make breakfast, so I just ate a bagel at work.

For lunch I was convinced to go to Green Mesquite for lunch. I do not like BBQ so I just got a burger. I ate about 1/2 the burger and fries.

By the time I got home, around 730pm, I did not have the urge to cook. Nor did Michael. I really wanted tofu, and we had none. We decided to order chinese take out. I got kung pao tofu and an egg roll. The egg roll was meh (tasted like it had black pepper in it, and I despise black pepper). The meal though was pretty fantastic. The tofu wasn't perfect but all the flavors made it great.

Mike and I spent the rest of the evening just catching up on some DVR shows and then I ended up going to bed by 11pm. A perfect friday night.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jelly w/ Savory Items = Mmm

Yesterday I had a craving for an egg sandwich with some cherry jelly. Yes I know I have mixing jelly with savory things a lot lately. I love it. I used some egg beaters for the egg part, that is why it looks so odd. Oh and this combo was great. I will try it again soon. I promise.

For lunch, my work catered our lunch from Zocola's. I ordered the Verdura tacos which had grilled mushrooms, peppers, onions, and some freshly sliced avocado. The meal was pretty good. I ate all the innards of the tacos, and one tortilla. I had some beans, and too many chips.

It also came with a jicama salad. I would go back to this place just for this. So good. I had it as my snack later in the day.

For dinner, I went to Titaya's for Teddy's birthday dinner. I got Pad Kee Mao because I needed something spicy to help my sinus issues. It worked wonders. I ate about half. I also  had some Tom Kha soup and I might be obsessed.
After dinner, I headed home and updated my new iPhone a  bit more. I forgot to add music. I noticed this on my way home from the party. I ended up playing pandora instead and got some odd selections. First Gorillaz, then MC Hammer with U Can't Touch This, Then Willie Nelson, Then Death Cab for Cutie. Odd.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Comfort Soup

The kitten allergies are still here, or rather it just made my immune system depressed so I also caught a cold of some sort. Either way, I predict tomorrow I will feel mostly better. I am drinking tea, and oj, and water like its my job.

Yesterday I was feeling gross from the congestion, makes me usually anti hungry, but I decided I needed to eat to get better. So I had some raisin toast from work with a bit of butter.

For lunch I wanted pho really bad, but that didn't end up working out. I instead had some frozen kofta curry meal with some naan. So good. Not as spicy as I  needed it though for the congestion, but it did help make me feel better.

After work I went to the gym, because I had my first day of 1/2 marathon training to do. I didn't feel very good though, as mentioned above, so i took it easy. I only had to run/walk for 35 minutes. If I was feeling better I would have just ran it for 35 minutes,  but because I was feeling a little run down I just did 2 minute walk, 3 minute run intervals. I used a interval running app that helped keep me on track. I love it. The run was not my best, or my worst, but was bleh. I was glad I did it, so I can keep on track with my running schedule, but it didn't actually make me feel better, like running actually does when I am having an insane allergy attack. Weird.

When I got home, I told Mike, I don't know what you are doing for dinner, but I am making myself pseudo pho. I didn't even offer to make it for him because I was just not feeling good enough. Plus I needed mine to be extremely spicy and he isn't all for that.

I put in about 1.5 cups of water, added some roast beef, some mushrooms, some red curry paste, some red chili paste, some cilantro, and some garlic gold.  Once that was all boiling and tasting good, I added an egg to let it cook poached egg style. I did not achieve a poached egg however, but I wasn't really trying. I also added those noodles. I forgot what they are called right now. Either way, this meal was absolutely amazingly tasting and made me feel a lot better.

I wanted to get to bed early, but I got my new iphone yesterday. I had to spend time getting it all set up properly. I hope you are excited for better photos.

I took a photo of the green neon wall we painted in our bedroom. Yes, not pretty. I told Mike earlier that we would just have to live with it because I didn't want to do it again a THIRD time. But then it has been a few days and I know I can't handle it. It is pretty intense right?

Have you ever had a disaster with painting a room before? Twice even?


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