Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 2 of Crossfit

The 2nd Day of Crossfit
Waking up at 540 am with Mike, really isn't that bad. I think it is because I know I have to be the motivator for both of us, so I am the motivator, if that makes sense. We got to class with 5 minutes to spare. Perfect. Just enough time to see how torturous the workout was for the 5 am class. They seemed much sweatier than they were the week before.  Luckily I knew what the workout was and felt fairly okay with it. 

Warm Up:
We started off with a quick run around the building, some high knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks, and push ups. I was super excited that I busted out 10 in one round. I can't say they were perfect push ups, but I went down a bit and up, so it's better than last time.

Front Squat 3X5 Superset with Max Effort Strict Pull ups

Front Squat

Modified Pull Up with Elastic Band

I partnered up with someone who was really awesome. She was fairly new to crossfit and was super sweet. I started out with the front squat, and was doing it wrong. Luckily I was corrected immediately and told to only use the bar. The pull ups went pretty well with an elastic band. I think I busted out 6 in a row on my first round. I never ended up finishing the strength session because time ran out. Oops.

WOD20 bent over rows 10 hang split clean 5 thrusters 200 m run20 Thrusters10 Bent over rows5 Hang Split Clean 200m Run20 Hang Split Clean 10 Thrusters5 Bent over rowsFor time!

Bent Over Rows

Hang Split Clean


For this workout I was told to just use the 35lb bar. I think overall I could have done it with more, but my form may have been lacking. I have no qualms with not having to use more weight just yet. I really want to make sure I don't injure myself once I use heavier weights. I ended up being one of the first to finish, and I attribute that to just using the 35lb bar. A lot of people had to take breaks in between sets and I didn't really have to.

"Cool Down"
For our cool down we did sprints. We do a short sprint, rest for 5 seconds and sprint again. At first I started out great. Then as the sprints went on, I was losing momentum. It was definitely a tough workout, and the sprints were brutal, but that is why I love it. Yay.

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