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My Name is Cara, and I have been working on my health fitness journey since 2007.

In high school I had always been small, or others say petite. I worked out 3+ hours a day doing water polo and swimming and I didn't eat much because almost every time I ate I got sick. I was allergic to chicken, starting at 14ish, and didn't know that that was the cause. I figured it was some sort of meat by 17 and stopped eating meat all together. By default I was a vegetarian, and a very bad one. I was officially diagnosed right around my 18th birthday. Once I found out it was JUST chicken I decided to just continue to not eat meat, since I had no issues with it. I was also that busy honors kid who did sports, mock trial, academic decathlon, key club, etc on top of having a serious boyfriend, so I rarely had time to eat anyway. The serious boyfriend and I broke up right before entering college. I don't eat when I am upset, and did not eat much that summer because of that.

By the time I started college at San Diego State University in 2002 I was only 92lbs. This was not a healthy weight for my 5"1' height. I realized there was a whole new world out there. I continued to be meat free. I ate a lot at the cafeteria where I ate salads and Belgian waffles, avocado sandwiches, and bean and cheese burritos. By second semester I was working 20+ hours a week, and going to school full time. I never had time to go to the cafeteria and rarely the salad bar and ended up often eating pop tars, cereal and granola bars that I could buy at all hours at the convenience store. Gross.

My sophomore year I was still busy with school and work, and then met the love of my life, my now husband, Michael. We hung out a lot, and I expanded my eating. I started slowly eating some meat every once in awhile. I still was super busy though and continued to eat crap all year.

Junior and Senior year were even busier, I was working close to 35 hours a week, and ended my college career taking 18 units. I started to cook for myself, but usually just made spaghetti (just sauce, noodles, cheese), bean tostadas and mac n cheese. I started attempting to workout then, but got too busy and overwhelmed.

Once I graduated college I moved to orange county, California to live with the now husband. A year after living in the "real world" where I was working office jobs from 8-6, I realized not working out was not working for me. A few months before starting this blog I started to do calorie counting, working out a lot, etc.

Sometime in 2007 I started to get into cooking. I would go to the farmers market a lot, and started to make things more from scratch. I fell in love with cooking and all the neat things I could do. It was the creative part of my monotonous days at work.

In 2008, Mike got into UT Austin for graduate school. I was super excited because I wanted to move there sooo bad. Orange County was too hoity toity for me, and I was just not very happy there. We planned to move in August of 2008, but I got job early on that were very insistent I move there in June. So we did.

Once I got to Austin I fell instantly in love. People are actually friendly here, well educated, down to earth, extremely active, and I was making friends! I turned into an active, social creature almost immediately. I started to go to food blogger events, immerse myself in the new restaurants, run at "Town Lake" and learn to expand my horizons even further. I also started to expand my waistband. Oops.

In June of 2009 Mike proposed to me at Hudsons on the Bend with his family there. It was absolutely  magical. We wanted to wait until he was done with school to get married but plans ended up changing. We had plans to go to Brazil for Christmas, and we both decided maybe we could have a wedding in Brazil instead while we were already there. The idea moved to reality and we got married on December 28th, 2009.

In 2010, with my new group of friends I brought up the idea of joining a social soccer league. A few of my friends thought it was a great idea and were all for it. I told Michael, and Michael and a few of his friends were all for it too. A few of us joined a random group of people and I started to play soccer. I had only played in 5th grade before so this was going to be something very new. I ended up not being too horrible at soccer, which was a shock to me. I have always  been either bad, or barely average at sports. But this was one I little above average considering my lack of experience. Once I got more involved I got more dedicated to learning to run faster, get stronger, and more coordinated. I even ran a 10k race (my first race ever) and absolutely loved it. I started interval running, more weight training and we practiced soccer at least once a week where we would practice for 1.5 - 3 hours at time.

I am currently continuing to play soccer, do interval training, weight training, attempting to eat healthy (despite temptations) and will start training for a 1/2 marathon, at the Austin Marathon, in October (the race is in February). I am still struggling to reach my healthy tipping point, but I feel like I am getting closer and closer everyday.


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