Saturday, March 10, 2012

February 18, 2012 - The Secret World of Arrietty

Michael and I were up early to go to the movies. I started the day with some yogurt and granola. We ended up going to the Drafthouse and watching the Secret World of Arrietty. Mike and I love films done by this studio. The movie ended up being very lovely. 

I ended up fitting in a workout. I did an interval run, and was able to sprint really quickly. It felt amazing. I also did some upper body weights, including some pull ups, dips and a few other upper body machines. It felt amazing.

Mike and I had ordered Fejoada, a Brazilian stew from the Soup Peddler a few weeks prior. We picked it up after the movie and ate it for lunch. It was really great, but a bit more bean soup like than the last time we had it.

One of the best parts of being home for lunch meant I got to see these cute faces!

Mike and I finally were able to finish the meal we started on Valentine's Day. It only took a few days right? haha. The meal was fabulous, and worth the wait. I wish we had more carrots than we originally put in, but overall very great. Definitely a meal I would pay for at a restaurant.

Because this meal was so meat heavy, I made sure we had some green. I heated up a bunch of broccoli. No matter how much I eat, I feel like I always love broccoli.

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