Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 5, 2011 - Soccer Party

We had an early morning soccer game so I wanted to keep breakfast light. I ended up eating 2 granola bars. 

Soccer Game
Our soccer game was pretty chilly, but it ended up being pretty perfect once we got warmed up. We ended up tying 1-1. I played mostly defense and was not having my best game skill wise, but I still had some fun. It inspired me to do some more running but I am not too sure if I will. Waking up most days in the morning without my Achilles tendons not hurting is pretty great. I still feel like it is a fun workout, but it is nice not being in pain every morning.

After the soccer game there was a party going on on the field. A few drinks were offered amongst a lot of teams while we watched other teams play. It was a whole lot of fun.

After the game and party we went and got lunch at a local Mexican food place. I got 2 al pastor tacos and a side of beans. This was absolutely delicious. Upon coming home Mike and I went to bed and napped for a bit. It was lovely.

Mike and I ended up getting pretty hungry later in the evening. I wanted something semi healthy so I heated up some sweet potatoes, green beans, quinoa and topped it with some toasted coconut. It felt really nice to get healthy foods into me.

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